Aug 162013

The impetus of this post is from Char who sent me Walid’s interview on Laurie Roth, which I begin with but all details are here from Walid himself. Who would know better then him about the MB but a Former Muslim Brotherhood Member?

From Laurie:

Whalid stated he only looks at Arabic sources for his news to really find out the links, persons involved, and real truth about Benghazi.

He linked the Benghazi attack to directives straight from ousted Muslim Brotherhood President – Mohammed Morsi. He gave two “smoking gun” points.

A) A video was shot at the attack scene where gunmen were running toward the camera screaming, “Don’t shoot us. We were sent by Morsi.” Although spoken in Arabic, Whalid said the word “Morsi” was understandable.

B) He found a Libyan intelligence document brought to the forefront by Arabic translator Raymond Ibrahim. This lead to the arrest and interrogation of six members of an “Egyptian cell.” They were all Egyptians and belonged to the Ansar al-Sharia group. In their confessions, they mentioned their link to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

It is most clear that ousted Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi was behind these attacks. This is the same Morsi who Obama was and is boldly behind.

Hmmmm….who is behind Morsi?


Continuing from Walid:

A very serious charge was confidently made by a very credible Egyptian television host whose work we’ve used in prior reports. During the compelling segment on Tahrir TV, host Ahmed Moussa publicly announced the name of a new figure in the Benghazi attacks. The charge is that the passport of Christopher Stevens’ “assassin” was found in the home of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat Al-Shater in Cairo. This would provide a direct and tangible link between the attacks in Benghazi and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Lars Larson interviews Walid on Egypt’s Benghazi Link:

Walid Shoebat appeared on Lars Larson to discuss the article that appeared on Pajamas Media entitled Benghazi: Arabic-Language Media Implicates Egypt’s Fallen Muslim Brotherhood Regime.

Two key figures are Muhammad Jamal Abdo Al-Kashif and Tariq Taha Abu Al-Azm. The other figure – Al-Azm – was above Al-Kashif and is a suspected lead figure in Benghazi. What’s more is that Al-Azm received his military training in the U.S. Air Force.


So Patriots, as we watch what the MB is doing in Egypt, knowing what WE knew a year ago would happen Walid knows the evidence mounts of the ‘coup’ by Mursi and Benghazi. We also know and have yet to prove obama and Jarrett’s involvement with the MB. But mark my words, ‘It IS There!

Side note: Darrell Issa released the following statement on reports that U.S Department of Justice has filed charges against Ahmed Abu Khattalah and others allegedly behind the murder of four Americans in the Benghazi terrorist attacks:

“If our government knows who perpetrated the attack that killed four Americans, it is critical that they be questioned and placed in custody of U.S. officials without delay,” said Chairman Issa. “Osama Bin Laden had been criminally charged long before the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks but was not apprehended. Delays in apprehending the suspected Benghazi killers will only put American lives at further and needless risk.”


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