Sep 192013

Sep 192013

See: One on One : Charles Woods on the Death of His Son Tyrone in Benghazi

Sep 192013

Aug 242013

no red line

Syrian army soldiers have found chemical agents when they entered rebel tunnels in Damascus suburb of Jobar, Syrian TV reports, adding that some of them started suffocating. The US Navy’s expanding its presence in the Mediterranean with a 4th cruise-missile armed warship. The move’s a response to the escalating conflict in Syria.

Aug 212013

HE is my favorite :)

Preaching to an audience in Pennsylvania about God, the Bible, and the Founding Fathers:

“Listen, from the time you started inside your mother’s womb, Thomas Jefferson had it right,” he said in a video that was posted to YouTube in January, “you have the God-given right to life for crying out loud.”

“You’re this long,” he continued, pointing to his hand. “You’re a week old inside your mother. They suck you out of there when you’re about like that. You wouldn’t be here tonight!” – Phil Robertson

“And, when you got to be the size of my thumb, they suck you out. You wouldn’t be here. Then, you grow a little bigger, like my fist — and finally eight, nine months later you come out,” he continued.

“And we debate whether it’s a — some woman’s right to tear you out of there a piece at a time! C’mon! You have a God-given right to live. And of all places, inside your mother,” he added, “what in the world happened to us?”

…and that is WHY we Love Duck Dynasty. It confounds the liberals. Sure it would, because it is all about God and principles!

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Jul 312013


Reaction from Karen and Bill Vaughn, parents of SEAL Team Six member who died in the 2011 chopper crash


* Tenn. native killed in Afghan helicopter crash

* Killed forces were reinforcing troops in Afghanistan

Jul 232013

So obama arms AKA as AlQ and they are Accused of Gassing Palestinian District in Damascus:

Syria’s Western-backed opposition group on Monday accused President Bashar Assad’s forces of using chemical arms to attack a Palestinian enclave of Damascus. Video from local activists indicates that government backers “are using chemical and toxic gas bombs to shell the Yarmouk Palestinian Camp,” the Syrian National Coalition said in a press release.

Click image for full GSN/NTI article:

* Syrian Rebels Target Hizballah

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Jun 032013

More than 1,000 people—including hundreds of fellow police officers from surrounding states—turned out at a funeral in rural Kentucky late last week to pay their respects to Jason Ellis, a 33-year-old K-9 officer gunned down last month in what authorities believe was an ambush.

Fido, Ellis’ police dog, was there, too, placing his paw on the closed casket—a moment captured in a heartbreaking image by photographer Jonathan Palmer.

A heartbreaking photo from the funeral of Kentucky K9 officer Jason Ellis is proof of the incredible bond between police dogs and their partners.

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Jun 032013

Darrell Issa is NOT forgetting…Josephine reveals she has heard NOTHING about her son in a year and a half!

May 312013

See Background:

* Inside the Alabama Bunker Raid

* See Ethan Gilliam

Note we have several related posts, JUST type Ethan or Charles Poland in Search

It was a seemingly hopeless situation: A 5-year-old boy named Ethan had been snatched off a school bus and was being held hostage by a homicidal kidnapper in an underground bunker wired with explosives. If police did not meet the kidnapper’s demands, he could detonate the bombs, killing himself and little Ethan.

And yet, six days after the kidnapping and just minutes after a close-quarters gun battle, little Ethan emerged from the bunker unscathed.

Now, the details of Ethan’s rescue can be revealed for the first time.

ABC News has obtained exclusive access to the audio recordings of Ethan’s kidnapping, the resulting six-day standoff at the bunker, and the child’s dramatic rescue by an FBI hostage and rescue team. ABC News has spoken exclusively with key members of that team — federal, state and local authorities whose courage and determination saved Ethan’s life.

It is a story of heroes, and it began on a warm Alabama afternoon late last January, when a man named Jimmy Lee Dykes boarded Ethan’s school bus waving a gun and demanding children. A camera on the bus recorded the moment. The voice is raspy, desperate, and chilling:

“I need two boys six to eight years old,” Dykes barked. “Six to eight years old. I mean it. Right now! Right now!”

The bus driver, Charles Poland, knew Dykes, and resisted his demands.

“I can’t do it,” Poland told Dykes.

“Do it!” Dykes screamed.

Poland replied calmly and simply, “No.”

With a gun staring him in the face, Poland said, “Sorry, you’re going to have to shoot me.”

“How about I shoot a kid then,” Dykes said.

“No. It’s my responsibility to keep these kids on the bus. I can’t turn them over to somebody else,” Poland said.

Crouching behind a bus seat, 15-year-old Tre’ Watts called 911. He told the dispatcher there was a man on the bus.

“He’s got a gun,” Watts told her, “and he keeps asking for kids.”

Startled, the dispatcher said, “He’s aiming the gun at the bus driver?!”

“Yes ma’am,” Watts replied.

You can hear the screams of the children and muffled gun shots on the tape.

The dispatcher asked, “Oh my gosh, what’s going on?”

“He just shot Mr. Poland,” Watts said. “I think Mr. Poland is dead.”

Watts was right. Poland died after being shot five times…

Back in February 6-Year-Old Ethan Speaks With ‘Dr. Phil’ After Abduction:

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