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The shocking comments from Rep. Alvin Holmes (D-Montgomery) came shortly after Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin (R-Indian Springs) compared her bill to restrict abortions to the landmark Supreme Court case Brown vs. Board of Education, which ended in 1954 the legal segregation of public schools.

“Ninety-nine percent of those of you sitting in here now, if your daughter got pregnant by a black man, you going to make her have an abortion, you not going to let her have the baby,” Holmes said.

JT on this morning’s show in AL., WERC , confronts Al state Rep Alvin Holmes about his offensive statements on race and abortion, and calls from listeners.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – There’s a strong response coming out against a longtime state representative’s controversial remarks about abortion. The woman running against Holmes says she’s appalled but not surprised:

“He said that being pro life was for white people, that’s not true. Pro life is loving babies whether they’re inside the womb or outside of the womb. Whether you’re black or white – it doesn’t have a color,” said Tijuanna Adetunji.

Adetunji, a Republican, and Holmes face off in the November General Election. News Weather and Sports for Montgomery, AL.

Alabamanians? YOU know what to do! ~ JP

Dec 092013

So Patriots, not only is Greid’s nuclear option’ stacking judges, it’s stacking the deck with lawyers to pass Shamnesty, they are all featured below…


PJ Media columnist J. Christian Adams appeared on The Kelly File on Fox News on Friday to talk about his recent article detailing how the Department of Homeland Security has recently hired activist immigration attorneys who worked for pro-amnesty, pro-asylum, and open borders groups in the past. Now, sources inside DHS have provided PJ Media with the employment history and pro-amnesty backgrounds of the newly hired lawyers who will be enforcing federal immigration laws. The ideological histories of these new DHS lawyers undermine confidence that the federal government will vigorously enforce federal laws, notwithstanding any congressional “mandates” to do so.

From J. Christian Adams:

The ideological histories of these new DHS lawyers undermine confidence that the federal government will vigorously enforce federal laws, notwithstanding any congressional “mandates” to do so.

Despite the sequester, the Department of Homeland Security has just completed a hiring blitz of attorneys to oversee and manage immigration litigation. Almost all of these new civil service attorney hires hail from an activist pro-amnesty and pro-asylum background. Sources within the Department of Homeland Security report that the process for hiring these new career civil service lawyers was unconventional and was conducted by an Obama political appointee within DHS.

The new attorneys have activist backgrounds with a variety of pro-amnesty groups such as the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), the Advancement Project, and open borders groups funded by the Tides Foundation.

The worse part is these hacks cannot be replaced or fired because they are civil servants!

These lawyers were hired through unconventional means by former DHS chief counsel for Citizen and Immigration Services Stephen Legomsky. Sources at DHS report that when Legomsky was hired by Secretary Janet Napalitano’s Department, he was not even an active member of any bar association. After resigning in October 2013, Legomsky is now a professor of law at Washington University. His scholarship is most notable for its hostility toward barriers to entry for foreigners coming to the United States.

* Kristy Blumeyer-Martinez is a new attorney in the DHS Office of the Chief Counsel. Prior to joining OCC, Kristy served as law clerk to the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund in San Antonio, Texas, and RAICES in San Antonio, Texas. In law school, she also clerked with the UC Davis Immigration Law Clinic and Sacramento Child Advocates/Children’s Law Center. She also worked at American Gateways, Refugee Services of Texas, and Caritas of Austin.

* Esther Cantor was hired into the refugee and asylum law division as an associate counsel at DHS headquarters in Washington, D.C.. She participated in the Immigration Clinic and volunteered with the Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights Coalition, an open borders organization.

* Nicole Flores is a new DHS lawyer in Chicago. She graduated from Harvard Law School, where she worked at the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic and served as the co-president of the Harvard Immigration Project, an organization dedicated to ensuring foreigners get to stay in the United States. She was also a legal intern at the leftist open borders organization LatinoJustice-PRLDEF. According to DHS sources, there she worked on project to badger businesses who implemented English-only rules in the work place. Before law school, she was a volunteer activist at a “workers’ rights” organization in Madison, Wisconsin.

* Erin Fricker is a new DHS lawyer formerly employed by Lutheran Social Services of New England, where she was a staff attorney representing detained foreigners attempting to stay in the United States. While in law school, Erin participated in the Boston College Immigration and Asylum Project as an immigration clinic student.

* New DHS lawyer Elizabeth Grossman established her Obama-era ideological bona fides by serving on the executive board for the University of Michigan Law School chapter of the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, a leftist law school student group.

