Feb 282015


jack wagon

Loser. Someone who is totally worthless.

“Maybe we should chug on over to mamby pamby land where maybe we can find some self confidence for you, you jack wagon!”

Feb 272015

Legendary TV talk show host Byron Allen is taking on Al Sharpton, President Obama, and the most powerful media corporations in the world in a battle to spotlight the crisis at the heart of American race relations. It’s a daunting mission. But for some reason he doesn’t sound scared.

Allen told The Daily Caller that top media interests are actively freezing out and in some cases destroying black-owned media companies — and they’re paying Reverend-turned-MSNBC host Al Sharpton to give them racial cover to do it.

As for Washington politicians like Obama? According to Allen, they’re bought out by the very same interests, and they’re playing a part.

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* MUST SEE: Sharpton Exposed

al money

NOTE: Eric Garner’s daughter said about AL: Is ‘All About The Money’

Al Sharpton Hit With $20 Billion Lawsuit, Along With Comcast And Time Warner

“A lawsuit against Comcast, Time Warner Cable Inc., Rev. Al Sharpton and the NAACP alleges that the media companies discriminated against black-owned businesses and paid activists like Sharpton to “whitewash” its practices. The complaint alleges that Comcast gave large donations to Sharpton, the NAACP and other civil rights groups to make it appear that the cable company was promoting diversity, even while it was failing to follow through on a promise to do so.

“Comcast has engaged in, and is engaging in, pernicious, intentional racial discrimination in contracting,” it reads. Whether or not it gets anywhere is another question. Anyone can file a lawsuit alleging anything and claiming any amount of money.”

“Comcast has engaged in, and is engaging in, pernicious, intentional racial discrimination in contracting,” it reads. Whether or not it gets anywhere is another question. Anyone can file a lawsuit alleging anything and claiming any amount of money.”

Interesting take from Young Turks….

Cenk Uygur (not one of us), calls out MSNBC for replacing him with Sharpton and speculates why. Must see.

~ So is this part of the reason obama pushed the FCC for obamanet?! Think about it,up to you. ~JP

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Feb 272015

“It looks like we’ve been lied to, or at least misled,” said Rep. John Mica, R-Fla. at a congressional hearing Thursday evening,

32,000 Lerner emails found on backup tapes:

Inspector general investigating criminal activity within IRS. Well DOH!

IRS Deputy Inspector General Timothy Camus, who testified alongside Inspector General J. Russell George, said his organization was investigating possible criminal activity. He did not elaborate, other than to suggest a key factor is whether documents were intentionally withheld.

The emails were to and from Lois Lerner, who used to head the IRS division that processes applications for tax-exempt status. Last June, the IRS told Congress it had lost an unknown number of Lerner’s email when her computer hard drive crashed in 2011.

“We have been patient. We have asked, we have issued subpoenas, we have held hearings,” said Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, chairman of the Oversight Committee. “It’s just shocking me that you start, two weeks later you’re able to find the emails.”

“We recovered quite a number of emails, but until we compare those to what’s already been produced we don’t know if they’re new emails,” Camus told the House Oversight Committee.

Neither Camus nor George would describe the contents of any of the emails at Thursday’s hearing.

Last year, the House voted mostly along party lines to hold her in contempt of Congress for refusing to answer questions at the hearings.

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~ So she’s in contempt. Holder’s in contempt. But congress is Contemptable that they allow this to go on and don’t have them arrested! ! JP

Feb 182015

Gov. Scott said his Mom was gonna bake them chocolate chip cookies :)

LOVE this piece from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Today!


A Republican governor from a blue-leaning state that actually practices the conservatism he preaches.

Suppose you were an immigrant who had just landed on America’s shores. If you picked up The New York Times in the past week, you might suspect that you had entered a time machine and catapulted forward to the year 2017. You’d probably ask (in your native language), “Who is this President Scott Walker that the Times keeps talking about?”

There’s an elementary fact that Walker’s opponents are incapable of learning: Every attack he endures simply endears him to more Republican presidential voters. Any time a liberal in Wisconsin pulls out a bullhorn, Fox News buys five new cameras.


When union protesters march on a home inhabited by his septuagenarian parents, it is electoral gold falling from the sky. Want to make fun of his lack of a college degree? Go ahead — Republicans will be happy to be the party that demonstrates you can achieve anything no matter what diploma you hold.

So on behalf of Scott Walker, I would like to welcome the national media to this simple little place we call “Wisconsin.” Just keep in mind — your foray into the world of Wisconsin politics only helps Walker show the nation what he’s achieved here.

Major Props to Christian Schneider, who is a Journal Sentinel columnist and blogger.

See analysis from This YT channel

Feb 112015

You know they were inudated with complaints, but did the apology make MsM, the same way they vilified Ben?! Doubt it.

“This week, as we’ve come under intense criticism for doing so, we’ve reviewed our profile and have concluded that it did not meet our standards, so we have taken it down and apologize to Dr. Carson for having posted it.”

Though the SPLC apologized for putting Carson on the list, it maintains Carson has “made a number of statements that express views that we believe most people would conclude are extreme” and said “we believe that his views should be closely examined.”


Look Patriots, we must fight anyone, loud. They are going after our top candidates because the Dems are the party of personal destruction! Don’t let them get away with it. EVER! ~ JP


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SPLC is on Ben for marriage, they posted an article on me (Look for JUST Piper) in 2003. Yes, Patriots, I have been fighting illegal immigration for 13 years. Under Bush. Boy was I ever reamed by Bush Bots :) See my post here from 2010.

