Apr 092015
Walker #2016 Fires Back at Obama's 'Audacity'

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker tonight fired back at President Barack Obama who suggested that Walker should “bone up on foreign policy.” Obama’s remarks came after Walker said he’d revoke the nuclear weapons deal with Iran if he became president. “It would be a foolish approach to take, and perhaps Mr. Walker, after he’s taken some […]

Apr 092015
(STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING) RAW VIDEO: Americans come under hail of gunfire in clash with IS

American Citizens Fighting ISIS Alongside Kurds: The Kurds have been one of the most successful self-reliant forces against ISIS in Northern Syria and Iraq. ISIS has clashed with the Kurds many times over the past few months and most battles end with the Kurds maintaining or even gaining ground in the fight. Ten Americans with […]

Apr 092015
(See 8 pg Doc) Franklin Graham: Persecution of Christians is coming to America

Christians should be outraged, that a Christian teacher cannot teach the truth and warn the little ones of the dangers they face. The 8 page document is not only accurate factually and historically, it is mild in comparison to other research done by historians and the current situation we find in these Muslim countries. This […]

Apr 092015
(In Full: Broken Heart) Sen. Cruz: Why the Purple Heart Matters for Fort Hood Terror Victims

In honor of our family friend and her unborn child, Francheska “Cheeka” Velez: Tomorrow the US Army will present Purple Hearts to those injured & killed by terrorism at Ft Hood. Why it matters: @SenTedCruz Army Secretary John McHugh announced in February the service would award the medals, calling the gesture “an appropriate recognition of […]

Apr 092015
Iranian film depicts Nuclear 'holocaust' against Israel

A short animated film being aired across Iran depicts the nuclear destruction of Israel. The film opens with the word ‘Holocaust’ appearing on the screen, with a Star of David underneath it, Israel’s Channel 2 reported. Although this was from February, it is very timely. Many of us believe this is inevitable. What is surprising, […]

Apr 072015
NO Excuses: TRUE American Hero , Sgt. Noah Galloway (DWTS)

Alabamian (Alabaster) and Iraq War hero Noah Galloway, (NO Excuses) who lost his left arm and leg in a roadside bomb blast, delivered an incredible performance on Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) Monday night, bringing at least one judge to tears, and the audience to its feet. Now a personal trainer and motivational speaker, Galloway […]

Apr 072015
Emerson on French Truth Doc: US on Iran Deal shows Troubling Discrepancies

U.S. and Iranian officials have described last week’s framework for a deal to slow Iran’s nuclear weapons program with disturbingly different details. According to a Times of Israel report Tuesday, the U.S. account also differs significantly with a key ally – France. The proposed deal lets Iran continue to develop use advanced centrifuges which could […]

Apr 072015
UPDATE: Family of Marine Imprisoned in Iran: He Put His Life on the Line for His Country..

…We’d Like the State Dept. to Do More 1,316 days that’s how long Amir Hekmati, an American marine has been held in a brutal Iranian prison, the one known for torture. Now Amir Hekmati’s sister, Sarah Hekmati, and his brother-in-law join us from Amir’s hometown in Flint, Michigan. Listen to Montel and the family of […]

Apr 042015
Hey Christians: Mich man to recite muslim call to prayer in ...

Note: This happened last night. If your a Christian pizzeria, screw you. muslim call to prayer okie. And note it is done @ a radical national headquarters of the Islamic Society of North America!!! Jameel Syed from Auburn Hills speaks about his nationwide trip at the Tawheed Center in Farmington Hills. Syed plans to travel […]