Apr 102014

Not the first time Last July:

Hillary Clinton Taunted By Egyptian Protesters Chanting Monica And Throwing Shoes At Motorcade:

Mar 072014

Jan 232014

Jon Stewart opened Monday night’s Daily Show with a stinging takedown of President Obama‘s NSA speech; a delicate tightrope act involving Obama trying to assuage privacy advocates while actually not doing anything that would upset the people with actual say and power in this debate.

Obama talked so long about the history of surveillance, it almost seemed like the point was to make it so boring, people would stop listening. The clear takeaway from the speech, for Stewart, was that there are loopholes galore for the government, meaning to them “we will totally follow the rules until we determine such time when we will no longer follow the rules.”

Obama did say this was a very important debate, which is why, Stewart explained, “the person who started this debate must be hunted down and thrown in prison for life.”

Jan 152014

Dec 032013

Yes, brother of liberal obama butt kisser Ron Howard…

Dec 032013

… and I believe the fix is in for the child who botched up Janis Joplin’s ‘Cry Baby’ last night. She screeched and did the rest ‘pretty’. What an insult. I saw Janis sing Cry LIVE. I like to consider myself all things Janis. She even had tone when she screeched. Well, not according to my mother who had to tolerate Janis every waking moment. :)

Hey Voice? While your at it bring back Shakira!

I understand Jacquie is a child & not seasoned, nor does she understand the heartache Janis experienced, nor did she drink a fifth of whatever to get that rasp. But what was Christina thinking giving her such a huge song? You do NOT give this to a child who has no concept of what the ‘Blues’ are! Janis was 10 years olderthen her when she made this tune JUST before she died. She knew LIFE, this little girl has had a charmed life. I was so disappointed.

The way it should sound:

I hope I have two out of four at the end of this night, they both deserve it…

Tessanne Chin has a purrfect Voice:

Nov 262013

Remy takes questions from the White House press corps…

Nov 252013

This was one of the most enjoyable performances by anyone at any awards show in many years. How cool it was for JT to do this with the ‘Tennessee Kids’. I think this boy is brilliant and a multi-faceted performer. He’s naturally comedic. He’s an excellent dramatic actor. His voice is ‘butta’. Enjoy!

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