FBI & Domestic Terrorists


Talk about opening a can of worms. I’m not sure if there are too
many other topics that preppers are more sensitive about than
government databases, the fear of illegal confiscation & seizure
of assets, and being put on dreaded “lists” and labeled as an

I’m not going to talk a lot about this today, but I am going to
direct you to 3 SHORT articles that the FBI has on their website
about what they say publicly about the groups of people that they
consider domestic terror threats.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised–there are no cracks about
returning soldiers/marines being a threat, people who agree with
the Constitution being a threat, or people who own a Bible being
a threat like we’ve see from some other government organizations




Although this could change, right now FBI agents take an oath to
defend the Constitution and I feel that preppers and survivalists
in general face a MUCH greater threat from these groups than from
the FBI. There’s no doubt that this could change in the future
as the leadership and staff cycle out. I pray that it doesn’t.

I’m friends with a handful of current and former FBI agents.
There are others who have gone through the SurviveInPlace.com

course to get their family up to speed on preparedness. They are
in no way representative of everyone who works for the FBI, but
they are all guys that I would want near me in a post disaster
breakdown in civil order. They’ve got families, kids, and pets.
I’ve drank beers with them, talked guns and training with them,
and shared concerns about the future with them. In fact, if you
look at the guys I know and take away their FBI titles, they look
pretty much exactly like Mr. & Mrs. Suburban Prepper.

Don?t get me wrong?I’m not saying that the FBI is perfect. Like
any organization of more than 10 people, they’ve got employees
who think that ordinary people aren’t capable of being mature and
responsible. And like any organization with multiple offices, each
one has it’s own unique culture.

Oh…and personally, I don’t like ANYONE knowing ANYTHING more than
necessary about me. (You’d be surprised at how difficult it is
to write these newsletters without saying more about myself than
I want to.) That includes the very FBI that my friends work for.

I willingly, although reluctantly, fill out insta-check forms
when I buy guns, and I’ve submitted fingerprints for a dozen or
more FBI background checks through the years for getting and
renewing various licenses, but I always feel a little “dirty”
when I do…like I’m being forced to get intimate with a stranger.

My friends who get polygraphed regularly for their clearances
tell me they feel the same thing. It’s just not a comfortable
feeling to share personal information with someone you’re not
choosing to be intimate with.

My personal approach to the whole situation is to encourage my
friends who work for the FBI so that they know their
Constitutional approach is appreciated. I also support
candidates and organizations who fight for Constitutional laws in
Washington. In the meantime, as long as I maintain the licenses
that I have, I will continue to fill out the forms that I need to.

David Morris