Jul 242010

~Edited Transcript

GLENN: I also want to encourage you to read what’s posted on the first page of glennbeck.com. It’s the Weather Underground manifesto. We told you that this is the stuff that’s coming our way. They are talking now about a revolution, a united front. Well, that is exactly what they have put together, a united front. They have the labor unions. They have ACORN. They have the democratic party. They have every communist organization you can think of. They have many of our churches they have co opted. They have a united front. It says their task is not driving capitalism out but overthrowing its whole existence. For us here, throwing it out means not from one colony but all of them, throwing them out of the world, throwing it out, overthrowing it, over throwing the whole existence. When I read that, I remember the words of Van Jones. If you remember what Van Jones said in his green speech about a year or so ago.

JONES: this deeper than a solar panel, deeper than a solar panel. Don’t stop there. Don’t stop there. We’re going to change the whole system. We’re going to change the whole thing. We’re not going to put a new battery in a broken system. We want a new system. We want a new system.

GLENN: Listen. And the crowd goes wild. It is really important that you understand who these people are and the code language and you cannot dismiss anything. The President was tied to Rashid Khalidi and Rashid Khalidi was, well, he’s not really a friend of the President’s and, well, he’s not really that bad, yada yada yada yada. Just know that Rashid Khalidi, this is what the President said in a going away reception kind of thing for Khalidi. He talked about that he had been a consistent reminder to me of my own blind spots and my own biases. It is for that reason that I am hoping that for many years to come we continue that conversation, a conversation that is necessary not just around Mona and Rashid’s dinner table but around this entire world. That is the President of the United States and what he said about Rashid Khalidi, that they used to have conversations at a dinner table all the time and it was all about, how we move as a people.

PAT: They were friends.

GLENN: Oh, they are big friends.

PAT: He was asked about it, you know, because Khalidi has well known terrorist ties. He’s got sympathies with Palestinian terrorists and he’s never, as far as I know, denounced those ties and so the President was asked about him and he said, oh, yeah, I know Rashid Khalidi and he’s a professor, he teaches, and that’s where he left it.

GLENN: Hamas is the Muslim brotherhood’s Palestinian arm. Rashid Khalidi has now signed an appeal for funds to outfit another ship like the peace flotilla that would try to break Israeli’s blockage of Gaza, the territory controlled by Hamas. Rashid Khalidi, a good friend of the President, Bill Ayers, his wife was part of the last one. This one Rashid Khalidi. This ship he wants to send out and break the blockade. The name of the ship, the Audacity Of Hope. Time to make your neighbors up, my friend. Time to wake your neighbors up.

Jul 232010

NOTE: ~ I JUST MUST interject with my thoughts on the two stories MSM as Washington Post & Boston Globe suddenly have a conscience for “News”, with the two investigations they have revealed this week. It takes me back to Monica & Bubba, in that she was a diversion (Alinsky’s Rules), subterfuge, for the true news that was going on & being covered up like Chinagate & several other’s ( see Alamo Girl’s THE DOWNSIDE LEGACY ARCHIVES )

~ I mean think about it–

* DOJ lets the NBPP case float into the sunset

* Journolist revealed & Jeremiah Wright

* The Charade Sherrod fiasco & NAACP

~ Diversion friends, classic diversion, when stories such as this & us uncovering this administration’s hidden agenda…

But then again that is JUST MY opinion…

“~Is this the stained Dress?”

By John R. Quain Published July 23, 2010

Has search and advertising giant Google been tracking you just to sell you stuff — or is it because the U.S. government asked it to? A congressional hearing Thursday may have raised more questions than answers.

Since May, Google has been in hot water worldwide over the information it collected during its street-mapping projects. European regulators have been pressing the company since it was revealed that Google collected information from Wi-Fi networks as its street-view vans cruised neighborhoods around the globe.

The information Google gathered included e-mail fragments and passwords, alarming politicians and privacy and security advocates in Germany, France, and Spain.

Recently, the Washington Post noted as part of a two-year investigation into America’s intelligence community that Google supplies special mapping and search products to the U.S. military and intelligence community, with some Google employees enjoying top secret clearance to work with the government. That news has consumer advocates and politicians asking exactly what information Google has collected — and why.

