Jan 142014

A criminal complaint charged Mozaffar Khazaee (aka Arash Khazaie) of shipping secret copyrighted documents relating to the U.S. Air Force’s F35 Joint Strike Fighter Program and military jet engines to Iran.

Khazaee, who became naturalized in 1991 and holds dual U.S. and Iranian citizenship, allegedly obtained the information from defense contractors with whom he had been employed as an engineer.

Former Pratt & Whitney Employee , East Hartford defense contractor, the sole manufacturer of the aircraft’s engine, declined to comment.

The investigation against Khazaee opened in November after investigators from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Service (CBP) and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) noticed a shipment that Khazaee sent by truck from Connecticut to a freight forwarder in Long Beach, Cal. Although the documentation on the shipment said that it contained household goods, inspectors found “numerous boxes of documents consisting of sensitive technical manuals, specification sheets, and other proprietary material relating to the U.S. Air Force’s F35 Joint Strike Fighter program and military jet engines,” an affidavit attached to the complaint said.

Khazaee, who recently moved from Connecticut to Indianapolis, was arrested in Newark before he could get on a connecting flight to Frankfurt on his way to Tehran.


He made an initial court appearance Monday. The charge against him carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison if Khazaee is convicted.

Jan 032014

Pakistan’s most dangerous terrorist organization, the Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP), has promised it will attack New York and Washington, D.C., in an act of revenge with suicide fighters, according to a newly released video obtained by TheBlaze. (Since removed on YT)

The group also claims responsibility for the most deadly attack in CIA history and the failed bombing of New York’s Times Square.

The video pays tributes to slain commander Qari Hussain Ahmed, also known as Qari Hussain Mehsud — known for his suicide squads. He was killed in a U.S. drone strike in 2010.

It also has a map of the United States with animated bombs dropping and exploding and warns that fighters who have already been trained have infiltrated NATO countries to continue TTP’s global jihad mission.

“Very soon, our jihad…is reaching New York and Washington; our fidayees will very soon enter NATO countries,” it quotes Hussain Ahmed as saying.

BlazeCast discussion about this disturbing story

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* False Flag Soon? We Shall See

Dec 092013

~For those unfamiliar with my old friend Sami, I bring you A Study in Sami , who last surfaced April 2012.

Obama’s Muslim Envoy Rashad Hussain Sympathetic To Sami Al-Arian:

A new group advocating for the restoration of Muslim Brotherhood power in Egypt held a briefing on Capitol Hill Thursday. It is part of a series of events calling for “restoring democracy to Egypt.”

The MB has confirmed that it does not object to the election of women or Copts in cabinet, although it deems that both are “unsuitable” for presidency. The MB admits to creating the spin-off and brags they have the same objective.


But like similar efforts before it, the push by the newly-established Egypt Freedom Foundation involves people with ties to Muslim Brotherhood organizations in the United States. And, the Investigative Project on Terrorism has learned that the event also attracted Sami Al-Arian to the Cannon Office Building on Capitol Hill. Al-Arian is a convicted terrorist-supporting felon who is still under a separate indictment for criminal contempt. Both cases involve his work with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a terrorist group for which Al-Arian served as a board member.

JUST TWO days later (Yesterday) Chicago also saw this event



He did not speak during Thursday’s briefing, or at a follow-up event at a northern Virginia community college Friday night. But his presence, and his connections to the organizers, indicate that he may be more than a spectator.

The two events featured speakers critical of the Egyptian military for removing President Mohamed Morsi from office July 3, after days of massive street protests that reached historic proportions against his year-old rule. Morsi was the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate in Egypt’s 2012 elections.

Both events were sponsored by the Egypt Freedom Foundation, a new group incorporated in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 1, records show. The only listed officer, Ahmed Bedier, is a former Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) chapter director who still raises money for the group.

On February 28, 2012 Muslim Brotherhood leader, Ahmed Bedier unleashed a “hate-speech” attack against all Florida Legislators and public employees at the State Capitol in Tallahassee, Florida. Bedier, a former CAIR official, displayed his true anti-woman, anti-white beliefs while speaking on the 22nd floor of the State Capitol during Muslim Capitol Day. The United West investigative team captured this shocking video and now releases it to the general public.

