Feb 042011

~ Yesterday’s Show Hannity Confronts Radical Imam: You Evil SOB!

Choudary says says Sharia law coming to America…


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  2. All of this is so scarey I really don’t have the words and some people in the USA really believes in what he is saying but Barry Soetoro (Obama) had better stop all of this before it is to late.


      • James you have it on the head!! Obama is only proving each and ever day that he is a Muslims and placed here as a sleeper.

      • I’m with you…name the date and I’ll walk the streets with protest banner in hand. Obama needs to be put out. Period.

    • He is one of them! He will not Stop it!

    • Hate to disappoint you but obama is well aware of this and don’t think he is going to do anything! He is the “reason”! Why do you think he has everything hidden – records, birth certificate, etc? What needs to happen is what is happening in Egypt, getting obama to step-down.

  3. Those who deny the reality of violent Jihad as the fundamental method for spreading Islam, and that all non-Muslims are legitimate targets for this violence are willfully blind fools with a true death wish.


      • Three wishes….I just told the Lord God tonight that IF I had three wishes that could and would come true, the first one would be to abolish Islam all over the world. Also, that all Muslims in America would pack their bags and leave including Barry Soetoro (Obama).

        I would be very nice to go back to being the Judeo-Christian nation we were and should be again.

      • My last sentence in my earlier comment had a typo. Sorry. It was supposed to be “It would be nice to go back to being a Judeo-Christian nation which is what we’re supposed to be.

  4. Our “Imam Obama” will make sure that this (Radical) message is squelched…

    • Rumplstilskin spin me soe gold;make sure it’s 3 days old;finance the radicals to make them smile and winn the race by a country mile.A Cordoba spi9n is coming soon;a press conference called at high noon;The blind shiek and all his friends put on the blinders again…….is it live ;or is it MEMOREX?

  5. Hello!! Whatever our laws, they have a way around them.

    Take a look at the UK. They scream out ‘racial discrimination’ or ‘religiois intolerance’ and the world is their oyster

    Wake up world

    Choudary is a vile evil person.

    Try this on on CNN


    • They have studied hard the ways of radical Black Panthers of the sixites on how to get away with things;especially when the things they get away with are given a lot of press;this causes inspiration to up and coming members ;a recruiting tool;any diss-satisfied or dis-functional dito head can then become a useful idiot shoe bomber…….or intestinal implant.

  6. My take on Mr. Obama is a Muslim, on his own admittance, view link, please:


    Mr Obama is exercising “taqiyya”… Which is deceit and dissimulation of the American People in the interest of Islam.

    • can’t we take Herb Alper’ts song ”TECHILA” and lampoon it as ”TEQIYYA””?ME thinks it might cause a fat -wah

  7. Bingo, you hit the nail on the head. Briggette knows what she is talking about. I am currently being her book” Because They Hate.” It is truly an eye opening experience reading this.

    If you don’t believe this you can check her book out at your local library. I am currently reading it and it is very revealing what we face in this country.

    Wake up America the danger lurks around every corner. If we are not vigilant what happened in Lebanon will happen here.

  8. We need to get rid of Obama, too, and quick!

  9. Oh my God! Islam is SO scary! in my eyes, there is nothing worse than Islam! I would have agreed to leave this planet and live on the moon if I knew that Islam would never make it there…

  10. JP, please hyper-link to Pamela Geller’s “Atlas Shrugs.”

    Pamela is totally first rate reporting all of the issues about the Islamic takeover of America.

    Be sure you watch this video about the Muslim Terrorists training camps right here in the U. S.:

    Homegrown Jihad – full trailer(02:24)


    • Pam isn’t always 100% on her facts but she is a great asset to the anti-jihad fight. Also, the terrorist training camps is an old video and I know for a fact that the one in WA state has been shut down for a long time.

