Mar 032015

If I run, it will be because….’

Dr. Ben Carson isn’t saying he’s running for President. So don’t go thinking that he is. However if he were to say, hypothetically, make a bid for the White House… Well, he’d want you to know why that would – in theory – happen. To that end, he’s made a video announcing the formation of his 2016 exploratory committee.

Again, this is not – in any way – an announcement.

It’s a random guy *wink wink* who’s explaining why he might be interested *nudge nudge* in becoming the Commander in Chief.


Once again, no one *ahem* knows if he’s actually going to become a candidate. You can check out his website at

Thanks Herman Cain :) I like the Panda Watch Robert Laurie :: wink wink ::

Feb 262015

Thanks to Les Grossman

Dr. Ben Carson kicked off the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference with a speech that will likely continue to fuel rumors that he will run for president in 2016. Hitting all the standard conservative bugaboos — political correctness, Common Core education standards, Obamacare, terrorism, and expansive welfare programs.

The conservative media star and retired neurosurgeon began his speech by lamenting double standards regarding race:

“If you’re white and you oppose a progressive black person, you’re a racist,” he said, “but if you’re black and you oppose the progressive agenda, then you’re crazy.”

He also tackled the conservative movement’s perceived lack of compassion for impoverished Americans. Noting the Democratic Party’s history of solutions including Great Society poverty programs, Carson said it’s largely been a failure and that “Intelligent people would look at that and say, ‘We need to change course.’”

“We need to understand what true compassion is,” he told CPAC attendees, “in order to reach out to individuals who may think being dependent is reasonable as long as they feel safe…. It’s really not compassionate to pat someone on the head and say, ‘There, there, I’m going to take care of all your problems.’ That is making people dependent.”

Despite a warm reception, Carson declined to indicate whether he will run for president, but did hint at the possibility during a brief Q&A with the audience.“Let’s not turn our back on Israel. Let’s listen to Netanyahu and what he has to say,” he said.

He said the U.S. should not merely focus on the threat posed by the Islamic State in the Middle East.
“We need to recognize that the Shia in Iran are every bit as dangerous, perhaps more dangerous,” he said, adding that he is “ready for leadership on the world stage. Not just sitting around and waiting so see what other people do.”

If he were to run for president, Carson said, he would advocate for a more defined mission to fight extremists.

“The mission is recognizing that we have radical Islamist terrorist groups,” he said. “The mission that I would give our military is destroy them first, and I wouldn’t tie their hands.”

Feb 232015

A middle school student in Georgia has become an viral sensation after releasing a YouTube video Saturday that defends former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and argues President Obama’s stance on Islamic extremism is evidence he doesn’t love America.

“If you really did love America, you would call [Islamic State] what it really is: an assault on Christianity, an assault on America and downright hate for the American values that our country holds — freedom of speech, freedom of religion and every single thing that our country stands for,” CJ Pearson said in the clip, which has amassed nearly 300,000 views since Saturday.

“I hope that one day people will get enough guts to speak out against your downright hatred for this nation,” he said.

“I want to applaud Mayor Rudy Giuliani for his comments about President Barack Obama,” CJ said in the clip. “Here the truth of the matter: I don’t want to be politically correct. I don’t care about being politically correct at this point. President Obama, you don’t love America.

“Here’s what you need to realize, that here in America, we don’t back down to terrorists,” he said. “We fight them on their own battleground and we annihilate them to the very end. Here in America, we don’t allow the government to take away what we work for. … President Obama, if you really did indeed love America … you’d fight for our values domestic and abroad.”

So I ask you obama, is CJ a racist? Better yet I betchya put CJ on the ‘Right-Wing Extremist terror watch list! Bah!

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Feb 112015

According to WSJ:

Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas Could Vote on March 1

It could become a pivotal moment in the 2016 GOP nomination battle.

From Newsmax:

Georgia’s Secretary of State Brian Kemp is working to put together a coalition of states that would agree to hold a regional primary on March 1. Texas and Florida, the second and third most populous states, have agreed to be included. And Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas are also on board.

Kemp said the coalition would give the South “more bang for our buck.”

Non-southern states would not be excluded.

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We encourage YOU to contact your local Secretary of State to ask if this is being done for candidates who most likely would not get OUR votes. That being Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio. I’m sure many will vote for Rick Perry, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. But are you aware we mainly support Scott Walker and Ben Carson? You must consider them.

We MUST get behind one candidate. Scott Walker Is leading the GOP nod. We want a man who fights like Scott. Who does what he says and means it!

Even MsM CNN poll showed Ben Carson in second place. According to another MsM, MSNBC states Ben is ahead of establishment candidates, like former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Back in October, according to Romney was leading, with Ben Carson second. Ben Carson is a ‘TRUE’ conservative. He is a man of honor. This is what we want.

