May 282015
#ProudAmerican: Actor Chris Pratt Teach 2-Year-Old Son the Pledge of Allegiance

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May 282015
DA Marilyn (James) Mosby on Peoples Court

Marilyn Mosby, the district attorney responsible for charging six Baltimore police officers in the death of Freddie Gray, making an appearance on the popular arbitration court series “Judge Judy” more than a decade ago. Judy awarded Mosby $1,700. Mosby praises Judy for giving her the justice she says was denied her by regular law enforcement. […]

May 122015
Gutfeld: The Race Wars Phony (like looters & rioters) Victimhood

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May 112015
{ JP Alert } Coming for Your Internet: The 'New' VE Day via DHS

What a stark reminder obama and his alphabets are coming for YOUR internet under the guise of ISIS, social media, “For our own good,” in a Patriot Act way of stripping of our rights as usual…JUST listen between the lines Patriots: ‘Terrorism has gone viral': US officials, lawmakers warn of growing jihad-inspired attacks This new […]

May 042015
( Watters' World ) Mind Blowing Responses on Chicago Violence

‘You Feel Like You’re in Beirut’ Also Today: Baltimore ~ REALLY?! 5 dead, 29 wounded Weekend shootings across Chicago “We need jobs.” O’Reilly’s take: And we should note that Chicago has one of the most stringent gun control laws in the country – obviously not making a difference. “Chicago is the most corrupt city in […]

May 042015
Pamela Geller: A Cartoon is NO Reason for Terror attack

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May 042015
Baltimore ~ REALLY?! 5 dead, 29 wounded Weekend shootings across Chicago

CHICAGO (Sun-Times Media Wire) – Five people were killed and at least 29 others have been wounded – {{{including an off-duty Oak Park policeman}}} – in separate shootings across Chicago since Friday afternoon. FOX 32 News Chicago featured image : CNN Related posts: Chicago Has No Chill: 22 Murders In 11 Days With 2 Teens […]