Nov 172015

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Aug 252015


These are dark days for people of faith in America as secular progressives mount a ferocious campaign to silence the Christian voice.

In the past week, high school marching bands in Georgia and Mississippi were ordered to stop playing religious songs. Schools were told to silence prayers before football games.

In Kansas, a painting of Jesus was removed from a school hallway. And in Denver, the city council blocked Chick-fil-A from opening a franchise in the airport.


Here’s what’s happening folks: Secular progressives and militant LGBT activists are waging a cultural jihad against the Christian faith. And unless people of faith take a stand, they will purge Christians from the public marketplace.

Todd Starnes

Jun 222015

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Jun 192015

Use Hashtags #StoptheHate #ShowtheLove

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The teenage children of one of the victims of the shooting at a church in Charleston, say they’ve forgiven their mother’s killer.

Speaking for the first time since the attacks, they told the BBC they wanted to focus on moving on in a positive way.

Their mother, Sharonda Singleton, 45, was one of nine people shot dead.


What a true legacy to their mother.

See: Sharonda Coleman-Singleton: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Apr 092015

American Citizens Fighting ISIS Alongside Kurds:

The Kurds have been one of the most successful self-reliant forces against ISIS in Northern Syria and Iraq. ISIS has clashed with the Kurds many times over the past few months and most battles end with the Kurds maintaining or even gaining ground in the fight.

Ten Americans with military experience have independently decided to join the Kurds in their fight against ISIS. One of the Americans is Navy veteran Chris Toney. Toney recently took cell phone video of a clash with between 150 and 200 ISIS militants and provided the footage to The Blaze.

Below is the raw footage of a scenario the Americans were in where a hail of gunfire erupted in their direction from ISIS fighters.

Say a prayer for these brave men. They are getting shot and putting their lives on the line for the freedom of people who aren’t Americans.


Navy veteran Chris Toney and nine other brave Americans joined Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in Iraq to help in fight against Islamic State terrorists. Toney provided exclusive video from his time in Iraq to TheBlaze:

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Apr 092015

Christians should be outraged, that a Christian teacher cannot teach the truth and warn the little ones of the dangers they face. The 8 page document is not only accurate factually and historically, it is mild in comparison to other research done by historians and the current situation we find in these Muslim countries.

This is the time to show courage in the face of this type of tyranny “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:10).

A Houston-area high school teacher is facing punishment from his school district for handing out material in a class that warned about Islam. And CAIR has called for his head.

As Franklin Graham (‘The Storm is Coming’), correctly revealed, that persecution of Christians is coming to America, the eight page document can be read here, it is factual and truthful:




Goal: Caliphate:

fk4 caliphate

Why Beheading:



Sharia Law:

fk7 sharia


action_alert urges everyone to write or call the principle and voice your view:

Gene Tomas
4400 FM 723
Richmond, TX 77406
Phone: (832)223-3800

Apr 012015


I have been mad tweeting this morning on the new Culture War. The left tried SO hard to create a ‘racewar’but it didn’t take. They tried with Hobby Lobby. But it didn’t work. Now Sharpton has gone to a Christian attack. A so-called pastor. Voters, Christians, recognize this is JUST another liberal concoction and Fight Back! With Pence and Hutchinson caving, we have to Stand Up!

Evangelical Christians made up 26% of eligible voters, -9 million evangelical Christians were registered but did not vote.

We need to contact the main organizations of Baptists, Evangelicals and Catholics and tell them our religion is under assault and we DO have the power to fight back! We CAN Stand Up! ~ JP

Mar 302015

Just on the 26th: Disturbing Trend : Ntl Guard Hasan Edmonds plotted attack for ISIS in Illinois. The week before that it was U.S. Air Force veteran, Tairod Nathan Webster Pugh.

Since Fort hood we are seeing so many our military having sympathies for radical terrorism. You need to look no further for proof then the radical deserter Bergdahl. You would see if we look into islamic converts within our military, as we need to in our prison system, we’d uncover more plots. They should be vetted with a fine tooth comb, as the mosques we have allowed in this country. Radical islam is so deeply embedded here, it didn’t happen overnight, and with this administration its seeingly encouraged. ~ JP


A Muslim extremist who once led a murderous New York gang dubbed “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” and then resurfaced decades later as a radical imam at a Florida mosque is begging for help funding his legal defense against charges he committed tax fraud to, according to authorities, finance terror training for his followers.

