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Barack Obama is doing damage to the Democrat Party that, while not irreparable, may well take decades if not longer to recover from. Not just on Capitol Hill — from Canada to Mexico, Atlantic to Pacific, governor’s mansions to local school boards Obama is obliterating Democrats everywhere. He’s fortifying red state strongholds, turning purple states red, and even toppling Democrat seats in solidly blue states. Republicans should almost lament the 22nd Amendment. With another term in office Obama could well deliver the governorships of California and New York to go along with the gifts of Maryland, Illinois, and Massachusetts he just airmailed them in November. Derrick Wilburn February 17, 2015 (from the American Thinker titled) The Democratic case for Impeachment


The principles of conservatism – personal empowerment, less government intrusion into private lives, a strong national defense, greater individual freedom & liberty, fiscal responsibility from our elected officials – make sense and work for all people, regardless of race or ethnicity.

The chasm between black (and brown) and conservative America is unhealthy for both sides, and at B& we are dedicated to helping bridge that gap. Our deepest desire is to aid in bringing both sides to a place of mutual understanding and respect.

Black America, we have got to change the way we operate. Automatically running to one political party and voting for its candidates and policies without so much as considering another is fundamentally flawed. Conservative America, we have got to change the way we operate. Where is the outreach, where and what is the message to ethnic minorities? Not making an effort to reach divergent groups is fundamentally flawed.


Introducing the American Conservatives of Color. Being black and being conservative are not mutually exclusive. JUST listen to Derrick Wilburn:

Derrick Wilburn from American Conservatives of Color sits down with host Jon Caldara to discuss how the GOP can be less awful at appealing to black voters, and how the political Left has hijacked the message of Martin Luther King Jr.

Feb 172015


Countering this is the view the crusades were a defensive war in the Middle East against Muslims to free the Holy Land from Muslim rule.

IS states this as they behead Egyptian Coptics:

“All crusaders: safety for you will be only wishes, especially if you are fighting us all together. Therefore we will fight you all together. The sea you have hidden Sheikh Osama Bin Laden’s body in, we swear to Allah we will mix it with your blood.”

You may recall how President Obama in his National Prayer Breakfast speech described a moral equivalency between modern-day Islamic barbarity with the Crusades that took place more than 500 years ago in response to Islamic oppression.

“The Crusades were an effort ‘to defend Christians in the Middle East who were being slaughtered by Muslims’ after the Muslim conquest of Christian Jerusalem in 638 AD, wrote Douglas Murray for the Gatestone Institute.”

“Lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.”

Were these comments by President Obama viewed by the beheading Islamists as a way to justify their actions? It’s payback for the Crusades – moral equivalency in action!

Thanks to Godfather Politics, for posting exactly what I said to PF yesterday!

* See Dr. Ben Carson Response to obama’s Crusades

Feb 042015

~ Not only will this admin NOT speak islamic extremism, but they insist and put the word out refer to IS as’ISIL’. Anytime you hear that, know that it is directed from Valerie Jarrett and the WH!. I looked up Caleb (the author) extensively. This young man is someone we Patriots can all be proud of. He fights the issues we do and we say Caleb, glad to meet you. Your right, the only JV team is the one under obama reign. BTW LOVE the featured image of you on our main page. ~JP

President Obama, finish the sentence — ISIS is…an organization? Really?! If you’re going to use that word, include strong context that captures their evil and barbarity. You’re the leader of the free world; words matter.

As you say so often, let me be clear: I’m a young, proud, God-fearing American, part of the youth vote, and I humbly ask you to listen to me.

Here are a few examples of things you could’ve said and should say going forward when talking about that “organization” that commits “jihad,” a.k.a. beheads and burns people in the name of “Allah”:

ISIS is:

Islamic terrorists
Pure evil
Hell on earth
Islamic extremists

ISIS needs to be:

Wiped off the face of Earth


If you don’t convert from your wicked ways, we’ll gladly arrange your meeting with your “72 virgins.”

President Obama, it’s time to call it what it is.

My generation is tired of being told we’re lazy and we don’t care. We do. We want a better America, a more secure nation, and we want to change the world, but we can’t do any of that if we allow evil to flourish.

To borrow a line from T-Swift: Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

By Caleb Parke…

Jan 212015

~ Hey Mike? If your uncle had been shot down by a sniper, would that not have made him a traitor infiltrator? JUST like you ‘Snipers do not JUST shoot Joe America.

In 2009 Moore claimed that his uncle was killed in the Philippines in an interview but we couldn’t find any evidence that his uncle Lornie was killed by a sniper.

We did, however, find some material on a Herbert T. Moore who was also killed in action in the Philippines and buried in Flint, Michigan.


