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then shred it.

Nov 3, 2015:

Colleen Cohen Faculty Director of Affirmative Action and a Professor of Anthropology at Vassar College

In an unbelievable act of political correctness, one faculty member actually took a copy of the Constitution and destroyed it with a paper shredder. Another came close, but had to wait for her secretary to come back to be able to use the shredder.

When you watch this video, you’ll hear a professor say the Constitution is an oppressive document. And another discusses removing the Constitution from their campus. . . permanently.

Nov 5, 2015…

Officials at Cornell, Syracuse, and Yale destroy U.S. Constitution. Cornell’s Elizabeth McGrath shreds the constitution, Syracuse’s Sheila Johnson-Willis, cuts it up with a pair of scissors, and Yale’s Jason Killheffer actually uses his bare hands to rip the constitution to shreds.

Also, Elizabeth McGrath is captured on hidden camera saying “Like I said before, it is a very flawed document and it is written by flawed individuals.”

And Jason Killheffer is caught on hidden camera saying:

“I am happy to take it and shred it [the constitution] in my office.” and when asked on hidden camera about banning the constitution, his response: “I hope so, I mean, that’s – that would be like I said, my expectation is if someone were distributing or, you know, posting offensive materials, that the dean would – would listen to that and take some sort of action as appropriate, you know.”

Part 2 of this series exposes how administrators are willing to shred the Constitution because it makes a student “have nightmares”.

This is happening across the country, and we won’t stop exposing this extreme political correctness happening across college campuses.

Nov 062015


From Special Operations Speaks

JP Soros


Leftwing billionaire George Soros recently sent a letter to Bloomberg news claiming that he sees ‘national borders as the the obstacle’ to the protection of refugees…

He also suggested he is working actively to weaken the borders of sovereign nations in order to accommodate the immigrant masses.

As national borders in Europe are effectively being erased by the “refugee crisis,” it’s crucial that we demand Congress to stop Obama’s refugee resettlement plan in the United States.

From Char on how ME Refugess are already taxing our country’s resource:




If we don’t act, the United States — in agreement with the United Nations — is set to received 100,000 foreign refugees by 2017… despite the fact that officers within the federal government have openly admitted that there is no way to adequately vet those being brought to our shores.

This is why Rep. Mike McCaul has called the UN-US refugee resettlement program a “federally funded jihadi pipeline.”

Stand with Special Operations Speaks and Take Action now! Tell Congress to STOP the refugee relocation plan.

The U.S. State Department is working with the United Nations to receive tens of thousands of refugees from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

In fact, the United Nations confirmed that the majority those being relocated out of Syria will be sent to cities and towns across the United States.

The worst part of this is the fact that we have little idea of who these people are or what the vetting process is to receive them.

Already, a U.S. Attorney said there’s a “terror recruiting problem” amongst refugees in Minnesota — and Rep. Mike McCaul described the UN-US relocation plan as a “federally funded jihadi pipeline.”

If the United States is to open its doors for those seeking asylum, Congress must know the process. We can take no chances with those we allow in our borders — especially when the refugees are coming from hotbeds of Radical Islamic Extremism.

Barack Obama and George Soros have no right to erase our borders in the name of humanitarianism…


Take action and contact your U.S. Representative and Senators right away!

Take action now and tell Congress to demand the State Department to freeze the refugee relocation plan until all vetting protocols are released and the number of ISIS fighters that have entered the United States is declassified.

Add your name to send a message to your U.S. Representative and Senators.

Nov 052015

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) sternly scolded Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on the Senate floor Wednesday after the Democrat objected to his motion for unanimous consent on “Kate’s Law,” which would implement mandatory minimum sentences for illegal immigrant felons.


Reid argued that the mandatory minimum sentencing of criminal illegal aliens would have dire monetary consequences due to the increase in people incarcerated in America’s jails.

In response, Cruz delivered an excoriating attack on Democrats:

“I’m sorry that the Democratic party doesn’t want to spend the money to lock up murderers, and instead, apparently, it’s cheaper to lose our sons and daughters. I think we have the resources to lock up murderers.”

