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~ Hey Mike? If your uncle had been shot down by a sniper, would that not have made him a traitor infiltrator? JUST like you ‘Snipers do not JUST shoot Joe America.

In 2009 Moore claimed that his uncle was killed in the Philippines in an interview but we couldn’t find any evidence that his uncle Lornie was killed by a sniper.

We did, however, find some material on a Herbert T. Moore who was also killed in action in the Philippines and buried in Flint, Michigan.


Was Moore’s uncle actually killed by a Japanese sniper on March 10, 1945?


~ Safe to say if he was a paratrooper landing in the Philippines, he was most likely shot down by the enemy, not an ‘American Sniper’.

Filmmaker Michael Moore has claimed that his uncle Lornie was killed by a sniper in World War II but we can’t find evidence to support his claim.

Moore has mentioned his uncle’s service before but we can’t find any example of the sniper.

An obituary of Moore’s father, Francis, also a veteran of the Pacific Theatre, notes that “Lornie” was killed in action but not by a sniper.

Jan 162015

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We profiled these fellas from obama’s neck of the woods back in October. So here is a local perspective on how the black community is feeling in Chicago.

NBC Chicago reported in May of last year that The University of Chicago is facing community opposition in its battle to claim Barack Obama’s presidential library.

UIC sits in the center of a gun violence epidemic on the South Side and has shown that it does not value black life, by refusing to open a trauma center and save the lives of the young black men dying at their door.

The university “has long neglected the needs of black and brown communities on the South Side, including denying access to life saving trauma care, so why should they get the honor and prestige that comes with the Obama Library?” said high school senior Victoria Crider in a statement.

Today RP shows this protests continue. The community wants its neighbordhhod to better serve them, then this library/

Protesters spoke out at a hearing held to discuss turning over parkland on the South Side of Chicago to the University of Chicago to build the Obama Library. They expressed the need for U of C to build an adult trauma center to serve the black community on that side of the city before they consider building the library. An attendee posted footage from the hearing on Facebook.

Progress Illinois reported on the opposition to the library.

“We are sending the message that the U of C does not deserve the honor of the Obama library until they recognize the value of black lives by providing trauma care on the South Side,” Veronica Morris-Moore with Trauma Care Coalition said in a statement before last night’s event. “The U of C is proposing massive redevelopment of Woodlawn and Washington Park, but they are still failing to respond to basic community demands.”

~ RP

Jan 162015

My young daughter and I worked on Alan’s team against obama for Senate. He still is what I believe our country needs. Always will. We got the wrong black senator from Illinois! If your looking for a Reagan candidate then look no further then Ambassador Keyes!

‘He is basically violating his sworn duty, which is to see that the laws are faithfully executed’ – Dr. Rev. Alan Keyes

Alan Keyes at the Rally for Common Sense on the Patriot Field of Dreams on May 19th, 2012, at the Rally for Common Sense in Holts Summit, Missouri.

Dr. Keyes, Loyal to Liberty. He started this website in his words: around the time Barack Obama began his occupation of the Oval office. Thanks to my experience with Obama, I had the strong sense that his tenure would mark a major crisis that would threaten the survival of constitutional self-government, of, by, and for the people of the United States.. You won’t be sorry stopping in here.


Ambassador Alan Keyes is not a fan of Barack Obama.

At all.

The candidate who lost to Obama in the 2004 U.S. Senate race in Illinois believes the president has committed several high crimes and misdemeanors that warrant impeachment.

He is not shy about using his First Amendment rights to express his opinions.

Keyes, who was appointed U.N. Economic and Social Council ambassador by President Reagan, made a case for impeachment in a September column. He laid out three areas in which he believes the president has committed impeachable offenses.

* Obama has abused executive orders.

“If the orders deal with things not authorized by law or [are] contrary to the Constitution, then he commits an impeachable offense,” Keyes said. “He is basically violating his sworn duty, which is to see that the laws are faithfully executed, and to uphold and preserve the Constitution of the United States.”

* Obama has abused the force of law by coercing people into violating their consciences. He specifically mentioned policies that force people to either accept or subsidize abortion, “gay marriage” and the homosexual lifestyle, saying such policies violate the First Amendment.

“When Obama gets out there and starts abusing, and others like him, they abuse the court system in order to force people to accept the view that something is right, when according to the laws of nature and of nature’s God it is self-evidently wrong. They are abusing conscience,” Keyes said.

