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Spying on US, JUST to be Spying…

Dec 142013

Part 1 shows Millenials talk about Opting Out. Why young Americans are opting out of ObamaCare…

Part 2 is about government spending us into oblivion

Part 3 continues on obamacare showing the young republicans like Cruz tried VERY hard to repeal it

Part 4 is about Brute Political Power and abuse of it by this admin. Mike Lee & Cruz profiled

Part 5 (final) on the opportunites of getting rid of obamacare BEFORE they get their ‘Grand Design’ of Single Payer system, which means YOUR taxes will jump 15%! They deliberately let obamacare FAIL for this was their intent all along!

Dec 092013


Opt OUT Now

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Dec 052013


So what the GOP needs to do is POUND home the fact they DO in fact have a plan. Thy need to turn the highlights of obamacare is rotten, into WHAT they will do to fix it. WE have the momentum right now! THIS is what will get us back the Senate IMHO. So Patriots, contact your GOP leaders and let them know Talk about THEIR plan as relentlessly as obama camPAINS for it daily. So leave the ‘Repeal’ alone for now and let those votes we need be aware of the GOP plan. Us activists could use your help. Quit outlining your attack and post YOUR FIX! I sure couldn’t find it in a search. Lighten Up!~ JP


A Republican alternative to Obamacare could save taxpayers $2.34 trillion over 10 years, according to a study by two former advisers to the 2008 presidential campaign of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

The proposal — the Empowering Patients First Act, introduced by Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., an orthopedic surgeon — would increase health insurance premiums less than Obamacare and create an increase in the number of people insured in the first year after it would take effect that is only 3 percent smaller than the current law, former Congressional Budget Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin and Steven Parente said in an analysis for the American Action Forum.

The difference in coverage would come from lower Medicaid enrollment.

Dec 032013

Nov 262013


Chris Tarango has resigned following our investigation into Enroll America, a Sebelius-linked group dedicated to signing people up for Obamacare, after we exposed him conspiring to release private data to help a political action committee.

Of course Enroll America has attempted to bury his resignation, releasing it Friday night in an email and nowhere else, but I refuse to let this go quietly.

It is both illegal and a serious security breach for a non-profit employee whose job is to sign people up for Obamacare to be sharing private data with political campaigns.

Following Project Veritas’ exposé, a complaint has been filed with the IRS accusing Enroll America of violating its tax-exempt nonprofit status by engaging in partisan politics.

This is the second complaint against Enroll America. Sebelius’ relationship with Enroll America is currently under investigation by a government ethics audit for her role in fundraising for the group.

Yes, there’s a good chance Enroll America will lose their tax-exempt status.

The resignation occurred Friday evening and was originally reported Ashley Allen of KCEN (NBC) in Texas. Justin Nisly, Press Secretary for Enroll America confirmed the resignation of Christopher Tarango in an emailed statement about the incident on Friday. No statement can be found on Enroll America’s website:

Nov 252013

This was one of the most enjoyable performances by anyone at any awards show in many years. How cool it was for JT to do this with the ‘Tennessee Kids’. I think this boy is brilliant and a multi-faceted performer. He’s naturally comedic. He’s an excellent dramatic actor. His voice is ‘butta’. Enjoy!

Crank it UP!

Nov 202013

We absolutely LOVE how quick witted and funny he is :) Not to mention his dance moves. Close to 20 m of greatness.

President George W. Bush on having painting as a pastime…

President George W. Bush gives Jay a portrait he painted himself…

President George W. Bush on his work with wounded veterans.

He says he didn’t behave that well and he feels it contributed to his heart issues :) Jay Leno flies down to the golf outing for wounded vets.

President George W. Bush shows off his dance moves in Africa…


Nov 152013

To see James first round of exposing them.

Project Veritas caught Obamacare Navigators counseling applicants to lie on their applications, which is cheating the federal government, the American taxpayer, and the countless families who truly need quality health care.

But critics are saying the video wasn’t in context and it was just an isolated incident. Certainly, our encounters might have been isolated, so we decided to visit with even more Navigators (who are funded by your hard-earned tax dollars).

And what did we find? We learned that many agencies will have access to your private records after you submit your application.

Obamacare Navigator Fraud Rampant, Not “Isolated Incident”

Today Project Veritas released a second investigation exposing more Obamacare navigators counseling applicants to lie and cheat the health care system by erroneously reporting income status, health history, and more.

Critics said the first video was an isolated incident so we decided to visit with even more navigators funded by your American tax dollars. What we found was disturbing and showed a clear pattern of fraud through the Obamacare navigator program.

Raw : Change Happens

3353 Elgin Street Houston ,TX 77004

Raw Footage: Community Health Centers of South Central Texas

111 Laurel Ave. Luling, Texas…

Raw Footage:NORTH Texas Area Community Health Center

2100N. Main St. Suit109 Fort Worth, TX 76164…

Oct 292013

Several officers wounded, Terrorism charges…for wanting to acquire C-4 explosives — Investigated for arms trading, trafficking of illegal substances — Planning kidnapping, murder. Was this a Domestic Terrorism plot foiled?

h/t Char

NRC Press Release, Oct. 28, 2013:

NRC investigated the incident in which senior reactor operator Michael J. Buhrman, planned to rob an armored car and recruited the assistance of another senior reactor operator, Landon E. Brittain [...] Buhrman was apprehended for aggravated vehicular carjacking and fled the country after being released on bail [...] NRC concluded that Buhrman’s and Brittain’s actions while offsite demonstrated they could not be relied upon to adhere to NRC requirements to protect plant and public safety. In addition, Dresden personnel who knew about Buhrman’s plan to commit an offsite crime failed to report the situation to plant management, which is an NRC requirement [...] The company agreed to abide by the conditions of the order [including] developing a presentation of the facts and lessons learned from this incident to be presented at industry forums. [...] The orders to Buhrman and Brittain prohibit them from participating in NRC-licensed activities



Buhrman did succeed in recruiting at least one other worker, Landon Brittain, a senior reactor operator at the Dresden nuclear power plant. Landon Brittain, 31, had studied at Washington University in St. Louis, and was living in Joliet, Illinois while working at the Dresden nuclear power plant. SEBIN is an elite taskforce [in Venezuela] that only works special cases of organized crime, major fraud, etc [...] SEBIN was already investigating [Buhrman and Brittain] for illegal arms trade and trafficking of illegal substances including steroids.


From conspirators to criminals

On Wednesday, May 9th, 2012, around 10:00 pm, Michael Buhrman and Landon Brittain were preparing to commit a brazen crime. All over Hammond and Illinois.

* $14,000 was deposited into Buhrman’s checking account from a foreign source on September 24th, which he withdrew the next day. Three days after the withdrawal, on September 28th, Buhrman’s GPS monitoring device issued an alert to police that it had been tampered with.

Read more…

* Nuclear Engineer: Ft. Calhoun nuclear plant “likely would have melted down”

* “There’s another nuclear disaster” if operators aren’t able to connect temporary equipment in flooding

* Dresden Generating Station

What I find disturbing where this can be looked at two ways. There are only 3 sources that covered this. But does that mean this wasn’t a threat? But some libs did cover it:

* Homegrown Desperadoes

* Second ex-nuclear plant worker charged in Woodridge