Jul 232014

Uniformed men are carrying the coffins to hearses as loved ones watch on the tarmac:

As the The Federal Aviation Administration has extended its ban on U.S. airlines’ flights to and from Tel Aviv, Israel, for another 24 hours, those of us watching CNN, see JUST what hateful terrorism does. The unspeakable evil of those without conscience. The moving tribute on CNN shows us how good humanity can be. THAT is what we need to hold close. ~ JP


(CNN) — A lone bugler sounding the traditional military farewell “Last Post” marked the arrival Wednesday in the Netherlands of the first dead from the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

The grieving nation then held a moment of silence to honor those killed in the crash of the jetliner, downed last week by a suspected surface-to-air missile over war-torn eastern Ukraine.

In a ceremony rich with martial symbolism — from saluting soldiers to the haunting tune used to send war dead to their rest — 40 bodies borne in simple wooden caskets were solemnly unloaded from two military planes. Soldiers then walked them to waiting hearses and lowered them inside before rendering a final salute.

The only sounds: the hushed orders of soldiers and a whipping wind.

A long line of hearses, accompanied by police, carried the remains slowly through Hilversum, Netherlands, on their way to a Dutch military base where forensic investigators will begin the grim work of identifying them. Dutch residents lined parts of the route to pay respects to the dead.

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See Moving Tribute Images: Tears for the MH17 crash victims

Jul 172014

Today’s special show on the war in Israel begins with an angry, out-of-control HAMAS leader in downtown Atlanta, nearly attacking a pro-Israel supporter and ends with a Jordan Schachtel report about a group of highly talented Jewish college students operating an anti-propaganda media network in Herzliya, Israel.

Mar 212014

attack our prophet and islam.

We have covered these conferences since 1998 being they were in our backyard of Rosemont, IL. It is how I got to know my friend Steve Emerson.


When it is they who are hate-filled and caused much turmoil in a community of Western and Devon (2701 W. Devon Ave.) in Chicago, where this group is located that is promoting this conference. This community borders an enormous Jewish community. Imagine that. An extremist islamist community surrounding a Jewish one! Shades of Israel.

This is the promo of this group:

- Remember the Danish cartoons defaming the Prophet?

- Remember anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims”?

These attacks are no accident. Hate groups in the U.S. have invested at least $140 million dollars to attack our Prophet and Islam.

Isn’t it time we invested in defending our Prophet?

Yep, Patriots this has been going on in our backyards since before 9/11 and continues until the end of time.

This program will raise funds to establish a Strategic Communication Center for the Muslim community, which will develop effective responses to attacks like those mentioned above, as well as to train young Muslims in media. Train muslims in?!

When: Saturday, April 19, 2014. 4:30pm CST for appetizers, registration and Asr. the program begins at 5:30 PM Sharp.

Where: Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, 9291 Bryn Mawr Ave, Rosemont, IL 60018


* Lord Nazir Ahmed (UK)

In April of 2012 we featured a post about him ‘ Lord Nazir Ahmed Puts Bounty on President Obama and President George Bush.’ Ahmed indicated “that he would arrange the bounty at any cost, even if he was left with the option of selling all his personal assets, including his house”

* Dr. Abdalla Idris Ali (Canada) Probably the most loved president of ISNA (1992-1997), he developed and implemented Islamic and Arabic Studies curricula for elementary and junior high students. He is considered a pioneer in the area of Islamic education in North America.

* Prof. John Esposito (DC) He speaks regularly at many conferences and Chicago University. He is billed as the most prominent scholar attacked by Muslim haters. World governments, corporations, universities, and the media consults him as a balanced non-Muslim voice on Islam. A former President of the Middle East Studies Association of North America and of the American Council for the Study of Islamic Societies, he is currently the President of the American Academy of Religion.

Modern conflicts in the Islamic world are influencing today’s academic community

* Sister Ayesha Adawiyya (NY). Founder of Women In Islam Inc. She also coordinates Islamic input for the Preservation of the Black Religious Heritage Documentation Project of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.

