Apr 282010

The Congressional Muslim Staffers Association (CMSA) has announced that it hosted the 1st Muslim Student Association Day ever to be held on Capitol hill. According to the announcement, students from over 15 DC-region colleges were scheduled to attend. According to a Hudson Institute report, the Muslim Student Association was the earliest known public front organization of what would later become the US Muslim Brotherhood and many USMB leaders were active in the early days of MSA. The MSA is now a “constituent organization” of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), itself a major part of the USMB. Previous posts have discussed important individuals close to the USMB who have emerged from an MSA background such as Mazen Asbahi who then candidate Obama appointed as his campaign Muslim outreach advisor. Asbahi was a former MSA leader who resigned his position after less than two weeks on the job when the GMBDR detailed his ties to the USMB. The Investigative Project has compiled a report on the history and extremism of the MSA.

The Congressional Muslim Staffers Association (CMSA) web site describes itself as follows:

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