Aug 282012

Speaking as the ‘closer’ at appox. 10pm EST…

The GOP governor reportedly has been crafting and rehearsing a “very direct” speech for Tuesday night in Tampa that will relate “hard truths” about the state of the country. The governor has been making the rounds in Tampa already, with casual talks to various delegations in advance of his keynote address.

“He’s got two speeds — turbo and super turbo,” Brabender told on Monday night. “He doesn’t have a modulated speed.”

Brabender also said Christie, Romney and the rest of the Republican Party know it’s the governor’s job to “get people fired up.”

“He’s our cheerleader,” Brabender continued. “And he won’t be shy about making the case that Barack Obama didn’t make the decisions he needed to. This will be a pay-per-view event.”

And in Obama’s Chicago Lynn Sweet posted today she revealed Christie’s will say:

‘Boss’ Tweed back in 1869

Christie warmed up on Monday by bashing President Barack Obama during an appearance at a meeting of the California delegation. “The president is nothing more than a Chicago ward politician,” he said.

“We’ve had enough of Chicago ward politics in the Oval Office. We need a real leader back in the Oval Office and we all got to work to get Mitt Romney there.”

~ For Gov. Bentley!

With her liberal agenda writing for the top librag in Chicago she posted:

The bombastic, insulting and popular New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie keynotes the Republican Convention Tuesday night, following Ann Romney — good cop/bad cop programming to showcase Mitt Romney’s presidential candidacy.

According to Lynn, Republicans and right wing radio talk show hosts love hurling the ward heeler thing at Obama. I wondered what people make of it. I asked Wendell Walker, an alternate delegate from Lynchburg, Va., a landscape contractor, for his take:

I guess ol’ Lynn was stunned and didn’t expect the ‘honesty so she pressed on: “Is that really your impression?” and Walker retorted: “Yes ma’am.”

Why on earth did she continue to push?! :)

asking if that argument will resonate with an undecided voter in Virginia:

People have had three years with Obama, Walker said, “and they are ready for a real change in leadership. So regardless of where you come from, or what agenda you bring, the American people are hurting. No jobs and there is no vision of hope.”

~ For Gov. Bentley!

She then goes on to explain to us ignorant conservatives a rundown on what some speakers bring to the table. Having been shutdown on her interview that is where she ended her column today.

What I find ironic in an image search on both yahoo and google.On Chicago Ward Boss Google shows you Blago, Rahm and Obama. On Yahoo you see other notable ‘Chicago Bosses’ like Alderman Edward Burke and John Stroger.

* Alderman Edward Burke: Top Machine Boss of Obama’s Chicago-Part 1

* Part II

* Alderman Edward Burke, Part III: Top Machine Boss of Obama’s Chicago

On a yahoo search for Chicago ward boss you get one of the most notorious, Dan Rostenkowski, Mayor Daley and Al Capone.

I personally having experienced Chicago Ward Bosses for over a half of century, in my hometown Chicago, cannot wait to hear Christie speak. The highlight for me being calling Obama what he is:

A community organizing Chicago Ward Boss! ~ JP

Resources for the ‘Chicago Boss’ education:

* Now We Will See The Real Obama & it WILL Get Ugly

* Click image for The Chicago Code…

* Chicago’s Endless Negative “Machine” Contributions…

* JP walks you through these people


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