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With their days numbered in control of the U.S. House, Democrats are planning a political stunt Thursday in hopes of embarrassing Republicans on a vote to raise taxes.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) announced Democrats would disregard the Obama administration’s ongoing negotiations with congressional Republicans and force a vote on taxes. Democrats will use a procedural maneuver preventing the GOP from offering an amendment to extend all of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts.

—> Darrell Issa itching to delve into Democratic malfeasance

Republicans immediately voiced alarm at the move. While the vote would prevent tax hikes on Americans earning $250,000 or less, small businesses would face steep tax increases under the Democrats’ plan.

Without an opportunity to offer amendments, Republicans are expected to vote against the measure. By doing so they’ll give Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) one final opportunity to demagogue the issue. However, it will likely be a short-lived victory. The measure has little chance of passing in the Senate.

Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.), ranking member on the House Ways and Means Committee, expressed his disappointment with the Democrats’ decision as negotiations with the administration continued.

“This is disappointing and a sign of bad faith after the president agreed to bipartisan, bi-cameral talks,” Camp told Fox News. “There will be bipartisan opposition to the Democrats’ push to raise taxes on small business.”

~So, now instead Obama is negotiating for an extension of ‘stimulus’ tax cuts $150 BILLION per year! ~JP

Given her authoritarian rule of the House, it’s not surprising Pelosi is using a procedural political trick to force Thursday’s floor vote. Democrats took a previously House-passed bill and replaced the language — preventing Republicans from offering amendments.

It remains unclear how the Democrats’ maneuver will impact the Obama administration’s negotiations over taxes — a top issue for Republicans in the lame-duck session. Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) indicated the political stunt wouldn’t help matters.

“While we had a good meeting at the White House yesterday about how we’ll resolve the issue of stopping all the tax hikes, the House leaders are going to go down this path of gerrymandering the process so that members only have one option, and that’s to vote on only providing some tax relief to the American people,” Boehner told The Hill. “I think it’s wrong, it does undercut the conversation we had just yesterday.”

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~Remember this…

Hot Mic: Dem Sen. Caught Saying Lame Duck Agenda is ‘All Rigged’

Nov 292010

Update 12/1 4pm from Fair:

Reid (D-NV) introduced yet another version of the DREAM Act late last night. This new version (S.3992) is now the fourth variation of the DREAM Act to be introduced in the Senate this session. Although any of these versions could be brought up for a vote in the Senate at any time, Senator Reid says he intends to bring up the most recent version for a vote early next week!

Although, Senator Reid and DREAM Act supporters continue to tout the legislation as helping innocent children, the latest version still grants amnesty to adults up to the age of 30 who enroll in college—a requirement Homeland Security can waive. It also allows amnesty recipients to draw tuition assistance and other federal and state benefits, when those benefits are desperately needed by law-abiding American students and families who are struggling every day to make ends meet. Finally, those who receive amnesty will be allowed to sponsor their parents and other family members for green cards.

The open borders lobby is fighting hard to get the DREAM Act passed, with students staging sit-ins at Congressional offices around the country and running television ads at key Senators. We need you to tell Congress that we want our immigration laws enforced, not another amnesty! If you don’t take action, the only voices they will hear will be the ones that support amnesty, open borders, and immigration policies that serve special interests, not the interests of Americans.

Call your senators NOW and tell them to vote NO on the DREAM Act!

UPDATE:1pm cst From FAIR:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) told senior aides that he plans to file a cloture motion on the DREAM Act early this week, which will allow the Senate to vote on whether to begin debate on the bill as soon as Wednesday (National Journal, Nov. 23, 2010; CRS Report, June 4, 2007)

By bringing the DREAM Act to the floor, Sen. Reid would be fulfilling a campaign promise he made to Latino voters throughout his re-election campaign. Although Reid had promised several times to bring immigration legislation to the floor during 2010, he had been unsuccessful each time. Finally, the weekend before the midterm elections Sen. Reid promised to bring the DREAM Act to the Senate floor during the lame duck session of Congress. (The New York Times, Oct. 31, 2010)