While no specific hearing on the issue has been held yet in the U.S., a little-noticed subcommittee hearing took place Thursday in Washington, D.C. and attempted to shed light on the issue. The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform took witness testimony at its Government 2.0: Federal Agency Use of Web 2.0 Technologies hearing. One of the witnesses was John Simpson of Consumer Watchdog, a nonprofit consumer advocacy group.

Following the hearing, Simpson said he repeated the group’s call for hearings into the Google Wi-Fi scandal, requests that fell on deaf ears.

“They listened politely,” Simpson told FoxNews.com, but made no commitment to do so. The main focus of the hearings was on the government’s use of social-networking sites, such as Facebook, and Simpson emphasized the security and privacy risks associated with such sites.

The questions swirling around Google following the Washington Post article remain unanswered.

“Is there some relationship between Google and the NSA (National Security Agency)?” asked Jamie Court, president of Consumer Watchdog. “Was this data shared with intelligence agencies in America? It’s a question. We just want a straight answer.” The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) civil-liberties organization has also weighed in, demanding that Google “grow up.”

If there is such a connection, it would explain why there has been little federal government reaction. Representatives would be extremely reluctant to call for an investigation if they felt it might compromise national security, Court noted.

Full story…

http://nlpc.org/ submitted by Peter Flaherty

White House Emails Show More Extensive Improper Contact With Google

Recent email communication between White House Deputy Chief Technology Officer Andrew McLaughlin (in photo), who is Google’s former head of Global Public Policy, and multiple outside individuals raise new questions about the official’s alleged circumvention of federal ethics and recordkeeping rules.

McLaughlin’s communications with Google officials and others about issues that directly benefit the company appears to be more extensive than indicated by a May White House report, which resulted in an official reprimand of Mr. McLaughlin.

Click here for a 12-page pdf of the McLaughlin emails.

Administration rules expressly prohibit former lobbyist company officials like McLaughlin from involving themselves in federal policies that materially impact their former employer. But the new emails, which NLPC obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, show a continued pattern in which Mr. McLaughlin communicates with another apparent Google lobbyist, the leader of a Google-funded organization that lobbies in support of Google’s primary area of federal interest, and the head of a nonprofit that works closely with Google lobbyists.

The topics in the email communication involve many of Google’s highest priority lobbying issues, including FTC rules on online privacy; Administration broadband policy, including Net neutrality; and intellectual property rules.

As Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Internet Policy, McLaughlin is at the policymaking nexus of virtually all of the most important Internet issues being debated in the country today. There is now no doubt – none whatsoever – that a more serious investigation of potential ethics breaches is warranted. These emails raise additional questions about whether Mr. McLaughlin’s efforts circumvented or just plain ignored federal ethics rules.

Today, we are asking Rep. Edolphus Towns, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and Rep. Darrell Issa, the committee’s ranking member, to conduct a thorough investigation. It reads, in part:

Like Halliburton in the previous Administration, Google has an exceptionally close relationship to the current Administration. No fair-minded person could look at McLaughlin’s record and not conclude that further investigation is warranted. Click here for a pdf of the letter.

Click here to download 3-page pdf of the letter

FULL NLPC story…

Jul 232010

~Yes I had to email Megyn -g-…

Former Colorado congressman and presidential candidate says president has broken oath of office on immigration issue. Megyn takes issue that Tom (Who btw was our solo champion in the Bush era on Illegal Immigration) when he asserts Obama is a more serious threat than Al-Q. Do you agree with Tom or Megyn?* I proudly voted for Tom in the GOP primary. He worked closely with me on this issue in communications. TWO of my favorite people going up against one another. Do not like it.

Jul 232010

Panel warns nation’s ability to survive nuclear offensive has seriously deteriorated

Jul 202010

JOHN ROBERTS: 37 minutes now after the hour.

Since it appeared online officials have tracked what’s believed to be an al Qaida online magazine called Inspire. The 70 page terror guide includes how-to sections on bomb making, sending encrypted messages, an interview with fugitive Yemeni American Anwar Al Awlaki. Basically everything but letters to the editor. Well that can come in future editions. Now a top U.S. official tells CNN that the feds know who is behind it. He’s an American from North Carolina who went to Yemen last October and never came back.