Was Moore’s uncle actually killed by a Japanese sniper on March 10, 1945?


~ Safe to say if he was a paratrooper landing in the Philippines, he was most likely shot down by the enemy, not an ‘American Sniper’.

Filmmaker Michael Moore has claimed that his uncle Lornie was killed by a sniper in World War II but we can’t find evidence to support his claim.

Moore has mentioned his uncle’s service before but we can’t find any example of the sniper.

An obituary of Moore’s father, Francis, also a veteran of the Pacific Theatre, notes that “Lornie” was killed in action but not by a sniper.

Jan 162015

h/t PF

We profiled these fellas from obama’s neck of the woods back in October. So here is a local perspective on how the black community is feeling in Chicago.

NBC Chicago reported in May of last year that The University of Chicago is facing community opposition in its battle to claim Barack Obama’s presidential library.

UIC sits in the center of a gun violence epidemic on the South Side and has shown that it does not value black life, by refusing to open a trauma center and save the lives of the young black men dying at their door.

The university “has long neglected the needs of black and brown communities on the South Side, including denying access to life saving trauma care, so why should they get the honor and prestige that comes with the Obama Library?” said high school senior Victoria Crider in a statement.

Today RP shows this protests continue. The community wants its neighbordhhod to better serve them, then this library/

Protesters spoke out at a hearing held to discuss turning over parkland on the South Side of Chicago to the University of Chicago to build the Obama Library. They expressed the need for U of C to build an adult trauma center to serve the black community on that side of the city before they consider building the library. An attendee posted footage from the hearing on Facebook.

Progress Illinois reported on the opposition to the library.

“We are sending the message that the U of C does not deserve the honor of the Obama library until they recognize the value of black lives by providing trauma care on the South Side,” Veronica Morris-Moore with Trauma Care Coalition said in a statement before last night’s event. “The U of C is proposing massive redevelopment of Woodlawn and Washington Park, but they are still failing to respond to basic community demands.”

~ RP

Jan 092015

“Those Charlie Hebdo sons of bitches deserved 100 deaths. Serves them right,” and, “This makes me so happy, ha ha ha, those sons of bitches, ha, ha, ha, I’ll go visit their graves and laugh.” – a sample of muslims on Facebook


On the day when journalists were massacred in Paris, while blood still ran wet where they had fallen, and as eye witnesses described the killers’ shouts of …

“Allahu Akbar” – “Allah is great”

New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof asked the world not to judge the killers too quickly: most urgently, he said, don’t jump to the conclusion they are Muslims.

* From Today, a must see: Mark Steyn: Media Maneuvered Islam Into ‘Victim Seat’

Really? Even when they sounded the Muslim prayer? Even when they called their deeds, loud and clear in the streets of Paris, “vengeance for the Prophet”?

Here’s what Kristof did not do: condemn the killings. Praise those who had been slaughtered. Express horror at their execution. And admit that men who praise Allah after committing mass murder are, religious profiling or not, probably going to turn out to be Muslim.

It just kind of is that way.

(Interestingly, in listing a number of Islamic terrorist attacks on Western targets, he also failed to mention that Muslims were involved in the attacks of 9/11. Ask yourself why.)

Instead, he begged his readers not to judge. He repeated the clichéd platitudes about the “majority of Muslims” having nothing to do with Islamic extremism, and praised, not the editors and cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo, but non-Muslims who rose to the aid of Muslims who feared reprisals after the recent (Muslim-led) hostage crisis in Sydney, Australia.

What he might have done, but didn’t, was take a lesson or two from the New Yorker’s George Packer, a man who actually knows a thing or two about Islamic extremism, and about the courage of journalists confronting it: he was one of them. At around the same time Kristof seems to have been penning his column, Packer wrote:

“[Today’s attacks] are only the latest blows delivered by an ideology that has sought to achieve power through terror for decades. It’s the same ideology that sent Salman Rushdie into hiding for a decade under a death sentence for writing a novel, then killed his Japanese translator and tried to kill his Italian translator and Norwegian publisher. The ideology that murdered three thousand people in the U.S. on September 11, 2001. The one that butchered Theo van Gogh in the streets of Amsterdam, in 2004, for making a film. The one that has brought mass rape and slaughter to the cities and deserts of Syria and Iraq. That massacred a hundred and thirty-two children and thirteen adults in a school in Peshawar last month. That regularly kills so many Nigerians, especially young ones, that hardly anyone pays attention.