Amnesty advocates are now leaning hard on the Senate Majority leader to follow through on his promises. “Harry Reid has a debt and he made special promises in the midst of the election. Certainly immigration reform and the DREAM Act were part of his platform … That means he’s got a very specific and very immediate promise to deliver on,” said Ana Navarro, a Republican political strategist. (Roll Call, Nov. 10, 2010) Rosaline Gold at the National Association of Latino Elected Officials similarly remarked, “Democratic candidates cannot take the Latino vote for granted …They are going to have to reach out, to engage and continue to address the issues that are important for Latinos.” (ColorLines, Nov. 3, 2010)

The Senate failed to invoke cloture on the DREAM Act the last time the legislation came to the floor as a stand-alone bill in 2007. (S. 2205, See Roll Call Vote 394) Both the House and the Senate return Monday, November 29th for the remainder of the lame-duck session.


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ALERT: When Congress convenes for its lame-duck session on Nov. 29, it will be asked by ousted Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid to vote and pass an amnesty bill for illegal aliens.

Reid Vows To Pass Lame Duck DREAM Act!

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Another twisted version of Amnesty

As usual America’s Public Enemy Number ONE plus, Senator Harry Reid, D-NV who somehow or other beat the odds and the polls to win reelection on November 02, 2010, with goon Labor Unions strong and devious support, is ready to stick it to the American taxpayer with another twisted version of Amnesty.

This time he puts on his sweetest and sickest smarmy smile and calls it the DREAM Act, S. 3827.

This slippery piece of legislation will provide an immediate path to citizenship for millions of illegal aliens currently living within our borders granting them benefits paid by our tax dollars and Reid is expecting to ram this through the Senate during this lame duck session which should only last for 3 to 4 weeks before the Christmas – New Years’ holidays.

The new conservative Congress convenes on January 4, 2011 which should end the massive and wild spending that the outgoing liberal Democrats have visited on us taxpaying citizens for the past four years.

But if it sounds like it’s over, forget it; it ain’t over till it’s over as the famous Yogi Berra would say. During these next few weeks, though very few, will still be long enough for Harry Reid to try to get his revenge for defeating his long-time colleagues and partners in fiscal insanity and crime.

He still has a lot of payback that the corrupt labor unions are looking for in the form of legislation that will enrich the union coffers and break the industrial management complex that is trying to keep prices and labor costs within reasonable restraints. We will address those as they appear on the scene.

But the first of these budget-busting and national debt increasing scandalous ventures is the pleasantly but incorrectly named DREAM Act; a personal vendetta of Reid’s.

Senator Jeff Sessions, R-AL, writing for the Center for Individual Freedom, Liberty Update of November 19, 2010 lists ten things that he feels you need to know about this DREAM Act, S. 3827 and why it should be defeated. I will list these 10 things, not necessarily exactly as the Senator has them labeled, but in more of a synopsis form for purposes of brevity.

* NOTE: Links supplied by ~JP

1. Nearly all of the publicity attendant to this Act has stressed that it is for “the children” of illegal aliens; but as Senator Sessions stresses, the DREAM Act is NOT limited to children and it will be funded from government taxpayer monies.

2. It will provide a Safe Harbor for ANY illegal alien, including criminals to keep from being deported just by submitting an application.

3. It will make certain criminal aliens eligible for Amnesty including alien gang members and aliens with misdemeanor convictions, even DUIs; also aliens who have engaged in voter fraud or unlawfully voted, aliens who have falsely claimed U.S. citizenship, and other abuses.

4. It will give Illegal Aliens In-State Tuition Benefits.

5. It does not REQUIRE an Illegal Alien to finish any type of degree program as a condition for Amnesty, meaning they could just start and then quit and still be eligible for Amnesty.

6. Though there already is a process for Illegal Aliens to obtain citizenship through military service, the DREAM Act does not require that an illegal Alien serve in the military as a condition for amnesty. (They are once again LYING)

7. Once a Illegal Alien submits an application for the DREAM Act he will be given all the rights that legal immigrants receive, including The Right To Sponsor Their Parents and Extended Family Members for Immigration as well. (Here’s where the numbers will swell to absolute unmanageable numbers of persons and expenses.)

