Aug 262012

UPDATE: As predicted our Governor has declared “state of emergency”. To the south, mandatory evacuations have been called for zones one and two in both Mobile and Baldwin Counties. See the maps below. Scroll down for full details on the Isaac situation.

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I begin with Louisiana Governor Jindal:

New Orleans Local News, Weather, Sports, Investigations

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant – Jackson, MS

Then my Governor Robert Bentley of Alabama Monday’s news conference will take place at 11:00 a.m. at the Mobile Convention Center. Unless of course being things have changed, probably today.

‘My’ Instinct is telling me landfall will happen at the little tippy part of LA and MS. We’ll see…

Spann is very reassuring Alabamians. We are very lucky to have him and Jason Simpson from WHNT.

James Spann is Optimistic:

WHERE AND WHEN WILL ISAAC MAKE LANDFALL? Still can’t answer that with great confidence. (Comprehensive) The models have clearly shifted west today, favoring a landfall somewhere over Southeast Louisiana or Mississippi. But, we still have the RPM and ECMWF showing a Florida Panhandle landfall.

Pay attention to what James says @ 1:44 and then see these posts:

THIS is a Mystery…


Daily Paul


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