NINE Best U.S. places to survive the apocalypse


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It’s the end of the world.

These days it’s impossible to avoid the hype about Dec. 21, 2012, or “Doomsday,” as it’s often called. Type “2012” and “end of the world” into Google and you get nearly 8 million hits. YouTube offers hundreds of thousands of clips that warn viewers about their fate and advise them on how to survive. And Hollywood has been cashing in with blockbuster apocalyptic films that explore everything from plagues and nuclear warfare to aliens and zombies.

While many may scoff at the thought of preparing for the end of the world, there are thousands of people worldwide who are doing just that. They’re stockpiling canned food, planting gardens, installing solar panels, buying up ammunition and building survival bunkers.

You may think these people are crazy, but if the apocalypse happened tomorrow, where would you go?

The Greenbrier Resort

The Greenbrier
is a luxury resort in White Sulphur Springs, W. Va., but it’s not the hotel’s lavish amenities that make it ideal for waiting out the apocalypse. It’s the massive underground bunker beneath the property.

The 112,544-square-foot bunker was commissioned in 1958 to house Congress in the event of nuclear holocaust. The facility, which was built 720 feet into the hillside, was completed in 1961, and the Cold War government immediately stocked it with survival supplies. The bunker had three outdoor entrances and one secret entrance inside the resort — a 25-ton blast door. It also featured decontamination chambers, a power plant, water storage tanks, a clinic with operating rooms, an intensive care unit, a pharmacy and dormitories that could accommodate more than 1,100 people. How did the government upkeep such a massive survival effort? A group of employees worked undercover as Forsythe Associates, a company hired by The Greenbrier for audio/visual services.

The location of the facility remained a secret for more than 30 years until The Washington Post exposed it in a 1992 article. At that time, the government ended its lease agreement with the resort, and The Greenbrier began offering bunker tours. Although the underground bunker is no longer stocked with survival supplies, it makes an ideal apocalyptic hideout — especially in the event of nuclear war.

Vivos survival shelter

Underground survival bunkers may conjure up images of small, dusty rooms — not the kind of place you want to spend years in as you wait for radiation to fade or zombies to be destroyed. Luckily, $50,000 can get you a bunk in Vivos’ luxurious underground survival shelter.

The 13,000-square-foot, nuke-proof bunker is located in the Mojave Desert. (Vivos owner Robert Vicino won’t reveal the exact location to prevent freeloaders from trying to get in when disaster strikes.) The shelter will include an atrium with a large TV, a gym, comfortable beds and enough gourmet food for a year — the menu features everything from sloppy joes to pearl potatoes. There’s even a jail if cabin fever gets people a little rowdy.

The Vivos shelter system has been engineered to withstand a 50-megaton blast and virtually any other force that nature or man can create. Vicino says the bunker provides protection from a host of apocalyptic disasters: pole shifts, solar flares, asteroids, nuclear bombs, chemical warfare, etc. (Zombies weren’t specifically mentioned, but a self-contained shelter located far from a populated area seems safe enough.)

Vicino has already collected deposits on half of the 132 spaces in the Mojave shelter, and he’s still taking reservations: $5,000 for adults, $2,500 for kids. Pets are free. If the Mojave is too far for you to travel, don’t worry. Vivos plans to build an entire underground network of shelters strategically located across the U.S.

Mount Weather

If it was safe enough for Dick Cheney on Sept. 11, it should be safe enough for you on doomsday. But the Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, a FEMA facility, may be difficult to gain entry to in the event of apocalypse.

Built during the Cold War as a relocation site for high-level officials in case of national disaster, Mount Weather plays a key role in U.S. continuity of government plans. It’s located in the Blue Ridge Mountains about 48 miles from Washington, D.C., and consists of two parts: the above-ground FEMA complex and the 600,000-square-foot underground facility.

Mount Weather has its own leaders, its own police and fire departments and even its own laws. No one has ever been allowed to tour the underground complex, but in 1991, Time magazine published an expose after talking to one of the facility’s retired engineers. He described a sprawling bunker complete with mainframe computers, air circulation pumps and a television and radio studio for post-nuclear presidential broadcasts.

You can access Mount Weather via Virginia State Route 601, but your odds of making it past the armed guards on doomsday aren’t good — unless you’re a priceless work of art. The National Gallery of Art is rumored to have developed a program to transport valuable paintings to the bunker via helicopter in the event of disaster.


During the 1950s and 1960s, the U.S. government built hundreds of Atlas-F missile silos in preparation for a nuclear attack that never came. Most of these silos were abandoned, but Bruce Francisco and Gregory Gibbons acquired one in New York’s Adirondack State Park and transformed it into an underground haven.

Silohome sits atop a 1,350-foot mountain overlooking the Saranac River Valley and is surrounded by acres of untouched wilderness, which means it’s ideal for many of your post-apocalyptic duties: farming, hunting and fishing. On the surface it features a hangar, living room with fireplace and a wraparound porch, but the best stuff is below ground. In what was once the 2,300-square-foot launch control center there are now three bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a living area and a kitchen.

Don’t feel safe enough? Well, there’s always the 20,000-square-foot silo that’s connected to the underground living quarters via a tunnel complete with “Star Wars doors.” It’s the perfect place to stockpile canned goods and ammunition, or you can give it a home makeover so you and the family can kick back and enjoy the nuclear winter in comfort. Buy it now for just $2.3 million — cash only.

Capitol Visitor Center

In the event of chemical, biological, nuclear or terrorist attack, you might think that Washington, D.C. is the last place you should be. After all, who’s most likely the target of such an attack? But if you can gain access to the top-secret bottom floor of the Capitol Visitor Center, you just may survive.

The CVC is a three-level, 580,00-square-foot building built entirely underground on the east side of the Capitol. The leviathan visitor center is supposedly built below ground “so as to enhance rather than detract from the appearance of the Capitol,” but not everyone believes that. It’s rumored that the building is actually designed to be a haven for lawmakers in the event of disaster — the entire bottom floor is reserved for Congress’ use and is off limits to the public.

Although the building was designed before the 2001 terrorist attacks, according to the architects, RTKL, the floor plans were amended after 9/11 and fitted “to deliver adequate security measures and material protection.” No one will say if the building provides protection from bombs, nuclear threats or biological or chemical incidents; however, the CVC does have four bombproof skylights and a tunnel system large enough for vehicles to move around. The building also has a sophisticated IT infrastructure that houses hundreds of thousands of feet of fiber-optic cable.

Site R

The Raven Rock Mountain Complex, also known as Site R or the “underground Pentagon,” is located about 9 miles from Waynesboro, Pa., and 6 miles from Camp David. It was built in the 1950s and has been waiting for Armageddon ever since.