8. It will get Illegal Aliens Federal Student Loans, Federal Work Study Programs, and other forms of Federal Financial Aid. If an Illegal Alien’s DREAM Act application is denied the Department of Homeland Security is prohibited from using the denial information to initiate their Removal Proceedings or Investigate or Prosecute Fraud in the Application Process.

9. As you can see this DREAM Act is truly a major “catch all” benefits program that the socialist liberal Democrats have rammed into the law-making process to insure massive numbers of voting foreigners indebted to those same liberal Democrats for years, perhaps centuries to come, or as long as there is a United States of America left to enter.

10. It is a DREAM Act for illegal aliens and liberal Democrat politicians.

Horribly damaging legislation such as this would not happen if Term Limits were a standard part of our Congressional recruitment apparatus, as there would be no reelections or needs for soliciting illegals votes. Term Limits would cure a lot of our governing ills and abuses.

~By Jerry McConnell CFP

NOTE: On the VERY page of Jerry’s article the Aztlan Nation posted this ad:

* Support the DREAM Help Thousands of Students Fulfill Their Dreams. Sign the Petition.
~Unnerving- called America’s Voice

~I also ran across this while surfing/researching…

~ If THIS doesn’t get your activism FIRED UP nothing will…

AB-540 Workshops For Students By Students! Bring College Recruiters on Campuses not Military!!! 9 Years in the battle and still going Strong!!!!

The Dream Act is Near!

Act Now! We Are getting Close!

Make them Calls~ Make them Calls

We Dream We Act


~This are JUST Two of hundreds of radical organizations on this…we need EVERYONE to make this cause Viral NOW! ~JP

We Must Shut Down His DREAM Act NOW!

~A fellow fighter in this cause for many years at FR sent me this in email Today—Thank you Rob Roy! Get this post out to all your sources…~JP

…toll free to DC: (866) 338-1015

Lame Duck Dream act … dead of night amnesty bill! Most democrats on board.


Harry Reid: I’m bringing the DREAM Act to the floor — for a standalone vote
QUOTE: “And in a Twitter message on Wednesday evening, his office said he would try to do so in the current session as a stand-alone bill.”

* Michelle Malkin IDs The RINOs On The Dream Act Fence – Including John McCain

DREAM Act scorecard: The GOP Senate fence-sitters; Update: LeMieux and Hutchison off the fence

Toll free to DC: (866) 338-1015

SEN. OLYMPIA SNOWE 202-224-5344; 207-874-0883: Staff says she “hasn’t released a statement.”

SEN. SUSAN COLLINS 202-224-2523; 207-945-0417: Staff says she “hasn’t released a public statement.”

SEN. LISA MURKOWSKI 202-224-6665; 907-271-3735: Staff says she’s “still reviewing the bill.”

SEN. SAM BROWNBACK 202-224-6521; 785-233-2503 Staff says he “hasn’t had a chance to look at it” and remains non-committal.

SEN. KAY BAILEY HUTCHISON 202-224-5922; 214-361-3500: Staff says she “hasn’t released a statement,” but will probably do so later today.

SEN. GEORGE LEMIEUX 202-224-3041; 904-398-8586: Recorded message informs callers that he’s “in a meeting.” He has yet to publicly state his position as open-borders extremists step up pressure…”

Nov 282010

~I am so surprised that Issa agreed to an interview with Howard Kurtz . Didn’t he know that Kurtz being from WP, would sneak negativities in his article? Sounds more like a hit piece than an interview for my favorite Congressman. I am not posting the entire Daily Beast, but I will link it . I take this to mean that the left is running scared with Issa ~JP

Darrell Issa is itching to delve into Democratic malfeasance as the House’s tough-talking oversight boss. He talks with Howard Kurtz about how partisan his probes will be.

Darrell Issa is trying very hard to sound reasonable.

“The bureaucracy is innately susceptible to waste, fraud and abuse,” the congressman tells me in an earnest tone. “It has nothing to do with which party occupies the Oval Office.”

The man who made a bundle selling car alarms (Now is this an immature, idiotic snipe or what?) is about to crank up the volume on the Obama White House. As the incoming chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, the California Republican could make life miserable for the president.