Think. If that same poll were held today would Ben Carson be number one? We think so. Or a close second to Scott Walker minimally.

This could be very important considering it could also effect the outcomes in other states like Iowa, New Hampshire etc. You are toying with a profound possibility for the GOP candidate.

Voters. WE the People have proven what we want and do not want. WE gave and kept a GOP House. WE gave you a GOP Senate. WE gave you governors, including in Illinois of all places. WE gave you your very jobs. WE will vote one way in 2016. WE are tired of OUR voctories not being adhered to. WE feel ignored for the same old politics. WE will change it.

All politicians are playing with our lives. It has to stop!

Mr. Kemp? We enocurage you and the other Secretary of States to pay attention. We must ask if this is for ‘Establishment’ candidates, most conservatives will not support this. I didn’t see our choices represented. And it seems your choices fall in line with the current Real Clear Politics Poll.

You have to take polls in the Southern States you wish to establish. We are willing to bet you will see 4 names primarily, in this order: Walker, Carson, Cruz and Paul.

To all of you, We pass along a strong message WE are tired of establishment. Please get that message before you proceed with ‘Southern Super Tuesday. ~ JP


For our many followers of JUST Piper and Twitter, we encourage you to tweet YOUR choice for 2016 to your Sec. of State if you are in any of these states:

* Georgia: Brian Kemp who states: Proud to serve as Georgia’s Secretary of State

* Alabama John Merrill Who note on his twitter states: Representing the People of Alabama

* Texas: Until he is confirmed Judge Carlos Cascos will be new Sec. of State. Tweet the Governor, Abbott

* Florida: Ken Detzner was a registered Democrat until 1984. Gov. Rick Scott Tapped Ken Detzner as Secretary of State. He has no twitter, so contact Gov. Scott

* Tenn: Tre HargettVerified account

* MS: Delbert Hosemann

* AR: Mark Martin

Feb 102015

… ends forced dues! Now THIS is a worthwhile executive order Friends. Do we have another Wonderful Scott Walker in the rising?

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner struck a first official blow on Monday against the public sector labor unions he has frequently criticized by ordering an end to a requirement that workers pay dues even if they decide not to join a union.

His executive order sets up a fight with the state’s powerful labor unions, a key ally of members of the Democratic-led Legislature, just as Illinois has begun divided government for the first time in more than a decade. Unions immediately lashed back, while top Democrats questioned the legality of Rauner’s action and said their legal teams would review it.

Read story…

Feb 102015

“It makes me feel that perhaps we’re being betrayed,” Carson said on “Fox & Friends.” “Perhaps we don’t have a leader who feels the same about things as most of us do.”

* Carson getting ‘personnel, rationale’ in place for possible 2016 White House run

Feb 042015

Do not miss Scott Walker leader in the race for GOP nomination

Today in the Washington Examiner:

Can a single speech at an Iowa political event change the course of a presidential nomination race? Maybe.

It actually has happened. Barack Obama’s November 2007 speech at a Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner in Des Moines is generally credited with giving him a lift toward winning the caucuses there two months later and putting him on the path to the presidency.

Perhaps it happened again, ten months earlier in the 2016 cycle, when Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker spoke January 24 at the Freedom Summit sponsored by Citizens United and Congressman Steve King in Des Moines.

Walker’s speech—one of more than a dozen—got rave reviews from the crowd and reporters present. More prominently and notably, it seems to have gotten rave reviews from a much wider swath of Iowa Republican voters.


Wesley Pruden of Washington times shared his opinion:

Scott Walker is the new flavor of the week, the new dish on the Republican menu. He brought crowds to their feet in Iowa over the weekend and placed first in an important regional poll to identify favorites for 2016.

For someone derided by the smart guys as dull and unexciting, the governor of Wisconsin is suddenly the flash and splash of midwinter. Such flash and splash, synthetic by definition, is usually the work of pundits dulled by the lethargy of January, the most useless of the months, eager to find something “new and entirely different.”

The governor fed them the red meat in an account of his dueling with organized labor in the recall election that he survived with ease, enacting tax cuts, pushing abortion restrictions and telling of threats to his family during the recall campaign. No one dozed off and he won a thundering standing ovation.


Feb 032015

Funny, intelligent speech…


Feb 032015

Don’t let MsM tell you different! They want you to think it’s Jeb. If we get a good enough percentage and stick to all voting for a single candidate, we can win 2016.

They also want you to believe he is too laid back. No fire. JUST check out his speech and I defy you to agree…

Scott Walker ‘BOLD’ Speech at Iowa Freedom Summit 2015