2 IMPORTANT POINTS Ahmed Bedier, with his hate-filled agenda, has disqualified himself from having any influence with the Florida legislators that he so intensely repudiates. If Ahmed Bedier has no interest in using shariah law in Florida then why is he against a law, he believes, prohibits shariah law?

If you are going to go after the muslim community, THEY are going to go after YOU! -Ahmed Bedier

Al-Arian also has acknowledged his past membership in the Muslim Brotherhood.

His contempt case has been frozen since 2009. Despite a written promise, U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema has not ruled on pending motions to dismiss the case or let it proceed to trial. Al-Arian has been on house arrest, but in January, Brinkema issued an unsolicited order which greatly reduced restrictions on Al-Arian’s activities.

If the case were allowed to go forward, Al-Arian would face prison time if convicted. If he were acquitted, or if the contempt case were dismissed, he would face deportation under terms of his 2006 plea agreement for supporting the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

“The evidence was clear in this case that you were a leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad,” U.S. District Court Judge James Moody (D) said during Al-Arian’s sentencing. “You were on the board of directors and an officer, the secretary. Directors control the actions of an organization, even the PIJ; and you were an active leader.”

The Capitol Hill event was promoted on Twitter and attended by Mahdi Bray, former head of the Muslim American Society’s political arm. The Muslim American Society has strong roots in the Muslim Brotherhood.

Like Al-Arian, Bray is a convicted felon. Bedier and Bray staunchly defended Al-Arian during his run-ins with the criminal justice system. Bedier testified as a character witness for Al-Arian. Bedier, as the CAIR representative in Tampa, where Al-Arian was tried in 2005, routinely appeared in the media defending him.

* Mahdi Bray on YouTube.

On Friday, Bedier said his brother spent weeks in Rabaa Al Adaweya, where Muslim Brotherhood members camped out in protest of Morsi’s ouster. Amir invited Ahmed to visit the protest camps. Ahmed Bedier painted an idyllic picture of those camps Friday night, saying Egyptians of all backgrounds joined together, creating an “almost festive atmosphere” that featured everything from barber shops and grocery stores to a cell phone shop.

He said he saw no weapons or harassment. But videotape shows that people within the Brotherhood camp were armed, and the Brotherhood sanctioned attacks on Coptic Christian churches.

IPT Full Investigation

More on Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party: No retreat from demanding Morsi’s return JUST in today.

Dec 092013

Another obama LIE!



Dec 052013

Islamist fighters in Syria are believed to be holding a group of nuns hostage. Abducted from an Orthodox Monastery near Damascus they have reportedly been moved to the rebel-controlled town of Yabroud. The Pope has called for prayers for the kidnapped women, amid demands from clerics and religious organizations to release them.

Islamists invade Christian town in Syria, kidnap nuns By Jim Kouri

Nov 142013

From Ryan Mauro of The Clarion Project:

When he was Iran’s the nuclear negotiator, he bragged about how skillfully he manipulated the West to advance the program.

By striking a nuclear deal with the U.S., the Iran’s so-called “moderate” President Rouhani is hoping to take one step back so he can take two steps forward. When he was the nuclear negotiator, he bragged about how he skillfully and deceptively manipulated the West so the program could advance. We’ve already seen the rehearsal for this play.

In a September 2005 speech, Rouhani pointed to Pakistan as an example of how Iran can succeed in forcing the West to accept it as a nuclear power. His proposed strategy had three pillars:

1. Deception: “No, we have not lied … But in some cases, we may not have disclosed information in a timely manner,” Rouhani said.

2. Using diplomacy to prevent the West from having a common front, especially in the United Nations.

3. Advancing Iran’s nuclear capabilities to the point where the West accepts it as irreversible. He said, “If one day we are able to complete the [nuclear] fuel cycle, and the world sees that it has no choice … then the situation will be different.”


Nov. 2012: Watch Clarion Project’s critically-acclaimed Iranium, the film that exposes the Iranian regime’s race to achieve nuclear weapons and its uncompromising, extremist ideology

* Full article…

* Iranium Raw Interview:{ Manda Zand Ervin}

Oct 292013

This is how the adherents to Basic Islam 101 have to believe.

