I swore I would never get on the internet. I absolutely loved my BBS. The adage “Teach an old dog new tricks”. Well, then I discovered a cross between a BBS & what is now called a blog. Well, I was never going to blog either. Hmmm….

I always wanted to write, was an activist at age eight, and a news junkie, so what better way to combine all three and here I am.

Let me not forget politics. I was inducted at age eight into being my mother’s foot soldier. Try being a conservative growing up in the volatile 60s in Chicago. I always marched to my own drummer (His name was…ah, nevermind -smile ). My first vote & camPAIN was for Nixon & I’m here to tell you (for those of you who do not know me, I went all out in my garb & made all noon news channels. I wore hot pants, a halter, thigh-high boots and it was all covered in Nixon buttons. I still have a few snazzy ones today, as I do my mother’s invitation to his inaugural ball.

Had I listened to my mother’s sister I would not be such a late bloomer in this field. But I have arrived at the urging of my other half, many friends I made at Free Republic and many other’s.

The premise was years of being someone who was addicted to posting and being a War on Terror Mom, which drove my kids absolutely insane, is I should put it all in one place. So the incarnation from “Pied Piper” to JUST Piper and here I am. I’ve met some great folks, who like me, love their country & JUST want it to stay Free.

So my friends…

JUST Keep on Truckin’ & Let’s Get Our News ON !!!


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  1. Good stuff!!

    Great site!!

    • Thank you SM! Your suggestions appreciated & duly noted

      • Doing well girl! Keep up the good work as I know you will. Have you been following strawberrysage these days? Ron fair, me okay. Going on an inspection this morn with Board of Directors. We live in a villa (PUD) Planned Unit Development which is actually a single family home attached. Love it hear and we do have enough room for the two of us. Talk later. Your site is very interesting and I will continue to visit it often. Love Ya Piper

      • Thanks for your hard, good work and support over the years. BFF, you and sage!

  2. Great site, JP! Good luck!

  3. Great site Piper. Loved the soldiers video! Lots of good info.we all can use. Thanks!

  4. Yea Piper! can’t wait to see this full speed. You have done such excellent work at FR over the years. A good researcher & good poster!

  5. Dear JUST Piper,

    I represent PublicSquare.net, a nonpartisan Washington, DC-based organization promoting free and open debate on issues of public interest. We are looking to hold a debate within the next week dealing with the topic of racism in the Tea Party movement.

    I have been following your website for some time now and I am hoping that you would consider taking part in this debate. We have secured the participation of Prof. John Hartigan of U Texas to argue that the Tea Party movement contains elements of racism that are expressed in more ways than through alleged signs and slogans. His article can be found here: http://www.statesman.com/opinion/hartigan-is-the-tea-party-racist-807340.html.

    If you are interested in participating, please contact me directly with any questions or concerns at blively@publicsquare.net or by phone at (703) 973-3949 any time. Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Bryce W. Lively

    • Thank you for the invite Bryce, but I have to decline. I am not up to debating anyone against the Tea Party. My views are that there is racism in every organization. I find it minimal , if at all, in the Tea Party & support them. I would rather partake in combating racism, bringing it to light. I am concerned with the TRUTH here, not skewed politics of how this administration is using good people from both sides to meet their agenda. I have fought racism, unfairness and am vehement towards bullies all my life. I refuse to be dragged into a debate with ‘any’ liberal participant, for you cannot win that one. I don’t scream, I don’t call names and I certainly will not be baited. Shoot, Bryce, I have come across those supposedly of like mind and I lost battling them. An individual mindset is a very hard thing to penetrate. Once again, thank you Bryce, for extending the invite & I hope you continue to visit JUST Piper!

    • This particular Debate long over, perhaps; but not the issue. Can only ask, if genuine, why focus on what is – we know – a contrived Racism, all too relishingly ascribed to the Tea Party? How about the success verus failure of the Liberal efforts, per their promise – to infiltrate and covertly introduce this ‘racism’ – for Media exposure, so as to debase Tea Party efforts. How about debating the real and evident racism shared by Liberal Media and that of the many Liberal spokesmen (‘spokespeople’ to those Gender sensitive), who speak for the Democrat (Democratic-not) Party?

      Oh well; really, just ‘questions rhetorical’ re the many voices which are duly recorded, without challenge, and posed to those who appear more interested – albeit, perhaps not – in putting a finger in the now festering wound of Tea Party Racism – created by Liberal contact – rather than inviting honest assessment of origin and it’s remedy. A challenge in the question as well, to all who habitually do the same, without the aid of a ‘public interest’ focus group. (Whatever the case; am happy that you declined the invitation Just Piper and you are right about encounters with closed minds.)

  6. Am late catching up, Just Piper, but great site/info, particularly with the convenience of focus and access. . .Your passion for truth and freedom is energisisng and your spirit contagious – just as it was at Free Republic. All who visit here are enriched and do hope that even the worst – or best/lol – of sceptics who visit, experience at least a glimmer of enlightenment. Kudos to you Just Piper for realizing a worthy goal; and to all whose efforts contribute here.

    • Free Republic had it’s awesome years. You are so kind friend! I wanted the freedom to speak the truth, even when it was not popular or permissible to do so. Many issues , particularly when Bush was criticized on illegal immigration, well, it was conservatives flaming conservatives. As you probably know that was my first passionate issue at FR. Followed by Threat Matrix, where it got very hot & heavy & I took a much needed break. The of course socialism. The semantics of in-fighting became too much & exposing truths is not suppose to happen that way. We are up to about a million hits a month in a short six months & I couldn’t be more happy & in my element :)

      I SO appreciate you & your comments Cricket! Even more, I am glad you are here! You stay put OK?


  7. Well it IS you! Great blog you have here JustPiper! :)

  8. Hi, Just found you today. What a great site!!!! My husband and I work with Dr. Terry Jones. We are looking for others who are willing to stand up for America and speak the truth. Anybody game for that? Thanks.

  9. The Tea Party is something the left just can’t stand, as their motto is “Our way or the Highway”. They don’t debate, they berate and slander, and try to destroy all who disagree with them. The Tea Party was the main reason the left lost so badly in the midterm election. It really bugs me when some idiot mentions democrstic party. It’s democtat, no ic on the end, they haven’t been democratic in decades! They even want to redo the Constitution!

  10. Sorry of the slight mis-spelling above. it’s democrat, not democratic. correction.

  11. Great Site,thanks for sharing the Truth with America,WE MUST WAKE UP!!

  12. I loved your response to the debate invitation. Right on!
    I love your site, find it easy to get to the main issues of the day! Thanks

    • Thank you . You hit the purpose of JUST Piper right on. To gather all the news in one place with an appealing eye, so you do not have to look all over the net. We do it for you and your acknowledgment means a lot. ~JP

  13. My friends JP and Sage….back together again in the politcal field. I will contribute as much as I can. Is Cricket someone we used to blog with in the past…name sounds familiar???

    What a great job you are doing and I for one appreciate you and the hard work you are doing! I wish I could devote more time to puter work, but the ole’ man needs me around more and more. He says I’m on the puter too, too much. I tell him I’m reading JP and CB’s sites along with my own e-mail and twitter and he stops talking, for awhile. Will get back later. Guess who wants me to join him in watchin’ television. You know who! Love you my friends!

    • You made me feel so good with this post dear friend. Hope the hurricane stays away from your doorstep. We are the 3 Muskateers of days old :) Thank you from my heart for your kind words & tell that ol’ man of yours this is how we met! LOL. HE started it. I love my TV too btw. Love to you both. ~ JP

  14. New e-mail address.

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