* Elizabeth Gunter’s resume includes a stint in the Obama-era DOJ Attorney General’s Honor Program after graduating from Washington University, the same law school where Legomsky, the person doing the hiring at DHS, was a professor while Gunter was a student.

* Cindy Heidelberg comes from the same Holder-era Attorney General’s Honor Program, after a long activist background with open borders groups. Cynthia graduated from Georgetown Law in 2011, earning a J.D. with a certificate in “Refugees and Humanitarian Emergencies.” During law school, she interned at the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Immigrant Justice Project, the ACLU National Prison Project, and the AARP Litigation Foundation.

* Celia Hicks is a new lawyer with the Litigation and National Security Coordination Division in Washington, DC. She served as Protection Fellow for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and previously worked for the Legal Action Center of the American Immigration Council, an organization notoriously hostile to Border Patrol agents.

* New DHS lawyer Leila Higgins previously worked as a student attorney in the Immigrant Justice Clinic at her law school. This organization, according to its website, represents “immigrants on cutting-edge asylum claims based on gender and sexual orientation.”

* Lawyer Stephanie Hummel previously worked at the ABA Center for Human Rights in Washington, as well as the pro-amnesty Immigration Law Project, and Legal Services of Eastern Missouri in St. Louis, Missouri. In 2008, she spent time in Cairo studying Arabic. In law school, Hummel won a CALI Award for “Representation of Non-US Citizens in Immigration Court Proceedings.”

* Before joining DHS, attorney Jennifer Lee was an advocate for illegal aliens obtaining in-state tuition at public universities, though she naturally called them “undocumented immigrants.” Lee also worked at the Legal Aid Justice Center, a organization which advised illegals “what to do in the event of a raid.”

* Katelyn Love is now a DHS lawyer in Washington, D.C. She once worked at Lutheran Family Services, where she represented foreigners in their attempts to stay in the United States. Katelyn spent her junior year of college in Morocco studying “formal and colloquial” Arabic.

* New DHS lawyer Maura Ooi previously worked in militantly activist roles with militantly activist open borders organizations: such as the ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project. Also, prior to joining DHS, Ooi penned a report for the leftist National Immigration Law Center bashing DHS. Titled “DHS Proposes Fantasy Remedies to Cure Fundamental Flaws in the Secure Communities Program” (emphasis mine), Ooi complained about efforts to fingerprint captured illegal aliens. Without collecting biometric data such as fingerprints, deported illegal aliens may repeatedly return to the United States and their prior illegal entries would remain unknown.

* Reena Parikh also worked at the American University Immigrant Justice Clinic, where she represented foreigners in removal proceedings. She also worked as a legal intern at the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, a group knee-deep in trying to ease immigration laws.

* If you were starting to think that Stephen Legomsky only hired young women to be DHS lawyers, meet new DHS lawyer Steven Plastrik. What Plastrik lacks in femininity, he makes up for with a deep commitment to making sure foreigners get to stay in the United States. He prepared asylum applications at Freedom House and on behalf of other organizations.

* New DHS lawyer Liza Shah just completed a stint with the George Soros-funded Advancement Project working to ensure felons get the right to vote in Virginia (with the tragic and politically suicidal aid of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell). As a law student, Shah naturally helped in litigation to keep foreigners in the United States.

* Before becoming a DHS lawyer, Connie Yao worked at the Soros Tides Foundation-funded East Bay Sanctuary Covenant, where she assisted individuals with asylum applications. At Cornell Law, she participated in the Advocacy for LGBT Communities Clinic.

* Amisha Sharma is on the board of directors of her local Planned Parenthood when she isn’t busy as a newly hired DHS lawyer. She also worked at the ACLU. She received a dual degree in religious studies and women’s and gender studies from Louisiana State University. At Fordham Law, she was on the board of “Law Students for Reproductive Justice,” worked at the “Center for Reproductive Rights” and volunteered for the “Planned Parenthood of New York City’s Activist Council.”

* Catlin Shay has a history of aiding foreigners seeking to remain in the United States as well as activism against laws prohibiting felons from voting. She wrote “Free But No Liberty: How Florida Contravenes the Voting Rights Act by Preventing Persons Previously Convicted of Felonies from Voting,” and advocated a position wholly rejected by federal courts.

* Cara Shewchuk once worked at the pro-amnesty National Immigration Law Center and the Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights Coalition, providing free legal help to illegal aliens.

* Melanie Siders worked for the Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network prior to her time as a DHS lawyer.

* Lindsay Smith is a graduate of Smith College and Michigan Law, where she was “a Jenny Runkles scholar” for her commitment to public interest law and “diversity.” She also worked at the open borders, pro-amnesty group Americans for Immigrant Justice.

