Aug 252015


These are dark days for people of faith in America as secular progressives mount a ferocious campaign to silence the Christian voice.

In the past week, high school marching bands in Georgia and Mississippi were ordered to stop playing religious songs. Schools were told to silence prayers before football games.

In Kansas, a painting of Jesus was removed from a school hallway. And in Denver, the city council blocked Chick-fil-A from opening a franchise in the airport.


Here’s what’s happening folks: Secular progressives and militant LGBT activists are waging a cultural jihad against the Christian faith. And unless people of faith take a stand, they will purge Christians from the public marketplace.

Todd Starnes

Aug 252015

Jesse Watters asks the folks of New Hampshire what they think about Democratic Socialist presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders:

Mar 132015

A little bit of History for you youngin’s who do not know her.Angela Yvonne Davis was born in Birmingham on January 26, 1944, She starts trouble now as she did back in the 60s, when SHE was a member of The Black Panthers. To this day she is promoted by The Black Panthers Her Boyz, Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale, co-founded the Black Panther Party in 1966. Newton had a long series of confrontations with law enforcement, including several convictions.


Bobby Seale was part of The Chicago 7, being the 8th of this trial. Allying himself with the likes of Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, and Mrs. Jane fonda, Tom Hayden.

We saw much of their desturction in Chicago. I personally watched what they did to the west side on our local nightly news. They allied themselves with Jessie Jackson’s “Rainbow Coalition.” , which later became the PUSH coalition. I tell you when they rode around town on their bikes, we dodged into the shadows.

Another of Angela’s comrades is Fred Hampton, who was cited in this 1963 article from the Chicago Tribune titled: The Black Panther Raid and the death of Fred Hampton.

Now that was some television entertainment to watch on the local news. Of course the lefist radicals say Fred was murdered by the FBI, blah , blah, blah.

March 3, 1968 FBI COINTELPRO memo discussed the need to stop “the beginning of a true black revolution,” and to “prevent the rise of a ‘messiah’ who could unify, and electrify, the militant black nationalist movement. obama?

Note the word Occupy. is used. They sang The time for the Revolution has come, Time to Pick up your guns.

Sadly, Hampton was considered a ‘martyr’. He was killed in that shootout in 1969. In the months leading up to the raid, Black Panther members were involved in two fiery gunbattles with Chicago police. In a July shootout, five police officers and three Black Panther members were wounded at the party’s headquarters a block north of Hampton’s apartment. Then in November, two police officers were killed and six were wounded in a South Side fight with Black Panther members, who themselves suffered one death and one injury.

This is an interview featuring Fred Hampton Senior and Bobby Rush explaining how the Panthers fought fascist capitalism being used to destroy the Black Community with progressive organized Socialism:

We have a sitting congressman, Bobby Rush , who in 1963 after dropping out of high school, Rush joined the U.S. Army. While stationed in Chicago in 1966, he joined the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. In 1968, he went AWOL from the Army and co-founded the Illinois chapter of the Black Panthers.

JUST another of Angela’s Boyz in the hood. Rush also co-founded the Illinois chapter of the Black Panthers in 1968, he served as its defense minister. Rush made statements saying “We needed to arm ourselves” and referring to the police as “pigs”. And he, like the Thug in the WH, sit in OUR house.

From this point forward, the Black Panther Party newspaper portrayed women as revolutionaries, using the example of party member Angela Davis. Interesting, deadly Black anarchism. Which we still see in Ferguson over 50 years later.

She is a self declared communist.

She was the second black woman to make the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list. She earned that distinction as a fugitive wanted on murder and kidnapping charges stemming from her role in a notorious attack on a courtroom in Marin County in California. – Moon Battery

Davis got off in a kangaroo court trial, despite her comparably obvious guilt.

Ms. Davis holds that any black serving a prison sentence in the United States is in reality a “political prisoner,” whatever offense they may have committed. In her lexicon, those convicted are only victims of “masked racism.”

To this very day she preaches I’t’s the white man’s fault’, and lambasts the police. JUST at the beginning of February, Angela Davis gave a heavily-attended speech on “Racism, Militarism, Poverty: From Ferguson to Palestine” at an annual Martin Luther King Jr event at the University of California at Santa Cruz. Some pro-Israel Jewish students protested the speech, and the school’s chancellor defended the invitation. This letter of congratulations was posted on the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network website.

~ Reverse Racism in Play

~ Reverse Racism in Play

Reverse Racism lives and breaths…

So that is your FYI on Angela, who lives to reign racism upon us all. Straight out of obama’s playbook. Borrowed from Alinsky and all the radicals he has surrounded himself with. This was that Hstory in a nutshell. ~ JP

The fight goes on to get it through people’s heads that disagreeing with collectivist policies is not disagreeing with race. And what’s worse is that people who want collectivist policies exploit racial strife to achieve it, and the policies they want hurt the races they patronize the most. The USC College Republicans have a legit disagreement with Angela Davis and her race baiting communistic position, not her race. Hear more in this ZoNation!

