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Comments and E-mails

In order to post comments, you must provide me with a valid e-mail address (Does not show publically when you comment)

That e-mail address stays on my server for security purposes. I won’t share any of this information with anyone except under certain extraordinary circumstances described below. However, I will cancel your registration and block you from re-registering with that e-mail address if you violate my terms of use.

When you send me an email it will be kept so a person cannot sign up for multiple comment privileges

Info on Cookies


Your cookies if you’ve registered to comment can be cleaned up in your broswer/deleted. Cookies are small text files placed automatically on your hard drive by your web browser when you visit certain websites in order to make those sites easier to use. You can configure your browser to disable cookies and/or to alert you when new ones are being sent.

I will not honor requests for privacy attached to threatening communications. You pay the Piper when you do that!!! I further reserve the right to share any such data and information related to threatening communications with any local, state, and federal law enforcement agency, either voluntarily or in response to an agency’s request. Info


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