US based Imam, Yasir Qadhi preaches openly that non muslims lives are forfeit and their property is legal for muslims to take in jihad, (and this would include women as sex slaves) yet no charges are brought against him.

Tennessee imam: Jews and Christians filthy, their lives and property can be taken in jihad by the Muslims

Note also his words about jihad, quoting Muhammad: “I have been commanded to fight the people until they testify la illaha illa Allah [there is no god but Allah].”

h/t Clash Daily

Oct 102013

Click image for background:

* The Project : Documentary about the Muslim Brotherhood & Plans to take over the United States from ‘the Inside’

Last year, TheBlaze TV’s documentary team released the two-part miniseries The Project, exposing the emergence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States post-9/11, and how it has successfully infiltrated key positions within the U.S. government and law enforcement.

In Wednesday’s episode of TheBlaze TV’s investigative news magazine show For The Record, “Civilization Jihad,” (8:30 p.m. ET), viewers will get an update on how the Muslim Brotherhood has been able to extend its reach from deep within the U.S. out to American foreign policy and decision-making overseas.

The episode reveals how the Muslim Brotherhood, which some say is taking control of the rebel forces in Syria and continues to wage battle for control of Egypt, has been allowed to operate freely in the United States despite its threat to national security.

It does so by using one of its most powerful weapons: Civilization jihad.

“The Muslim Brotherhood in America and really around the world are like termites.”

MUST Finish the read…

Oct 052013

While all this shutdown/showdown business has been diverting attention from a very crucial hearing that took place on Thursday. As someone on the panel stated ‘ We thought al qaeda was once a fragmented faction & didn’t affect us here at home’, We have seen what that line of thinking got us.

We here at JUST Piper bring you many important posts, I ask you watch this entire hearing. It is so very informative.

There was horror on the Hill when a crazed Connecticut woman who tried to ram her way into the White House was shot and killed Thursday. I find the timing of that and this hearing ironic. It happened as this hearing was taking place. Coincidence?

So far there are few answers on why Miriam Carey took police on a violent chase near the U.S. Capitol. Investigators in the hours after the bizarre chase were baffled about why Carey went on a tear.

“I’m pretty confident this was not an accident,” said Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier.

But it seems this is no longer being discussed:

Suspect in barrier ramming, Capitol Hill shooting Somali descent . Some reports claimed that Miriam Carey was of Somali descent. If she was, this name doesn’t match up.

But we will never know will we? This hearing shows not only what a threat al-shabaab is, but more so how they are being recruited from Minnesota.

One of the highlights is Dana Rohrbacher. He is, like me, hellbent on the funding for these terrorists. This was my wheelhouse. Surprisingly he states he believes al q was complicit in the OKC bombing, as many of us know to be true.

So here is some of the testimony and witness remarks. The one who impressed me the most was Mohamed Farah Executive Director Ka Joog.

Ka Joog was formed back in 2007 by a dozen of students, from high school level to college students, who had few things in common such as education, art, positive role models in the community and proud citizens of a country with limitless opportunity for those who are willing to work hard. The term Ka Joog means to stay out or stay away, and the message behind that is to get youth away from any negative influences that hinders there success or reaching their best potential.

Please read his entire statement

The others who testified were:

* Seth Jones, Ph.D. Associate Director International Security and Defense Policy Center RAND Corporation.

He stated:

This is a timely hearing because of the recent attacks in East Africa, the movement of some Americans to Somalia to fight with the al-Qa’ida linked group al Shabaab (the Youth), and the accessibility in the United States of al Shabaab propaganda on social media sites.

* Mr. Dan Borelli Chief Operating Officer The Soufan Group His background is a 25-­‐year veteran
of the FBI. His last position was Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Joint Terrorism Taskforce in New York.

* Mr. Richard Downie Deputy Director and Fellow Africa Program Center for Strategic and International Studies:

I thank you for the opportunity to testify on the threat posed by Al Shabaab. I will make some brief remarks about the evolution of this terrorist group, its current capabilities and objectives, and offer some thoughts on how its threat can best be dealt with by the United States and its allies in the East Africa region.

Foreign Affairs Committee

Oct 012013

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the 68th session of the UN General Assembly in New York on its last day.