Marcus Dwayne Robertson, 46, a former U.S. Marine known to his supporters at his Orlando-based Fundamental Islamic Knowledge Seminary as “Abu Taubah,” is currently being held in a local jail on a gun conviction. He faces sentencing on April 30 on a 2014 conviction of tax fraud, but more serious charges could be coming, given that prosecutors say he used the money to send his radicalized followers to Africa to learn how to kill Americans.

From Islamic Media Foundation, JUST last year, on Feb 24, 2014:

He speaks arabic as if it is his FIRST language, but was in U.S. Military! HOW did this happen?!

“The United States believes that the defendant is still an extremist, just as he was in the early 1990s.” – Federal prosecutors


The tax fraud case led to the prosecution of Jimenez, who reportedly knew Robertson for 11 years and, by his own admission, trained with the imam for a year in preparation for his travel to Mauritania, where he would study and learn to kill U.S. military personnel.

According to court records:

• Jimenez stated he and Robertson discussed suicide bombings. Robertson told Jimenez if one could “go to a place where there’s seven top generals, it would be permissible to use a suicide bomb to kill them.”

• Jimenez said Robertson wanted him to “fight to kill” and taught him it is obligatory to kill military officers, specifically generals, because they “can lead an army.” He said Robertson had instructed him on how to kill people “in a good manner” and how to “do it with kindness.”

• Jimenez said he was “getting ready for that grave, baby,” and Robertson was preparing to make him a “killer” after he completed the religious aspects of his training.

While Robertson is jailed in Orlando, classes at his Fundamental Islamic Knowledge Seminary are on hold, but through friends and one of his wives, he continues to publish pleas for help.

The U.S. Attorney’s office and attorneys for Robertson were contacted for comment, but none would comment.

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Orlando Fl Imam Abu Taubah aka Marcus Dwayne Robertson DOB 9/03/1968 is a three time loser, having spent a total of 12 years in the State Prisons of New York and Pennsylvania. Abu Taubah aka Marcus Dwayne Robertson DOB 9/03/1968 did time for violent crimes, this time he needs to get the max, 10 years;
December 2nd 1994, sentanced to 4 years for conviction of violent crime in aid of racketeering in Eastern District of NY (Federal).

* March 15th, 1995, sentanced in Pennsylvania State court to 3 to 6 years for aggravated assault.

* March 16th, 1995, sentanced in New York Supreme court sentanced to 1 to 3 years for possession of a weapon, convicted felon.

Attached to Imam Abu Robertson’s case is a Notice of Intent To Use Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Information (FISA) to provide information obtained through Electronic Surveillance or Physical Search.

Imam Abu Taubah Sends Threatening Letter From Prison to Private Investigator Bill Warner Bring It On Dirtbag!

Mar 192015

When Steffon Josey-Davis was pulled over by police along a New Jersey road two years ago, the young security guard never imagined his legally owned gun would be confiscated — and the incident would make him a convicted felon.

Josey-Davis’ nightmare began on the morning of Sept. 20, 2013 when he was preparing to leave his North Brunswick, N.J., home for a job as an armed security guard with Loomis Armored, a company responsible for transporting money to banks.

While unloading his 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun inside his car, his 6-year-old sister wandered into the family’s garage, startling Josey-Davis. He quickly tucked the firearm inside the glove compartment and out of the child’s view, according to his account.

Hours later, while driving at night with his girlfriend in Highland Park, he was pulled over. Josey-Davis says he was going below the speed limit.

But the fact that he did not yet have a permit to carry the gun — which was stored, still loaded, in the glove compartment — resulted in his arrest.

The 24-year-old now has a criminal record and is unable to secure a job — and his dreams of becoming a police officer are dashed.

“This is a case of a law-abiding citizen being turned into a criminal by New Jersey gun laws.”

– Gun rights attorney Evan Nappen

Interview with Steffon:


Josey-Davis is now seeking a pardon from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and has mounted a robust social media campaign, including a petition that has attracted more than 85,000 signatures to date.

Please sign the petition HERE

Full story…

Mar 032015

Former Navy SEAL Pete Scobell… Wynonna Judd performed with him

My Story – Lt. Pete Scobell, Former US Navy SEAL:

Traumatic Brain Injury patient Lt. Pete Scobell, a former US Navy SEAL, tells his story of recovery and his experience with the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.