* Prior to joining DHS, Shahna Esber was an “Immigration Law Fellow” at the Legal Aid Society of San Diego, where she helped foreigners stay in the United States. She also worked with the Immigration Center for Women and Children, an organization “proud to assist immigrant youth applying for Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.”

* DHS lawyer Bria DeSalvo graduated from Georgetown University Law Center “with a certificate in Refugees and Humanitarian Emergencies. ” In law school, DeSalvo volunteered for the CAIR coalition.

* DHS lawyer Jessika Croizat served as a union organizer for AFSCME before deciding to attend law school.

* Before his job as an attorney at DHS, Michael Celone was a Hill staffer for Democrats. He worked with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) helping prepare research to attack the Bush Justice Department regarding the firing of political appointees who were serving as United States attorneys. He also worked for Democrat Rep. Jim Langevin from Rhode Island. He also authored an article revealingly titled “Undocumented and Unprotected: Solutions for Protecting the Health of America’s Undocumented Mexican Migrant Workers.”

If you are an attorney with a background in enforcing immigration law as opposed to representing foreigners attempting to stay in the United States, don’t expect to be hired by DHS during the Obama administration. And based on this recent batch of hires, if you are a male with a background in immigration enforcement, forget about it.

There is NO doubt the accelerated plans of Socialist USSA. They are planting Voter takeover and Shamnesty and beyond. Share this investigative prrof from J. Christian please? ~ JP

Details of these hacks provided in full by J. Christian

Dec 042013


White House is laying out plans to bail out insurance companies to help offset the loss of revenue and profit that the industry is experiencing under ObamaCare.

The White House is turning to a rather hidden provision in the healthcare law to prepare a bailout that the administration hopes will help address the industry’s outrage over the administrative failures.

Patriots ‘The Design’ is in FULL mode…

Dec 022013


Burt Folsom joins Bill Whittle to discuss progressive presidencies. Folsom is the author of New Deal or Raw Deal? and is an expert on FDR’s presidency. Is FDR’s vision continuing in the policies of President Obama? Is the New Deal really a raw deal?

Find the answers to these questions, and much more, in Folsom’s books.


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Nov 262013

Ju Hong, who stood up and slammed Obama, as obama lectured him during a California immigration event Monday, saying in an unscripted moment that he could not unilaterally halt deportations of illegal immigrants and that true reform would require more than “just shouting.”

Hong came to the United States from NK with his mother and older sister when he was 11.

He tweeted Mr. President, I did not heckle you. I was speaking the truth to you.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a tweet for everything :) Wonder if Mr. presiden will have my twitter acct. suspended. Or um, mayhaps snoop on this website. Sure have many times, so…

@JuHong89 @BarackObama Shame on you Mr. president. You were the champion of illegal immigrants. Did you lie about that also?

“The easy way out is to try to yell and pretend like I can do something by violating our laws,” Obama told the heckler at a speech in San Francisco’s Chinatown. “It won’t be as easy as just shouting.”

Later Monday afternoon, Obama complained at a second event that “a lot of people have been saying this lately on every problem — which is — ‘just sign an executive order, and we can pretty much do anything and basically nullify Congress.’”

But where does this idea come from? From Obama himself.

Obama used the same rhetoric to advise patience to advocates for the Dream Act, a bill creating a path to citizenship for children of illegal immigrants.

“It will be difficult, and it will take time. I know some of you wish that I could bypass Congress and change the law myself, but that’s not how democracy works. Democracy is hard, but it’s right,” Obama said during a commencement speech at Miami-Dade College in April 2011.

By July 2011, Obama teased during a speech to La Raza that he wanted nothing more than to work without Congress:

“Believe me — believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you. Not just on immigration reform,” Obama said as the crowd laughed and applauded. “But that’s not how — that’s not how our system works.”

A year later, in spite of his vow to adhere to the Constitution, Obama announced in June 2012 that he would act without Congress to stop deportations for the so-called “Dreamers.”

“My administration has been doing what we can without the help of Congress for more than three years now,” he said to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials conference last year, “Last week we took another step. On Friday, we announced that we’re lifting the shadow of deportation from deserving young people who are brought to this country as children.”

* So when immigration reform activists hear Obama’s rhetoric about working within the structure of the Constitution, it’s easy for them to think that Obama is just paying lip service to the idea.

* For protesters like Ju Hong, it’s easy to believe that Obama takes matters into his own hands when it comes to immigration.

If they got him to do it before a tough re-election campaign, why wouldn’t he do it again in his second term?


Interesting discovery in my travels. Hong is no stranger to being an activist.