  11. Obama wont stop it, He is part of it. The sad thing is The Muzlim/Islamic religion requires all to hate infidels and kill anyone at the call of jihad. If they dont then they will be killed. Sharia law will be introduced and acceppted by our own legal system. Everytime our courts say yes to Islam in this country we are saying yes to sharia law. This is the immiagration problem we need to be talking about now.


  13. People like Choudary and other misguided Muslims who have been brainwashed into thinking they are so “superior” are buying in to the same paradigm as the Nazis and their “master race” mentality. Moreover, they are convinced that they are justified in mass murder of innocent people because we westerners are in “Muslim lands.” None of them seem to remember why we are there. We only went there because radical Islamists like bin Laden were training and preparing to attack and kill people on 9/11 and beyond unless they are stopped. We went there in self-defense and until we get all of these radical idiots in a box six feet under we will continue to have problems with them. Armegeddon is coming. In the meantime, it’s interesting they claim that dying in a jihad gets them fast-forwarded to paradise, but when a real army comes after them they run and hide like cockroaches!

  14. Muslims that are Radical are here in California and they r preparing. Canada and Mexico are allowing them to come into our State. We have two groups in SFO the Islamic Liberation Party and Abu Sayyal. We have two groups in Santa Clara, Ca Al Qaeda and Hamas. We have three groups in Los Angeles, Hamas, Al Garma’at al Islamiyya and Armed Islamic Group (Aleria). We hve. two groups in Lodi, Ca, Al Qaeda and Lashkar-e-Talba. San Pedro, Ca is home to Hamas and lastly San Diego is home to Al Qaeda, American Islamic Group, Amrmed Islamic Group (Algeria).


    • Anyone who feels sorry for these vermin is naive. Would you feel sorry for the Nazis too. There is only one way to deal with these slime; kill them wherever you find them.

  16. They will send in the clown soon;the sowing has ended ;now comes the harvest;the sowed the wind;now they reap the whilwind.Buy ye tornado insurance.

  17. That Choudary is one evil, tyrannical geitenneuker. Brigitte Gabriel is one of the shining lights that the Lord has sent to help guide us through these perilous times. We would be wise to listen to her advice and heecd it. I expect NOTHING from the spineless jellyfish in the White House and the present administration.

  18. You should be afraid of these criminals. For a thousand years these cockroaches have been hiding, waiting for their chance to come back, and that time is now. Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama/Whatever he calls himself today is just a puppet, slowly draining the life blood out of the American people till this country looks like Greece, or Egypt, and most people will just follow willingly.

    Prepare and pray to God for his guidance and wisdom….and not allah, either!

    • Bob: Exactly. Why pray to a non-existent pre-islamic tribal moon-god. They keep yelling that ‘God has no Son’. But they need to remember that Allan (I call him that) does have a wife and three daughters—the stars, I believe.

  19. I have been saying this for years:

    There is not one person here in the United States, legally or illegally, that follows the quran and the teaching of mohammed that is not an enemy of the United States of America.

    American Citizens, if you believe in the American Way of Freedom from oppressive tyrants, then you had better wake up, for we have a follower of the quran in the Oval Office.

  20. I know alot about how ‘islam” gets a “foothold” as I was living in England in the 90’s …I watched it take England. Neighborhood by neighborhood, little store and petrol station by little store and petrol station. Then hotels, 7-11s ….new paper stands and even the liquor and wine stores. Every english sign on buildings are now in the arab language. my old neighborhood is Twickenham, England, and now all store fronts are in the arab language and most of the ladies heads are covered with the scarf.
    I know that obama was born in kenya (he’s spent over 2 million dollars keeping all records hidden) I know he was educated a a muslim, his father was a muslim and he gave up all citizen rights when he was schooled in indonesia by the muslims. As long a the american poeople “WILL NOT STAND UP AND GET THIS MAN OUT OF THE IMPORTANT OFFICE OF COMMANDER IN CHIEF”, we have NO chance for survival. He has done exactly the opposite of what his campaign promises were, Do you really believe him now when he tries to bluff you that the muslim brother hood can not affect us here. If they can take England, France, and the biggest pop. – Germany! AMERICA, YOU ARE NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. obama is a muslim, how he duped the Americans into getting himself elected is beyond me. Shame on those who voted for him.What Brigitte say is right,go to her website http://www.americancongressfortruth.com . Muslims of America with the help of muslims from outside want to destroy America from within and take over America, http://www.blip.tv/file/1382254 and http://www.thereligionofpeace.com Time to wake up is NOW.

