Nov 252015

President Obama, the Politically Correct media, and now Hillary Clinton say that Muslims “have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism” or extremism.

That’s not what many Muslims say. That’s not what the numbers say. On December 10, let Muslims, and the numbers, speak for themselves.

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Nov 252015

Project Veritas undercover journalists in Greece uncovered just how easy it is to move through Europe with fake documents; how many Syrians are in the US with fake passports; and how Syrian refugees think “Obama is weak.”

America’s enemies are not “contained” and the Department of Homeland Security is not keeping our borders secure….or Americans safe.

Three Syrian refugees in Greece are caught on hidden camera talking about using fake passports to get to Europe and the US. They talk about using the same route as one of the terrorists who perpetrated the attack in Paris last week. When asked how to obtain a fake passport one of the Syrian refugees responded: “You need a person who the made the fake passport. And you need to pay for it. Maybe about three thousand Euro. ($3,189).” He also added that that is how a lot of Syrians come to the US and that there are a lot of Syrians in France.

We will continue our investigations to hold them accountable until something dramatically changes.

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Nov 252015

#Thankful for One of the Best Days of My Life ~ Stuart Varney

Last Thursday, I became an American citizen. With immigration a very contentious subject, I want to tell you my very positive immigration story.

Last Thursday was one of the best days of my life. It was certainly one of the most emotional.

Stuart, becoming an American the Right way!

Read his story

Nov 252015

obama destroy

Where’s the question Jesse? The answer has been there from the time he was born. We are on the inside looking out. obama is looking in from the outside. He went to a madrassa, had a communist mother & grandparents. So Jesse, WHERE is there any question obama has destroyed us by design! ~JP

Jesse Watters named several reasons why many Americans have lost trust in President Obama following the Paris attacks.

The “Watters’ World” host criticized Obama’s meeting with French president Francois Hollande Tuesday, saying, “I don’t think Americans care if we rebuke the terrorists. I think we should be nuking the terrorists.”

Watters added, “He gave a warning before he dropped bombs on ISIS…dropped leaflets saying ‘we’re going to bomb you.’ And then he goes into the Iranian nuclear facility, ‘we’re going to give you a 24-day notice. Then he’s whispering to the Russian president, ‘I need a little more flexibility.’

“People wonder where this guy’s allegiances are? This is why people wonder about where the president stands.”

Nov 252015

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s latest video, posted online Monday, portrays Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton laughing over flaming images of the Benghazi attack.

“Hillary has been having a laugh at our expense for years,” reads text at the beginning of the video, followed immediately with a series of video clips of the former secretary of State chuckling.

Clinton’s laughter can be heard while several news clips fly across the screen highlighting several controversies, from Whitewater to the recent federal investigation into her private email arrangement while at State.

The final clip of Clinton laughing — taken from her testimony on Capitol Hill last month before the House committee investigating the 2012 terrorist attacks on a U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya — is overlaid on burning images from the attack, which left four Americans dead.

Her laughing in the video jumps to text to finish the ad: “Don’t let the joke be on us!”

h/t The Hill

Nov 252015

From NYT:

The leader of the free world urged a broader assault on Islamic State yesterday and called for more nations to join forces to crush the enemy. In response, President Obama said he would think about it.

obama and French President Francois Hollande said that next week’s international climate summit in Paris will show the self-proclaimed Islamic State that it cannot crush Western values with terrorism:

“What a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children,” Obama said Tuesday during a joint White House appearance with Hollande.


Hollande said that although he never imagined the City of Lights playing host under such circumstances, he couldn’t imagine canceling the long-planned summit because of the Islamic State’s Nov. 13 attacks on the city.

FULL story…

Nov 252015


Nov 172015

Nov 172015

Ayaan Hirsi

Nov 172015

CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports the Pentagon spent the weekend notifying the soldiers who appeared on the list, and urged city police departments and military police to increase patrol in the neighborhoods where the targeted live.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) published the list days ago, a report that contained names, photos, and home addresses of U.S. Armed Forces personnel, causing alarm in cities potentially at high-risk.

According to the publication, ISIS urges followers and sympathizers in the U.S. to kill the servicemen. Specific personnel on the list are largely from the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy – branches of the country’s military that have conducted massive air strikes against ISIS.

