Dec 282012

Original reports were that 3 guns were found at the scene of the Sandy Hook elementary school mass shotting in Newtown, Connecticut.


Latest reports are that 4 handguns were found inside the school.

Video shows authorities retrieving the assault rifle from the trunk of Lanza’s car outside the school.

But at a press conference today the Medical Examiner said, “All the wounds I know of at this point were cause by the long weapon.” A reporter then clairifed, “So the rifle was the primary weapon?” The Medical Examiner replying, “Yes.”

Deliberately LYING?!

4 Handguns Found In School, AR-15 Left In Car According To Several Federal and CT. State Officials per NBC Pete Williams:

At this point, the story was that the 4 handguns were found inside the school. During this juncture, they are still going with the part about how the Bushmaster was left in the trunk of the car the shooter drove there. The AR-15 Bushmaster being found in the trunk of the shooter’s car was the story for the first entire day and most of the day after if not 2 days after (I will have to confirm that, but I think it was 2 days after), before they decided to do something about the fact that their story wasn’t adding up. Especially when the medical examiner came out and said that all the victims suffered rifle wounds. This report of the 4 handguns and rifle being in the trunk of the car is confirmed by SEVERAL Connecticut State and Federal officials. Sounds like the right hand doesn’t know what the left it doing. This is what’s called not being able to get your story straight, and usually indicates deception being used.

featured image: FILE – This March 27, 2006 file photo, shows a Bushmaster AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and ammunition on display at the Seattle Police headquarters in Seattle. The maker of the Bushmaster rapid-fire weapon found in Connecticut on Friday, Dec. 14, 2012, was put up for sale on Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2012, as investors soured on the gun business. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File)


  2 Responses to “NBC Reports }}} AR15 Not Used {{{ in Sandy Hook Massacre, ONLY Handguns”

  1. That is not a Bushmaster AR-15 in the video. As the footage of the officers retrieving the weapon from the trunk begins, the officer is cycling the slide on the SIDE of the firearm, and a large round falls out into the trunk. AR-15s are armed by pulling on the charging handle at the rear of the upper receiver. The round that falls out is clearly a shotgun shell. I don’t trust the government as far as I can throw it, but this footage is obviously not of an AR-15.

    • @Dave I saw the same thing as you did, as soon as he started clearing it from the side i knew it wasn’t any AR. and I would wager that it’s a saiga 12 with dragunov stock. (ji am of course going by grainy night footage)

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