Because the ideology is the product of a major world religion, a lot of painstaking pretzel logic goes into trying to explain what the violence does, or doesn’t, have to do with Islam. Some well-meaning people tiptoe around the Islamic connection, claiming that the carnage has nothing to do with faith, or that Islam is a religion of peace, or that, at most, the violence represents a “distortion” of a great religion. (After suicide bombings in Baghdad, I grew used to hearing Iraqis say, “No Muslim would do this.”) Others want to lay the blame entirely on the theological content of Islam, as if other religions are more inherently peaceful—a notion belied by history as well as scripture.

A religion is not just a set of texts but the living beliefs and practices of its adherents.”

~ I must interject here that Charlie also published cartoons about Catholics. Do YOU see one of us grabbing our cruicifx and killing the freedom of expression?! Throwing holy water on him as if he is a witch or vampire that would melt?! ~ JP

Not, apparently, for Kristof. Saying nothing about the disgusting filth of the murders, he asked for love and tolerance – an entreaty that evidently seemed appropriate to him at the time. And yet, I imagine that, at the time of the Newtown massacre, he would have had few words to offer about the millions of “nice people” with automatic weapons in their homes, or the gentle souls who would never dream of turning their Kalashnikovs on young children.

January 7, forever a day to be remembered along with 9/11 and 3/11 and 7/7 and far too many others, was not a day for that message, any more than the Holocaust was a time to editorialize about all those nice Germans, or the killing of four black girls on Birmingham Sunday, or of Eric Garner last July, days for writing about all those nice white people in America.

Muslim terrorists killed the staff of Charlie Hebdo.

And Muslim extremists in the West are threatening the lives of every man, woman and child in the West who believes in what Charlie Hebdo stood for.

Say it.

Because words are the strongest weapon in the world.

And so Charlie Hebdo lives on.

Please finish this read…

Sep 042013

I have long admired Kira as one of the strongest, young, black conservative voices out here. She is an activist blogger and has appeared on Hannity etc. Thank you Kira for ALL you do!

Kira’s Website

Jul 042013

According to a Gallup poll released JUST 2 days ago, Nearly Half of Uninsured Unaware of Obamacare Mandate. Blacks, Hispanics, the young, and the poor are even less likely to know, the poll showed.

Which in essence means the true disenfranchised are the youth, blacks and hispanics. obama is counting on that. So what WE must do is make it our mission, our camPAIN to let them know what his obamacaretax has in store for them. The young voters who elected him will now have to pay for healthcare insurance or be fined. They are healthy, broke and cannot even pay student loans.

The minorities need to be informed about the ‘free stuff’ they want to cash in on and be told ‘nothing is free’.

So obama wants to delay until after the 2014 election and believes we will let this pass and not reveal the ‘Truth’ behind all that he does. Do NOT let this go Patriots. My friends, inform them or we will lose the midterms. We CANNOT have this! ~ JP

featured image by Jon McNaughton

Jun 142013

We Tweet so many important News stories in a day and we will continue to. But we are trying an abbreviated way of bringing it to you as we did for along time in a different form. This way you will not miss an abundance of tweets or miss one single worthy news report. And less wear and tear on our Twitter account :)

Click on image for the news story…

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2. White House says Syria used chemical weapons, crossing Obama’s red line

Taken off the table ‘Boots on the Ground’

3. Report: Over 1,000 IRS workers misused gov’t charge cards, agency lenient on discipline

4. Video of a Giant Shark in NJ Is Going Viral – But Not Because of the Shark

5. CBS News: Sharyl Attkisson’s Computer Hacked ‘Multiple Times’ (Like James Rosen)

6. Illegal aliens invade Rep. Steve King’s office

King wrote on Twitter that “20 brazen self professed illegal aliens have invaded my DC office

7. Fatherlessness in America

and OUR Featured posts Today…

1. “Quit Trashing obama”: obama’s Impressive list of accomplishments…

2. { ~ JP Today } Glenn Beck Silent ~ Hagmann under surveillance…

3. Gowdy to Mueller: If it is not ‘Safe’ Enough for the FBI, WHY was it for Our Ambassador?!’

4. Mueller Does NOT know What Agent assigned to IRS scandal nor…

Stay tuned…

Jun 142013

Background: News that will Take Down the Entire Power Structure

Yes, we are all wondering why we have not heard for GB. Many think it is hype or lies. I have been trying to reserve judgment. But something did not sit right with me. Well, a few things.

I felt that after Doug’s article on Monday and GB’s pronouncement on Wednesday, that in the very least they would in fact be silenced. JUST because Glenn did not reveal it yesterday can be due to many circumstances. We can speculate on those.

Yesterday the lead story on the Blaze was NOT what we are talking about today.

