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The New York Times reported on October 18th, 2013 that two researchers discovered that they could freeze or crash the software that monitors a substation, thereby blinding control center operators from the power grid.

The New York Times article, “Electrical Grid Is Called Vulnerable to Power Shutdown.”


• NERC will host GridEx 2013 on November 13-14, 2013

• North American wide distributed-play exercise

• Executive “policy trigger” table top exercise on 14 November

NASA Alert: America Blackout & Grid Shutdown 2013:

Comet Ison Solar Flare, EMP electric grid down janet Napolitano warns of unprecedented event.


* Validate the current readiness of the electricity industry to respond to a security incident, incorporating lessons learned from GridEx 2011

* Assess, test, and validate existing command, control and communication plans and tools for NERC and its stakeholders

* Identify potential improvements in physical and cybersecurity plans, programs, and responder skills

* Evaluate senior leadership policy doctrine and triggers in response to major grid reliability issues


* GridEx II Participants

* Grid Exercise Working Group

* GridEx II Timeline

* Operational and Discussion Based Play

* Scenario Narrative

* Current level of interest that are Participating

* Compliance Concern and Possible Benefits

* Details of this Event

* Grid Security Conference 2013

* Questions and Answers


We ask you keep an open mind but do not hyperventilate over the supposition the ‘Grid’ will go down & produce the #AmericanBlackout scenario. On the other hand we suggest you have the basic necessities say, as the 72 hr. recommendation for a natural disaster.

I was Live Tweeting last night while watching American Blackout & it sure did worry me.

Many people have a fear of the dark. However, darkness is not all that awaits us if the grid shuts down and there is a major blackout across the United States.


Clyde Lewis from Ground Zero had a very imformative, albiet frightening show on this titled ‘Dark Matters’. He said:

The grid was shutting down out of control and workers at the control stations watched helplessly as the Northeast was grinding to a halt.

New York, Pennsylvania, the Midwest and parts of Ontario were all at a standstill in about nine seconds.

America without power is a country that is vulnerable.

Grid–Ex II has captured the imaginations of plenty of fringe researchers and while there are many making claims that the drill will coincide with the appearance of Comet-ISON, there are others that are taking a more practical approach and saying that the drill could be a precursor or even a false flag event where the grid will be attacked either physically or by cyber attack.

The drill is expected to take place November 13th and 14th and while it is unknown if the drill will go ‘real world’, it may be necessary to be on your guard and prepare for such an event. We have known and documented several drills that have gone real time including the drill that occurred during the September 11th attacks.

More times than not, I can conclude in my experience that a lot of what happens in the news is planned and prepared meaning that the old axiom attributed to President Franklin Roosevelt still applies “If It happens it is because government planned it that way.”

The Grid-Ex II drill is the biggest drill of its kind as it requires the participation of “thousands of utility workers, business executives, National Guard officers, F.B.I. anti terrorism experts and officials from government agencies in the United States, Canada and Mexico.”

From the documentary last night on NatGeo… I am posting several segments, when the entire show becomes available it will be posted @ JUST Piper.

Day 1: Communication Part 2:

Day 4: Bad People Do Bad Things

It’s day four of the blackout. A teen prepares to go check out what’s happening outside…

“There’s Someone At The Fence… They Want Food”

One last tidbit from Clyde:

In the Twilight Zone production of “The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street,” Rod Serling showed us in 1960 what could happen in Anytown, USA when the lights go out. The story was so effective that it was remade in 2003 and it was believed that terrorists were responsible for the failure of the power grid. However, it is later revealed that the U.S. Government – particularly the army – were conducting power grid drills and testing the reaction the people would have to the possibility of terrorism.

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  1. I take exception to the best Survival Blog on the Internet.

    I think the best one is: http://www.survivalblog.com which is former US Army Intelligence Officer James Wesley, Rawles’ web site. He is the author of “Patriots – How to Survive the Coming Collapse.” Reading his novel, which is really a “how-to” book, made me begin to think about the GRID being down.

    The real MacDaddy of GRID DOWN is William Forstchen’s “One Second After” which is a novel about the US after an EMP attsck. 90% dead within one year.

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