Apr 012015

EPA, JUST 1 of at least 13 Alphabets obaa has used to regulate us. Ready yet?

JUST a small sample how the big brother crap of this admin is killing my state. Regulation Nation Climate BS:

AL. Climatologist, Dr. Christy: Dems in DC Intimidation Embolden Me


* 2010 EPA to Issue New Climate Rules Without Congress

2010 people! We’ve done nothing in 5 years!

* Rep. Gary Palmer unloads on EPA for ‘operating like a police state,’

Mar 312015

Alabama’s state climatologist, Dr. John Christy, is no stranger to drawing criticism from his peers for his stance on the prevalent theory of climate change. Now Christy and other “deniers” are being investigated by Democrats in Washington, but he says he is “past the point of being intimidated.”

A similar letter was sent to other members of the climatology community who have testified before Congress that the science is far from settled when it comes to the pace and danger of climate change.

“[The letter is] not going to work as intimidation, which is what it’s designed to do,” Christy told AL.com. “But it does have a backfire aspect to it. It emboldens you when you’ve gotten under somebody’s skin because you know this is what the real world is doing.”

Here is a graph Dr. Christy submitted to the EPA comparing global warming alarmist predictions to what actually happened:


“These models can’t even predict what happened in the past,” Christy said. “Doesn’t that ring alarm bells in your mind about trusting this as a policy tool?”

Dr. Christy’s administration at UAH is standing behind the scientist, with the university President’s chief of staff saying in a statement, Christy “has always approached his work with the utmost of integrity, and the quality of his research is nothing short of exemplary.”

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~ They thought Dr. John would be their tool, not gonna happen!

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange announced Wednesday that Alabama has joined with 13 other states in opposing the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new, stricter ozone regulations.

The states sent a letter to EPA chief Gina McCarthy expressing concern that the regulations are “unlawful and unachievable,” arguing that the necessity of the low limits are not supported by scientific evidence, and would be prohibitively expensive.

“Once again, the EPA is engaged in a practice of overreach that appears to be ideologically driven rather than based upon ensuring adequate projection of public health,” Attorney General Strange said. “The new rule will unnecessarily add to the costs of states’ compliance with a standard that cannot be met.”

Alabama joins 13 other states in opposing ‘overreaching, unlawful’ EPA regs. The other states are: Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, West Virginia and Wisconsin also signed the letter.

This week the U.S. House passed two bills that seek to bring more accountability and transparency to the EPA.

The EPA has until October to stop this strangulation.

Witnesses Say EPA’s Forthcoming Ozone Standards Impossible to Meet:

Witnesses highlighted recent data that suggests areas in virtually every state would violate the proposed new standards. Furthermore, EPA has estimated that the new standards could cost $90 billion annually.

Witnesses agreed that if EPA tightens the current ozone standard, many parts of the country will be unable to meet the new limit due to naturally-occurring or uncontrollable ozone.

* Opening Statements

Gary Palmer IS a reagan politician and we’re proud of him:

His statement is not to be missed, he calls it as he sees it and with the experience to back it up…

“The EPA is an agency with serious and systemic problems,” said Alabama Congressman Gary Palmer, who sits on the Science, Space, and Technology Committee that originally approved the bill. “It has abused its power to achieve goals which are not supported by the American people, and too often does so without sufficient transparency or public input. These bills will resolve some of these ongoing problems, and move us in the right direction by ensuring the EPA does not rely on secret, unverifiable science, and by ensuring scientific review does not become politicized.”

Note there is an interesting hearing in which Gary serves on the subcommmittee. Destruction of Records at EPA – When Records Must Be Kept. It is coming up Thursday the 26th So they are doing what Hillary is, hmmm. I would imagine that would be every alphabet under obama.

jon christy

John Raymond Christy ,Ph.D, is a climate scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) whose chief interests are satellite remote sensing of global climate and global climate change.


He is best known, jointly with Roy Spencer, who is also a Ph.D climatologist, Principal Research Scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, and the U.S. Science Team leader for the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer on NASA’s Aqua satellite. He has served as Senior Scientist for Climate Studies at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. for the first successful development of a satellite temperature record.

John Christy has worked with Congressman Palmer here in Alabama. He has no agenda. He is not paid by special interest.

‘No one is paying me to have my view’ – John Christy

John said Tuesday that he has not accepted any funding from the fossil fuel industry. John is being probed as part of a probe of climate change skeptics. WHO that congressman speaks volumes my friends. None other then AZ Hispanic Caucus Raul Grijalva.

Ol’ Raul is buddies with yet another amnesty radical, Guttierez both radical left wing nuts, who stir up trouble every waking moment to give this country to illegals. He was instrumental in the AZ boycott against Jan Brewer in 2010.

A chart provided to AL.com (AL is our MsM in Birmingham.) by UAH climate expert John Christy that shows the disparity between climate models and research conducted by UAH. The green line is satellite data compiled by UAH while the blue is from weather balloon data compiled by an independent entity, Christy said.