Police arrested 21-year-old Hong and six other undocumented student activists for blocking a major street at a July 12 San Bernardino immigration rally. They were released 12 hours later, but might now be at risk for deportation. An ICE agent told the activists they might be ordered to an immigration court hearing in a few weeks, Hong said.

* Undocumented and unafraid.

Charlie Spiering

Nov 222013

Preparing for this post I realized something, I was 12 when JFK was killed. All the shows today on the history channel show me that this “Grand Design” started at least in my lifetime. That socialism seems to rear its socialist horns every half century or so.

I was at school, parochial. JFK being the first catholic President was very much like obama being the first black president. Or was it Clinton? I mean obama being bi-racial, half white is a non issue.

So being raised by a pioneer like my mother, I couldn’t understand why all the kids, nuns and teachers were crying. They brought in a television so we could watch the coverage until we were sent home.

Even at 12 I watched the coverage very different then 99% of them. I knew that JFK was the son of Joe, nothing told in our history class. Could be why I was suspended several times while attending parochial school.

I realized thinking back to that Friday fifty years ago, that not only did my mother prepare me for what is happening to our country right now, but as myself, she was flamed for not keeping quiet. She spoke out in every Chicago newspaper that would print her. And print her they did. I wish I could include those editorials in this post, but they disappeared. Novel hey? So for those who weren’t yet born, or do not know how far back the Kennedy socialist leanings go, here’s a brief and true history lessoning…

The Roots of JFK


John F. Kennedy’s maternal grandfather, and the man for whom JFK was named, John F. “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald was a two term mayor of Boston. His mayoral administration involved significant nepotism, patronage and graft. Sounding familiar? Daley? Clintons? obama?


Fitzgerald was booted out of the U.S. House of Representatives for vote fraud (he had won that election by just over 1% of the votes cast). A major organizer for his corrupt campaign was his son-in-law; the ambitious Joseph P. Kennedy, Jack’s father. Also familiar?

A major organizer for his corrupt campaign was his son-in-law; the ambitious Joseph P. Kennedy, Jack’s father.

Joe made his fortune in the stock market, movies, and through various illicit means including bootlegging during Prohibition and partnering with organized crime. Joe had lofty political aspirations. He made significant contributions to, hold on to your conservative belts, FDR. Surprised?

Joseph was so corrupt even FDR didn’t trust him and declined to offer him a cabinet position. Joe did though successfully lobby Roosevelt for the ambassadorship to England. As ambassador, Joe Kennedy was reviled in England for his defeatism and regarded as a coward. While ambassador he engaged in profiteering; commandeering valued transatlantic cargo space for the continued importation of British Scotch and gin to his importing company.

He was anti-Semitic and willingly ignorant of European history.

Joseph P. Kennedy On Jews:

He sought, without State Department approval, a personal meeting with Hitler with the intent of keeping the U.S. out of the war. Over the objection of the State Department and FDR, he met with a high-level Nazi official seeking to reach an agreement to pay the Nazis up to $1 billion for peace.

Sounding more like obama with every paragraph isn’t it?

He showed almost no empathy and, like the majority of people of his time, accepted inequalities based on race, gender, and religious belief.

PC 370

I want your children and grandchildren to know the semantics and personality make up of the Kennedy’s, for unless they are homeschooled they will never know the Kennedy Clan truly was NO ‘Camelot’.

In this PDF, you will learn the long health history of JFK.

Also how a Georgetown housewife, obsessed with exposing the womanizing JFK, became a public nuisance to the 1960 Kennedy presidential campaign, but the general public did not care to hear or believe her evidence. Clintonian wouldn’t you say?

Secret service agents feared that one of these women would blackmail or even kill JFK. So he had many enemies. Personal and political.

Like Daddy Dear, Like Son:

Joseph P. Kennedy, a sexual predator and religious hypocrite influenced future generations of the Kennedy clan. His biographer, David Nasaw speaks on this topic.

In 1963, German born Ellen Rometsch became one of the White House pool party girls. A beautiful prostitute who JUST happened to be a card carrying member of the Communist Party. Other call girls from Communist countries, Maria Novtny (a Czech) and Suzy Chang (a Chinese) serviced JFK. An interesting read in this PDF shows how spying and traitorship on nuclear secrets involving Russia and Britain, were also prominent in the ‘pillow talk’

It also shows how JFK paid Mafia kingpin Sam Giancana a cool quarter million bucks.JFK had his won personal conduit between Kennedy and Giancana, carried money and documents on the “elimination” of Castro from JFK to Giancana and arranged meetings between the two. during the primaries and remained so during the general election and the Kennedy administration.

