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On Monday, NBC published a Department of Justice memo (‘White Paper’ entitled “Lawfulness of a Lethal Operation Directed Against a U.S. Citizen ) that lays out the Obama administration’s framework for determining when it’s lawful for President Obama to order the assassination of a U.S. citizen.

The memo in effect states that the President has the authority to kill any American citizen at anytime for any reason without proof, without due process, and with absolutely no oversight.

Basically, the president can assassinate you if “an informed, high-level” administration official has determined that (1) you are a senior figure in either al-Qaida or “an associated force”; (2) you pose a threat to the United States; and (3) capturing you wouldn’t be feasible. The memo goes on to explain that the president can order your assassination without “clear evidence that a specific attack on U.S. persons and interests will take place in the immediate future.”

Below are some tips for how to decrease your odds of being assassinated by President Obama:

1.) Don’t be accused of terrorism

This is easier said than done. The federal government has a track record of falsely accusing people of terrorism.

* steer clear of mosques

* make sure your fingerprints don’t match those of actual terrorists (and if they do, consider having them surgically altered)

* don’t annoy flight attendants

* don’t operate websites that terrorists might post on

* don’t wear a keffiyeh

* don’t travel to the Middle East or South Asia unless doing so is absolutely necessary

2.) Make sure you’re always somewhere where you can easily be captured

One of the vaguest parts of the DOJ memo is the passage about when it’s feasible to capture a suspect. After discussing various relevant factors, the memo simply notes that “feasibility would be a highly fact-specific and potentially time-sensitive inquiry.”

* key here is to avoid remote areas

* If you’re traveling in a foreign country, stay at brand-name hotels in major cities or near major highways

* Avoid countries with underdeveloped infrastructure that could make it difficult or time-consuming for authorities to reach you

* consider the number of flights in and out of the city or area you’re visiting

3.) Avoid visiting Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen altogether

Obama has already accidentally assassinated at least one U.S. citizen: Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, a Denver teenager who was living in Yemen.

He was a boy who hadn’t seen his father in two years, since his father had gone into hiding. He was a boy who knew his father was on an American kill list and who snuck out of his family’s home in the early morning hours of September 4, 2011, to try to find him. He was a boy who was still searching for his father when his father was killed, and who, on the night he himself was killed, was saying goodbye to the second cousin with whom he’d lived while on his search, and the friends he’d made. He was a boy among boys, then; a boy among boys eating dinner by an open fire along the side of a road when an American drone came out of the sky and fired the missiles that killed them all.

No one blinked an eye when American-born al-Qaeda-linked terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki was vaporized with a drone strike in September of 2011. But when his sixteen-year-old son, Abdulrahman, an American citizen born in Denver, Colorado, was vaporized in the same manner two weeks later without any proof that he had any connection to al-Qaeda, both the Left and Right cried foul.

Abdulrahman, along with several other teenagers, was engaged in the “terrorist” act of taking part in an outdoor barbecue.

According to the Abdulrahman’s grandfather:

To kill a teenager is just unbelievable, really, and they claim that he is an al-Qaeda militant. It’s nonsense,” said Nasser al-Awlaki, a former Yemeni agriculture minister who was Anwar al-Awlaki’s father and the boy’s grandfather.

* Finish this read…

Gibbs, President Obama’s then-spokesman, explained that it was al-Awlaki’s father’s fault for taking his son to a country that is a frequent target of U.S. drone strikes. Don’t make the same mistake.

4.) If you are a terrorist, don’t get promoted

It’s unclear whether President Obama can assassinate low-level or mid-level terrorists, but he can definitely assassinate senior-level ones. So if you’re a mid-level terrorist, tell your boss that you’re comfortable with your current responsibilities and aren’t interested in a promotion.


So after the memo leaked Opie Carney and obama had to own up then he ordered No Mas about drone killings…

Opie told reporters Thursday that the Obama administration will not be releasing any more information about the controversial use of drones to kill American citizens.

* I JUST bet they won’t…

From the off-camera press gaggle:

“This is not an open-ended process. This is a specific and unique accommodation in this circumstance. The fact is, when it comes to public disclosure, we have been — not with the kind of attention that’s been given it this week — but we have been publicly discussing these matters at the highest levels of government for the very reason that I’ve given, which is the President understands that these are core issues about how we conduct ourselves in war, how the President of the United States — any President — balances his constitutional obligation to protect America and American citizens, and his obligation to do so in a manner that is lawful under the Constitution and reflects our values.

“The President takes these issues very seriously, and he believes that the conversation about this is valid and that the questions about it are legitimate. And that’s why he has been leading this process internally to — as has John Brennan, by the way — to provide public information as much as possible, mindful of the fact that we are talking about here very sensitive matters, and that these kinds of things — they’re classification — information is classified for very legitimate reasons that go right to our national security interest.

“But within that, there is an effort underway to provide Congress information — those who have oversight over these matters — classified information as well as unclassified with the white paper and the public information as much as possible.”

Those comments by Carney follow the White House’s Wednesday evening decision to send Congress “classified legal advice” about the rationale for using drones against Americans, reported the Associated Press:

President Obama has directed the Justice Department to give Congress’ intelligence committees access to classified legal advice providing the government’s rationale for drone strikes against American citizens working with al-Qaeda abroad, a senior administration official and Democratic lawmakers said Wednesday.

A drumbeat of demands to see the document has swelled on Capitol Hill in recent days as the Senate Intelligence Committee prepares to hold a confirmation hearing for John Brennan, who helped manage the drone program, to be CIA director.

Vince Coglianese ~ Senior Online Editor


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