Jun 232015

Cornel West called him the first “niggerized” president in an appearance on CNN. West criticized Obama as “a person who is afraid and intimidated when it comes to putting a spotlight on white supremacy.”

Cornel? Really?! obama has done it repeatedly since being elected 2008 inciting any race war possible. Are you not proud of your race pimp?


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Jun 222015

May 262015


As you know, Operation Jade Helm 15 is still a few weeks away, but video of an ongoing 7-week “assault support tactics” exercise in Yuma, Arizona shows what residents of the eight southwestern states subject to Jade Helm might be in for:

There is a bid request out from the federal government for FEMA buses to transport Americans to these camps– hundreds of them. Then came Jade Helm 15. This is the final piece in his plan. He is teaching Americans to subdue Americans. Not just the military, Jade Helm relies on civilians turning on other civilians. It’s an outrageous assault on our liberty.

This footage is probably the most shocking documentation of FEMA CAMP Roundup training to date.

Children used alongside actors in a bloody confrontation on American soil.

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Mar 192015

I’ve had this theory, all these incidents happening under obama’s watch, is because the Secret Service, along with our military, and all LEO’s, they could care less about his safety. You’ve always heard about wives causing husbands to drink, well, I’d say the same of this president. He is causing Secret Service to drink. I’ll go one step further, by the WH destroying these tapes, they sure don’t want us to know something. Again. Was this package truly a ‘book’? ~ JP

“Dude, you don’t have to earn their trust. You’re their boss. They’re supposed to earn your trust,” Rep. Chris Stewart, R-Utah, told Clancy.

Stewart was responding to Clancy — trying to explain why the Secret Service has been caught up in a series of controversies and security incidents — saying it will “take time” to change the culture and he, as director, needs to “build trust” with the workforce.

“I find this testimony shocking,” Rep. Nita Lowey, D-N.Y., said.

drunk ss

Surveillance videos taken on the night two Secret Service agents ran through a police scene after attending a party earlier this month may have been destroyed, Congressional sources told Fox News on Wednesday.

The disclosure comes as lawmakers on Capitol Hill have questioned the agency’s leadership in the wake of the March 4 incident, in which the agents were returning from a party for a departing spokesman, and drove into the scene of an active suspicious package investigation. (The package turned out to be a book.)

The videos were taken from security cameras on the White House grounds and show the car driven by the two senior agents into the area blocked off because of the suspicious package investigation.

But other potential videos from fixed positions around the White House grounds may have been destroyed, per Secret Service policy.

Lawmakers asked the Secret Service why they bothered to record the videos if they plan to destroy the tapes after 72 hours, the sources said.

“This will not stand,” Rep. Hal Rogers, R-Ky., said. He called Clancy’s statement that he’s not personally investigating “hogwash.”

The agents reportedly were not given a sobriety test and were allowed to go home. Clancy could not say why they were not given that test.

The Inspector General has launched a probe into the widely reported allegations. “The IG’s job is to conduct thorough and independent investigations, and that’s what we will do in this situation,” Inspector General John Roth stated in a press release. “Once we have completed our investigation, we will report our findings to the Secretary, the Congress, and the public.”

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Mar 062015

Jeff Sessions hands her intelligence, she stutters stoopidity…


on Mar 4, 2015:

Feb 262015

Let’s set the record straight on this laughable spin-job. Since 1967, no U.S. administration has been as guilty of “injecting partisanship” into the U.S.-Israel relationship as those of the presidents Rice has served, namely Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. And few officials in the history of the United States have been as guilty as of injecting partisanship, to say nothing of poisonous insults, into that relationship, as Susan Rice.

* Who’s Really ‘Frayed’ the U.S.-Israel Relationship? Susan Rice and Her Bosses

Rice says that politics had not been injected into the US-Israel relationship until Netanyahu’s Congress invitation

Susan Rice, US President Barack Obama’s national security advisor, said on Tuesday night that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s acceptance of an invitation to address Congress next month is “destructive of the fabric of the relationship” between Israel and the United States.

“We’ve been fortunate that politics have not been injected into that relationship,” Rice said to American journalist Charlie Rose.

If you live in a cave, then you might buy this…


Both of his speeches, to AIPAC and to Congress, are expected to focus on a pending international deal on Iran’s nuclear program, which he vehemently disapproves of. In a letter to Senate Democrats on Wednesday, Netanyahu said he planned to “voice Israel’s grave concerns about a potential nuclear agreement with Iran that could threaten the survival of my country.”

As first reported in The Jerusalem Post in November, US officials are suggesting a deal with a sunset clause in roughly ten years, during which Iran would gradually be granted the rights and privileges of fellow signatories of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

All five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, Arab powers and Israel believe Iran has been in violation of its international obligations under the NPT, growing its nuclear program in size and scope while experimenting with weaponization techniques.

Feb 172015

Advocacy group Coptic Solidarity on White House’s position on Middle East extremism:

THIS is deplorable: Southern Baptists say ‘Coptic Christians’ aren’t Real Christians

We get it; they don’t get it. But why again do our Southern Baptist leaders not grasp that? – Todd Starnes

What is not cool is that in the last few days, the SBC’s International Mission Board has scrubbed all articles relating to Coptic Christians and their status of being unreached, lost, or in need of evangelism

Please love the group known as ‘Coptic Christians.’ Please pray for them.

Feb 062015

Let’s all go “Off the Record” for a minute. Wait until you hear the snickering House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi deliberately provoked with a nod and a wink she says. Well, she is not calling for a boycott of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech before Congress next month. She does say many Democrats may be “too busy” to go.

I heard her say this morning that she hopes it will be cancelled ~JP

By Greta Van Susteren

See our magazine image to know how he feels about her :)

Jan 212015

Why has she been on FOX so much? Oh, my bad, she’s Iranian and supported by Saudi…

Questioned on why no mention of AlQ. Begins @ appox 2 min…lies, lies and more obama lies out of Miz president..Elisabeth Hasselbeck does try to corner her.

Jan 202015

…non-Muslim students get to hear it. You don’t hear any Christian or Jewish prayer on the UCLA campus, only Muslim.

This video was taken in front of the student activities center on the north side of the UCLA campus near the athletic field off Sunset Boulevard.

~ If you do not realise obama and his entire company are islam sympathizers at best and at worst, their own terror cell! JUST ask Bis Sis ~ JP

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