So then how can people report Cuba or Russia could not possibly have had a hand in his killing? And lets not forget how the press was paid & silenced way back then, setting the precedent for what we have come to know as MsM or what I call State Run Media. Some reporters knew about the link between these call girls and JFK but their story was suppressed by publishing mogul Bill Hearst.

J. Edgar Hoover, who provided LBJ him with much information about JFK’s personal life. JFK admitted in private that he chose Johnson because, “those bastards are trying to frame me.”

I could cover the JFK clan for days. The REAL family, but I think this is interesting reading. Noteworthy are:

joe stroek

* Prior to the 1960 election, the CIA had unassailable evidence of a Nixon bribe; a copy of a check for $100,000 that had been deposited in Nixon’s checking account in a California bank.

* The first election JFK won was his grandfather Honey Fitz’s congressional seat. Critical to the win was Joe’s money.

* JFK’s election to the U.S. Senate was again largely the result of Joe’s money and connections.

* During the Democratic primaries for the 1960 presidential election, JFK’s most important victory came in West Virginia. Large sums of Kennedy money–at least $2 million ($11 million in today’s dollars) and possibly twice that–bought votes. The paymasters included JFK’s brothers, Bobby and Ted Kennedy. The primary was effectively stolen from Hubert Humphrey. BTW my mother voted for Humphrey in the primary and declared the dem party hoping he would defeat JFK.

* Giancana got out the JFK vote among the rank and file in the mob controlled unions and siphon campaign funds from the corrupt Teamster’s union fund.


* Another common denominator of then and now: Hoover’s illegal wiretaps, he knew the election corruption went far beyond Illinois. Enter RFK being apointed by his brother a Attorney General. This choice was forced on Jack by his dad. With his brother the Attorney General, the investigation into election fraud was stopped in its tracks. Nothing was done after the Justice Department forwarded a report to the Attorney General that the Illinois election was stolen.

* Nixon saw Kennedy men as “the most ruthless group of political operatives.”:

From this point on I had the wisdom and wariness of someone who had been burned by the power of the Kennedys and their money and by the license
they were given by the media. I vowed that I would never again enter an election at a disadvantage by being vulnerable to them – or anyone – on the level of political tactics.

* JFK asked CIA director Richard Bissell to create a formal capacity for political assassination. Well versed in “plausible deniability”, there are no papers tying JFK to the use of the word “assassination”, but the evidence for his directives is overwhelming. So Clinton and obama’s ‘hit list’ is nothing new.

On November 22, 1963, as Oswald was shooting JFK in Dallas, an undercover CIA agent was meeting with a former follower of Castro and delivering to him an assassination device for use against Castro.

Please read this PDF, it will open your eyes and teach your children how long this country has been corrupt.

These things are consistent in the dem party even now. I wanted to share the history of that and the Kennedy family, No one dare to talk about THAT today. So many descendants from Joe have had controversy about communist leanings. Scandals. You are too smart to know, as now, this has all been planned ‘By Design’. Not JUST from ‘dreams of obama’s father, mother, maternal grandfather, but also from Joesph Kennedy. These dreams have turned into OUR night “terror’s”!

No, my mother did not cry when he was killed. My mother was no hypocrite, She wasn’t going to cry for a man who was or came from such a corrupt family. WHY would she? Would you cry Now? ~JP

Nov 132013

Patriots, ‘POUNCE’ on this and lets make it happen! Be as relentless as you have been, NOW is the time! ~ JP

Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer sees “the collapse of American liberalism” in sight, in no small part because of the troubled rollout of the Affordable Care Act.

“We have not just Obamacare unraveling, not just the Obama administration unraveling, not just the Democratic majority of the Senate [unraveling], but we could be looking at the collapse of American liberalism,” Krauthammer told Bill O’Reilly Tuesday. “Obamacare is the big thing for them. The biggest in a hundred years.”

Begins at appox 3:15:

Sep 172013

Zo and some buddies ask the hard questions of the Hollywood libs in the satirical video about founding a ‘Black NRA.” It’s definitely not funny, but find out why it’s also racist and unintelligent.

Sarah Silverman’s Funny or Die video should probably die, but not by shooting.

Sep 062013


America’s envoy to the United Nations singled out Russia for criticism – for its outspoken opposition to strikes. And that’s as the UN chief himself ruled out a military solution to the Syrian crisis – warning that a strike would have tragic consequences and fuel sectarian violence in the region. Investigative journalist Charlie McGrath has commented on the U.S. envoy’s statements – saying international trust in Washington’s words has all but eroded.