Sep 162011

The LXD Rinas go on a mission to find the Dark Doctor through his most trusted soldier.

The Dark Doctor forges an alliance with Karey to destroy the LXD, once and for all.

Sep 142011

With long awaited word from Autumn, Sp3cimen rushes to see her and is given a surprise welcome.


The past and present collide, as Sp3cimen and Autumn confront their new relationship.


Spex and the Observers go head to head with the LXD recruits in an action-packed training exercise to channel their Ra.

RA Games:

Aug 292011

From the ashes of greed and power, the Extraordinary 7 make a promise for the good of the world.

Looking to rebuild Elliot’s shoes, the Fanboyz take it upon themselves to visit LXD’s eccentric seamstress.

Aug 122011

:: The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers ::

Discover the magical past as the origins of The LXD and its enemies are revealed.

With jealousy, comes destruction. Karey confronts the Ringmaster on the secret to their recent success.