Here for this morning’s security watch is Steve Emerson. He is the executive director of the non profit research group The Investigative Project on Terrorism. Steve, good to talk to you this morning.

This magazine, believed to be at least mostly put together by a fellow named Samir Kahn, who used to live as we said in North Carolina, moved to Yemen. What do we know about him and how seriously are counter terrorism officials taking this?

STEVE EMERSON: Well two good questions. One, they know pretty much most about him since he left the United States last year at the age of 23. He grew up in Queens, New York, joined an Islamic group, then moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and operated a website, a radical jihadist website, that I actually monitored with my staff 2 years ago, but which the FBI was prevented from doing anything about because he was exercising his free speech. And it was also represented that he was a lone jihadist. Suddenly he leaves the United States, ends up in Yemen, becomes pals with the Anwar Al Awlaki, the al Qaida Yemeni cleric, and using his acrobatic skills, his graphic image skills, puts out a magazine that as you noted is probably a jihadist version of Popular Mechanics, Psychology Today and Ask Ann Landers. I mean everything from soup to nuts is in this magazine, written in incredibly good prose, provides dos and don’ts for carrying out jihad, including as you mentioned, how to build a bomb in your mom’s kitchen.

ROBERTS: So how seriously are counter terrorism officials taking all of this?

EMERSON: Well I think they are taking it seriously for a number of reasons. One is the fact that it provides operational directions and instructions for how to devise bombs and explosive devices. It also provides ways of using encrypted communications to avoid detection by electronic monitoring agencies like the National Security Agency. And most of all it’s written in English and in a style that is very alluring to potential young or middle age Muslim recruits that would carry out attacks in the United States.

ROBERTS: Let’s just take a quick look inside this magazine, because in addition to what you just talked about it’s got articles that are attributed both Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Al Zawahiri, his number two. But what do you think the intent is here, Steve? Is it to kind of talk about this in the abstract or is to try to inspire a lone wolf or some sort of independent group to come to al Qaida’s direction?

EMERSON: It’s definitely designed to recruit new English speaking members. A vast new population pool on which al Qaida can recruit but before it couldn’t because most Westerners didn’t speak Arabic or the language from which al Qaida leaders came from. So this magazine speaks to Westerners in Europe, Westerners in the United States, even Latin America, and based on what happened last year, there were 15 al Qaida or homegrown Islamic terrorist plots, 9 of the defendants in those plots had downloaded videos or English language jihadist magazines from the internet showing that they were definitely radicalized by what they saw on the web.

ROBERTS: In at least three of them, but also had contact with the radical Islamist cleric Anwar al Awlaki who you were talking about. You talked about this but it bears taking a look at again, part of what we see inside the magazine is a page that’s called open source jihad, and it starts off with a picture of New York City. And then it goes on to give those step for step instructions on how to build a pipe bomb and how to send encrypted messages. Is there anything in this though Steve that’s not already widely available on the internet?

EMERSON: Remember the anarchist cook book is on the internet and that tells you how to make a bomb, so if you’re really looking for making a bomb this is not the only magazine. It doesn’t break any new precedents, but what is interesting about it is that it’s a complete magazine, it’s not just on bomb making but it’s on the philosophy on joining the jihad, what clothes to wear when you join the jihad, how to communicate secretly, what doubts you might have about the jihad and how they answer them in a very sophisticated manner. So psychologically I found this prose to be the most effective Western style recruiting tool that I’ve ever seen for getting young Muslims into the jihadist role.

ROBERTS: And with all of this out there and now with some American expatriates leading the way do you expect we’re going to see an even greater rise in terrorism here in the United States than we’ve seen in the past couple of years?

EMERSON: Well they certainly, in this magazine they taunt the fact that Muhammad Abdulmutallab, the Christmas day bomber, and Shahzad, the New York City would-be bomber, got through authorities but failed just on their own, so I think we’re looking at a population pool of potentially new recruits. Whether they succeed I can’t tell you John, but I do believe that if you look in the last three years the arrow is going upwards in terms of plots carried out here in the United States or in other countries against US targets, basically carried out by Americans or Western English speaking young Muslims.