He compared this abuse of conscience to slavery.

* Obama’s national security policies. Regarding Benghazi, the former ambassador saw not incompetence but treason.

“[There is] the possibility, and we need to investigate to make sure of the facts, that we actually have people who are vested formally with the power of the executive branch of government who have been aiding and abetting open and declared enemies of the United States,” Keyes said. “That’s treason. Last time I looked, it was an impeachable offense, a high crime against the Constitution of the United States.”

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Jan 152015

This is from Dec. 2012, but this is what we should do @ every mosque, in every town…

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Jan 122015

The woman insiders describe as the president’s “real chief of staff” keeps out bad news and new ideas.

~ Oh, but she is so much MORE then that!


An old Chicago friend of both Barack and Michelle Obama’s, she exercises unusual influence in the White House as a “senior adviser.” Many in Washington believe that she is at the heart of the disappointment the Obama administration has become. They are unwilling to say so in public. But the evidence keeps piling up.

Steven Brill, the author of a searing new book analyzing American health care called “America’s Bitter Pill.” in his exhaustively researched book (he spoke with 243 people over a 27-month period), he slams “incompetence in the White House” for the catastrophic launch of Obamacare in 2013: “Never [has there] been a group of people who more incompetently launched something.”

During an interview on NPR’s “Fresh Air” last week, he lay much of the blame at Jarrett’s doorstep.:

“The people in the administration who knew it was going wrong went to the president directly with memos, in person, to his chief of staff,”

Although Obama had no idea of the issues until they ultimately reared their head, he still bears the blame, Brill said. “At the end of the day, he’s responsible. . . . The president, whatever we can say about him on policy and on giving speeches, as a manager, he failed. He didn’t know what was going on in the single most important initiative of his administration.”

How important is Jarrett inside the Obama White House?

Brill told the president that five of the highest-ranking Obama officials had told him that “as a practical matter . . . Jarrett was the real chief of staff on any issues that she wanted to weigh in on, and she jealously protected that position by making sure the president never gave anyone else too much power.”

When Brill asked him about these aides’ assessment of Jarrett, Obama “declined comment.”

Jonathan Alter, author of a sympathetic book on Obama’s first term, reported this about Jarrett:

Staffers feared her, but didn’t like her or trust her. At meetings she said little or nothing, instead lingering afterwards to express her views directly to the president, creating anxiety for her underlings and insulting them, saying, “I don’t talk just to hear myself talking.”

After Obama’s inexplicable failure to note the rise of the Islamic State and to deal with problems involving veterans’ health care:

“Jarrett appears to exercise such extraordinary influence that in some quarters on Capitol Hill she is known as ‘Rasputin,’ a reference to the mystical monk who held sway over Russia’s Czar Nicholas as he increasingly lost touch with reality during World War I.”

I ran into a top aide to a Democratic senator. “You don’t know the half of it,” he told me. “[Jarrett is] not only Rasputin, she’s the Berlin Wall preventing us from even getting messages to the president.”

Finish this true piece by John Fund

Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Obama, speaks about Green Job Czar, Van Jones, at the Netroots Convention on August 12, 2009. Then Van Jones speaks about transforming the whole society.

~ They sure have haven’t they?

Jan 122015

America’s a No-Show Under Obama: What Leading From Behind Looks Like

~ Hey, if Netanyahu can be separated by only four leaders from Abbas, what does that say?! I tweeted josh earnest today asking him ‘did obama have religious objections in attending. BTW that tweet disappeared in my Twitter queue :) ~JP


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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Mali’s President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, France’s President, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, EU President Donald Tusk, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas march arm-in-arm during a anti-terror rally in Paris, France. More than 40 other heads of state and/or governments linked arms for the massive march, which reportedly drew around 1.5 million people, while President Obama, Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Secretary of State John F. Kerry and others were nowhere to be found in Paris, with only Ambassador Jane Hartley representing the U.S.

Jan 102015

Mark Levin, on his radio program Wednesday, said that we all need to come together and end the blight that is radical Islam, ISIS and the others.

When will all of this end? Levin has the answer:

“Not until we get right down to the purest of the pure, who represent whatever the terrorists say, will they be satisfied. Then they’ll turn on each other and cut each other’s throats.”

