Jan 202015

Thank Dude, but ‘I’ am moving on…

Jan 122015

Shin Bet: Jerusalem resident Musa Ajlouni, 21, confessed to attack, saying he wanted to kill police officers. Stabbing attack targets two border policemen near Lions’ Gate in Jerusalem…

~ What do all of these islamic terrorists have in common? A Prison stint!

n Arab Jerusalem resident was arrested while hiding in Ramallah earlier this month after allegedly stabbing two Border Police officers in the Old City last December, police announced Sunday. Paragraph-3 Contains

Musa Ajlouni, 21, was taken into custody following a manhunt by Border Police, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and the IDF. Paragraph-4 Contains

According to police, on December 26 Ajlouni stabbed the two officers by Lions’ Gate at approximately 6:30 a.m. as thousands of Muslims exited the Temple Mount following Friday morning prayers. Paragraph-5 Contains

One 19-year-old officer was stabbed in the neck, and a 35-year-old officer was stabbed in the arm, police said. Both were given first aid for their light wounds by Magen David Adom paramedics and transferred to Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem for treatment. Paragraph-6 Contains

Police said Ajlouni, an Old City resident with a prison record, was arrested by a SWAT team on January 1 in Ramallah, where he sought refuge.

Jan 122015

This is an experienced and MUST see panel special…

rise of islam

Jan 122015

Watch the entire video but first you JUST must see Harris’ commentary!

It begins @ 12:00. Thank you for your words Harris! And thanks to Johnny Dollar for posting it on your you tube. As Johnny said, it was a : “powerful statement from Harris”

Jan 082015

We refuse to give him any notoriety here. We JUST need muslims to stand up and abridge their koran

* Raquel E Saraswati

* Raquel’s website

Jan 072015


Defending FREE Speech and Freedom of Expression…


Back story Interview July 2012, Six months prior to this interview the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo were firebombed by Islamic extremists.

Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cartoons with English translation

Published on Sep 19, 2012

He never backed down so lets #StandwithCharlie

Charlie Hebdo editor tells Al Jazeera cartoons are free speech

Sept. 2012

obama slander

Jan 062015

Sincere thanks to someone I admire, Marinka Peschmann, who wrote this at her blog…

Last month during the Benghazi Select Committee’s second hearing Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) asked Gregory Starr, the Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security, “What was so important about Benghazi that we didn’t follow our own standards? We did not follow the wavier process. We created a term [special mission compound or special mission facility] that is not used in any of our [285] facilities … What was so important that we do all that to be in Benghazi?”

“We” were in Benghazi because of MANPADs— Man Portable Air Defense Systems also known as shoulder-fired-anti-aircraft missiles—and because weapons “collected” in Libya were being moved into Syria—that’s arms trafficking. That’s why.

The MANPADs program started in Benghazi.

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs Andrew J. Shapiro’s speech on MANPADs in L…

~ JUST Piper suspected Gun Walking from the very beginning

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) questions Greg Starr about U.S. diplomatic facility safety, Part 1

Also See from September: “What’s it gonna take?”

Only a few people at the top know the MANPADs and arms trafficking big picture. What is actionable, if the Benghazi Select Committee does their job and justice is served, are the people who gave the CIA and other agencies orders to support the weapons transfer from Libya to Syria—or to look the other way and allow it to continue.

Did jihadists groups like ISIS, obtain weapons during this gunrunning activity because of complicity or were ISIS and other “rebels” deliberately given weapons to overthrow President al-Assad? Syria was the next stop in President Obama’s Middle East adventures until it was derailed by the American people.

MANPADs programs have been used in other conflicts including in Iraq and Afghanistan.

CIA FOIA Request was Denied to Marinka.. Why?! If ever you were to read a FULL report, you need to read and SHARE this

Oct 292014

Shout out to @MichaelHartShow in Birmingham for bringing attention to this wonderful group of guys to your show!

Where do I begin on these fellas? Being a Chicagoan for 55 years, knowing the politics from Daley on down. Fighting against clinton and obama when they ran even for washroom attendant. Being very familiar with the South side, the West side (where I had friends) , to the North side where I chose to live to be Free and growing up on the Northwest side where gangs where rampant, I know what these wonderful young men speak of. I have been familiar with Rebel Pundit, JUST two days ago, the video below went viral with nearly half a million hits.


Rebelpundit was founded by Jeremy Segal, an anti-activist and continues as a group effort based in urban centers across the country. The blog is a beacon of truth, showing the unholy alliance of the mainstream media, Republican Party establishment, the liberal Democrat Party, big unions and corrupt “not for profits.” Our team takes to the field with cameras to show what isn’t aired in the local and beyond. The members of Rebel Pundit believe that exposing the true nature of liberalism and the toll it has taken on regular peoples’ lives is our top mission.