Christy referred to a UAH chart that compared 102 climate models produced by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change with satellite data collected by UAH that reflects that the models are far out of step with the actual data when it comes to climate change. The chart dates from 1975 to 2014.

“These models can’t even predict what happened in the past,” Christy said. “Doesn’t that ring alarm bells in your mind about trusting this as a policy tool?”

The chart suggests warming is happening at about eight-tenths of a degree in 2014, according to the IPCC data, while the UAH data indicates warming has been about two-tenths of a degree over the same time period.

“My response is that I don’t see anything in this letter that challenges the science we produce,” he said. “So therefore, it should not matter where support came from to produce that science. (The Obama) administration believes that if you don’t agree with them about climate change, you must be being paid to have that opinion.

“In my case, they won’t find anything — 100 percent of my support is state and federal grants. No one is paying me to have my view. I have my view because I’m a climate scientist and that’s what the data shows.” ~ John Christy

So you see where this is going. As John stated if you don’t agree with this admin, you are the target. (My words)

Mar 202015

A federal judge sharply scolded a Justice Department attorney at a hearing on President Obama’s immigration executive actions, suggesting the administration misled him and saying he fell for it — “like an idiot.”


The other states seeking to block Obama’s orders are Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

This was JUST yesterday in Texas by U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen. The judge suggested he could order sanctions against the administration if he finds they indeed misrepresented the facts.

Hanen chided Justice Department attorney Kathleen Hartnett for telling him at a January hearing before the injunction was issued that nothing would be happening with regard to one key part of Obama’s actions, an expansion of the 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA, until Feb. 18.

“Like an idiot I believed that,” Hanen said.

“Can I trust what the president says? That’s a yes or no question,” Hanen asked.

Hanen said he would issue a ruling “promptly” on what action, if any, he will take against the Justice Department.


Mar 132015

h/t Kevin Jackson

The FCC has released more than 300 pages of net neutrality rules, which are designed to prevent Internet providers from slowing down or blocking web traffic.

The FCC released the rules two weeks after voting to approve them. Judge Andrew Napolitano said this goes against a statute which requires the FCC to release the rules before voting so that Congress and the public can comment.

“I see an FCC totally out of control, and I see an FCC proclaiming unto itself the authority that the statute never gave to it and that two federal courts say you don’t have, which is the ability to regulate the Internet,” Napolitano said.

Krauthammer slammed the administration’s “regulatory hunger.”

“If it moves, regulate it,” Krauthammer said.

From the Daily Caller yesterday:

“Americans love the free and open Internet,” Pai, who has led the month-long fight against plan, remarked in his dissenting statement. “We relish our freedom to speak, to post, to rally, to learn, to listen, to watch, and to connect online.”

Internet service providers, their allies and Republicans in Congress with their own proposal have already started combing through the lengthy plan, and will no doubt issue their grievances and subsequent legal challenges based on the dissenting analyses of O’Rielly and Pai, the latter of whom described the legal flaws as “glaring.”

“Unfortunately, the order released today begins a period of uncertainty that will damage broadband investment in the United States,” AT&T Vice President Jim Cicconi said in a statement. ”Ultimately, though, we are confident the issue will be resolved by bipartisan action by Congress or a future FCC, or by the courts.”

fcc cop-1

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz is pursing another avenue by investigating whether the White House inappropriately influenced the independent agency’s rules, which include word-for-word polices President Obama called on the FCC to adopt last November.

Mar 062015

Jeff Sessions hands her intelligence, she stutters stoopidity…


on Mar 4, 2015:

Feb 282015

… abusing Alabama companies

In a House Oversight and Government Reform committee hearing Thursday, U.S. Rep. Gary Palmer (R-AL6) raked Environmental Protection Agency consultant Dr. Susan Tierney over the coals for the agency’s use of armed agents when investigating possible violators.

“EPA has been very aggressive in enforcement,” Rep. Palmer said, “and it’s gone from a regulatory agency to almost operating like a police state, I’ll just be blunt about it.”

“There have been cases where the EPA, your armed division, has shown up with body armor and weapons drawn. Can you give me an idea of what the threat assessment might be that would justify that kind of intervention?”

Rep. Palmer described a case in which EPA agents approached a community’s water treatment plant in full SWAT gear and military-style weapons:

“I know specifically of a case… they showed up in a relatively small town at their waste treatment facility, and I’ve not been to their waste treatment facility but I’m fairly certain there are no sniper’s towers or machine gun nests, or anything there that would justify that kind of intervention.”

“We’ve had at least two of those in Alabama,” he said, “and I just find it interesting that the EPA is implementing these rules and conducting themselves in a way that’s really more of a police state than of a regulatory agency.”

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Feb 272015

“It looks like we’ve been lied to, or at least misled,” said Rep. John Mica, R-Fla. at a congressional hearing Thursday evening,

32,000 Lerner emails found on backup tapes:

Inspector general investigating criminal activity within IRS. Well DOH!

IRS Deputy Inspector General Timothy Camus, who testified alongside Inspector General J. Russell George, said his organization was investigating possible criminal activity. He did not elaborate, other than to suggest a key factor is whether documents were intentionally withheld.