Issa has fired off 46 letters to the Democratic majority, demanding some kind of action, and gotten only six responses. He complained about the taxpayers continuing to “prop up” Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, railed about government “wasting stimulus funds on projects of dubious merit,” even called for an inquiry into school choice in the District of Columbia.

“How acrimonious that gets is really up to them,” Issa says of the Democrats.

And that provides a clue: the investigative apparatus under the GOP will be mobilized to support specific parts of the party’s legislative agenda. As Republicans set out to prove that Obama’s spending is out of control, there’s no better tactic than to expose horror stories of appalling waste.

Continue the read if you can…

Nov 232010
playboy tsa

~ Get ready people, they have declared war on us:

~Click on image for {JP Exclusive} TSA Machines Paid for by YOU!…

(JP Exclusive Part II} TSA’s Pimp RAPISCAN SYSTEMS, INC. (Project Summary)

TSA Blasts Planned Boycott of Body Scanners on Thanksgiving Eve as ‘Irresponsible’

The growing backlash over the government’s use of high-tech body scanners finally comes to a head Wednesday, the day activists have urged airline passengers to opt out of what they call a virtual strip search and submit to an “enhanced” pat-down.

National Opt-Out Day arrives the day before Thanksgiving, one of the busiest travel days of the year. More than 24 million people are expected to fly on U.S. airlines over 12 days ending Nov. 30.

The boycott has not been organized beyond a website — a weakness that will likely undermine the goal of organizers to cause headaches at airports across the country.

Yet TSA Administrator John Pistole still called the boycott “irresponsible.”

“On the eve of a major national holiday and less than one year after Al Qaeda’s failed attack last Christmas Day, it is irresponsible for a group to suggest travelers opt out of the very screening that could prevent an attack using non-metallic explosives,” TSA Administrator John Pistole said in a written statement.

~This joker had to be Gestapo in a past life!

Full article

Don’t touch my junk: TSA workers face a tough job (Awww)

TAMPA, Fla. – They’ve been called molesters, threatened with violence and ordered not to touch “my junk.” One woman headbutted a TSA officer who was searching her laptop. Other screeners report being punched, kicked and shoved during pat-downs. Security officers know the new searches are more invasive but want Thanksgiving travelers to keep in mind they are just doing their jobs to keep people safe.

~Can you even believe how MSM reports?! Smacking self on forehead…

“We just want the public to understand that we’re not perverts,” said screener Ricky D. McCoy, who heads a local TSA union for Illinois and Wisconsin.

TSA chief John Pistole has heard the complaints and seemed more open to trying to balance safety with invading people’s privacy with the pat-downs.


Despite the firestorm of controversy over the use of high-tech body scanners at airports, the hundreds of millions of dollars that the Transportation Security Administration is spending or looking to spend on them makes it unlikely that they’ll be getting shelved anytime soon.

~HERE is the kicker, the whole ball of wax…

Each scanner costs about $130,000 to $170,000, the agency said, and President Obama’s budget request for this year calls for $88 million to buy and install 500 new scanners.

The TSA already has already spent $80 million on body scanners, including $73 million received in stimulus funds.

Needless to say, the technology is big business, and the two companies that supply the scanners to the TSA, L-3 Communications and Rapiscan Systems, have a record of using high-powered political operatives and lobbyists to influence lawmakers. A number of other companies also are vying for future government contracts.

“TSA competitively bids technologies and makes selections through a comprehensive research, testing, and deployment process,” the agency said in a written statement. “Technologies must meet detection standards and TSA tests these technologies in both laboratory and field environments

Here’s the breakdown friends:

L-3 Communications, which has sold $39.7 million worth of machines to the TSA, has spent $4.3 million on lobbying the federal government thus far this year, though it is not clear how much of that money was spent on lobbying the TSA. Among the key figures lobbying on L-3’s behalf is Linda Daschle, wife of former Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, the South Dakota Democrat.

Rapiscan, which has sold $41.2 million worth of body scanners to the TSA, has spent $221,500 on lobbying the federal government. Former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff worked briefly last year as a consultant for Rapiscan, but the company said the work was unrelated to the federal government.