ROBERTS: Pretty troubling news. Steve Emerson from the Investigative Project on Terrorism, good to talk to you this morning, thanks for dropping by.


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Jul 202010

Critics upset with timing of event

~This has been going on almost since right after 9/11 in New Jersey, but did you hear about it?

* We had a group of the best people who were not paid a penny, but still did the best background work on THE WAR ON TERROR for many years at Threat Matrix. We did not miss a beat! I remember when one of our own, from NJ, was absolutely horrified when they closed her Six Flaggs for this day. The group rented the park for the entire day. WE PROTESTED! Heartily! This post is dedicated to my fellow TM’ers who to this day are fighting behind the scenes & never get the gratitude they have more than earned. I will NEVER ever forget any of you & you know who you are…Thus the category we have here , Matrix Reloaded is in your behalf. ~JP

Alhamdulillah 57,000 people attend Muslim Family Day 2009 nationwide.

All successes are from Allah alone and ICNA would like to thank all the guests for attending and making this event a phenomenal sucess…the fllowing website lets you see HOW long & how many places this has been going on ~JP

See it all here…

August 31, 2009

ICNA invites you to join in on the fun and celebrate your Eid at Muslim Family Day 2009!

Since its inception 8 years ago, Muslim Family Day has come a very long way. From the 1500 people that originally attended it at Six Flags Great Adventure in 2000, Muslim Family Day has grown to accommodate 54,000 people across 7 different cities in 2008.

Alhamdulillah, ICNA has continuously received an overwhelmingly positive response from MFD attendees, many of whom describe the event as the best Eid experience of their lives. Thousands converge every year to celebrate this blessed holiday with their families, friends and communities.

This years event promises to be just as exciting, featuring:
* Six Flags roller coasters and rides
* Halal food vendors
* An open-air bazaar
* Congregational prayers
* Family entertainment
* And much more!

ICNA will be hosting Muslim Family Day 2009 at the following Six Flags locations:
* Atlanta
* Boston
* Chicago
* Dallas
* Los Angeles
* Louisville, KY
* New Jersey
* San Francisco
* Baltimore/ Washington, DC.

Mark your calendars for the biggest Muslim event of the year!

Great Muslim Adventure Day
at Six Flags, NJ

Click here to buy tickets online…

Insha Allah, on October 1, 2008, the New Jersey theme park, Six Flags Great Adventure, is set to be transformed as ‘The Great Muslim Adventure Day’, an event organized by ICNA-NJ. This year entire parks are reserved for two days! In addition to October 1, park will also be open on either September 30 or October 2. The second date will be announced on Sept. 3.

This event is designed to provide Islamic entertainment for the entire family! Come join 30,000 Muslims for EID CELEBRATIONS for this multi-ethnic event. Event Highlights are as follows:

» Two parks with 50% discount for only $25 (Online ticket sales will start shortly)
» Entire Day – Entire Parks – 10 AM to 10 PM
» Azaan and Eid Prayers in the Park
» Huge Islamic Goods Bazaar
» Quality Halal Food Vendors serving American, Middle Eastern and Pak/Indian food
» Tiger and Dolphin shows through out the day
» Drive-Thru Safari
» 100’s of rides and special shows for children


~It would take my months, maybe years to cover what so many of us have learned about the ICNA. It is where I began. Investigating them & a few other’s for their financial donations to terrorist organizations. It is how I met Steve Emerson, those many years ago. He was my mentor before I even knew him. His beginning investigations of them and so many others began very many years ago. Therefore I post his documentary from PBS documentary first aired nationwide in 1994, was produced by investigative reporter Steven Emerson. I also use IPT to site a few articles on ICNA, for don’t fool yourselves, although there are many self-proclaimed experts on terror, Steve truly IS


ICNA’s Radical Reading List

IPT News
April 27, 2010



When five young Americans disappeared from the greater D.C. area last November, only to be arrested a week later in Pakistan where they allegedly sought to join the jihad against Americans, people wondered why.

