Oct 292014
~JP Endorsed Site : Rebel Pundit shows us TRUE Black issues in Chicago

Shout out to @MichaelHartShow in Birmingham for bringing attention to this wonderful group of guys to your show! Where do I begin on these fellas? Being a Chicagoan for 55 years, knowing the politics from Daley on down. Fighting against clinton and obama when they ran even for washroom attendant. Being very familiar with the […]

Nov 242014
Pitbull American Music Awards Last Night: "obama says we can ALL stay!"

Beginning @ 2:05, when I turned it off after hearing this… When the Cuban-American rapper took the stage for his intro, it just fell flat. “Now, you all know I’m Cuban, but remember America, not all Latinos are Mexican,” Pitbull said. “We got everybody here tonight – black, white, pink, purple, orange, Asian, Latino – […]

Oct 302014
Black Awakening : Leaders see Real Hope with the GOP

Related posts: I Condemn the NAACP:~Compilation– The New Black Panther Party Are the Real Racists (By a Black Woman) Black conservatives are not ‘real’ black people…{WARNING: Racist Harsh Language} Real Clear Politics Video ~Maher: Obama Not Acting Like A "Real Black" President (RACIST – VULGAR LANGUAGE) Allen West : Why black leaders are silent on […]

Oct 302014
Multiple NC CamPAIN Workers willing to Aid Illegals with Kay Hagan Votes

From the DOJ: Aliens Who Voted Unlawfully or Falsely Represented Themselves as U.S. Citizens by Voting or Registering to Vote. Non citizens who violate or who have violated these provisions may face criminal prosecution in addition to administrative removal. For the past week, Project Veritas Action investigators have been undercover posing as illegal immigrants who […]

Oct 282014
Emerson on Open Societies and Stopping Terrorism

~ Transcript Related posts: Steven Emerson to Kerry-Obama: “It’s Terrorism, Stupid” Steve Emerson ~ (Today 12/27) Threat of Homegrown Terrorism & U.S. vulnerabilities Herman Cain’s Show-Stopping ‘Factor’ Performance… Steven Emerson: The New Global Jihad and the Threat against the US Emerson on Judge Jeanine New Detail: Threat and Operation of the new Islamic State

Oct 152014
Arkansas Senate: Pryor (Vote him OUT) " I'm going to find you and KILL you"

Like Senate Candidate Alison Grimes, Pryor’s own supporters and campaign workers don’t believe he is running an honest campaign. Note: This has back fired on Grimes, Dems pull back in Kentucky Senate race, as Grimes faces grumbling from the left The pattern of lying to get elected is clear. Pryor’s public stance is so brazenly […]

Oct 152014
This will make You Sicker then Ebola: FLOTUS is a Turnip

Michelle Obama releases utterly cringeworthy healthy eating rap Turnip for what?’ Related posts: Boko Haram mocks FLOTUS #BringBackOurGirls hashtag Gov. Perry: US Ebola Patient May Have Exposed School Age Children ~ JP Today: DHS Fusion Centers, Ebola, CDC Lies and Illegals Here’s Hoping Liberal Voters Get the Memo: Michelle Obama ~ ‘Get to the Polls […]

Oct 152014
{ ~ JP Today Important Webinar} Megyn Kelly Grills 'ZomBot" CDC Director

Megyn Kelly pressed CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden on the government’s response to the Ebola threat. Kelly reminded Frieden that he assured the public that the U.S. would stop Ebola in its tracks. But now, Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan has died, and one of the nurses that cared for him also has Ebola, though […]