The official plans for Site R called for an underground command control center that consisted of miles of tunnels and access shafts to the surface, but no will say what’s actually on site. It’s rumored that Raven Rock is home to an entire underground city — complete with streets and pumped-in air — that can survive a nuclear blast or an electromagnetic pulse. Some people say the bunker can sleep 3,000 people, houses a large supply of MREs (meals ready-to-eat) and features a special presidential apartment.

Although the facility was constructed around the same time as The Greenbrier bunker and Mount Weather, far less is known about this government complex. Documents referencing Site R simply say “it is unlawful to make any photograph, sketch, picture, drawing, map or geographical representation” of the site. Of course, in the age of Google Earth, this degree of secrecy seems somewhat futile.

Survival Condo

Building luxury underground bunkers seems to be all the rage these days, and there’s really no reason not to reserve a space in one. After all, paper currency is going to be useless in a post-apocalyptic world so you might as well spend your money now, right?

Survival Condo is pricey, but you get what you pay for. Built in a former Atlas-F missile solo, the condo extends 200 feet below the Earth’s surface and boasts epoxy-hardened concrete walls to keep you safe from nuclear attack. The shelter is powered by solar panels, a generator and its own wind turbine, and it boasts a digital weather station. But the $1.75 million required to buy a full-floor unit ($900,00 for a half floor) doesn’t just buy you power and security.

In addition to your condo’s stainless steel GE appliances, Kohler bath fixtures and Jacuzzi tub, your new underground home will also come equipped with a full-size pool, a spa, a fitness room, a library and a movie theater (I hope you like reruns). You’ll dine on a diet of organic produce and homegrown fish fresh from the facility’s state-of-the-art hydroponic and aquaculture center. And there’s no reason to fear the anarchy outside your apocalyptic haven because Survival Condo’s owner, Larry Hall, promises the silo will have a military grade security system — complete with lethal and nonlethal defense capabilities.

Cheyenne Mountain

The Cheyenne Mountain Complex is yet another government facility that was built into the side of a mountain during the Cold War. Located just outside of Colorado Springs, Colo., the facility is home to a variety of government operations, including NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command).

The operations center lies inside a tunnel bored a mile into the mountain — a tunnel that’s designed to route a blast’s shock wave out the other end past its 25-pound blast doors. Inside the mountain you’ll find several intersecting chambers and 15 freestanding buildings — 12 of which are three stories tall.

Like all good apocalyptic hideouts, Cheyenne Mountain is designed to be self-sufficient. It can protect its inhabitants from nuclear fallout and biological and chemical warfare through its elaborate air-purifying system that filters out harmful pathogens, chemical particles and radioactive material. It even has powerful springs that can absorb energy from earthquakes and bombs. Electricity comes from Colorado Springs, but there are six 1,750-kilowatt diesel generators for backup. There’s also a massive underground water supply — four excavated reservoirs hold 1.5 million gallons of water. In fact, they’re so large that workers sometimes cross them in rowboats. Can you say post-apocalyptic pool party?

Your crazy neighbor’s house

With thousands of people preparing for the apocalypse worldwide, the odds are good that you live near one of them. You probably saw him digging a well in the backyard, you might have noticed that he spends a lot of time in that shed, maybe you caught a glimpse of his arsenal when you borrowed a cup of sugar. Perhaps he’s even invited you to an American Preppers meeting or tried to persuade you to invest in gold or buy survival seeds.

It doesn’t matter how you identify the suburban survivalist — what’s important is that you befriend him. Strike up a conversation about affordable semiautomatic weapons, offer to help him build that 15-foot electric fence, and make biodesiel together. This man isn’t crazy — he’s just prepared. Bond with him, learn his ways, and maybe on Dec. 21, 2012, you’ll have a safe place to go when the sky starts falling.


~My friend David Morris…

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  1. I know Iam probably tying this for nothing because you won’t answer me just like everyone else. But here goes, Iam very scared in fact so scared that I cry all the time because I don’t know what to do when 2012 gets here and I have no place to take my kids so they will be safe. I don’t care about my self but I do want my grandkids to live please cand you please help me i begg you Iam so dam scared I can’t even sleep. Iam not that good on the computer and do not know who or how to contact anyone I have no other family it is just me and my kids thats all please help if you can

    • Marguerite, please don’t be so terrified. There is cause to worry with what’s happened in the past few years but we can fight and change government & to me that is the biggest threat we face. Please find someone to talk to, anyone. If you pray, that is how I get through the dark times. We as mother’s and grandma’s can only think about that in times of stress. Mine are 700 miles from me & I worry because they are in a big city. What gets me through the night Marguerite is knowing so many things are not in our control & I let it go to the heaven’s & pray for my kids & grandkids. It helps tremendously. Please email me if you’d like to and we can communicate.

      You are in my thoughts! ~ JP

      • marguerite..i was troubled by your worry about the future and particularly your children.the truth is that religion do not use the bible and rely on mans word thats why we are in so much turmoil.truth of the bible reveals that we can survive harmageddon,which is gods war with thw nations,the churches and the outrighr evil ones of this earth.yes this day is to happen shortlt but god has left provision for what he requires so get to know him by starting with his name which is jehovah and his sons position and authoritive position,all the answers are in the bible,just look for them,if your heart is right then ask in prayer to him but finish off your prayer by saying ,in and throuigh your son jesus christ.i do hope this gives you some strength and assurance.christian regards len

    • Margeurite,
      There are several options, depending on what you think is appropriate for you and your family. I am not sure that the government is the only thing to fear. There is evidence of environmental disaster ahead that I think the government may be preparing for with underground bunkers for their own members and the rich elite. However, there are a number of much cheaper options for underground condos. If you search online, you can find ones for single families, or multi-families with shared area. One of the cheaper ones I have found is about $9,950 per person at

      if you have a small family (if you have to refinance your home for the money, interest rates are pretty low now so it may not even change the amount you are paying, you would have to look into that yourself). For a larger family, you can buy properties that cost what a conventional home would cost, so I guess you would have to sell your home and get a loan for an underground home, which I’m sure is doable, as they are also selling them for “retirement” and “second” homes. If you cannot afford it yourself, I suggest you look for someone(s) else who is willing to go in with you. I have seen other people online looking to share the cost of an underground condo. Google “buy underground emergency bunker” “buy emergency underground condo” and things like that. If buying property is completely out of the realm of possibility, you can get a bunker on your own property for about $10,000 (and up) which can house your family and as much food and supplies as you can stock. Of course, it will not have water or air purification as an underground condo, nor hydroponics to grow fresh food, so the length of stay will be shorter, but it may be a safe place to store food, water, water purifiers, flashlights, compasses, knives, guns, or other valuables. If you still cannot afford it yourself, ask around to share with someone else. A lot of people are wanting a “safe place” but cannot shell out the money without having to take it out of their home. Some people will scoff, but there are a lot of poeple looking. At the very least, you can get as many extra canned and dried goods as you can each trip to the grocery store (powdered milk, beans, vitamins, medications, canned fish ie) And look for lists of survival materials and food. Here are some food guides so you can plan on how much to keep.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=1264&bih=933&wrapid=tlif132432384004610&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=15745068706606793290&sa=X&ei=D5TvTr2eEciCtgf57YzuAQ&ved=0CKABEPMCMAE#,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=1264&bih=933&wrapid=tlif132432384004610&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=6200030764299740008&sa=X&ei=D5TvTr2eEciCtgf57YzuAQ&ved=0CKQBEPMCMAI#

