Aug 262015
O'Keefe Undercover: Hillary Campaign skirting Election Laws

The first video in our extensive series investigating Hillary Clinton’s campaign was released by Time magazine. Given Hillary’s history going all the way back to Arkansas with her husband . . . Whitewater, Travelgate, Chinagate, Monica, Benghazi, Emailgate, etc . . . we assumed her campaign would be an easy target to expose malfeasance and […]

Aug 252015
EPIC New Trump ad: Barbara Bush on Enough Bush's

Thanks Char! Jeb’s Mom Confess That Jeb Bush Is Not Fit For President Even Barbara Bush agrees with me: Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 24, 2015 Related posts: Donald Trump to Republican Party: “You’re Fired” Trump: Stay in Iraq and ‘Take Over the Oil’…{Morning Joe} Trump ‘Promotes Hate’ Trump Looks to Cancel GOP Debate ~ […]

Aug 252015
Warning: Progressive Jihadists Wage War on Chick-fil-A, Jesus & Marching Bands

These are dark days for people of faith in America as secular progressives mount a ferocious campaign to silence the Christian voice. In the past week, high school marching bands in Georgia and Mississippi were ordered to stop playing religious songs. Schools were told to silence prayers before football games. In Kansas, a painting of […]

Aug 252015
(Peggy Hubbard ~Navy Vet~ Trilogy and Bio) To critics on BLM:Bite Me

What most people don’t know is that: Peggy Hubbard is a native of Ferguson, Missouri, but now lives in Rockville, Illinois. According to her Facebook page, she’s a Navy veteran who has since retired from working at the IRS. Her photos show her at events featuring bikers and the confederate flag. Earlier in August 2015, […]

Aug 252015
Watters World: Sander's Supporters asked; Do You Know what 'Democratic Socialism' means?

Jesse Watters asks the folks of New Hampshire what they think about Democratic Socialist presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders: Watch the latest video at Related posts: Watters’ World: Spying edition ~ ‘It’s Almost as if We’re in a Communist Country’ { Humor Video of the Day } Fox’s Jesse Watters Catches Van Jones and Gets […]

Aug 252015
RNC Never-Aired: Trump parody Firing Obama

Related posts: {Health Care Parody } Grandma Got Run Over By Obama (SkyFault) Sequester Skyfall Obama Parody Romney vs.obama: Whose ‘Gangnam Style’ Parody Video Is Better? Trump: Stay in Iraq and ‘Take Over the Oil’…{Morning Joe} Trump ‘Promotes Hate’ Trump says, “You’re Fired!” to obama (FULL version)

Jul 242015
SENIOR Vet Holds Up a Scorching message to obama on Benghazi:   5 Sec's Later He gets Taken Down

Obama was at the Veterans of Foreign Wars’ National Convention on Tuesday speaking about veterans’ issues. Not every vet in attendance was happy about the President’s presence. One protesting vet held up a sign that read “The Emperor Benghazi Has No Clothes.” His fellow veterans in the crowd didn’t take too kindly to the man’s […]