Opposing Socialism Does Not Make You a Racist:

Sick of being called a racist because you do not support left-wing politics? Hear why you are not a racist if you oppose socialists like Angela Davis.

Zo’s official Site

* Magazine image from Buzzfeed


Dec 042013


White House is laying out plans to bail out insurance companies to help offset the loss of revenue and profit that the industry is experiencing under ObamaCare.

The White House is turning to a rather hidden provision in the healthcare law to prepare a bailout that the administration hopes will help address the industry’s outrage over the administrative failures.

Patriots ‘The Design’ is in FULL mode…

Dec 022013


Burt Folsom joins Bill Whittle to discuss progressive presidencies. Folsom is the author of New Deal or Raw Deal? and is an expert on FDR’s presidency. Is FDR’s vision continuing in the policies of President Obama? Is the New Deal really a raw deal?

Find the answers to these questions, and much more, in Folsom’s books.


Dec 022013


Nov 222013

Preparing for this post I realized something, I was 12 when JFK was killed. All the shows today on the history channel show me that this “Grand Design” started at least in my lifetime. That socialism seems to rear its socialist horns every half century or so.

I was at school, parochial. JFK being the first catholic President was very much like obama being the first black president. Or was it Clinton? I mean obama being bi-racial, half white is a non issue.

So being raised by a pioneer like my mother, I couldn’t understand why all the kids, nuns and teachers were crying. They brought in a television so we could watch the coverage until we were sent home.

Even at 12 I watched the coverage very different then 99% of them. I knew that JFK was the son of Joe, nothing told in our history class. Could be why I was suspended several times while attending parochial school.

I realized thinking back to that Friday fifty years ago, that not only did my mother prepare me for what is happening to our country right now, but as myself, she was flamed for not keeping quiet. She spoke out in every Chicago newspaper that would print her. And print her they did. I wish I could include those editorials in this post, but they disappeared. Novel hey? So for those who weren’t yet born, or do not know how far back the Kennedy socialist leanings go, here’s a brief and true history lessoning…

The Roots of JFK


John F. Kennedy’s maternal grandfather, and the man for whom JFK was named, John F. “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald was a two term mayor of Boston. His mayoral administration involved significant nepotism, patronage and graft. Sounding familiar? Daley? Clintons? obama?


Fitzgerald was booted out of the U.S. House of Representatives for vote fraud (he had won that election by just over 1% of the votes cast). A major organizer for his corrupt campaign was his son-in-law; the ambitious Joseph P. Kennedy, Jack’s father. Also familiar?

A major organizer for his corrupt campaign was his son-in-law; the ambitious Joseph P. Kennedy, Jack’s father.

Joe made his fortune in the stock market, movies, and through various illicit means including bootlegging during Prohibition and partnering with organized crime. Joe had lofty political aspirations. He made significant contributions to, hold on to your conservative belts, FDR. Surprised?

Joseph was so corrupt even FDR didn’t trust him and declined to offer him a cabinet position. Joe did though successfully lobby Roosevelt for the ambassadorship to England. As ambassador, Joe Kennedy was reviled in England for his defeatism and regarded as a coward. While ambassador he engaged in profiteering; commandeering valued transatlantic cargo space for the continued importation of British Scotch and gin to his importing company.

He was anti-Semitic and willingly ignorant of European history.

Joseph P. Kennedy On Jews:

He sought, without State Department approval, a personal meeting with Hitler with the intent of keeping the U.S. out of the war. Over the objection of the State Department and FDR, he met with a high-level Nazi official seeking to reach an agreement to pay the Nazis up to $1 billion for peace.

Sounding more like obama with every paragraph isn’t it?

He showed almost no empathy and, like the majority of people of his time, accepted inequalities based on race, gender, and religious belief.

PC 370

I want your children and grandchildren to know the semantics and personality make up of the Kennedy’s, for unless they are homeschooled they will never know the Kennedy Clan truly was NO ‘Camelot’.

In this PDF, you will learn the long health history of JFK.

Also how a Georgetown housewife, obsessed with exposing the womanizing JFK, became a public nuisance to the 1960 Kennedy presidential campaign, but the general public did not care to hear or believe her evidence. Clintonian wouldn’t you say?

Secret service agents feared that one of these women would blackmail or even kill JFK. So he had many enemies. Personal and political.

Like Daddy Dear, Like Son:

Joseph P. Kennedy, a sexual predator and religious hypocrite influenced future generations of the Kennedy clan. His biographer, David Nasaw speaks on this topic.