      You may need to stock up on seeds as well, as I have heard there may be a large amount of solar activity that could crash our electrical grid, meaning no stores or refrigeration, etc. Here are some pretty cheap sites for bulk seeds that are sealed to store for 10 years or more. It is important to get NON-HYBRID seeds (you can find them called heirloom seeds), as hybrids may not reproduce seeds as they are supposed to. (Just google “buy bulk heirloom seeds” and things like that, and check out different sites. You may want to get 2 or 3 different mixes so you have fruit trees, beans, vegetables, herbs, and everything.)

      Find some online lists of survival gear to put with your supplies, such as

      You may want to consider the life of batteries, and get a crank radio, a crank or shake flashlight, a water purifier, and water purification tablets. If your electricity is out, even for days or weeks, there will be no fresh running water. You can google them and find them available anywhere. You don’t have to find everything on these lists. I’m not sure things like bags of concrete would do anything but weigh you down and take up storage.

      Hope this helps put your mind at ease.

    • where in the States are you ?

      I live in North New Jersey and I have no 21, 21, 2012 as of yet NONE and Ihave no lcue as where will be SAFE if anything might happen.

      I agree with you when you say YOU WORRY TOO MUCH about the end of this year, well so do I and I am a single woman who lives with my parrot.

      I wish we cold could talk about what we cold do or where to go in the event of a big disaster, one thing is for sure, CARS WILL BECOME OBSOLETE, probably MOTORCYCLES might get through the lines of cars ?


    • Yes, we are living in what can be frightening times.
      I am, what could be said as, poor. Living on a small SSI stipend. I too want to find a place to go when times go very wrong. I want my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to live. I imagine we all want to live. I am searching for the best locations to live for survival, the best areas, towns, co-ops for food growing, etc. as I certainly can’t afford any subterranean bunker!
      I’ve heard there are nine in North America, most likely all non-urban areas.
      So far I have seven: Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Spokane, Kansas City, Denver and Phoenix. And of course, high ground is an optimum idea.
      What to do?… What to do?
      “There is no confusion in them that Trust in Thee with all our heart.” Apocrypha of Daniel
      All I can say is I keep my mind and heart open to all I see and hear to guide me and my family to the best place for us to be to survive what ever is coming.
      I wish the same for all, especially to those with honorable and kind intent.

    • No matter what we do here, take comfort in God. Some things are beyond our control. Peace

    • still cryin/

    • hey alot of people dont realise that many of the exact same people that though the world will end in 2012, also though it was going to end in 2010 as well, or maybe it was in 2000 when the world was “going to end”, and in 1999? and in 1998? and in 1990, 1980, 1970, there are people with rusty soup cans that would have told you that the world will end in 1975 when russia and USA go to war…

      Just remember dont always listen to the nutters and if it happens its ‘good to be prepared’ but if the world really does turn to shit then the BEST thing you can do RIGHT NOW is make sure you live life NOW !! LOVE what you have and what is here, dont worry about what could or could not happen in the future because NO ONE knows.

      The only fact is that everyone dies! Its not a question its a fact so all you can do is just live life now and be happy and most likely you will have a happy one (and not waste it in a basement waiting for the apocalypse) :)

      • Wazza, very good reply. I do believe in some preparation but if most people are like me and don’t have the money to put into a bunker, then just believe in God or your higher power that you will be safe or your family will be taken tohether. Yes we want our families to survive and yes I wish I had enough money for a bunker but I do not. Some things in this world are bigger than we have control over and we just have to believe that as long as we ask God to help us that He will stay true to us. That is what the Bible says, just ask and you shall receive, believe in Him and he will answer your prayers. I believe what you said, live life now to the fullest. We don’t know that the end of days is to come now, five years from now or twenty years from now. It also says that we should not be waiting and looking to the sky for his coming but it will be unexpected like a blink of an eye. Be prepared but don’t be wasting time and watching but live life.

    • Marguerite, I realize you are frightened about the possibility of the world ending this year. However, I must point out that the Mayan calender is wrong about that, unless it’s already happened and we just don’t realize it somehow. You see, the Mayans were very accurate in their astrological readings and such, but they were missing one important thing we have today: Leap Year. That single extra day added every four years to the calender, started by Julius Caesar in 45 B.C., means that our calender and the Mayan’s no longer match up. If the apocalypse was going to happen when they said it was, given the difference in calendars, we would have experienced it approximately 7 months ago. Seeing as we’re all alive to talk about it, I’m assuming it didn’t happen.

      Additionally, it’s okay to feel scared about the end of the world, but oblivion is something we must all face. It’ll be okay, don’t make any rash decisions based on rumors, just try to do little things like stocking up food if you’re really adamant about preparation. Heck, look up the Preppers, read about what they do and who they are, you might find this lifestyle choice useful.

      • While I applaud the attempt, leap year, the Gregorian calendar and 12-21-12 have nothing to do with the Mayan calendar. The Mayan calendar does not end on 12-21-12, it ends on the winter solstice 2012, which happens to be on our 12-21-12.

    • Dear Marguerite to feel peace and to be relax you need to pray to the God. He will drive you. The people can not do a thing for you and whatever they will do ,you never know if it will be safe. Calm down, nobody knows and Edgar Cayce which is a prophet which everything who said came true did not say it is true for what you are afraid for. Anyone was prophet believed to the Bible. Read it and you will find peace when you believe to the God.Love ,Kisses to the kids, don’t scare them.Sincerely Victoria.