“Mr. Chertoff and his staff of experts provided Rapiscan with advice and analysis with respect to a limited set of well-defined subjects unrelated to aviation security,” Peter Kant, executive vice president of the company, said in a written statement. “Chertoff Group’s activities in that engagement were advisory, and neither Mr. Chertoff nor his staff has ever represented Rapiscan in any communication with the U.S. government.”

An official with L-3 Communications told that it has a $16 billion defense contract and that most of its lobbying money is spent on defense and service branches.

The official said that any company certified to sell body scanners to TSA goes through a two-year process of having the machines tested in a laboratory and a pilot program before they are accepted.

L-3 Communications began its contract with TSA nearly a year ago.

Sheila Krumholz, executive director of the Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks lobbying expenditures on Capitol Hill, said it’s common for these companies that have or hope to have contracts with the government to invest in lobbying that can lead to “make or break moments.”

“In this case, $4.3 million is an enormous amount of money but a small price to pay for the potential profits they could reap,” she said, adding that without the money, companies may not be able to make their case “forcefully enough.”

“From our perspective, we want to put a spotlight on the money,” she said. “It’s big bucks, big business. Where it has an impact on policy decisions, we need public oversight. We need the public to take the time to understand the players involved, the money involved and what the outcome is involved.”

~Oh, believe me you arses we comprehend & that is precisely what you are angry about! ~JP


Nov 202010

If you have not heard about the cancer survivor in NC who was forced to remove her prosthetic breast during the TSA cope & feel, then your about to blow your top.

Cathy Bossi, a Charlotte-area flight attendant, told WBTV, a local CBS affiliate, that in August, two female Transportation Security Administration agents took her to a private room for what she calls an aggressive pat-down.

They stopped when they got around to feeling her right breast, the one where she’d had surgery, said Bossi, a three-year breast cancer survivor.

“She put her full hand on my breast and said, ‘What is this?'” Bossi told the station. “And I said, ‘It’s my prosthesis because I’ve had breast cancer.’ And she said, ‘Well you’ll need to show me that.'”

Bossi said she removed the prosthetic breast from her bra.

“I did not take the name of the person at the time because it was just so horrific of an experience, I couldn’t believe someone had done that to me,” she said. “I’m a flight attendant. I was just trying to get to work.”

A TSA spokesperson told the station that agents aren’t supposed to remove any prosthetics but are allowed to ask to see and touch any passenger’s prosthetic. The agency said it will review the matter.

As reported by FOX news, Bossi’s story is just one of many fueling a backlash against passenger pat-downs and high-tech scanners that produce digital images of the body’s contours. Florida Rep. John Mica is pushing for airports to consider ditching TSA agents altogether in favor of private contractors. Some travelers are using the Internet to organize protests aimed at the busy travel days
surrounding Thanksgiving next week

Adding insult to injury,the Sun Sentinel reported today you get to play spin the tail on either a $11,000 fine, or risk arrest for some who refuse airport scans and pat downs. Can someone PLEASE wake me the hell up?! Have we gone back in time & taken over by the Third Reich?!

If you don’t want to pass through an airport scanner & put the coin the slot for the Chertoff group, allowing the security agents to scope pornographic stills of your naked body or to undergo the alternative, a thorough manual search, you may have to find another way to travel this holiday season.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is warning that any would-be commercial airline passenger who enters an airport checkpoint and then refuses to undergo the method of inspection designated by TSA will not be allowed to fly and also will not be permitted to simply leave the airport.

That person will have to remain on the premises to be questioned by the TSA and possibly by local law enforcement. Anyone refusing faces fines up to $11,000 and possible arrest.

“Once a person submits to the screening process, they can not just decide to leave that process,” says Sari Koshetz, regional TSA spokesperson, based in Miami.

Koshetz said such passengers would be questioned “until it is determined that they don’t pose a threat” to the public.

Meanwhile, the American Civil Liberties Union was urging Americans to petition the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the TSA, to change the new policies.

“All of us have a right to travel without such crude invasions of our privacy,” the ACLU said in a statement. “Tell DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano to put in place security measures that respect passengers’ privacy rights. You shouldn’t have to check your rights when you check your luggage.”

