Mar 262015
Monica Crowley: (Vetting Clinton) email CIA rogue intelligence operation?

The Benghazi Select Committee, chaired by Rep. Trey Gowdy, has formally requested that Hillary Clinton turn over the private server she used to keep under her control all of her communications while secretary of state. That assumes that the server hasn’t been reduced to subatomic particles by now. Thankfully, the server isn’t the only route […]

Mar 262015
Disturbing Trend : Ntl Guard Hasan Edmonds plotted attack for ISIS in Illinois

This is not shocking to us. What is shocking it is MsM reporting it… First this from the FBI website: One Man Arrested While Attempting to Travel Abroad; Both Chicago-Area Men Spoke of Using Army Uniforms, Military Knowledge, and Access to Attack Illinois Military Installation JUST last week, a U.S. Air Force veteran, Tairod Nathan […]

Mar 252015
Heritage Chief Economist Steve Moore : Bentley should ABOLISH state income tax...

NOT push tax hikes! “The goal of Alabama should be to be more like Texas, not to be more like New York, where taxes keep going up year after year, and jobs and businesses keep leaving,” Moore quipped. Alabama Policy Institute (API), Heritage Foundation Chief Economist Steve Moore says Governor Bentley’s proposed tax increases are […]

Mar 252015
O’Keefe Veritas: Cornell Dean Advises on Starting ISIS Club

JUST another leftist, radical university… Joseph Scaffido, Assistant Dean at Cornell University, is captured on hidden camera advising a Project Veritas investigative journalist on how to start and fund a pro-ISIS club on campus, how to obtain funding to send care packages to ISIS and Hamas, and astonishingly, how to bring a member of ISIS […]

Mar 252015
{Featured Video } Sen. Tom Cotton: Khameni, 'Death to America'

What a bright light Tom Cotton is, in obama’s dark world with evil allies… Related posts: The rising price of cotton Sen. Cotton Unloads on Gitmo: “Terrorists Can Rot In Hell,” The Only Problem Is “Too Many Empty Beds” (Featured) A Concerned Millennial to Obama: ‘Mr. President, ISIS Is NOT an ‘Organization’ {MUST See Video} […]

Mar 232015
#2016 Ted Cruz: A Time for Truth

Ted announced on his Twitter. He is first candidate to formally announce: The power of the American people when we rise up and stand for liberty knows no bounds. #MakeDCListen Related posts: Dr. Ben Carson: “Chances Are ‘Reasonably Good’ That I’ll Be Running For President In 2016″ Scott Walker (in #2016) leader in the race […]

Mar 212015
Yemen: US evacuates 100 remaining special operations forces

The United States is evacuating the remaining 100 special operations forces in Yemen due to the deteriorating security situation, Fox News confirmed Saturday. A U.S. military official overseas said the forces were at the Al Anad air base, near the southern city of al Houta that Al Qaeda purportedly seized Friday. The Pentagon has so […]