    • Dear Marguerite, I know how you feel, I hope that by now you have found a solution to your worries,you have the upperhand though I see you commented in 2011. By now maybe you found a safe haven for doomsday. I understand your fears because I’m a single mom barely making ends meet & can’t even afford a car, I live in a low income area in Los Angeles, it’s extremely hard to raise four young kids,when everything goes to babysitting, clothing & food. I’ve been so caught up in daily busy life that I didn’t have time to prep for Dec. 21.2012 & I just have 46 days to figure out how to protect my kids & get ready with food & water, now I don’t sleep well just thinking & doing research on safe places, how I’ll get there & what I’ll need to take with me besides my kids. Why do the less fortunate have to perish especially the innocent children? I see that I can’t do it on my own, so I’m as of this moment speaking to people who have the same desire as I that want so desperately to survive this for the sake of our children. We need to work together to help each other, I need people I can trust & won’t turn on you,who are serious in going through this plan of survival, good people who are selfless,brave,determined but unselfish, who can work together without greed or hate,if we work together & put our skills together we will be the future. I’m open to comments & ideas. So far Im saving to rent a Uhaul & heading to Minnessota,Idaho or Wyoming, probably take clothing & survival stuff, I have to get containers full of gas, & more than anything a weapon & lots of ammo. Don’t have any of this yet but doing so within the next 2 wks. If anyone wants to be part of this survival group plz email me, money will be worthless so for the first time in human history everyone will be equal, no elite,medium or poor. We’ll all need each other to survive this. Now instead of Xmas gifts we need to prepare with supplies for survival, I just hope Dec 21 is the exact date not before or I’m in trouble!

    • re scared moms

      i think you need to have a little more faith that something else is out there watching over you. For me that is God. No matter where you go this will affect you. You cant run from what is about to come. The best thing you can do is protect your kids by getting water and food. Stock up on the 4 food groups. Go to cheap stores like Aldies etc. I dream of things that are to come. I have seen some things in the future war and fire everywhere. I honestly dont have any bad feelings about this month. However we all need to be prepared as mush as we can. The rest you give to the lord and he will provide for you. Remember the story in the bible when he had many to feed and little bread and fish? Also beware of those around you who seek to destroy you through their own paranoia.You will become imprisoned and enslaved to their beliefs.

    • You shouldnt believe all the 2012 crap anyways
      Ex: Y2K never happened
      No offense

    • SOUTHEAST ASIA? Laos. Cambodia. Several countries. What if? 10, 15, – 3 to 5 acre plots.
      Build a small frame home. Dirt cheap to get in and cheap to live. Perfect for organic gardeners.
      Far from power poles. Not a commune but a co-opt? “Common” farm animals? Tractor?
      No harassment!! Light drinkers & 420? I got your place. Heavy drinkers, ??? ultra religious – plenty of place yall can go. Who would this help? Who would like to look into this? Kids & elderly cordially invited. Hit me up on this please. I want to hear ideas.

    • Feeling better now?

    • Everyone is right. You need to depend on God not man. No one knows when the end of time will be except God. Just start putting somethings back when you can. And we do need to change our goverment back for the people. Put things back you can barter with. Toilet paper, tooth paste,things people think they have to have. If you have a yard buy a hoe and seeds so you can grow food. You do need to be prepared for one of these days we don’t know when, but it is getting close. Find a good church to go to. If you love God he will help take care of you, but you still have to help yourself to. My husband died and I am alone. My kids live hours away from me but I can take care of myself. I can shoot a gun. Email me anytime.

  2. Well where would be some safe areas to survive through this day in the US? Are some states in the rocky mountains a safer place that the middle states like Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and etc? Where are the earth quake areas located? Could you give me some ideas?

    • I think the idea is that the government is building these massive bunkers that are all inclusive and have air and water filtration, hydroponsics labs to grow food, workout facilities, etc, so that people can stay in them up to 5 years without any outside contact. Whether they are planning on something catastophic happening (man-made or natural) or it is just a “safe measure” it is long-term. Apparently some satellites found that there is a giant hole in the magnetosphere (which acts as a shield around the earth) – you can read NASA discovery further here:
      and also that solar activity is currently at a minimum, because there is a giant solar storm of activity to come soon. Also on this NASA site:
      I have heard (of course I do not know anything firsthand, just what I read and hear) that the government knows this will likely knock out our electrical grid, causing mass chaos. (Imagine no electricity, running water, cell phones, GPS, grocery stores, gas pumps, computers, heat, AC, refrigeration, etc). While most poeple keep very little food and clean water on hand, this would be a major upset in civility. This is possibly why the government has designed these massive bunkers to keep people underground for so long – to “ride out” this chaos. As people go hungry and fight for food and water, it would be a scary scenario. The government knows there is not enough supplies to protect everyone, and that is why many people still have not heard much about it and it is not in the news.

      I personally don’t think there is a “safe” area per se. If the government deems it necessary to use much of our tax dollars over the past few decades to build massive underground facilities, they are expecting something long-term. However, places with fewer people and more places to hide and store your stuff and keep shelter, it is probably better than crowded cities and suburbs. I do see there are a lot more underground facilities in the midwest region as well, if that is something you are considering.

      Here is a map of the highest hazard for earthquakes. Many of the facilities that are available are out of the hazardous areas, around Nebraska, so that would be my best guess.

      We ourselves run our household with higher income for half the year and lower income the other half. As such, I began the habit of buying bulk canned and dried goods in the summer so that in the winter I would only have to buy milk and perishables. And that is only for a short period of 3-5 months. I would say it’s never a bad idea to have at least a year or two worth of food and water and/or water purification on hand (pumps and filters as well as water purification tablets, which are cheap and you can buy off any military supply or camping website) making sure you get canned or dried fruits, vegetables, beans/fiber, fish and everything for a healthy diet. The only thing it would do is make your grocery bills lower for a while in the event that nothing happens.

      • I’m discusted I have looked everywhere ,,posted on the Gov page asked questions and never any answer ..I am in NJ in South Jersey and cant find an underground shelter tokepp us safe in case of nuke attack ..or whatever comes our way ,,there is nothing no one will give any info what is this ?

      • Don’t you love it? The govt takes peoples money in the form of taxes to build protective housing for themselves, their families, and their elite cohorts and plan on letting everyone else fight for survival. Wouldn’t we all have liked to save our money to buy protection for our families instead of paying to protect them and theirs?!

        • honestly if everything turns to radiation and only the ELITE live i really dont want to be on that plane. Giving into the negative then thats exaclty what will happen due to hype, however, our oceans are dying, so are the animals and we the people keep driving our cars and supporting our govt by paying the taxes to pay for war and selfish acts of glutony. I live near the water in an earthquake zone, if the tide wants me then theres no escaping my job here is done. The mayan calander is a circle and a lot of lightworkers out there are trying to pull humanity and our firey souls together to make this shift a positive one. we are already in the end…living proof…more is surely on the way, mother earth is sick and she has to detox….those areas of infection must be cleaned…a living cell, no separate from us, we need to hold something sacred again, and our environment should be the first, we cant eat fish from the pacific nor shrimp from the gulf.