The latest terrorist attack in France, explains Levin, “is a sad chapter in a book that is infinite, and it’s going to go on and on and on, until we find our Thatcher, our Churchill, our Reagan, our John Paul II, until we speak in clear and unequivocal terms.”

“There is a Muslim crusade going on,” declares Levin. “It is a religious war. There are hundreds of thousands of Islamo-Nazi terrorists, and we should all join together – Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist and yes, Muslims, who believe in peace and tranquility – and we should end this blight.”

~ Click on image for History of the Crusades Against Jihad (1095 – 1297)

~ source

Jan 082015

He has written a companion piece for this video from yesterday. If only islamist sypahtizer obama would get this memo!

They shouted in Arabic “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is Greatest) and “We are avenging the Prophet Mohammed” as they sprayed their victims with hundreds of bullets from their semi-automatic weapons.

NOTE: This is what they say with EVERY Terror attack. obama, THESE are not merely attacks of violence or in the ‘workplace’. ~JP

Their “victims” were the top editorial cartoonists of the satirical Charlie Hebdo magazine, who had dared to practice their right of free speech. Their offense? Publishing cartoons deemed “offensive” by Muslim leaders around the world. The perpetrators? Islamic terrorists.

Yet in the immediate hours after the murders in Paris, the response from western leaders was scurrilously predictable in their refusal to describe the attack as an “Islamic terrorist attack.”

Phrasing the problem of “violent extremism,” as the Obama administration has done repeatedly, of being a problem exclusively of only Al Qaeda and now ISIS, is intellectually spurious and truly dangerous to our national security.

Indeed, the responses from our own president, French President Hollande and British Prime Minster David Cameron all spouted the same empty pabulum in asserting that the Paris attack had nothing to do with Islam or any religion for that matter.

But the hollow comments coming from our own leaders are steeped in the stench of appeasement and cowardice.

* The first comments came from Josh Earnest, the White House spokesman, who refused to even call the massacre an act of terrorism, but made sure to add the now typical non-sequitor which now routinely follows Islamic terrorist attacks, that “Islam is a religion of peace” and therefore no should associate with the “extremists” in Paris with Islam.

^ Then President Obama issued his own statement, but in keeping with his administration’s 6 year old prohibition on using the term “Islamic terrorism,” he simply referred to the attack as “terrorism” — a vanilla term conspicuously devoid of any descriptive term explaining the motivation behind the attack.

Thus, to the proverbial Martian it literally could have been eco-terrorism, white supremacist terrorism, or narco-terrorism. (But admittedly, calling this an act of “terrorism” was a step up from the classification of Major Nidal Hassan’s similar massacre at Fort Hood as “workplace violence.”)

* Then in live comments delivered later, both President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry gave blustery defenses of the U.S. determination to protect the right of free speech and vowed that neither the French nor anyone in the West would be cowed into silence by terrorism.

Secretary Kerry said as follows:

“Today, tomorrow, in Paris, in France, or across the world, the freedom of expression that this magazine, no matter what your feelings were about it, the freedom of expression that it represented is not able to be killed by this kind of act of terror.” Nice words of bravado.

I hate to disabuse our secretary of state, but indeed “freedom of expression” has indeed already been killed by acts of Islamic terrorism.

truth koran

In closing…
Finish this necessary warning to get it. In the beginning there were 3 religions:

* Judaism was founded in 1300 BC by Abraham

* Christianity was founded in 33 AD in Palestine

* and islam, last founded by Muhammad in 610 AD , and my personal guideline to the violence and history of islam, has been The Prophet of Doom. Please learn this information. In the prologue alone: “I have been made victorious with terror.”. You will see from this informative site, how islam has been about murder from the very beginning. I see Muhammad no more then a Jim Jones or David Koresh, heck even Heaven’s Gate.

Anyone can write a religious book Muhammad, I mean REALLY!


You will even see the connection to MEIN KAMPF, Kill every Jew.”

POD shows you that the third religion cited, wants to make the first two obsolete. It is all so ordained from their leader, the False Prophet.

I ask you learn the TRUTH from Steve and Prophet of Doom. Then you will get how radical islam is a given response and not a thing we have done, EVER! Nothing we have done, has anything to do with the attacks and slaughter of islamist extremists.

My only question IS, considering all muslims follow the koran, how can even one say they do not support the violence?

~ JP