* Much of the initial focus was drawn to the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), the organization to which all five young men belonged. This dissipated following assurances from ICNA and its local chapter that it had not engaged in any form of radicalization and, in fact, would launch programs to combat it:

* However, the recommended reading list for ICNA’s youth organization for boys, called “Young Muslims,” shows the opposite. The book list includes numerous works by authors such as the Muslim Brotherhood founder Hasan Al-Banna, current spiritual leader Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, and Jamaat-e-Islami founder Abul ‘Ala Maududi. These works are not countered by books or essays which offer a more passive, peaceful message.

Groups like ICNA do not promote Islam, but rather Islamism, the linking of politics and religion, Jasser said. “Islamism and its efforts at youth indoctrination is a separatist movement which overwhelms youth in the guise of religion – Islam.”

ICNA, by promoting this literature, encourages this philosophy. It is not the first time.

ICNA’s Search for Radicalism Should Start Within

IPT News
December 15, 2009


The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), which touts itself as a leading grassroots Muslim organization, stood with American law enforcement last week in condemning violence and distancing itself from the actions of five of its young, American mosque attendees. These would-be terrorists traveled to Pakistan, intent on killing American soldiers whom they saw as waging a war on Islam.


* ICNA’s 1997 Southeastern Regional Convention honored Lawrence Nicholas Thomas (aka Jibril Abu- Adam), an American citizen and convert to Islam, who was killed while fighting alongside terrorists in Kashmir. Jibril had travelled to Pakistan and trained with Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) (the Righteous Army), which was later designated by both the U.S. Treasury and UN as an Al Qaeda support organization.

* ICNA’s magazine, The Message, also saluted Abu Adam in a December 1997 article entitled, “Actions Speak Louder than Words.” The article glorified the death of Muslim fighters, claiming “they lay peacefully where they fell and took on the appearance of being asleep, whereas the corpses of the fallen enemy began to decompose and became distorted, disfigured.” It also detailed Abu-Adam’s life, and praised his dedication and decision to wage jihad

DOJ Investigates ICNA Official’s Past by IPT News • Nov 19, 2009


A former Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) president and secretary general is under federal investigation to determine whether he failed to disclose his history with a paramilitary group when he applied for U.S. naturalization.

Ashrafuzzaman Khan remains active with ICNA, which was founded to serve South Asian Muslims in the U.S. and follows the extremist ideology of the Jamaat-i-Islami, which advocates for revolution to create an Islamist state in Pakistan.

According to an online Bangladesh newspaper based in Washington, U.S officials wrote to Bangladesh’s State Minister for Home Affairs in September requesting files related to Khan’s role in a series of 1971 political murders. The bloodshed came during Bangladesh’s fight for independence. The targets included university professors and a journalist. Khan is suspected of war crimes and of carrying out some of the killings. According to the News Bangla report:

“Ashrafuzzaman Khan’s personal diary found in his residence contained the names of more than twenty Dhaka University teachers and staff. Also, the diary contained the names of a few other intellectuals who were either killed or who went missing in 1971.”

Allegations about his role in the Bangladesh murders have dogged Khan for years. The government won’t have to prove his guilt in order to try to strip him of his citizenship. It only must show he lied on his application forms when asked to list his past organizational connections. It has worked before.

The DOJ official making the request is Eli Rosenbaum, longtime director of the department’s Office of Special Investigations who hunted Nazi war criminals in the U.S., often using deportation as a tool to send the accused back to their home countries to face justice.

The best Primer in the world to know Terrorism & the best source is IPT

Terrorists Among Us: Jihad in America(Part 1 of 6)

NOTE: there is a link to the next part under “Responses”

Jul 192010


A police officer runs after an attack on police patrol trucks in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

A Hezbollah-like car bomb explodes in a border town as a congresswoman asks Homeland Security about links between the terrorist group and Mexican drug cartels. This is more than an immigration problem.

Car bombs are a terrorist specialty and not a drug cartel modus operandi. The heavily armed cartels are more into shootings and kidnappings. So the car bomb that exploded Thursday in Ciudad Juarez, near a federal police headquarters, killing four, was either a change in tactics for the cartels or a sign of teaming up with a terrorist group, one of which could be Iran-linked Hezbollah.

Officials called it a well-planned trap using what may have been the first time that traffickers have used a car bomb since the start of a military-led offensive against drug cartels. It also may be the first indication of Hezbollah’s growing influence south of the border.