The emails were to and from Lois Lerner, who used to head the IRS division that processes applications for tax-exempt status. Last June, the IRS told Congress it had lost an unknown number of Lerner’s email when her computer hard drive crashed in 2011.

“We have been patient. We have asked, we have issued subpoenas, we have held hearings,” said Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, chairman of the Oversight Committee. “It’s just shocking me that you start, two weeks later you’re able to find the emails.”

“We recovered quite a number of emails, but until we compare those to what’s already been produced we don’t know if they’re new emails,” Camus told the House Oversight Committee.

Neither Camus nor George would describe the contents of any of the emails at Thursday’s hearing.

Last year, the House voted mostly along party lines to hold her in contempt of Congress for refusing to answer questions at the hearings.

~ source


~ So she’s in contempt. Holder’s in contempt. But congress is Contemptable that they allow this to go on and don’t have them arrested! ! JP

Feb 262015


The Federal Communications Commission is driving toward a landmark vote Today on a sweeping plan that critics warn would impose a new era of regulation for how Americans use and do business on the Internet, even as eleventh-hour appeals inject added drama behind the scenes.

“This fight continues as the future of the Internet is at stake,” House oversight committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, and House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton, R-Mich., vowed, in a statement announcing the hearing delay.

For now, the plan is in the FCC’s hands.


Feb 192015

See * it IS ‘Obamanet’, NOT Net Neutrality (Time to Act)

* FEC/FCC/obama want to Regulate Me and ALL Bloggers

What an oymoron, Radical marxism called Free Press. Check out the ‘free press’ site people. It boasts about killing the internet.

We have ONE week left to make a stink Patriots.As of this draft it has a ‘countdown clock’ of nearly 8 days until ‘Until the most important FCC vote ever. Defend net neutrality’. .Take a bit of time to go through this site to show what we are up against!

Bob McChesney of Free Press (strong supporters of Internet regulation). And yes — these are real quotes from Bob McChesney himself.. Quotes credit to Americans For Prosperity. Check out their Board of Directors. Whereas free press won’t show theirs.

“It’s the most important marxist publication in the world, let alone the United States.” And Bob was its editor:

* Free Press media reform plan

“Only government can implement policies and subsidies to provide an institutional framework for quality journalism.” – Bob McChesney of Free Press

Yep, He really said that. In liberal rag ‘The Nation’.

“Any serious effort to reform the media system would have to be part of a revolutionary program to overthrow the capitalist system itself.”

Glenn Beck on Tuesday said the “real goal” of the upcoming FCC vote on net neutrality is to control the flow of information over the Internet.

“It’s minorly about taxes. They’ll come after you with taxes on everything,” Beck said on his radio program. “But this is truly about control. … They’ve tried to take away your guns. They’re trying to take away your voice. They need control of the Internet.”

“You want a Department of the Internet like we have a Department of the Interior and we have a Department of Internal Revenue Service?” Beck asked. “This is it. You like your health care? You couldn’t keep your health care. You like your Internet?”

Beck said proponents of net neutrality are describing it as a way to implement “Internet fairness,” but that is “bull crap.”


This is critical! Your voice must be heard now in the loudest of voices. The FCC is doing a power grab of the internet. There are only a few days left to voice your opposition. If you want a Department of the Internet and you think that will make independent voices stronger, stay silent. Otherwise tell CONGRESS AND THE FCC HANDS OFF THE INTERNET.

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09′ Who IS McChesney? * Robert McChesney and the Free Press

“There is no real answer but to remove brick by brick the capitalist system itself, rebuilding the entire society on socialist principles.

2010′ Media takeover 101: * brought to you by NutRoots & Marxist McChesney

“Advertising is the voice of capital. We need to do whatever we can to limit capitalist propaganda, and perhaps even eliminate it.” –

“We’re for media reform that gets rid of the media capitalists in the phone and cable companies and divests them from control.

- Socialist Project

09′ * More Marxist Ties to Obama

From marxist point of view brought to you by Democracy Now:

Digital Disconnect: Robert McChesney on “How Capitalism is Turning the Internet Against Democracy”

April 2013 : “The ways capitalism works and does not work determine the role the Internet might play in society.”

* July 2006: The collapse of journalism and the rise of commercialism is sparking a reform movement that will fight to ensure the First Amendment endures in the digital age. McChesney

* JUST get a glimmer of the Videos on this dangerous organization to Freedom.

~ So, this is ONE group. ONE powerful group that is the driving impetus to Win on the 26th. ONE group to help obama make this obamacare. Our prices will soar, as in obamacare. Our providers will be regulated. Like obamacare. Sites that tell the Truth, such as this, will lose FREE Speech. True free speech as in the protection of our First Amendment. Fight it! JP

Feb 122015

~ Background June of 2014! Roskam Presses IRS Commisioner on “Lost” Lois Lerner Emails

Sen. Johnson suspicious after backups of destroyed hard drives are found