  3. Hello,

    Can anyone tell me where to find information about building a nuclear proof home/structure. I cannot find out what specific materials and specs how to build a safe shelter. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


    • I will put in this request to the crew. What state are you in?

      • i have been reading up on alot of stuff, i am going to try to find a surplus store,,im not rich either, and i know its going to take at least 5 to 10 yrs…im going to buy seeds, store up on water, hopefully enough, get a fish tank going, find some fish to store, was wondering if dry ice would work in a cooler , im trying to get like camper stuff to survive, and a shovel to dig under ground….then start to work on the cement part, i sure hope we can succeed in this project, we have 3 adults , 3 kids and two dogs…im hoping like hell this is going to work….im living in a tuna can which does not help matters so i have to find a house with a basement or a building with alot of room with a basement…and start diggin from there, and yes i do live in if there is any other person that is willing to help us out in this situation, give me a buzz on my email, food, water, seeds, shovels ,cement, fruit trees, fish tanks , and all we have to figure out is the air flow….i wish alot of other people alot of luck, see u in 10 years cause im not a quiter…good luck everyone….

    • galvanized steel i no its the only proven thing thats been (nuke tested)

  4. What do u do if you dont have the money to build a shelter?

    • I’ve often wondered that myself. We have a cousin who owns some elite modern shelters and we can’t get one. Even if you make a makeshift shelter, its not cheap. But I think if we went through this we’d all be on level ground and then we look up and say to God, protect us.

  5. I was just wondering if Utah or Idaho will be safe places to go in the event all this 2012 stuff comes to pass, solar flares, power grid, earthquakes, wars, earths core heating up,, collapse of the monetary system, etc. etc. etch.


  7. I don’t believe we are going to need bunkers and that kind of facilities to whats going to happen. Still I do believe there’s going to be a place that’s going to be intact, San Antonio de las Alazanas in Mexico
    check the video

  8. On the very day soon June 12th, 2012; the Sun will burn hotter than ever! According to the Book burnt by the demon communist pentecostal druid; transfer will occur on statement of care to the Roman Caholic Regime! 5.98.3087 People will enter Trial on being Demon! Love is Nation and the Maritial! As the Sun lifts and the People of Maganese and Zinc lift; crys of fear leave for the Calvary non caring are sent to Hell!

    For proof; the Earth works a time clock!

    Inside not well made true; imagine the Earth as a hot, clean internal of Nitrogen; in War with Methane the latter not Catholic ever!!

    The Earth as the lousy sour beds blow; and the trumpet of Ger-Bork Lintz sonds; many will die from communist despot assessmbly!

    Proof is the Earth has a Universe within that is builing and racing Nitrogen for breath! And not all the phoney kings and queens can stop Rapture nor Apocalpse!

    If in doubt; then tunnel into the Earth for 18.000-miles and find Hell on Earth

  9. invite me to your underground bunker

  10. Join me in calling Congress to get the Shield Act out of committee in the House and voted through immediately. If we don’t harden the electric grid then when solar flares or other EMP events hit hard all the nuclear power plants will melt down, rendering underground bunkers fairly useless as there will be no above ground to survive on, even five years later. With grid hardening to protect us from some of the worst effects we would have a much better chance. Call, write , email, do it! Check out Empact for more info and phone numbers……

    • You know.. I was just thinking about that last night. On the discovery channel last year there was this show about what would happen to the earth if people suddenly *poof* just disappeared. The first thing they said would happen is that all of the nuclear plants would overheat and melt down. It would take like 100 yrs for the effects of that to go away. So yeah, we can survive without electricity and go back to living like the early Victorian or Pioneer times w/horses, candles, carpentry & living off the land…. but what to do with these pesky nuclear plants!

  11. I would guess the best thing to do without large amounts of resources available would be to find some of the closest caverns near you and pick the sturdiest looking one, taking shelter inside the threshold, yet not too far away from the entrance. That and a few makeshift metal or wood supporting beams and such could mean the difference between a shelter and a tomb.

  12. […] Cockroaches (2007)Clinical findings in three cases of zombification Lancet, 1997 _______________ NINE Best U.S. places to survive the apocalypse The Closing of Zombie Awareness Month, 2012 sees real-life zombie attack via drug-induced […]

  13. according to me preparing for apocalypse is mear waste …..stay cool and belive in christ he will never leave you unprotected …….he protected nova before the great flood……likewise he will come in the skies to take you with him in his secret comming …… prepare yourselves to meet christ ….he has been giving us warning about the things thatz gonna happen through nature…..even he gave us life assurance through his crusification and through bible……..eternally…..if we stay back in his secret comming we are doomed to suffer eternally in people trust our god jesus christ he will surely save us from disaster and will live with him happily ever after……..

  14. People with money to really prepare just don’t know how Lucky they r 2 have the means to be able to protect their family we believe and we r a struggling financially…we hav 4 beautiful kids and reality is even a tipi shelter survival gear and s sustainable set up would b least 20k we r desperate to survive n thrive would anyone out there give us finnancial support or donate supplies…


  16. How much would it take to protect my family the cheapest way I live in Dupo illinois. Where closet one for me

  17. GOD Bless us all

  18. Omg. I don’t know what to do or think anymore. I’m always scared of what’s supposedly going to happen and I always feel like crying especially because of my 3 year old son. Some people say its true and some people say its not but I’m concerned for the safety of my family. As I write this I’m emotional and I just want someone to please give me answers and tell me what I can do in order to keep my family safe. Please someone tell me and just help me here.

    • Honey you are young and have every right to freak out BUT don’t lose sleep over anything alarmist. What part of the country do you live in?

      • I live in MD so idk. I’m just so scared because of everything people say will happen. I’m terrified that I won’t be able to see my son grow up nor will he get the chance too. I pray every single night and ask for everything to be ok but I just don’t know what to do or how to be safe.

      • Sandra. You and your son will be fine. The sun will rise on the 22nd just like it always has. (And only one sun, not two like fools are trying to make you believe) If you don’t want to believe this, than do the following; Make your child the most important thing in your life, then live and grow old together.

        I could make as strong an arguement that the canned food folks have created the End of Days stories to boost sales because and let’s be honest here, canned food is awefull, and it really only sells about every few years when the end of the world happens again…and again. Thank god we all survived the last 3 end of the worlds huh?

        • This post is the most viewed here and I’m here to thank you for you comment. Level headed and thought provoking. Dead on!