Cruz also accused Reid of suggesting illegal immigrant criminals and all other immigrants shoudl be “lumped into the same bucket.”

“When the Democratic leader suggests that incarcerating aggravated felons, murderers and rapists who illegally re-enter this country is somehow a slight to immigrants — well…I am the son of an immigrant who came legally from Cuba,” Cruz said. “There is no one in this chamber who will stand and fight harder for legal immigrants than I will.”

Mitch? Find your cajones and allow the majority rule to come back! ALLOW a clean vote!!! ~ JP

Wednesday, November 4

Harry Reid kills ‘Kate’s Law’, at least for now:

NOTE: Thursday on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’
Sen. Harry Reid, a Democrat, blocked Kate’s Law. But why? The O’Reilly Factor has the inside story

* Why Won’t McConnell Allow a Clean Vote on Kate’s Law?

Cruz called for unanimous consent on Kate’s Law after reintroducing the bill in the Senate following the Democrats recent blockage of the legislation. The law is named after Kate Steinle, who was gunned down by an illegal immigrant felon who avoided federal law enforcement due to San Francisco’s “sanctuary city” status.

The law only targets “aggravated” illegal immigrant felons, not all immigrants as some Democrats have suggested, Cruz said.

“Every Democrat that stands up and block’s Kate’s Law needs to be prepared to explain why standing with violent criminal illegal aliens is more important than protecting American citizens,” the GOP presidential candidate said on the Senate floor Wednesday.

h/t The Blaze

Oct 302015

ani turtle

Sen. Ted Cruz, the Texas Republican presidential candidate, conducted a 90-minute takedown late Thursday of his own Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, who he characterized by name as a weak leader unwilling to fight for conservative causes.

Why is a Republican majority leader fighting to accomplish the priorities of the Democratic minority?” Cruz asked.

Cruz, a Tea Party conservative, frequently bucks Senate GOP leaders and has on at least one other occasion criticized McConnell in a Senate floor speech.

But late Thursday, he took on McConnell with renewed antipathy, using pie charts to demonstrate that the Kentucky Republican has bolstered the Democratic agenda rather than conservative goals during his ten-month tenure.

Using pie charts, Cruz made the case that McConnell has helped to pass legislation opposed by the majority of Senate Republicans but supported by the majority of Democrats.

Climate change legislation and an amendment to revive the Export-Import were among the measures brought to the floor despite opposition from a majority of Republicans, Cruz noted. The provisions passed with mostly Democratic support.

On Boinker, “The lame duck speaker, on his way out, will no doubt land in a plush easy chair, in the Washington D.C. cartel, and will soon be making millions of dollars, living off the cartel,” Cruz said.

Full Article on Budget Deal

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Aug 252015

Scott Walker has disappointed. I have top two now, Cruz and Ben…JUST yesterday Ben moved up in a Monmouth University Poll

FULL transcript from MsM no less :)

Aug 252015

What most people don’t know is that: Peggy Hubbard is a native of Ferguson, Missouri, but now lives in Rockville, Illinois. According to her Facebook page, she’s a Navy veteran who has since retired from working at the IRS. Her photos show her at events featuring bikers and the confederate flag.

Earlier in August 2015, Hubbard wrote that her cousin, Michael, had become the new police chief in East St. Louis. Fox St. Louis reported at the time that Michael Hubbard is a 19 year veteran of the East St. Louis department. The station says he was hired because of his “strong reputation for community policing and inspiring excellence through ethical leadership.”

Peggy Hubbard tears down #BlackLivesMatter on Don Lemon CNN . Woman Who Posted Viral #BlackLivesMatter Rant Hits Back at Critics: ‘Bite Me’. Peggy Hubbard, the woman who posted a #BlackLivesMatter rant that went viral, appeared on CNN tonight to tell Don Lemon why she thinks the movement has misplaced priorities.

Hubbard told Lemon that police officers across the country are worried either about being killed or being “the next Darren Wilson” because of the strong anti-police sentiment.