Ms. Al-Adawiya serves on numerous boards related to the interests of the global Islamic community, including the Interfaith Center of New York; KARAMAH: Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights; New York Jobs With Justice; Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition; Muslim Consultative Network; The Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial Educational and Cultural Center (The Shabazz Center).

* Shk. Kifah Mustafa. Jun 23, 2010 CAIR had a presser with him announcing Imam Kifah Mustapha’s lawsuit against Illinois State Police:

To round it out they will have 3 imams:

* Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid who gave a lovely speech United National Antiwar Committee Rally, NYC., is a founder of the Muslim Peace Coalition

* Imam Ousman Drame, who gave this speech, in Naperville,IL. Jan 14th, 2011

* Imam Musa Azam, who was part of a panel Oct. 2010, ICNA Chicago at the Candidates Forum with Governor Pat Quinn

Join Sound Vision’s ground-breaking International Seerah conference for the first time in Chicago, (Just under a different name) “Stand with the Prophet in Honor and Respect” on April 19th, 2014, to be part of the solution!

Not just another conference, but a a solution-oriented message. Opportunity to help build the first of its kind Strategic Communication Center for the Muslim community in Chicago

Guide to past conferences:

* 2008 Palestinian Popular Conference

* 2012 conference in Rosemont under another name, another umbrella, same goings on

* Muslim summit Sept. 2010

* June 2010 “Fall of Capitalism & Rise of Islam.”

* Extremist Conference in Chicago & The Muslim War Council

They are in every facet of our lives. What goes on in these conferences when you speak their language, dress as they do, would astonish you. But I am sure they are not through with us by a longshot. ~JP

Dec 092013

Another obama LIE!



Oct 292013

This is how the adherents to Basic Islam 101 have to believe.

US based Imam, Yasir Qadhi preaches openly that non muslims lives are forfeit and their property is legal for muslims to take in jihad, (and this would include women as sex slaves) yet no charges are brought against him.

Tennessee imam: Jews and Christians filthy, their lives and property can be taken in jihad by the Muslims

Note also his words about jihad, quoting Muhammad: “I have been commanded to fight the people until they testify la illaha illa Allah [there is no god but Allah].”

h/t Clash Daily

Oct 102013

Click image for background:

* The Project : Documentary about the Muslim Brotherhood & Plans to take over the United States from ‘the Inside’

Last year, TheBlaze TV’s documentary team released the two-part miniseries The Project, exposing the emergence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States post-9/11, and how it has successfully infiltrated key positions within the U.S. government and law enforcement.

In Wednesday’s episode of TheBlaze TV’s investigative news magazine show For The Record, “Civilization Jihad,” (8:30 p.m. ET), viewers will get an update on how the Muslim Brotherhood has been able to extend its reach from deep within the U.S. out to American foreign policy and decision-making overseas.

The episode reveals how the Muslim Brotherhood, which some say is taking control of the rebel forces in Syria and continues to wage battle for control of Egypt, has been allowed to operate freely in the United States despite its threat to national security.

It does so by using one of its most powerful weapons: Civilization jihad.

“The Muslim Brotherhood in America and really around the world are like termites.”

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Oct 052013

While all this shutdown/showdown business has been diverting attention from a very crucial hearing that took place on Thursday. As someone on the panel stated ‘ We thought al qaeda was once a fragmented faction & didn’t affect us here at home’, We have seen what that line of thinking got us.

We here at JUST Piper bring you many important posts, I ask you watch this entire hearing. It is so very informative.

There was horror on the Hill when a crazed Connecticut woman who tried to ram her way into the White House was shot and killed Thursday. I find the timing of that and this hearing ironic. It happened as this hearing was taking place. Coincidence?

So far there are few answers on why Miriam Carey took police on a violent chase near the U.S. Capitol. Investigators in the hours after the bizarre chase were baffled about why Carey went on a tear.

“I’m pretty confident this was not an accident,” said Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier.

But it seems this is no longer being discussed:

Suspect in barrier ramming, Capitol Hill shooting Somali descent . Some reports claimed that Miriam Carey was of Somali descent. If she was, this name doesn’t match up.

But we will never know will we? This hearing shows not only what a threat al-shabaab is, but more so how they are being recruited from Minnesota.