Don’t worry about them Ben. WE support you. SO many of us do. They are ignorant. YOU are sublime :)

The Southern Poverty Law Center ceased long ago to be a neutral source of information.

You know your a threat when your put on their extreme list. See the humor in that. Hey? Maybe they will put us on it now! Who cares…

Feb 102015

… ends forced dues! Now THIS is a worthwhile executive order Friends. Do we have another Wonderful Scott Walker in the rising?

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner struck a first official blow on Monday against the public sector labor unions he has frequently criticized by ordering an end to a requirement that workers pay dues even if they decide not to join a union.

His executive order sets up a fight with the state’s powerful labor unions, a key ally of members of the Democratic-led Legislature, just as Illinois has begun divided government for the first time in more than a decade. Unions immediately lashed back, while top Democrats questioned the legality of Rauner’s action and said their legal teams would review it.

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Feb 062015

Let’s all go “Off the Record” for a minute. Wait until you hear the snickering House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi deliberately provoked with a nod and a wink she says. Well, she is not calling for a boycott of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech before Congress next month. She does say many Democrats may be “too busy” to go.

I heard her say this morning that she hopes it will be cancelled ~JP

By Greta Van Susteren

See our magazine image to know how he feels about her :)

Jan 072015

So he gets paid hush money like a mafioso. Oh, my bad, he IS athug and racist. ‘Put simply, Sharpton specializes in shakedowns,’ You can take your racist organizer out of Harlem but you can’t take Harlem out of this racist hate baiter! Thanks Sony hackers! ~ JP

Want to influence a casino bid? Polish your corporate image? Not be labeled a racist?

Then you need to pay Al Sharpton.

Bernie Kerik recently leveled Al Sharpton during a Newsmax interview where he explained just how big an extortion artist Al Sharpton truly is.

Sharpton announced on December 18 the creation of a working group that will look into what he called a racial bias in Hollywood.

For more than a decade, corporations have shelled out thousands of dollars in donations and consulting fees to Sharpton’s National Action Network. What they get in return is the reverend’s supposed sway in the black community or, more often, his silence.


Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal met with the activist preacher after leaked emails showed her making racially charged comments about President Obama. Pascal was under siege after a suspected North Korean cyberattack pressured the studio to cancel its release of “The Interview,” which depicts the assassination of dictator Kim Jong-un.

Pascal and her team were said to be “shaking in their boots” and “afraid of the Rev,” The Post reported.

No payments to NAN have been announced, but Sharpton and Pascal agreed to form a “working group” to focus on racial bias in Hollywood.

Full NY Post piece

From the Daily Mail:

‘Once Sharpton’s on board, he plays the race card all the way through. He just keeps asking for more and more money.’

Al Sharpton has enriched himself and NAN for years by threatening companies with bad publicity if they didn’t come to terms with him,’ said Ken Boehm, chairman of the National Legal & Policy Center, a watchdog group in Virginia that has produced a book on the Harlem minister.

* Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network (NAN) has apparently been receiving thousands of dollars in donations from corporations. During his 60th birthday party in October, Sharpton raised a staggering $1million for NAN, with donations from unions and an array of corporations, including AT&T and McDonald’s.

He has previously received money from the lakes of Macy’s, General Motors and Pfizer.

* In return, they have received preacher’s ‘influence in black community’

* More often than not, this has involved Sharpton’s silence, it is claimed

* Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal met with activist following Sony hack

* Leaked emails showed her apparently mocking Obama in ‘racist emails’

* She and colleagues said to be ‘shaking in their boots’ and ‘afraid of Rev’

* NAN has received donations from Macy’s, AT&T and Honda in the past

Oct 122014

Sickening Punks!!!

Wendy Davis is not walking away from her provocative new wheelchair ad.

During a Monday press conference featuring speakers in wheelchairs, the Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate reiterated the attacks in her ad against her paraplegic opponent, Republican Greg Abbott, which critics have called insensitive.


Davis is launching the ad as most polls show Abbott leading in the polls by double digits. The RealClearPolitics polling average has Abbott up 11 points.

Keep up the good work Wendy! VOTE Abbott

Today’s article

The Abbott campaign has already responded to the ad:

“It is challenging to find language strong enough to condemn Sen. Davis’ disgusting television ad, which represents a historic low for someone seeking to represetn Texans,” said Abbott spokeswoman Amelia Chase. “Sen. Davis’ ad shows a disturbing lack of judgment from a desperate politician and completely disqualifies her from seeking higher office in Texas.”

Democrat gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis has just launched a new attack ad against her opponent, Republican Greg Abbott, that features an empty wheelchair. Abbott, the current Attorney General of Texas, has been a wheelchair-bound paraplegic since 1984 after a tree fell on him:

John Nolte

Sep 102014

These punks are our future?! Glad I’m nearing being a Golden Girl!

Young America’s Foundation took to the George Washington University campus on Friday, September 5 seeking to interview students about the upcoming anniversary of September 11.

We asked the following questions to randomly selected students around the GWU campus:

-Next week marks the anniversary of a major national event do you know what that is?

-Do you know what ISIS is?

-Did you know that ISIS is responsible for the beheading of two American journalists? If so, could you name one?

-Are you aware of the celebrity “nude photo” hacking scandal? If so, could you name any of the celebrities involved?

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