Peggy Hubbard had a very strong emotional reaction to the case of St. Louis officers fatally shooting a black 18-year-old who reportedly had a handgun and the death of a 9-year-old in Ferguson who was killed in a drive-by shooting.

It outraged Hubbard that activists protested for “the thug” and said, “Are you ‘fugging’ kidding me? Police brutality? How about black brutality. You black people, my black people, you are the ‘fugging’ most violent ‘motherfuggers I have ever seen in my life.”

She said the “black lives matter” mantra should be applied equally to black-on-black crime and elaborated, “327 homicides later y’all want to holler police brutality? Black people, you’re a fucking joke. You’re tearing up communities over thugs and criminals.”

She added, “You shoot at them, they’re gonna shoot at you.”

Full initial rant …

WARNING: Explicit language

New FOLLOW UP Reply to Viral Black Lives Matter Video :

Good morning everyone. I apologize for the language I used yesterday in my rant. Peggy was very upset yesterday because of the deterioration of our society and our neighborhoods and losing that little girl.

As a mother, wife and grandmother I was very upset. I have a grandchild that age and it broke my heart; because what if it was my grandson or grand daughter.

I apologize for my language. My mother did teach me better than that. I’m going to refrain from using that type of language.

Jul 222015

What the American people know and what the families of victims of violent crime know is that this Administration has consistently and steadfastly placed the goal of amnesty above the goal of public safety. Time and time and time again that has been the fact…

If this Administration spent one-tenth of the effort on enforcement and protecting people from crimes and punishing people who are criminals who violate our immigration laws, rather than on amnesty we’d be a lot safer today. Many of the people who have been injured, robbed, or killed by illegal aliens would be alive today. That’s just fact and everybody knows it.

Hat tip: YHN

Jul 212015

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — On Monday’s edition of Yellowhammer Radio, Host Cliff Sims received a call that is likely to raise more than a few eyebrows. A Birmingham resident named Raul, an American citizen of Mexican descent and a self-described conservative, called in to discuss his perspective on illegal immigration and Donald Trump’s controversial comments on the issue.

“Trump has figured out a way to attract voters,” he said. “What he is doing is firing up our base…he’s touching our hearts and minds and there’s no other candidate that’s really doing that… He rubbed people the wrong way [on immigration] by saying it the way he did. However, it needed to be said.”

Raul’s comments may come as a surprise to many people who have watched the backlash to Trump’s comments on Mexican immigrants.

“There are a lot of bad people coming across [the border],” he explained. “When my parents came across in the late 50s, they came across for a better life. I thank God every day that they came here because I’m living the dream — the American dream. They came the right way, they weren’t here illegally… There has to be a limit to who’s coming in and there has to be a watchful eye as to who we’re letting in.”

YH News

Jun 232015

Bill Clinton’s mentor from Arkansas, J. William Fulbright, was a proud segregationist! And Bill Clinton signed a proclamation authorizing the Confederate flag to fly over the statehouse in Arkansas. I’ve got the proclamation right there in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers.

Where’d the Republicans get involved in this? But there they are, in full blame! ~ Rush

Rush Limbaugh gave listeners a history lesson on the Confederate flag flying on the grounds of the Statehouse in South Carolina. Limbaugh noted that the flag is an issue because of Democrats, not Republicans.

Folks, do you realize the Confederate flag flies because of the Democrat Party? Do people even care anymore about truth, objective truth, ontological certitude? – Rush Limbaugh

“There’s a reason why that Confederate flag flies over the Statehouse in South Carolina,” he added. And that reason, he said, is one man — a well-known Democrat named Ernest “Fritz” Hollings, a former U.S. Senator who once complained that there’s “too much consuming going on out there.”

In an article at the Boston Herald, Howie Carr also noted that it was Hollings who first put the flag on the Statehouse in 1962. Moreover, Limbaugh said, it was a conservative Republican governor who first tried to get the flag removed from that building.

According to The Examiner:

Newsbusters noted that aside from Fox News, most of the broadcast media never mentioned the entire history of the South Carolina flag. Two networks mentioned the flag, but never said it was a Democrat who put it there

~ ~ Rush transcript