Jul 222015

Exploding outrage at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, a whistle blower now accusing the agencies of delaying benefits for 34,000 combat veterans, yes, the troops who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. So what’s going on at the V.A.? Whistle blower Scott Davis joins us. Good evening, Sir. And tell me, what happened? ~ GRETA VAN SUSTEREN


Apr 072015

…We’d Like the State Dept. to Do More

1,316 days that’s how long Amir Hekmati, an American marine has been held in a brutal Iranian prison, the one known for torture. Now Amir Hekmati’s sister, Sarah Hekmati, and his brother-in-law join us from Amir’s hometown in Flint, Michigan.

Listen to Montel and the family of US Marine veteran Amir Hekmati:

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~ We dedicate this to our nephew, who has been a Marine for 12 years so far.

Let’s all go “Off the Record” for minute. Why is it just Montel Williams?

Where is everyone?

We have a US Marine veteran Amir Hekmati being head by Iran in their worst prison, known for torture, and the only one I hear talking about it and showing outrage is Marine veteran Montel Williams.

This Marine should be home with his family Help @Montel_Williams spread the word #FreeAmirNow Follow @FreeAmirHekmati ~ J.W. Dumas

Montel Williams is determined not to leave a fellow serviceman behind:

In August 2011, Iranian-American Amir Hekmati was detained by authorities in Iran while visiting family. His imprisonment on false charges continues.


Amir is an Iranian-American detained in Iran while visiting his grandmother. Falsely accused of being a spy, he was detained in August of 2011, held in solitary confinement for months and hidden by the walls of Iran’s Evin prison.

He was sentenced to death in January of 2012, the first American to receive the death penalty in Iran in over 33 years. His death sentence was overturned by a higher court in March 2012 based on insufficient evidence, and a new trial ordered. Amir languished behind the walls of Evin prison, his fate looming over his head.

In April of 2014, it was discovered that Amir was tried and sentenced to ten years in a secret, closed-door proceeding – a proceeding in December 2013 that Amir and his attorney were not informed of and were not given the opportunity attend.

Amir’s father, battling brain cancer, recently suffered a stroke that has left him hospitalized. His father fears he will never hold Amir in his arms again.


A Plea from his family…

April 1st Audio: Marine held in Iran speaks out:

Amir Hekmati, a US Marine makes plea for help, accused Iranian government of using him as a bargaining chip…

He has been put in 3 by 3 cells. He has been whipped on his feet. He has been addicted to drugs so that they can torture him through his withdrawal. This has been happening for three and a half years and there is not a person in this country knows that a US Marine has been sitting there in prison this long. I think this is an abomination. ~ Montel Williams

It’s bad enough that we have a Marine veteran sitting in an Iranian prison left behind, but now we are leaving Montel behind. We should all be standing by and with Montel, helping him.

Feb 102015

But oh no, you can recite ‘Christian’ Prayers in our schools. OMG!



A history book used in school districts across the state is sparking controversy in Seminole County.

A parent called 9 Investigates after finding out his son was learning too much about the Islamic religion in a public classroom.

Ron Wagner read from part of his son’s world history book, “There is no god, but God. Muhamad is the messenger of God.”

In Response:

Raw: School district spokesman storms out of interview…

Full story

JUST one example in current news: Colorado US School Forces Girls to Follow Islamic Dress Code on Field Trip

JUST look

sharia states

~ We need to contact our Governor’s and local Reps. to to ban Sharia law My state did last year!

* Ban on sharia law


Jan 202015

…non-Muslim students get to hear it. You don’t hear any Christian or Jewish prayer on the UCLA campus, only Muslim.

This video was taken in front of the student activities center on the north side of the UCLA campus near the athletic field off Sunset Boulevard.

~ If you do not realise obama and his entire company are islam sympathizers at best and at worst, their own terror cell! JUST ask Bis Sis ~ JP

~ source

Apr 022014


Rep. Darrell Issa wrote an article today for The Hill. In 2011, B. Todd Jones took over as head of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) – first as Acting Director and later as Director. The Bureau was in need of new leadership in the wake of Operation Fast and Furious, and his mission was to help the agency recover from that humiliating and dangerous scandal.

Just over a year ago, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on Operation Fearless, an undercover storefront operation that took place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during Director Jones’ tenure. Everything about Operation Fearless went wrong: ATF agents allowed convicted felons to leave the store, Fearless Distributing, armed and dangerous. The store was burglarized and $39,000 worth of merchandise was lost — ATF had neglected to install an alarm system. In a separate incident, three weapons, including a machine gun, were stolen from an ATF vehicle. And agents hired a person with intellectual and developmental disabilities, who had an IQ in the 50s, to assist with store operations – and then arrested him for his involvement.

Three years after the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, ATF management has yet to fire any employees for their role in Operation Fast and Furious. That is inexcusable. ATF promised to change its culture, implement new policies and procedures, and hold agents accountable for their actions. As the details of Operation Fearless come to light, it’s difficult to see what has changed.