The ACLU outlined ways for citizens to respond to TSA demands at checkpoints and also provided a form letter for filing complaints.

But the TSA stuck to its guns. Testifying before Congress Wednesday, TSA Administrator John S. Pistole said inspectors at the nation’s airports would enforce the new policies despite complaints that the search methods are too invasive.

But I don’t recall seeing photos or video of John Pistole having his groin groped by one of his 67,000 employees. That spectacle would undermine the authority or offend the dignity of our betters.

* Send this jackwagon some fan mail! TSA’s John Pistole

In summation we once again are being played & the winner are those involved with the Chertoff group & who knows how big that goes! We refuse body groping & tadaski we get ‘modern’ masheens. Bah! We have the Doh President with these assinine remarks:

Nov 202010

~I say we draft Issac Yeffet to run the TSA! ~JP

Nov 202010

~Again on his Bully Pulpit! Intimidation not working. He’s like a little child threatening this & that to get his own way. He is creating chaos on every issue & with the election loss it will magnify with each thing he tries to get passed. Did you know he snuck one in? He is battering us friends & the TSA uproar worked now, didn’t it?…~JP

{Snuck it in!} Web censorship bill sails through Senate committee

He Says Republicans Stalling Ratification of START Treaty Impacts National Security; McConnell Talks Taxes

~ Now he’s dishonoring Reagan…blowhard teleprompting live forever as I post this…

(AP) President Barack Obama took aim Saturday at Republican senators standing in the way of a nuclear arms reduction pact with Russia, saying they were abandoning Ronald Reagan’s lesson of nuclear diplomacy: “Trust but verify.”

Meanwhile, the Senate’s top Republican accused his Democratic counterparts of wasting Congress’ lame-duck session on issues from gays in the military to environment regulations. Sen. Mitch McConnell didn’t mention Mr. Obama’s push to ratify the new START weapons treaty with Russia, but said extending expiring Bush-era tax cuts needed to be the top priority.

President Obama, speaking from a NATO summit in Portugal, used his weekly radio and Internet address to focus on international affairs at a time of increased political gridlock at home as the GOP prepares to take control of the House in the new Congress next year.

Describing his nuclear efforts as part of a five-administration continuum, President Obama said the treaty to cut the permitted number of U.S. and Russian long-range nuclear warheads by a third was “fundamental to America’s national security.”

The president went to great length listing the prominent Republicans from previous administrations who back the deal, including former secretaries of state Colin Powell, George Shultz, Jim Baker and Henry Kissinger. He cited GOP Sen. Dick Lugar’s support, but suggested that other Republican senators were playing politics with national security.

“Some make no argument against the treaty – they just ask for more time,” President Obama said. “If the Senate doesn’t act this year – after six months, 18 hearings, and nearly a thousand questions answered – it would have to start over from scratch in January.”

And it would face tougher odds as the Democratic majority loses six seats.

Without ratification, Russia may be less cooperative in enforcing strong sanctions on Iran, securing loose nuclear material from terrorists or helping the U.S. equip troops in Afghanistan, Obama said. He said no agreement with Russia meant no U.S. inspectors watching over one of the world’s biggest nuclear arsenals.

~Good! Who the hay trusts the USSR anyway?

“Those who would block this treaty are breaking President Reagan’s rule – they want to trust, but not verify,” President Obama said.

McConnell, in the GOP radio and Internet address, focused on the stubbornly high unemployment rate and Democrats’ failure to alleviate joblessness. The Kentucky senator said Democrats had exploded the national debt with the stimulus and other spending programs, and were now asking Americans for more money. He said it was imperative that the Bush-era tax cuts that expire this year be extended.

“Americans don’t think we should be raising taxes on anybody, especially in the middle of a recession,” McConnell said. “But instead of giving Americans what they want, Democratic leaders plan to use the last few days that lawmakers expect to spend in Washington this year focusing on everything except preventing this tax hike, which will cost us even more jobs: immigration; a repeal of the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell'; a reorganization of the FDA; more environmental regulations.”