In 1963, German born Ellen Rometsch became one of the White House pool party girls. A beautiful prostitute who JUST happened to be a card carrying member of the Communist Party. Other call girls from Communist countries, Maria Novtny (a Czech) and Suzy Chang (a Chinese) serviced JFK. An interesting read in this PDF shows how spying and traitorship on nuclear secrets involving Russia and Britain, were also prominent in the ‘pillow talk’

It also shows how JFK paid Mafia kingpin Sam Giancana a cool quarter million bucks.JFK had his won personal conduit between Kennedy and Giancana, carried money and documents on the “elimination” of Castro from JFK to Giancana and arranged meetings between the two. during the primaries and remained so during the general election and the Kennedy administration.

So then how can people report Cuba or Russia could not possibly have had a hand in his killing? And lets not forget how the press was paid & silenced way back then, setting the precedent for what we have come to know as MsM or what I call State Run Media. Some reporters knew about the link between these call girls and JFK but their story was suppressed by publishing mogul Bill Hearst.

J. Edgar Hoover, who provided LBJ him with much information about JFK’s personal life. JFK admitted in private that he chose Johnson because, “those bastards are trying to frame me.”

I could cover the JFK clan for days. The REAL family, but I think this is interesting reading. Noteworthy are:

joe stroek

* Prior to the 1960 election, the CIA had unassailable evidence of a Nixon bribe; a copy of a check for $100,000 that had been deposited in Nixon’s checking account in a California bank.

* The first election JFK won was his grandfather Honey Fitz’s congressional seat. Critical to the win was Joe’s money.

* JFK’s election to the U.S. Senate was again largely the result of Joe’s money and connections.

* During the Democratic primaries for the 1960 presidential election, JFK’s most important victory came in West Virginia. Large sums of Kennedy money–at least $2 million ($11 million in today’s dollars) and possibly twice that–bought votes. The paymasters included JFK’s brothers, Bobby and Ted Kennedy. The primary was effectively stolen from Hubert Humphrey. BTW my mother voted for Humphrey in the primary and declared the dem party hoping he would defeat JFK.

* Giancana got out the JFK vote among the rank and file in the mob controlled unions and siphon campaign funds from the corrupt Teamster’s union fund.


* Another common denominator of then and now: Hoover’s illegal wiretaps, he knew the election corruption went far beyond Illinois. Enter RFK being apointed by his brother a Attorney General. This choice was forced on Jack by his dad. With his brother the Attorney General, the investigation into election fraud was stopped in its tracks. Nothing was done after the Justice Department forwarded a report to the Attorney General that the Illinois election was stolen.

* Nixon saw Kennedy men as “the most ruthless group of political operatives.”:

From this point on I had the wisdom and wariness of someone who had been burned by the power of the Kennedys and their money and by the license
they were given by the media. I vowed that I would never again enter an election at a disadvantage by being vulnerable to them – or anyone – on the level of political tactics.

* JFK asked CIA director Richard Bissell to create a formal capacity for political assassination. Well versed in “plausible deniability”, there are no papers tying JFK to the use of the word “assassination”, but the evidence for his directives is overwhelming. So Clinton and obama’s ‘hit list’ is nothing new.

On November 22, 1963, as Oswald was shooting JFK in Dallas, an undercover CIA agent was meeting with a former follower of Castro and delivering to him an assassination device for use against Castro.

Please read this PDF, it will open your eyes and teach your children how long this country has been corrupt.

These things are consistent in the dem party even now. I wanted to share the history of that and the Kennedy family, No one dare to talk about THAT today. So many descendants from Joe have had controversy about communist leanings. Scandals. You are too smart to know, as now, this has all been planned ‘By Design’. Not JUST from ‘dreams of obama’s father, mother, maternal grandfather, but also from Joesph Kennedy. These dreams have turned into OUR night “terror’s”!

No, my mother did not cry when he was killed. My mother was no hypocrite, She wasn’t going to cry for a man who was or came from such a corrupt family. WHY would she? Would you cry Now? ~JP

Nov 132013

Patriots, ‘POUNCE’ on this and lets make it happen! Be as relentless as you have been, NOW is the time! ~ JP

Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer sees “the collapse of American liberalism” in sight, in no small part because of the troubled rollout of the Affordable Care Act.

“We have not just Obamacare unraveling, not just the Obama administration unraveling, not just the Democratic majority of the Senate [unraveling], but we could be looking at the collapse of American liberalism,” Krauthammer told Bill O’Reilly Tuesday. “Obamacare is the big thing for them. The biggest in a hundred years.”

Begins at appox 3:15:

Aug 132013

Anti-war activist and self-describde socialist Cindy Sheehan appeared at a Green Party conference sponsored by AFT-Wisconsin and Code Pink. There, she announced her campaign for governor of California.

Jul 282013

* Yuri Bezmenov, a former PGU KGB informant from the Soviet Union who defected to Canada.

* Saul Alinsky ~ Rules for Radicals

* Our Socialism category

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