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(Breitbart) – Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson defended his comments about the possibility of using drones at the Mexican border in a heated exchange with guest host CNN’s Jim Acosta.

“It is quite clear what I said, I was border? I said that drones are excellent for surveillance. You know, along that border. We have miles and miles, and, you know… So drones can help with the surveillance, and no way did I suggest that drones be used to kill people. And I said that to the media at the time. I said you guys, some of you are going to to be saying that Carson wants to use drones to kill people on the border, and how ridiculous, and I hope that at some point we have responsible media to focus on the problem. We have a huge security risk there.”

When Acosta asked about drone strikes on the cartels Carson said, “That is a total lie. I said that. a drone could be used to destroy is the caves used to hide people.”

Acosta continued to push causing Carson him to say (in a Reagan way):

“Please, please. read my lips and listen carefully to what I am saying. I said that there are caves. There are caves that they utilize, and those caves can be eliminated. There are a number of possibilities, and that could be one of them. I am not talking about killing people. No people with drones.”

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These people are SO stupid…

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I want to thank Top Cop Issa for leaking these docs !

Henry Chao is the Deputy Chief Information Officer (CIO) and the Deputy Director of the Office of Information Services (OIS) in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid .

Hmmm, seems as if Old Henry has disappeared from the website.

On Sept. 27, Mr. Chao and another official sent a memo to the head of the agency recommending that the website go live on Oct. 1, even though security testing was “only partly completed.” At that time, he said, he was not aware of the test findings that indicated possible risks to security.

In the interview, Mr. Chao said that government documents and his recollection suggested “a failure to communicate” within the agency, and that it was “disturbing” that he had not been told of the potential security risks.

“I’m surprised,” he said when he was shown the Sept. 3 memo.

I know Nuyyin’, Wasn’t MY fault…

Oct 102013

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Democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee used obscure language to characterize the push for a clean resolution which would end the government shutdown, labeling it a form of “martial law.” Advocating for the passage of a clean continuing resolution that would, at least temporarily, end the current standoff in Washington and reopen the government, Lee said there were enough members of Congress who would vote for the resolution.

“It’s something called a continuing resolution, but it’s a bill that you put on the floor that has been passed already by Republicans and Democrats in the United States Senate….that we could vote on today,” said Lee, adding, “We have martial law — what that means — and my colleagues know what it means — is that you can put a bill on in just minutes.”
The term “martial law” in a legislative context is somewhat obscure but it has been used before to define lawmakers’ ability to “fast track” bills without going through the usual congressional process.

However, Lee’s insistence that a Senate-approved resolution to fund the federal government be fast-tracked via “martial law” appears to conflict with Article I, Section 7, Clause I of the Constitution, which states, “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives.”

This clause was included by the founders to ensure that decisions related to the power of the purse reside with the legislative body which is closest to the American people.

The last time martial law was mentioned by a member of Congress was back in 2008 when Rep. Brad Sherman revealed how lawmakers were threatened with “martial law in America” by then Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson if they rejected the TARP bailout package.

It came up during Lee’s speech on the House floor on Monday, when she was lamenting those plight of those left with uncertain futures because of the partial federal government shutdown brought on when Senate Democrats refused to consider compromises to a budget plan offered by House Republicans.

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Listen to Wayne Rogers closely…

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) says “We’re not broke, there’s plenty of money, the Government just doesn’t have it” and now has adopted a ‘Robin Hood tax’ on investment transactions. This issue is examined and discussed by a highly opinionated panel comprised of Michelle Fields, Emily Tisch Sussman, Jonathan Hoenig, and Wayne Rogers.

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MSNBC reached another low in broadcast journalism when host Melissa Harris-Perry, (tampon queen) wore tampon jewelry on television. Hear why AlfonZo Rachel is not surprised by this behavior on this ZoNation. JUST another pig on PMSNBC, oops fits her hey? :)

Melissa Harris Perry Protests Texas with Tampon Earrings

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Arse award goes to…

On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” former Obama advisor David Axelrod said that Chicago’s problems with gun violence would be greatly improved if tougher gun control laws were passed at the federal level.

Axelrod cited a CBS poll from last week that showed some deterioration in the public’s support for stricter gun laws, but noted a portion of the poll that showed strong support for universal background checks.

“I just want to say this — I come from the city of Chicago,” Axelrod said. “We know we have had a violence problem there. A lot of it has to do with straw buyers arming street gangs. There is no doubt and every law enforcement person will tell you that stronger trafficking laws combined with universal background checks would make a real difference.”

Daily Caller

…and one of obama’s biggest supporter and Oprah’s Guru…

Obama supporter and famous poet Maya Angelou was asked by Time Magazine if she had ever fired a gun in her life.

Her answer was surprising — “Of course!” Angelou then recounted a time in which she fired upon a home intruder.

Question begins at the 3:00 minute mark:

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