Nov 252015

President Obama, the Politically Correct media, and now Hillary Clinton say that Muslims “have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism” or extremism.

That’s not what many Muslims say. That’s not what the numbers say. On December 10, let Muslims, and the numbers, speak for themselves.

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Nov 172015

Nov 072015

Politico called out with their bold faced lie, called out by WaPo and NYT!

OMG LMBO listening to Ben bring up oh so many things obama was NEVER vetted on! Go Ben! This is a Ben I can be excited about! He shows his human emotions.


I don’t remember this level of scurtiny of one president barack obama! I remember JUST the opposite (Ben gets animdated with fawning obama adoration)

Good stuff Francis!


There is a Desperation to tarnish me. The American people are waking up to your game (MsM)

It’s not as if obama hasn’t been caught in NUMEROUS lies. It doesn’t make it right but I loathe the way MsM plays. They were trying to get a rise out of him because he stated he got angry. Who is behind this? Donald? RNC? obama…Stay tuned

Oct 302015

ani turtle

Sen. Ted Cruz, the Texas Republican presidential candidate, conducted a 90-minute takedown late Thursday of his own Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, who he characterized by name as a weak leader unwilling to fight for conservative causes.

Why is a Republican majority leader fighting to accomplish the priorities of the Democratic minority?” Cruz asked.

Cruz, a Tea Party conservative, frequently bucks Senate GOP leaders and has on at least one other occasion criticized McConnell in a Senate floor speech.

But late Thursday, he took on McConnell with renewed antipathy, using pie charts to demonstrate that the Kentucky Republican has bolstered the Democratic agenda rather than conservative goals during his ten-month tenure.

Using pie charts, Cruz made the case that McConnell has helped to pass legislation opposed by the majority of Senate Republicans but supported by the majority of Democrats.

Climate change legislation and an amendment to revive the Export-Import were among the measures brought to the floor despite opposition from a majority of Republicans, Cruz noted. The provisions passed with mostly Democratic support.

On Boinker, “The lame duck speaker, on his way out, will no doubt land in a plush easy chair, in the Washington D.C. cartel, and will soon be making millions of dollars, living off the cartel,” Cruz said.

Full Article on Budget Deal

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Oct 272015

My ONLY child was murdered and NO ONE will tell me WHY! He was the only thing that was going to help me when I got old. I am old NOW!


Aug 252015

Scott Walker has disappointed. I have top two now, Cruz and Ben…JUST yesterday Ben moved up in a Monmouth University Poll

FULL transcript from MsM no less :)

Jul 232015

I like when he brought up ‘when the other side’ had the house, had the senate, In response to McGovern, who BTW leads a sanctuary city. All the Reps fighting this lead sanctuary cities!

TY Rep. Collings!

You have only been there two years. Please Rep. Collins do NOT let D.C. change you? GA is lucky to have you! ~ JP

Jul 232015

Jul 232015

The Republican strongly criticized President Barack Obama’s leadership on the issue, calling him a “weakling” and “charlatan.:

Jul 232015

Caroline was so sincere in her passion, so worth watching…

Wikipedia: Caroline Glick is a US-born Israeli journalist, newspaper editor, and writer. She writes for Makor Rishon and is the deputy managing editor of The Jerusalem Post.[2] She is also the Senior Fellow for Middle East Affairs of the Washington, DC-based Center for Security Policy.