Full article

~ Background Match 2014 Operation Fearless, as it was called, was a multi-city program through which ATF opened roughly 37 pawn shops and storefronts around the country, often in or near gang areas, with the purpose of attracting felons and criminals to unknowingly sell their crime guns to the government. Agents would then trace the weapons to determine their source and use forensics to tie the guns to homicides.

Problem is, some storefronts opened across from schools and churches, against policy. Agents attracted juveniles with free video games and alcohol. In one case, the agency paid two informants, one mentally deficient, to get tattoos on their neck of a squid smoking a joint to promote the store. Taxpayers later paid to remove the tattoos.

Today’s Hearing…

Undercover Storefront Operations: Continued Oversight of ATF’s Reckless Investigative Techniques:

B. TODD JONES DIRECTOR ATF/ DOJ testimonial statement

Jan 192014

Maybe Cuomo is doing the rest of the nation a favor. If he alienates enough pro-lifers, who move elsewhere, the state will continue to see its influence wane — as it further loses more Congressional seats to southern and western states as conservative New Yorkers look for more welcoming places to live.

Moderate Republicans, or those most willing to capitulate to Cuomo’s own extreme agenda, still have the welcome mat rolled out.

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Sep 232013

Feds praise ‘Islam’s work for women’s rights’

See government-funded videos promoting Muslims’ faith, accomplishments…

Among the remarks in the taxpayer-funded videos:

*“We pray five times a day and we fast during the month of Ramadan. … We praise our God every time, and … if we don’t do it our prayer is not counted.”

* “They think all Muslims are from an Arab country, and we don’t know how to speak English.”

* “If you’re at the mall, they give you the evil eye.”

* “Our food is served later … or our food doesn’t came as fast as other people even though they come after us.”

* “Everyone just stares at you.”

* “They ignore us.”

* “A lot of people are against us so they’d do anything to make us look bad.”

and your point IS?!

Want to see your tax dollars promoting Islam and giving Muslims at an Islamic school in New York an opportunity to complain that other people don’t understand them, don’t respect them and discriminate against them in restaurants?

Oh, and you’ll also learn that Islam gave women rights in the 7th century that women in the West had to live without until the 19th and 20th centuries.

Sep 232013

Thanks Warner…

From Warner Huston…Chicago journalist:

It isn’t America any more when a parent can’t even ask a civil question at a town hall without having the jackbooted thugs that claim to “serve” the people forcibly ejecting him from the room. But that is what happened in the People’s Republic of Maryland this month when a parent was asking how the school curriculum would prepare kids for college.

Concerned father Robert Small attended the public meeting held by Baltimore County Schools Superintendent Dallas Dance. Smalls stood to ask a question but was immediately confronted by Superintendent Dance’s fascist palace guard that made to prevent him from asking a simple, civil question.

“My question is, how does lowering America’s educational standards prepare kids for community college?” Small asked.

He was talking about the new Common Core standards that many schools across America are trying to force down everyone’s throat–a policy that is just one more way to dumb down our kids and place them further under the control of fascists like Superintendent Dance.

When the jackbooted “cop” started ripping at Mr. Small’s shirt to forcibly pull him out of the meeting, Smalls began to call out, “Don’t stand for this. You’re sitting here like cowards. You have questions!”

The man, a voter and father of a child in the school district, stood to ask a very civil question. But before he could get it all out the school superintendent sent a thug “police” officer over to grab the man and physically push him out of the room even as other citizens yelled in protest.

Read: Coomon Core: Data Mining Your Kids, Courtesy of Barack Obama

Sep 032013




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Xlife93 it’s not your military douchebag

Aug 222013

Amjad Qourshah, an Islamic studies professor at the University of Amman in Jordan with ties to the Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), has unleashed a tirade of anti-Christian venom against Egypt’s Copts, accusing them of burning their own churches.


His Facebook tirade, translated here by the Investigative Project on Terrorism, also included an image of Jesus that is reminiscent of the 2006 Danish cartoon depicting the Muslim prophet Muhammad with a bomb in his turban.


In this case, the Sacred Heart image depicts Jesus with an AK-47 over his shoulder with a bomb halo surrounding his head, saying “Jesus says: ‘Sell your clothes and buy arms.” The caption above the image says: “The way to hypocrisy For the Orthodox Copts.”

~ OK Patriots if this administration and the muslims raised big stink about the first photo of the bomb, I am bringing you THIS piece by John so YOU can spread it!!!

The publication of the Muhammad cartoon led to widespread rioting and was condemned by MAS and by other Muslim groups around the world.

Qourshah has spoken to MAS audiences twice this year – appearing at events in Chicago in May and in Dallas earlier this month. He also spoke at the MAS-ICNA convention last December.


MAS-ICNA 2012:

Thank you John for informing us! Please read his entire article HERE