Global Incident Maps


In the world we live in, we need every tool available to keep track of incidents and events. The maps you will find here at JUST Piper will help you do JUST that! From Amber Alerts to Earthquakes happening around the globe. You can check on Outbreaks Of All Varieties Of Diseases to Forest and Wildland Fires. Want to know what Gangs are up to? Considering everything happening at the border, you can see where and what is going on on the Canadian/Mexican U.S. Borders.

You can even check the continuously updated major Drug Interdictions. And being the state run media here will not inform us of airline incidents, ‘You’ will be able to find out yourself what the global aviation incidents and accidents are. Curious to know what foods are seized or deemed unsafe? JUST look look at the Food and Drug incident Map.

And the latest travesty that is not talked about much in the news is Human Trafficking and Slavery. There is a map for that!


All with the ease of mouse over, a news scroll and one click for details.

We want to thank Morgan of Global Incident Maps for these phenomenal maps. The terrorism map, other suspicious events (i.e. bomb threats, biological warnings etc.) is subscription only. There is a Presidential Threat map, it is restricted to leo/govt/mil/intel and certain govt contractors. But you can get a free trial to see the benefits of a subscription. Anyone will benefit from the consideration of subscribing due to these real time maps are invaluable.

~ I will be adding maps daily, JUST look to the drop down menu at the top. ~JP


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