One of the highlights is Dana Rohrbacher. He is, like me, hellbent on the funding for these terrorists. This was my wheelhouse. Surprisingly he states he believes al q was complicit in the OKC bombing, as many of us know to be true.

So here is some of the testimony and witness remarks. The one who impressed me the most was Mohamed Farah Executive Director Ka Joog.

Ka Joog was formed back in 2007 by a dozen of students, from high school level to college students, who had few things in common such as education, art, positive role models in the community and proud citizens of a country with limitless opportunity for those who are willing to work hard. The term Ka Joog means to stay out or stay away, and the message behind that is to get youth away from any negative influences that hinders there success or reaching their best potential.

Please read his entire statement

The others who testified were:

* Seth Jones, Ph.D. Associate Director International Security and Defense Policy Center RAND Corporation.

He stated:

This is a timely hearing because of the recent attacks in East Africa, the movement of some Americans to Somalia to fight with the al-Qa’ida linked group al Shabaab (the Youth), and the accessibility in the United States of al Shabaab propaganda on social media sites.

* Mr. Dan Borelli Chief Operating Officer The Soufan Group His background is a 25-­‐year veteran
of the FBI. His last position was Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Joint Terrorism Taskforce in New York.

* Mr. Richard Downie Deputy Director and Fellow Africa Program Center for Strategic and International Studies:

I thank you for the opportunity to testify on the threat posed by Al Shabaab. I will make some brief remarks about the evolution of this terrorist group, its current capabilities and objectives, and offer some thoughts on how its threat can best be dealt with by the United States and its allies in the East Africa region.

Foreign Affairs Committee

Sep 172013

Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch is questioned about why House Speaker John Boehner refuses to endorse a special congressional committee to investigate Benghazi

Sep 122013

Sep 082013

I’ve been listening to a few radio shows discuss how music is turning our youth. HERE is a prime example, not the first on JUST Piper, many homegrown terrorists turn to rap/hiphop also…

I tried really hard to find things with English translation, JUST was not to be had.

syria magnet for jihadis

German citizens have participated in the bloody expulsion of Christian villages in Syria, according to the German newsmagazine Focus. The incident is part of a larger problem involving German and other citizens from Western countries joining jihadist groups in Syria’s brutal, multiparty civil war, raising Muslim terrorism concerns in Syria and beyond.

A radical Muslim militia conducted an “ethnic cleansing” of Syrian Christian villagers near the border with Turkey on Aug. 6. According to the Focus report, two unnamed Western intelligence services identified German Muslim converts and other Germans with an “immigration background” as militia members.

A recent propaganda video shows jihadists speaking in German praising the expulsions, during which several murders occurred. The video also shows jihadists desecrating the bodies of Syrian soldiers with kicks to the head.

About 70 German Muslim militants have traveled to Syria according to a July report from Germany’s Office of Constitutional Protection (Verfassungsschutz), an extremist monitoring agency. Notable among them is the German-Ghanaian rapper-turned hardline Muslim convert Denis Mamadou Cuspert (aka “Deso Dogg”).

Once known for his gangster lyrics and tattoos, Cuspert now produces German-language jihadist nasheeds, or Islamic devotional music, Turkish-Moroccan-German journalist Souad Mekhennet reported in the Daily Beast. One such online video emailed to Mekhennet on July 30 shows images of suicide and Improvised Explosive Device (IED) bombings and repeats the refrain, “I want death and cannot wait for it, armed with bombs and shells.”

Abu Talha Al Almani – Al Jannah Al Jannah… by blauetaschenindeutschland

This was posted JUST 3 weeks ago:

Deso Dogg in Syrien…

* A German Rapper DESO DOGG converts to ISLAM

* Nice album cover: dogz4life

Western intelligence services believe that Cuspert is fighting with the al-Qaida linked Al-Nusra Front (Kerry’s buds), under his nom de guerre Abu Talha al Almani (Abu Talha the German). Indeed, an online video purports to show Cuspert in Syria. There, he is one of an estimated 6,000 foreign fighters, about 10 percent of whom come from Australia, Europe, and North America, Mekhennet reported.

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