The Pentagon says the the targeted appeared to be compiled from public sources — anything from news articles to Facebook posts that could have linked them to attacks on the terrorist group. Officials with the Pentagon say some members were incorrectly identified, but right or wrong, it’s still a threat.

Seven Texas cities were included on the list: Abilene, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Wyle, Fort Hood, Bedford, and Killeen.

wh islam

This as Louisiana was jittery due to a missing Syrian refugee. The Daily Caller reported earlier Missing Syrian Refugee ‘Headed To Washington DC’.

Sen. David Vitter, the Louisiana Republican who is seeking his state’s governorship, told The Hayride political news site that Louisiana State Police told him they don’t know the refugee’s exact whereabouts, and that “officials said the refugee is believed to be headed to Washington, D.C.”

The so-called “monitoring” conducted by federal agencies is questionable, considering trends in other states with refugees and migrants show that refugees have been able to falsify records, travel back and forth to war-torn countries and potentially convert to jihad without the State Dept. ever stepping in.

Also, the process of “screening” by the State Department is questionable. In the Hayride‘s special report yesterday, we outlined the number of refugees with red-flags that should have alerted the State Dept., but apparently did not.

Does this appear to be an orderly refugee resettlement operation to you?

From American Action News:

The news may seem alarming that neither state government nor the federal government track newly-arrived refugees who have just entered the country, but it is actually not uncommon at all.Refugees are first flown to the United States, according to the French news wire Agence France-Presse, with the State Department paying the International Organization for Migration (IOM) for the airfare.Then, once refugees arrive in the country, they can be dispersed across a number of US cities (which includes Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Metairie), where they are aided within the first 30 to 90 days in settling and finding employment in the area.

After approximately 90 days, refugees are no longer eligible for the State Department-funded support that they were receiving through migrant and refugee services. However, they are able to join support programs through the Department of Health and Human Services.

Reports have numbered thousands of refugees already here from Syria. It takes JUST a few to create chaos.

Cities expected to increase in security due to the threat.

I’m thinking ‘if’ they want to get us these target cities are bizarre. For instance:

* Michigan: Dearborn Heights. WHY would they attack the largest Little islam in our country? I can see extremists ‘coming’ from Dearborn but to attack?

“The Dearborn Police Department is totally committed to safeguarding the security of our 100,000 residents and 200,000 daily visitors alike,” stated Chief Ronald Haddad of the Dearborn Police Department. “We value our relationship with federal, state, and county law enforcement partners and will continue to coordinate efforts that enhance the safety of our region.” ~ FBI

* Nevada: Reno. ISIS said they attacked Paris because it’s ‘Sin City’. Las Vegas is named Sin City, so why Reno?

* Illinois: Orland Park. I know this town well. It’s aout 45 min outside of Chgo. Also with many mosques and a huge muslim population. Why not Chicago?

It’s JUST the cynic in me. I don’t trust government. The Pentaon has fudged threat assessments. The CIA has recruited jihadists to fight for them. Something JUST stinks about this whole ISIS thang.

Full Kill list

However I put a lot of credence in my friend Steven Emerson. He and Former United States Representative Pete Hoekstra wrote an article yesterday titled Jihadists Crippling the West from Within

The success of a small group of terrorists in essentially taking down the third most powerful military in the world on Friday is a milestone in the history of Islamic terrorism being celebrated by jihadists around the world.

Yet, the jihadists still succeeded in carrying out the single largest attack in Europe since World War II, slaughtering more than 120 innocent men, women and children. If there is any lesson that can be drawn, it is that the jihadists are now coming for us.

By leading from behind, U.S. policy emboldened the jihadists to create instability and ungovernable territory in the Middle East, which drove millions of refugees into Europe in a humanitarian crisis that provided cover for operatives to infiltrate the countries that welcomed them.

The U.S. is not immune. The cover of Muslim Brotherhood fronts like the Council for American-Islamic Relations has facilitated their arrival here in significant ways.

What will it take for the administration to realize that radical Islam is the cancer, and that the legitimacy it have provided to their front groups is crippling the U.S. from within?
Perhaps nothing will. The president who promised to end all wars has instead placed us at the epicenter of World War III.

Steven Emerson is the Executive Director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism and Pete Hoekstra is the Senior Shillman Fellow at the Investigative Project on Terrorism.