Erick Stakelbeck of the Investigative Project, a counterterrorism research group, says Hezbollah has established a base in the Americas in what is known as the Tri-Border area, where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet. As he reports, “the area is home to roughly 20,000 Middle Eastern immigrants — mostly from Lebanon and Syria — and has long been a hotbed for terrorist fundraising, arms and drug trafficking, counterfeiting and money laundering.”

Rep. Sue Myrick, R-N.C., recently sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security asking it to form a task force to investigate growing ties between Hezbollah and the drug cartels as well as growing evidence of a Hezbollah presence in Mexico.

“We have seen their cooperation in countries across South America, particularly the tri-border area of South America (bounded by Puerto Iguazu, Argentina; Ciudad del Este, Paraguay; and Foz do Iguanzo, Brazil). Hezbollah operates almost like a Mafia family in the region, often demanding protection money and ‘taxes’ from local inhabitants,” Myrick said in the letter.

Last year we reported that Colombian officials were investigating the Medellin-based Office of Envigado cartel as a Hezbollah front organization. This came after the arrest in Bogota of Chekri Mahmoud Harb, a suspected go-between for Hezbollah and the Taliban in Colombia.

According to an April 30 report compiled by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service, “International terrorist groups, including Hamas and Hezbollah, have also reportedly raised funding for these terrorist activities through linkages formed with (drug-trafficking organizations) in South America, particularly those operating in the tri-border area of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.”

Jul 192010

By Cristina Corbin

Samir Khan, a 24-year-old North Carolina man who left for Yemen last October, is believed to be editor-in-chief of Inspire, a newly launched online magazine that seeks to recruit members of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

A young North Carolina man who has moved to Yemen appears to be the editor-in-chief of a flashy new Al Qaeda magazine that features bomb-making instructions and an article by Usama bin Laden, U.S. officials said Monday.

Samir Khan, a 24-year-old American citizen who left the country last October, is believed to be the top editor of Inspire, a newly launched online magazine that seeks to recruit members of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula – the notorious terror group’s Yemeni branch that is linked to the attempted bombing of a Detroit-bound U.S. flight last Christmas.

The 67-page online publication, written in colloquial English and launched last month, features flashy graphics and punchy headlines like “Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom,” as well an article on global warming said to be written by Bin Laden.

Anwar Al-Awlaki, an America-born cleric linked to several attacks on the U.S., including the Foot Hood massacre and the failed Times Square car bomb plot, has held a prominent role with the site and was thought to be its key proponent. Al-Awlaki, designated by the U.S. Treasury Department on Friday as a key leader in Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, recently posted an article on the site titled “May Our Souls be Sacrificed for You,” in which he called for the Seattle cartoonist who launched “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day” to be executed.

~Full story

Program NOTE: Steve Emerson

Date: Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Time: 8:40am (EDT)
Topic: Al Qaeda’s New Magazine Inspire and its contents.

Fox News Channel
Date: Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Time: 11:00am (EDT)
Topic: Al Qaeda’s New Magazine Inspire and new tapes released by AQ terrorists Ayman Al-Zawahiri and Anwar Awlaqi

Jul 192010

~From Steve:

UPDATED: The following TV appearance has been cancelled.

Fox News Channel
Date: Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Time: 11:00am (EDT)

Investigative Project on Terrorism TV Alert

Date: Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Time: 8:40am (EDT)
Topic: Al Qaeda’s New Magazine Inspire and its contents.

Fox News Channel
Date: Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Time: 11:00am (EDT)
Topic: Al Qaeda’s New Magazine Inspire and new tapes released by AQ terrorists Ayman Al-Zawahiri and Anwar Awlaqi.

Jul 172010

Bulava Missile Launch Planned Next Month, Report Says

Russia plans late next month to conduct a new test launch of its experimental Bulava submarine-based ballistic missile, Interfax reported yesterday (see GSN, June 15).

The Bulava is designed to deliver as many as 10 nuclear warheads as far as 5,000 miles. The weapon has failed in seven of 12 flight tests to date, most recently in December, according to official figures. However, Russia’s armed forces have continued defending the weapon as an irreplaceable component of the country’s future nuclear deterrent.