Like JUST Piper, Rebel Pundit leaves NO stone unturned.

We are about 75% about exposing liberals, but we are on the ground when it comes to not defending our own when they go wrong. We have much on race baiters and the damage that they do. Unions couldn’t be more corrupt then my hometown.

Rebel Pundit goes a step further in knowing exactly what sort of Community activism is. They LIVE it. They BREATHE it. They bring it to us in a manner covered from knowledge we want to share with everyone we know.

RP shares with us this quote:

“A wise man [Andrew Breitbart] once said, (paraphrasing) ‘All you have to do to expose the radical Progressive Left in this country, for the vile, racketeering, hypocrites they really are, is get a video camera, turn it on, and point it at them.’ Rebel Pundit is one of a handful of people who have turned this idea into an art form.” -Andrew Marcus, Director of the Motion Picture Hating Breitbart

RP posted this video on their site titled, Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership.

Chicago activists Paul McKinley, Mark Carter, Joseph Watkins and Harold “Noonie” Ward recently went on the record with RebelPundit to deliver a message to black communities across the country. Although these men are recognized as leaders among the local community, local mainstream media refuses to give them a platform.

Sound familiar?

That message shed’s light on who they say are the “real oppressors” of their community. Black-liberal democrats.

McKinley explains that black americans are in an “abusive relationship with black leadership…There not pushing a black agenda, they’re not pushing a family agenda, they’re pushing a neo-liberal agenda.”

They always talk about black on black crime, and when you here the words black on black crime, the first thing you think of is a black man is a black man robbing you or breaking in your house, and that is a black on black crime. But lets take it one step further. There’s a black on black crime down in city hall, there’s a black on black crime down in all the state capitols in America, where all the black folks are voting against our interests.”

THIS remark is stunning in its TRUTH:

“We’re always talking about what the Republican’s ain’t done for us, but my life has been hurt by democrats,” Watkins says, “this lot where I stand right now, Ida B. Wells, where public housing residents used to live at, most of the people are homeless living in the street, it’s because of you Mr. President.

“They (black leaders) forced us into a life of welfare, we don’t welfare,” Carter explains, “we want opportunities to go to work, we want opportunities to own businesses.”

THAT is what we as Conservatives have been saying all along, isn’t it Patriots?

Carter says the strategy behind the president’s focus on raising minimum wage is because, “he (the president) knows this is a way to get a lot of the poor peoples attention, but, to hell with your minimum raise wage, we don’t have any jobs, minimum wage raise for what?”

“Everywhere you go, there is poverty in black areas.” Ward says, “It’s the same way in every black community across the country….How can the same process happen over and over again, and can’t nobody do nothing about it?”

Editorial Note: McKinley, Watson, Carter and Ward have all served time in prison in the past, and have since taken to the streets of Chicago to fight against the injustices in their community, making this story all the more interesting.

To all of you guys, Thank You JUST Piper is at your disposal in our mutual fight for Truth. ~ JP

Oct 132014

Clip from 60 Minutes:

Ultimately an American citizen unless the passport is revoked is entitled to come back. So if someone who has fought with ISIL with an American passport wants to come back, we’ll track them very carefully. – FBI director Jim Comey


Judge, there has been a tremendous uptick in recruitment. In the last month alone intelligence estimates say up to more than 5,000 volunteers have come from Europe alone and several hundred from the United States. And the notion that we can track them when they come back to the United States I think is somewhat questionable since it takes about 24 agents just to track one person for a 24 hour period nonstop.

Number two, I think our policy on the issue of radical Islam is really screwed up here. Here you have a president at the UN praises a radical sheikh who says he’s opposed to ISIS but issues a fatwa calling for killing of American soldiers. You have the President basically sending a welcome message to the Oklahoma mosque which produced that crazy Islamist who beheaded, Mr. Nolen, who beheaded his co-worker and who had on his Facebook page photos praising bin Laden, praising 9/11, and even a picture of somebody being beheaded.

So I think our own policies [ are actually constraining us], including that the fact that the Attorney General has prohibited the FBI from using religious criteria from investigating Islamists. I think right now, Judge, we have a [counter-terrorism] policy that doesn’t exist. ~ Steve Emerson

~ Transcript

Oct 032014

Over Sgt. Tahmooressi’s Imprisonment

WaPo: Montel Williams testifies on the Hill, breaks down in tears