It was about this:

Today Char sent me Doug’s Article from CFP titled Am I a traitor?. It follows the debate on Snowden.

I would think if Hagmann and Beck were telling the Truth on their collective revelations, that they would be swooped done on by the Alphabets. Today Doug said he is:

Apparently someone in this administration must believe I am a traitor and lost my way, for I am the target of active telephone monitoring by the National Security Agency (NSA), a branch of the Department of Defense and an agency tasked with monitoring foreign intelligence and communications.

His one line that screamed out at me:

Could it be that the truth is that toxic to those in power that they will go to such lengths to silence an investigative reporter?

We know about James Rosen at Fox. We know all the rest. We know here at our site how when we go to edit and/or post something we know they do not want us to, well let’s just say, quirky things happen. I have worked on a piece for hours. Having to save to text many times, I can see big brother messing with me, laughing at my difficulties attempting to get something out. Certain posts are always hard to bring up. Example like the ones I am linking here to this post. I have to save draft often and often like this week, I get multiple database errors.

Mind you that doesn’t happen when I’m posting something innocuous posts like ‘NewsBusted’. We had this problem at other controversial times, but it’s been months.

Until now.

Doug went onto explain what made perfect sense to me knowing the alphabets and this administration:

Based on my lengthy investigation, there are only two ways for me to become the target of NSA surveillance. The legitimate way is for someone within the government to amass enough substantive information about my actions that it would be sufficient enough for a FISA Court judge to authorize “live” monitoring of all of my communications, from telephone to e-mail to text messages. That judge would have to agree with the government official that I am a definite threat to our national security and to you, my fellow Americans.

Do you know FISA signs off on things with barely a glance? Congress signs off on this every 90 days without forethought. What I don’t get is if this is ‘Foreign’ Intelligence, then HOW can so many like Rep. Rogers condone these programs on American Citizens IN America!?

– The court is staffed by eleven judges appointed by the Chief Justice of the United States to serve seven-year terms.

– The court hears evidence presented solely by the Department of Justice

– In 2004 FISA was amended to include a “lone wolf” provision. A “lone wolf” is a non-U.S. person who engages in or prepares for international terrorism.

I suggest you read this, because it tells us many things we do not know on what they are pulling. ‘evidence presented solely by the Department of Justice’?! What good IS FISA?!

What is interesting is Doug’s explanation of the ‘other way’ to scrutinize him or us:

I have been told by known and trusted sources, is that some rogue government agent or group has circumvented the judicial part of the process and took it upon themselves to assign some very expensive assets and personnel to listen to every phone call I make and to read every text and e-mail I send in “real time.” Sort of like the 1994 movie True Lies, where character actors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Arnold diverted a whole bunch of government resources, by virtue of their positions as spies for the U.S. government, simply because the former suspected his wife of infidelity. Has someone portrayed me as a traitor? So, which scenario is it? And to what or whose benefit?

Which brings me to the ‘why’ I am posting this today. I keep hearing that democrats like Senators Wyden and Udall are pushing for the ‘truth’ on this scandal and I have to question myself why as I put out on Twitter today:

* Ask yourself WHY it is the Dems (Wyden Udall) are pursuing #NSA #Prism while the REP. (Rogers, Graham etc) are supporting the #NSA ?!

* Makes NO sense to me why Rep. are saying leak programs are needed while Dems want t0 prove its a privacy violation.

* i.e. saying the leaks (may) make it ‘harder to track bad guys.’ Already using that! What about Boston?! Fort Hood?! Scaring our allies…

I mean the ACLU is suing obama! Come on now! What does that tell you? Me? It makes me question WHY parties have switched. Think about it. WHAT do Dems have to gain by pursuing this. WHAT are the republicrats hiding?!

I waited for the timely posting of this video before putting this out to you. Monica Crowley covers this superbly. It tells you how congress is sending mixed messages on NSA surveillance program:

Pay attention to Doug’s query because it could be you. It could be me.

What have I done to warrant the active and costly surveillance using your tax dollars – my tax dollars – that has made me the target of real-time, real-life, and no nonsense, surveillance? What is it that caused an “information file” to be created that would classify me as a traitor to my country?

What have I done to warrant the active and costly surveillance using your tax dollars – my tax dollars – that has made me the target of real-time, real-life, and no nonsense, surveillance? What is it that caused an “information file” to be created that would classify me as a traitor to my country?

Please read the entire article. It IS very important to go paragraph by paragraph.

I leave you with the advice to protect our ‘independent’ news sources. Don’t dismiss what they say because you have cause not to believe them. Because it is JUST that one time they are not crying wolf. Being prepared for that one time could JUST save you and our Nation! ~ JP