“The commission investigating the failed launch of a Bulava has completed its investigation and recommended continuing the missile’s tests. The next test-fire of the Bulava from the Dmitry Donskoy nuclear submarine in the White Sea is planned for the end of August,” a Russian navy insider said.

Russia intends to conduct three such tests of the weapon in 2010, the source said, adding that the new Borei-class ballistic missile submarine Yuri Dolgoruky would carry out one of the launches.

“There is no alternative to arming the new Project 955 Borei missile cruisers with the Bulava missile. Its commissioning has been somewhat delayed, but in any case, the tests will be completed successfully and the missile will be adopted for service. There are no insurmountable obstacles to this,” the source added.

Russia’s Sevmash shipyard is constructing several Borei-class submarines slated to carry the new missile: the Alexander Nevsky, the Vladimir Monomakh and the Yuri Dolgoruky, Interfax reported. Each vessel could be armed with up to 12 solid-fuel ballistic missiles, according to Interfax (Interfax, July 15).

Homeland Security Issues $1.8B in Disaster Readiness Grants

The U.S. Homeland Security Department announced yesterday that more than $1.8 billion in fiscal 2010 grants was being awarded to help cities, states, tribal governments and nonprofit agencies prepare for possible terrorist attacks and other dangers (see GSN, May 14).

“This funding pays for training for firefighters, medics and police officers, supports the purchase of equipment that is essential to our first responders, and improves our ability to communicate during disasters,” homelands Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said in released comments. “These investments have a direct impact on communities across our country as we work together to build, sustain and improve the resilience of our families, businesses and neighborhoods.”

The State Homeland Security Program has been allocated $842 million to “support the implementation of state homeland security strategies to build and strengthen preparedness capabilities at all levels through planning, equipment and readiness activities,” according to a press release.

The Urban Areas Security Initiative has been budgeted $832.5 million to assist 64 “high-threat, high-density” metropolitan regions in boosting their readiness capabilities. The 10 urban areas judged to be at the highest risk have been allocated $524.4 million of that amount.

The Metropolitan Medical Response System received $39.3 million to be equitably distributed to the system’s 124 jurisdictions. The funding is to go toward boosting jurisdictional preparations in responding to mass casualty events in urban sectors.

Operation Stonegarden was awarded $50 million to improve collaboration between law enforcement agencies at all levels of government for safeguarding U.S. ports of entry and land borders.

Another $12.4 million was directed to the Citizens Corps Program, which focuses on working with the public on crisis preparedness, response and recovery.

The Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program was budgeted more than $33.6 million to improve efforts to ready for large-scale disasters in chosen high-risk cities and metropolitan areas.

The Nonprofit Security Grant Program has been awarded $19 million to address security vulnerabilities at nonprofits judged to face a severe risk of coming under attack within an Urban Areas Security Initiative city.

The Tribal Homeland Security Grant initiative has $10 million to be dispensed to certain applicants for use in preparations for possible terrorist assaults and other dangers (U.S. Homeland Security Department release, July 15).

Obama Courts Senators on Arms Treaty Ratification

The Obama administration this week was lobbying Republicans on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to support ratification of a new U.S.-Russian nuclear arms control treaty, Foreign Policy reported (see GSN, July 13).

U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in April signed the replacement to the 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. The “New START” pact would obligate both nations to cap their fielded strategic nuclear weapons to 1,550 warheads, down from the maximum of 2,200 allowed each country by 2012 under the 2002 Moscow Treaty. The deal would also limit U.S. and Russian deployed nuclear delivery vehicles to 700, with another 100 platforms allowed in reserve. The pact must be approved by the U.S. Senate and by Russia’s legislature.

U.S. ratification of the treaty would require at least 67 Senate votes, a number that must include at least eight Republicans endorsements in this Congress. To date, though, Senate Foreign Relations Committee ranking member Richard Lugar (Ind.) is the only Republican senator to openly support the pact. The committee’s seven other Republicans last month signed a letter criticizing a call by Chairman John Kerry (D-Mass.) for the panel to send the pact to the Senate floor ahead of the August congressional recess (see GSN, July 6).

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