  22. When has “snyone” seen Obama or his wife openly say an ernest God loving spiritual prayer! He constantly makes efforts not be in the presence of “Godly persons, places and most importantly patriotic symbolism for our nation. He will bend over backwards to accomplish the needs of sny Muslim Nation, especially militant radical. We have never had a president whom has wrapped his arms around our “enimies” with so much love. He learned early on that he had to hide his “racial hatred and Islamic culture” when his mouth got involved with his friend Gates and the Police officer. His destruction of the southern coast because he used the “union”

  23. Brigette,
    Lets be honest with folks, Mohammed talked to an angel but it sure was not Gabrial, how about Lucifer, their religion seems as though he is their god, surely not the god of jews and christians.

  24. Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
    Ye shall know them by their fruits.

    • Just want you to know your support is well appreciated.
      Please reach out and spread the word as far and wide, ‘the war against Islam must be won’ – Thank You!

  25. “Finishing up”–
    Obama used the “Unions” as a means not to allow other nations whom had better technology already prepared, who volunteered at the onset of the disaster, which many do not know, along with the fact that our military could have stepped in with teir expertise and stopped the flow in a very short time. He uses the disasters of Militant Muslim nations to step in and gain a stronger foothold within that nation and allows them to do the same here. He already has his “Brown Coat” militia set up just as his mentor Adolf Hitler did. Jihad is genocide! It’s just in another era with another fanatic. Egypt is just the beginning and all Americans need to be prepared at home not abroad for the next
    war that’s coming!

  26. Hannity should let the man talk as much as possible. He’ll allow this Islamist to expose even more what he really stands for….

  27. Chaudary planned muslim a demonstration at Wootton Bassett, where British war dead re-enter their country. However one feels about the war in Afgahnistan, one can only feel one grief for the families and friends of those who fell. And they fell in defence of a land so committed to tolerance that even Chaudary’s antics are permitted. Tolerance demands compromise. We did not close mosques or deport muslims after 9/11. Our war in Afgahnistan need only be compared to the Soviet Invasion for Chaudary to realize that muslim lands are hardly being violated, as they well could be. He might also reflect that the last Afgahn regime under Najibullah fired more SCUD missiles at fellow muslims than have ever been fired, anywhere: not a weapon known for its consideration of collateral damage. We have compromised enough, we have tolerated enough, and we would like to see islam start taking care of this jihad problem that its Prophet has brought upon us before we make another concession. We have lost enough of our civil liberties, free speech, treasure and blood, whereas muslims like Chaudary have yet to feel anything remotely human.

  28. We can kick their Aswan and muck up their Mecca.

  29. We haven’t got a chance with an (illegal) president who embraces islam and lies about everything else.

  30. Does Anyone See an Urgent Need, Still while We have the Majoriyty Numbers to do it, to now Amend Our Constitution,
    the Parts that Guarantee Freedom of Religion and the Right to Assembly, to Block Elements of this Type of Insanity from Our Nation? To Deny them Right of Entry, Citizenship and any Other means to Guarantee that They will Never gain a Foothold Here?

    Many of Us have Seen this Threat Vividly for Many Recent Years and concluded a Few Years Back that We are Already Fightinhg the “Holy War.” Newt Gingrioch Said We Were over Two Years Ago, so What is it going to Take to ignite the Actions so Desperately needed to Squelch it before it becomes a Threat too Big to Fight?