          • I’m 35, married with kids and am just as “on the fence” as the rest of them. Although I will say that ever since I was a kid, literally, I’ve always had a nagging feeling that something WILL happen this coming Friday, and that’s even before I started searching the Mayan “End Date”. I went from that to government conspiracies such as the Denver Airport which I find to be EXTREMELY interesting. I also believe in Aliens, I have no choice BUT to since I saw a craft with my own 2 eyes along with a few witnesses. Because the Mayans had claimed it will be the end of the world “AS WE KNOW” I’m thinking that our Earth will endure some VERY TRYING TIMES but that will also mark a new era in humanity, for the better. My husband and I did load up on food, powdered milk and such, we did this a few days ago as I would rather be prepared than not. I live in Worcester, MA on the outskirts of the city in a 3 decker apartment building which happens to have a basement apartment which is vacant at the moment. We will be heading down there at first sign something strange is going on. I’ve always had a nagging feeling that Aliens will reveal themselves to us and let us know they’ve been here all along…we shall see. Anyway, Sandra, prepare yourself for the worst and hope for the best. Yes, over the years there have been many “World End” dates but I think a lot of them was used as a cover up so we’d take the 21st with a grain of salt…just a thought…

  19. If natural events don’t get us, the twisted goverment will. They have a lot of FEMA consentration camps all over hidden in the U.S. first they say its for immigrants, the terrorists. What they really will do is ask for all our guns. Everyones. Then if u don’t they will get u. If u fight the new order, this martial law, they will get u..then when we are defensless, they will take over like nazi days and there we go. This is not fake google fema consentration camps. Google martial law, police state..its all there. Scary videos on u tube. They will stop the constitution. And u will have no rights. Nothing will be yours. Stores, roads, phones, the net, everything will be goverment run. They thought of every single thing. They have had plenty of yrs to do so. All the president has to do is sign a paper. And one other to make this final. There are guards already at these facilities. There’s even prisioners right now at them. This will happen soon. And my theory is. When obama or whoever gets elected again, that dec 12 date will be when this all takes effect. Oh and our troops..they will be sent to fight oversees. And already waiting right here is german and other soilders to take over and start the round up of all of us. I rather have a huge astriod come right now than to face that..and I have a child. I’m very upset. But I’m helpless.

    • Wow… Where to start. The FEMA camps (and the coffins) are in preparation of a coming plague of unknown size and time. If ever. and natural disasters that effect masses of people. There are no german soldiers here waiting to round us up while our troops are abroad. First of all, this is the most heavilly armed society on the face of and in the history of the earth, and I mean SERIOUSLY armed. Woop-ass armed. Second, we do have soldiers here (bases, reserves, retired vets etc etc) and police and general all around bad-asses and people who would instantly become bad-asses. Nobody is trying to get you. Not the Pope, not the Illuminotti, not the government and certainly not German sleeper soldiers. Come on.

  20. So I have been thinking a lot abut 12.21.2012 for years now, and even ore so these past few months. Now we are 73 days away from the date, and I’m still not so sure if anything will happen. I originally thought many disasters would occur in the years leading up to 12.21.2012 (and there has been i.e. Katrina, Tsunami, earthquakes, etc.) but not to the same extent and seriousness as I imagined. Regardless, the disasters that did happen is no joke. Up to this day, I’m still not so sure whether I want to try to survive this doomsday or just accept that I will die and go to a much better place, dimension, spiritual form, whatever it may be. I feel like worrying about survival and trying to figure out ways on where to go and what to do is much more draining and stressful than the latter. Even if you have an underground bunker or you’re as high up the mountains as possible, there isn’t even a guarantee that you will survive especially if we’re talking about nuclear disasters, polar shifts, and asteroids. In addition, I also fear what most people in this forum have been saying: do I really want to live in such governmental rule of martial law AND with the rich people and government officers…NO…i think it’s best that I go someplace else. I don’t think I’m giving up perse, rather I’m just accepting what has already been written: my destiny. I would rather spend these (possibly) last 73 days enjoying life and preparing my mind, body, and soul for the “next life.” Yes, i’m leaning more towards that..and since time is limited… i’ll give it 3 more days to think about it and run with my final decision! I wish you all the best of luck…. peace and tranquility in these final days… and I hope to see/meet you all after 12.21.2012, wherever we may be.

    • I absolutely love what you said. My children/grandchildren are 700 miles away. 2 of them are in Chicago. I have a better chance surviving in a rural area. But I don’t want to. Not unless we can get them with us. How would I even know they are ok, ya know? But I truly don’t feel’ this will happen. The Mayan calendar is all screwy. No, I feel we will live through our own type of Apocalypse if Obama was reelected. I mean surviving any disaster like a nuke is not pretty. Have you watched Revolution? I don’t have it in me to survive that.

    • well, think of this. If everything is destroyed and there is no gas, no buildings, no grocery stores or farms. People will have to go back to the good ole pioneering days. Do you honestly think the rich have the skills to do iron work, animal husbandry, farming, build a house, etc…? No way! Back in my great grandfathers day, men built houses for their families. Not today. I’m not rich and I have never once dated a single guy that has any of these skills. It’s me that has most of the skills that would allow someone to survive. Thank god my dad grew up on a farm during the depression and taught me the basics of what I would need to know to survive on my own. Maybe I couldn’t build a fancy house, but I can do framing and put together a makeshift fort with the best of them with a garden to boot!

  21. Any one interested in splitting the cost of a cargo container and having it put in the ground in the Northern Mexico desert contact me time is short but this is doable and cheap probably no more than $3000 to $4,000 each. Not the Waldorf but you will be alive. Because of the nature of the land in N. Mexico the chance of earthquake is low. S. Mexico will become a swimming pool but that would be thousands of miles away. No flooding most of Mexico is well above 4,000 feet and more than 300 miles from the water.

  22. I knew I was drawn to Colorado for a reason and why I fell in love with Nederland when I was there. Can you relocate me and my 16 year old daughter please? :)