Read their full article


* In closing WE have to know how to defend ourselves. WE will have to do our own policing and be our own first responders. I thank our local talk radio show, SuperStation 101 WYDE for the following. I suggest you share this info with your family, friends and social media.

Ten Ways To Avoid Being Killed During A Terrorist Attack:

* Realize it WILL happen here – This isn’t a paranoid statement:

It is a simple unpleasant fact based upon intelligence gathering efforts, expert opinion, and common sense. At some point, it is likely there will be a coordinated, Paris-type attack in the U.S. on schools, shopping malls, sporting events, or other mass-gathering areas. And, don’t think it would happen only in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles because what would be better to create fear (the ultimate goal of terrorist action) than by killing dozens or hundreds of people at a school in rural Mississippi or a shopping mall in Montana?

* Always carry a concealed firearm where legal –


Carrying a firearm is a lifestyle habit, not something you should do only occasionally or when you feel it is likely there will be trouble. Odds are, you won’t correctly guess the date, time and place of life-threatening violence. A concealed firearm in the hands of a responsible and trained individual is statistically one of the best tools available to stop mass killings.

* Improvised weapons are within reach –

If you cannot or choose not to carry a firearm, there are always effective weapons within your immediate area so learn to use them. Whenever unarmed in a public area, make it a habit (or game) to choose three nearby items that would make a good weapon if things turn dire.

Sidenote: I got busted in HS for a ‘rattail comb’. Afterthought: It would make a healthy weaapon. So would a box cutter. Anything you can keep on your person. I look around my LR right now and see several potential weapons. I queried my daughter who manages a service station if she could tell me 5 potential weapons within reach. With no hesitaion she did. We have to think differently. I was almost killed by a roll of quarters.

* Know where exits are located –

exit door

Many people die during all types of emergencies because they don’t know where exits are located. This should be the first thing you do, above all else, whenever situated in a public place.

* Act decisively –

The “immediate action drill” during an attack is either fight or flee. Don’t mill around, waiting for instruction or to gain a better idea of what is happening. Flee the area when you have an opportunity or instantly attack a threat if one presents itself. The old chestnut is still true: “To Ponder is to Perish.”

* Be alert to people and unusual circumstances –

Most folks wouldn’t see a large pink gorilla wandering down the hallway and certainly won’t see a suspicious individual fiddling with wires under a long trench coat on a hot day. You don’t have to glare at every passerby but simply maintain a loose focus for unusual patterns of activity within your surroundings. This is also known as “Maintaining Condition Yellow.”

* “If you see something, say something.”




Screw politically correct verbal attacks of ‘isms’.

– Cops everywhere have stories of witnesses who said after a crime, ‘I wasn’t sure what was going on and I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.’ If you see people or objects that look suspicious, notify the authorities immediately. There is no punishment for being mistaken but there are huge consequences to being correct but not sharing the information.

* There is one more bomb/attack/assailant –

Experience has shown that attackers are increasingly planning not only their initially assault, but follow-up actions such as secondary or even tertiary explosives and attackers. Such actions not only increase the “shock and awe” of the incident but cause additional carnage and damage the emergency response system.

* Have a basic understanding of trauma medical care –

in the aftermath of a bombing or shooting incident, many people will be bleeding to death and you have two or three minutes to save lives. This means you need to understand mass-casualty triage principals and some basic tactical combat casualty care (TCCC) techniques. Be ready to provide aid such as tourniquets, spinal immobilization and safe patient evacuation from threatening circumstances. (See related article: Stop the Bleed)

* Trust your intuition –

If something ‘feels’ dangerous or simply makes you uneasy, trust your inner voices. This inner dialog might be wrong, but then again, you may have subconsciously picked up subtle environmental clues that you “can’t quite put your finger on,” but are real nonetheless. At the very least, move to a safer position or relocate to where you can more easily escape a potential kill zone.

It is not hyperbole to state that we are all now terrorism responders because the avowed goal of Daesh and other such groups is to bring death and destruction to Mainstreet U.S.A. However, with planning and preparation individual citizens can sometimes prevent, often shorten and effectively respond to mass killing incidents.

With much gratitude to Bearing Arms for this crucial information.

~ JP