    I’m a High;ly Patriotic American Citizen pof 70 Years now and have Watched The Militant Islamic Extremist movement Grow Exponentionally around the World since the Early 1980’s. It is a Scary Happening, especially as the the Insanity of “Political Correctness” has Grow in Parallel with it.

    When is the Younger Members of Our Socie4ty going to See This and the Vital Importance of doing Something to Stop it? It certaimnly won’t be domne4 by Backing a Candidate for President of Our Nation, with a Lifetime of Muslim Allegiance in His Background and a Lack of Knowkledge of this Man’s Past and Ties with Virtually Unlimited Corrupt eople Around the World.

  31. How does this guy get air time?

  32. Brigitte Gabriel as made her life to save us and I thank you I hope other will wake up, another one to listen to is Father Zakaria Botros, he in hiding with a contract on his head the Muslims want him dead! Check the Internet

  33. The problem with this interview is the rhetoric of Mr. Hannity. The way to reach the broadest audience is to soft-pedal it in the interview and just draw him out. The parts f the interview that are most effective is where Hannity does not call him names.

    It is important to just lay out what they say and document it. Notice that Bridget does not call him names.

    The reason this worries me so much is that by throwing out insults you preach to the choir. But you turn off those who are in the center and toward the liberal side. But nobody should be more against Islam than liberals because it is absolutely dead set against everything that liberals believe in.

  34. The unfortunate thing is that these radicals don’t care if they die trying to change the world; They’re nuts!!! I pray that we stand up to these idiots in their maniacal fervor and put them in their place.

  35. How long are we the people going to put up with this “political correctness” crap?? It is time we take a stand.

  36. Brigitte Gabriel speaks the TRUTH, Islam is America’s worst enemy and it must outlawed in the USA and every other country that desires to remain free. Please – send letters to your local government representatives and tell then about the evil of Islam in your midst, talk to your friends and whoever else you can and make sure they all understand the deadly nature of Islam and never stop on your mission fore the enemy most certainly will never stop until he has complete control over you, your people, and your country. Spread the word friends, we’re not going to have a second opportunity, we shall either win or we will be conquered and Islam doesn’t take prisoners – Thank You.

  37. Brigette is a heroic lone voice in the wilderness. The problem is religion. Until someone challenges the concept of religion, and it is only a concept in your mind, nothing more.
    Everyone is afraid of religion including the United States Government. Everyone wants religious tolerance, and, as a result thereof, we have every crazy religion protected including lies, nonsense, stupidity, superstition, and blind faith.
    The only thing that this famous god does is inspire men to kill each other and I could give you thousands even millions of examples including flying planes into buildings. Religion is a concept in your mind. That is all that it is, all that it has ever been, and all that it will ever be.
    At Ground Zero they hung a sign that said “We Will Never Forget,” but they already forgot. Islam is not a religion. It is a male dominated sexual cult masquerading as a rligion. Let’s call things what they really are. The only thing that Islam is interested in is abusing, dominating, controlling, subjugating, murdering, intimidating, etc. women, mainly for sexual purposes.

  38. Brigitte, God bless you! You’re right where you should be. God bless you to go from strength to strength. Your eternal rewards are going to be so unimaginably great. And great job, Sean, both in your exposing insidious, most evil, Islam & for then also choosing well an excellent person with whom to discuss the interview.

  39. Liberals in America believe that if you just shut your eyes and snap your fingers that terrorism will cease to be an issue. They also believe that muslims are not the problem,it is America that has oppressed these people and forced them to react.

  40. Go Brigette! I love how you hold your ground with ANY interruption from anyone; you speak the language no matter if it’s Arabic or English; and you stick with a point without being misled. Thank you for your work. These Imams are like murderers standing over a victim with a bloddy knife and declaring they are innocent. Keep us posted!

    • Yah, kinda, sorta like the guy who ‘fell’ on the knife 40 times…or in the Clinton Body Count, a guy who committed suicide by decapitation

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