  23. I am a single mom with a 9 yr old daughter who tells me one day as she begins to cry, “Mom I don’t want to die this year! I haven’t even lived half my life yet!” For the last 4 – 5 months I have spent trying to keep a positive way of preparing and guiding her through all the media and public frenzy on this end of days thing! And its crazy scary to think what could happen to us in a major event like this! I observe so many mindsets on this topic: people in hysteria, denial, disgust, know it alls, god save us alls, and the aliens will save us all!
    And yes there are things in the future we will face out of our hands that we can only hope we will be prepared for. There really is no telling what will happen, too many senerios. I live in the bay area where in one town resides 1 million people alone! We are set between 2 major fault lines and I’ve experienced the 1989 quake! The whole valley had no power for 3 days to a week, people raided stores for supplies, fires broke out, we listened to news in our cars, we lost lives, we slept outside the first night in tents and sleeping bags in a park with others afraid to go back indoors…this seems so little to what Katrina, 911, or even Sandy has laid out for peoples lives. But the one thing that you need to never forget, is that when we get hit with tragedy PEOPLE COME TOGETHER! And the saddest thing about this 2012 epidemic is that people are only offering help for a price! If a world wide tramatic event should happen there will be loss, prepared or not. I have taugh my daughter to live for today as we prepare with what little we have for whatever the next day brings. I have tried to raise her strong and open minded to all people, religons, and realms. Anything is possible if you believe. It may sound corny but what else can you teach a 9 year old. Well she’s been raised with experience on her papas ranch too, so yes basic driving & survival skills have been instilled. And she’s a better shot on the air rifle than my dad and I! But as a mother I can’t seem to give her the most important thing she would have to know if she or we would survive any home destruction event…WHERE DO WE GO NOW? I do not see or hear anyone offering people a place with in their states a
    safe place to go after. For my daughter and I, we will be spending that week at my dads ranch outside of Gilroy with what ever supplies are there, away from whatever the city drama will bring, with no special shelter, in a place with family and pets, with open doors to any family or friends who would want to join us to be together for whatever we might face on a pre determined time of caos. If anyone out there could offer a place to go to rebuild humanity if needed please email me at: My daughter wants to believe she can live half her life!

    Just notes of observations…Nasa/govenrment/military have been stocking up supplies of some kind with the increased flights of cargo planes every week now. A large enough quake, solar flare/storm, or any other disaster will in FACT cause loss of power or in the least cell phone service to a great deal of people for atleast 3 days to start! Look at the after math of us in Cali in 89 quake, or Japans quake, 911, and any sunami or fire or floods. Listen to there survival stories, scary but it can help save your own life after and understand what you might face one day too. Don’t give up!

  24. Very cool places, there are also some sweet new modern Doomsday Dwellings coming out.

  25. I have been doing a lot of research on this matter in lore and ancient texts and ha ve come to the conclusion that the world will be in choas in one month 3 days and 11 hours and if tbus turns out to be true I’m here to offer a chance to rebuild and survive if it ends like I think it will cars and e everything esle will kill you or be useless ill be making my way to utah with as many people I can bring to meet up with others and from there we will rebuild salvage what we can everyone is wellcome to join us doctors and medical. Supplys will be needed food and water as well any one that knows how to farm and hunt are also needed you will know us if you here us say what is our meaning of life rebuild and help everyone else must learn from everyone and do the best they can if this does not happen on that day but on another of even I different year the plan will still go in to motion stay safe till then pa k light and think smart I wish you all the best of luck

    • ‘Like us doctors and medical’. If you’re a doctor, judging from your spelling and use of the english language, you have probably taken more lives than will be lost on Dec 21st by any means. No doctor would scare people like this. You’re no doctor. There is no convoy headed to Utah, and the world will keep on spinning.

  26. i live in pinellas park florida and i know 100% that if i were to stay here i will die so i am going to lincoln nebraska i also have done years of research and lincoln nebraska should be safe during the earth change.

    • No matter where you go, you will die. We will all die…someday. In our sleep, hit by a bus…but not by a rogue panet in a few weeks. Live each day to the fullest, because we will all die one day.

  27. Im only 15 years old and liveing in a poor family but I study alot about medical and plants. My brother, cousin and I are all trying to find out ways to prevent disasters. Paige and Billy are great mechanics and I study alot about plants with photosynthisis. I have found out which plants are best for sustaining ecosystems and was wondering… Would we acually survive on our own in the many apocolyptic theorys that are going to come. So I landed on this site and realized that I have slim chances of getting to a shelter, but my biggest question is, is what will people do with the millions of dollars they make from this? I dout we can resurect a buisness society after we get out.

    • LOL. I think you hit the nail on the head… If the world was really going to end on the 21st, why are people charging money to people looking to prepare? What use would money be on the 22nd? For the most part, the ‘End of Days’ people fall into two types; Those that don’t do very well in our society (it is a chance for them to ‘be in the know’ and an excuse for thier failings, or those cashing in by taking advantage of others fears. I’ll doing something fun on the 22nd, and the week after that, and after that…

  28. Hi I live in gillette Wy with my brother. We are only 15 but we can farm and hunt. That and I study Native Americans medical herbs so I could help with supplying a pharmacy. If the world does come to an end Ill find some way to find you. We have everything ready to go here and have supplies as needed.

    • So good to see young men take responsibility. Glad to know you!

    • @Wolfgang.
      It’s good to see you’re a capable young man and a giving person. I am happy to report that the world isnt going to end on the 21st, but the skills that you have learned will serve you and others a lifetime. You might consider joining your local EMS and learning those skills as well. Enjoy the many decades of life that is in front of you.

  29. I
    Live in the City I do not have any money I live pay check to pay .
    I do not even have a basement I do have some supplies put a way so what do I do
    In case of a event .

    • @ Lets, or anyone living in a city for that matter. The best prepping you can do, is 1. Make up a ‘Go Kit’ backpack that has a few days supply of food, water, meds, flashlight, knife etc. and 2. Have a bicycle. I live in the N.E. and when Sandy hit, a mountain bike was the only way other than on foot to get around (or leave) Depending on the emergency, you can hold up where you are for a limited time, but I suspect that if the emergency was bad enough and long enough (more than a few weeks), NYC would quickly become a very bad place to be – No available resources and a lot of starved, crazy people all looking for the same thing. Above and beyond all, keep it real. Being prepared to survive a few weeks off the grid without the aid of others is a good thing. Prepping to survive for a decade is just silly…IMO

      • I still haven’t figured out JUST who would even want to survive ya know? If my kids/grandkids are gone, why would I wan to?

  30. Listen, anyone who believes in God will live forever. Do not be afraid. Just be strong for your kids.Whatever happens happens reguardless. As long as your strong for yourself and your families, and stay and pray together. That’s the most you can do.

    • Great advice!

      The world isn’t going to end. Jesus said that no man knows the day that Son of Man will return, not even the Mayans. People are over exaggerating and getting worked up over nothing. Put your faith in God and don’t believe everything you read. Perfect love casts out fear. Remember that.

      I’ll check back here on the 22nd when nothing happens and the world continues to exist as we know it.

      God bless

  31. hi, phil from ireland. i,m a born warrior and if theirs a fight to fight i will be first man in. our fight is not with mother nature or te surrounding planets but our goverments. i have no idea wat will happen on the 21 first but i,m in kerry and will be high up in the mountain that day.. anyone got an idea of time frame.. god bless u all. phil from ireland

  32. Do not believe all this crap

    • California is still here. We did have a lot of thunder, lightning, and rain on the 22nd at around 2am.. it was the hardest rain I have ever seen in my life. We got over 2 inches in the swimming pool in about 5 minutes. The lightening was so pretty.. still here though.. yep! Still here.

