Oct 212012

Rep. Mika, Lankford and Nunez…

Blistering comments from Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney

The MOST IMPORTANT segment of her show.

These men blow open what this admin is trying to hide. Lt. Col. Tony Shaefer,and Former CIA operatives, Gary Berntsen and Mike Baker.

Pay close attention to what they reveal…A SOS goes out to EVERYONE from the Field. Called a ‘Critic’. Meaning critical incident. Goes out to all in Intelligence and National Security in real time. Bernysen tells us it goes to the ‘situation room in the WHITE HOUSE!’ Baker says for the WH to have chosen the narrative they did, defies belief! The intel hits the WH
I M M E D I A T E L Y!
They then scream the SOS to Langley. He goes on to say they JUST dismissed it because it didn’t fit the narrative they wanted to put out there!

Tony continues the video this admin will not give to Congress is damning, it needs to get out somehow. Gary says 0 bama is a master of trying to deflect and change the subject (like to did @ the last debate). He emphasizes those under attack must have “Been screaming for help.”

Mike: What a logistical Administrative ‘SCREW UP’

These three men who have served us well give you the scenarios of what could have been done to help them.

Judge Jeanine said they were sacrificed. And they were! This admin FAILED miserably according to Mike and this MUST be brought out in tomorrow’s debate!

I wonder how all watching in ‘real time’ felt, as they saw this slaughter THEY could have prevented taking place?!

I want to thank ‘pimag4u’ for uploading all these videos. See Part 5: with Doug Schoen and Ann Coulter.

From October 15th: Friends, family celebrate life of slain ex-SEAL…

He wanted a Party

One of his best friends, Brandon Webb speaks out over Glen’s death death in Libya

You want to watch this…


  3 Responses to “Very Important JP Today : Judge Jeanine Investigates Benghazi Gate Cover-Up Those Murdered were ‘SCREAMING for help’…”

  1. Great job! Those CIA men and that Col verified what Col. David Hunt had initially reported about the listening worldwide to cries for help from Benghazi!

  2. […] See Gary here: These men blow open what this admin is trying to hide  Posted by justpiper at 8:26 […]

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