President Obama appears ready to compromise with Republicans on temporarily extending the tax cuts passed under President George W. Bush, despite previous opposition to continuing them for couples making over $250,000. Republicans have sought permanent cuts for all, and McConnell said that the blame for inaction would fall on the Democrats when the hikes “hit every taxpayer and hundreds of thousands of small businesses at the stroke of midnight on December 31st.”

Still, he suggested that Republicans could compromise on the tax issue.

~Throw us a bone hey Barry? Keep it!


Nov 192010

Outrage is growing at the intersection of ideology and incompetence that is the jury’s collapse in the trial of Ahmed Ghailani, declared acquitted in the murders of 224 innocents, including a dozen Americans.

The outrage is growing as Americans learn more and more about how utterly avoidable this outrageous miscarriage of justice was. John Podhoretz’s and Jennifer Rubin’s criticisms are among the most pointed and both employ the damning word “debacle” in the title, and Powerline’s Scott Johnson and John Hinderaker weigh in with “The Failure Option.” Eric Holder who repeatedly declared his confidence in this process should resign and the president should apologize to the nation and especially to the families of the victims whose killed now has been declared not guilty

An email from an individual very experienced in federal criminal proceedings comments:

This smells like a compromise verdict to me. On Monday you had the report that a juror asked to be excused, claiming she was the lone holdout and she feared continuing verbal assaults on her by the other jurors for refusing to agree with them.

I suspect the 11 jurors wanted to convict on all counts, and this one juror refused.

In order to reach a verdict, the 11 jurors agreed to join her in acquitting him on all counts but one, in exchange for her agreeing to convict him on the one count — which sounds the least serious based on its description in the indictment.

But, the potential sentence for that count is a minimum of 20 years and a maximum of life. Its up to the district judge to determine how much time he will give him, and the judge can consider all the evidence at trial, including the evidence on the acquitted counts.

To take those counts into consideration in determining what sentence to impose, the judge is only required to find by a preponderance of evidence that the defendant was involved in the criminal conduct for which he was acquitted. He’s not being punished for the acquitted conduct, rather, that conduct is to inform the judge about the nature of the defendant’s character.

I expect the judge will give him life when all is said and done.



This Clinton Retread

Attorney General candidate Eric Holder played a key role in the much-maligned pardon of fugitive Marc Rich. (Also, Roger Kimball on Eric Holder, Radical)

Troubling episodes during his service in the Clinton administration…

WaPo Obama’s Attorney General Pick Faces Growing Criticism

Vetted the Clinton administration’s 176 last-minute pardons in January 2001

Nov 162010

President Obama told Hispanic lawmakers in a closed-door meeting Tuesday that he wants the lame-duck Congress to pass immigration reforms before the end of the year.

Obama tells Hispanic Caucus immigration reform still possible


President aims to get lame-duck Congress to pass legislation giving children of illegal immigrants path to citizenship by working toward a college degree or military service.

President Obama met privately in the Oval Office Tuesday with leaders of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to discuss immigration reform, and aides say his hope that Congress will approve the DREAM Act during the lame duck session.

The legislation would give children of illegal immigrants an opportunity to earn their citizenship by working toward a college degree or military service.

Critics say it is the first step on the path toward amnesty, although the issue does have some bipartisan support.

~Hey we took names & showed the GOP that! WHOEVER in our party that supports this bill will go down ASAP! You can bet your bippy on that! ~JP

President Obama, Hispanic Caucus Members Talk Dream Act by Mike Emanuel FOX News

From Numbers USA:

We Forced a Delay on Amnesty Bill Until After Thanksgiving; Now Let’s Defeat It!

FAX, Phone!

On Saturday, House Democratic leaders announced that they aren’t going to deal with the amnesty this week. They will be out of town for Thanksgiving the week after that. So, we are now fighting to prohibit the vote the first week of December when Congress returns.
Every day (and especially week) that we delay the vote, the less likely the amnesty will get a hearing. There are at most three weeks left in which it can be raised after Thanksgiving. It still is a real danger. But Congress also has some major business it absolutely has to handle before Christmas.


From FAIR:

DREAM Act Looms Over Lame-Duck

Nov 162010