  33. Dry Phillips wrong person this is directed to gary

  34. Just one question…End of the world, apocalypse, fire and brimstone, earthquakes and molten lava……..WHY THE HELL UNDERGROUND???
    By the way still here! save myself a fortune!!

  35. January 21, 2013…I hope you all begin to trust your own instincts and stop listening to MAN.. and how they create these ideas of when life will end. Just live life to what makes you happy daily. there have been two dates put out in the world today about when life will end.. and today 2013 we are still here. I pray for people who are scared.. I think we all will be when the time comes, but NO ONE knows the day or hour. So go live life and stop worrying because when it does happen. no one will have time to run.. it will be too damn late.. peace be to you.. Go pray!

    • I thank the Lord the 2012 prediction didn’t come to pass & for every day we wake up to enjoy life, but he did give us a brain to use. I believe every parent wants to see their children make it to old age & get to live life and I know we can’t prevent disaster but we can prepare. It would be a shame if something was to happen & you are unprepared with at least the essentials of food, water, etc. I would be more terrified & helpless if I have to watch my children go hungry then having to fight or even kill for food to feed them. I live in the Pacific coast & even though it’s beautiful it is dangerous to live near the coast when earthquakes are a constant threat. I believe we are not out of the woods yet so we still need prepping.

  36. how and why do you guys think prepping got sttarted

  37. i live in st. charles missouri……………………… son in omaha nebraska………………my daughter in school in managua nicaragua where are theri nucler reactors near us?????????

    thank you mike

    • There are 2 Nuclear plants in Nebraska, Fort Calhoun 19 ml of Omaha & Cooper Nuclear Plant 23 ml S. Nebraska near Lincoln city. Missouri has 1 Nuclear plant Fulton plant 10 ml of Fulton & 100 ml of St Louis. Treaty of Tlatelolco has banned nuclear plants in Latin America so Nicaragua has no nuclear plants. It is considered safe to be at least 200 mile in diameter or 100 mile radius from a nuclear plant leak, also depends on wind direction.

  38. What needs to be feared more than anything is a takeover of the United States by hostile totalitarian forces which may include foreign military allies. The only way to avoid dealing with that scenario is to be prepared to flee the country at a logical time, such as when it becomes apparent something extreme is about to happen – an economic collapse, a civil war, etc….

    Building a bunker is stupid unless it’s to protect against natural disaster. Better to buy land on any number of South Sea islands and live there. Indonesia has hundreds of uninhabited islands, for instance.
    But, there is no bunker built for personal use that can withstand an assault by a superpower military force. But, why would you want to build your bunker INSIDE a prison state in the first place? Even Bill Gates couldn’t build a bunker that would withstand military assault.

    • I am selling plots of land in Africa, Kenya to be specific, for those who wish to survive the takeover of the US by hostile forces or a nuclear apocalypse in the continent. Africa is the only continent that is safe from this nuclear madness. The property is located at the foot of Mt. Kenya, thereby providing a natural buffer to radiation and radioactive dust. To express your interest, register for a 5 Acre piece of land with US$200; this can be directly loaded to my Skrill/Moneybookers account via the Email address Hurry while stocks last. Only the first 82 applicants will be considered.


  39. SOUTHEAST ASIA… Kindly Consider: 10 or 15 – 3 to 5 acre plots. Dirt cheap to get in and to live. Great place to do small business cause people leave you alone. Organic Gardeners.. Close to China and big markets of people that fear their food & water! CONSIDER: Not a commune but a co-opt? “Common” farm animals? Tractor? Sales? And who we are not? No hard drinkers. No ultra religious. Absolutely zero tolerance re harassment.. sexual or otherwise. Light drink? 420 cool? Coffee? Kids & elderly could be a whole lot better off over there than here. Not an understatement. Who would this help? Who would like to look into this? A nice bamboo hut above a fallout shelter on a nice organic farm? Might just be the ticket?
    And quit worrying. The last one with 420 & coffee – wins.

  40. I would prefer death to all of this entrapment! Religious people always want an apocalypse so Jesus and Mohammed, can come for them. But no one seems ready to meet them.

    Death before giving Vicino my money. What’s so great about this shit hole world anyway?

  41. Vivos costs a ton! This site seems to have gained some traction and as you’re typically renting the bunker of an individual, I guess it would be a lot cheaper. Haven’t signed up to check though, it anyone does I guess it would be interesting to get typical prices that people are selling for

  42. It’s been a year now since reading all of the fearfull comments and warnings about 12.21.12. I do hope that not too many people welded themselves shut in a bunker. But if you have, and are reading this, the world has survived, but a new ‘End of Days’ laundry list is here for November and December 2013.

    Russian troops in FEMA Region III, GridEx 2 nationwide power outtage drill in mid November, and Comet Ison to destroy our environment on Dec 16, -faster than man has been able to. The earths poles are on the move, and the polarity will reverse for the first time in some 780,000 years.

    Since the world seems to end every year about this time, I have created a giant rubber band contraption that will catch the incoming space debris and hurl it back to where it belongs. A large contraption, big enough to cover your house is only $900,000. A car size unit is reasonably priced at half that, and my newest hand held rubber band model is $100. All orders get a free aluminum foil ‘cosmos hat’ while supplies last. One size fits all. It also works on incoming aliens. I just though some of you would want that feature. ;)

    • Footnote: To thwart off an alien, put on the free aluminum foil Cosmos Hat that came with your order. Run around your front yard screaming obscenities, and make aggressive gestures with the rubber band devise at the alien. I have personally tested this and it is certainly no match against their leaf blower weapon. In desperation they will attempt to communicate in their alien language. Do not stop screaming and gesturing until they have climbed back into their craft and left. Good luck to all.

  43. People you should all get a HAMradio so you could communicate in the end of the world instead of moping here about your finances first ofall therrs no gurantee of the bunkers working and you must survive anyways or trying is pointless im 15 and ive prepped since i was 13 gl and you can msg me at

  44. Its time for evolution like or not, read revelation, and i saw a new earth and a new heaven..anyways if our body dies out spirit survive and we start allover again, so is not the end is the begining..amen!

  45. Hi i well like to join a comunity ,,
    I would like to join a community where you are preparing, joining together if occura any event, because in truth many people do not believe,, and they will be mad in the streets, robbing, killing, it will be a caus,,, I live in philadelphia one not recommended place to survive, who guides me,

  46. Is North Georgia a safe location to move to, during the dangerous times to come? We are Christians, and would like to hear from other Believers that are Preppers and want to survive what is coming upon the earth. God bless you.

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