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I have seen this story recycled since last October. And it seems monthly since. And it keeps being recycled as ‘new’. All the glaring headlines in any given search is ‘The Scandal That Will Bring Obama Down.’ This is going on for what, 3 months now & have you even heard of this being discussed on FNC? Granted FNC is State Run Media Lyte, and I encourage alternative media, but do you know ‘I’ wouldn’t even publish this until I could find the Examiner article, which I did not see linked in the dozens of websites posting this story. It is in fact a story worth telling. It makes sense, although I still believe that ‘gunrunning’ was part of the deal. Which we declared here about the very same time of this kidnapping scenario.

I have NO doubt that obama was in fact Was Working With the Bad Guys. The only question unanswered is how. Either gunwalking or kidnapping, or both, would defintely explain the order to ‘Stand Down’. As evidenced in this piece:

Cover-up Step 4: Introduce a new hero and ignore the real ones, like General Carter Hamm, the Combatant Commander of Africa’s Command (AFRICOM) who, reportedly tried to send in military back-up to help the Americans under attack in Benghazi but was ordered to ‘stand down.’ He has since “retired” and been replaced.

See: CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack

Also See: Now we know ‘Why ‘…

This is from October 17,2011:

It took an extensive search to even find the article everyone quoted from the Washington Examiner:

- source

Also in November this story was revived BY the Examiner:

Retired Four-Star Admiral James “Ace” Lyons, one of the guests on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” this past Wednesday evening, suggests the attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya on September 11 was the result of a bungled abduction attempt.

Lyons’ analysis of the evidence led him to the failed kidnapping conclusion…

Lyons also appeared with Megyn Kelly on November 6th, INCENSED

Admiral James Lyons suggests the Obama administration intentionally lessened the levels of security at the consulate compound in Benghazi in the weeks leading up to the attack. This plan should have worked to reduce the possibility of resistance as the Ansar al-Sharia terrorist organization captured Chris Stevens, the American Ambassador to Libya.

Now to the crux of putting the pieces together…

~ image from SodaHead

On September 24th the Wall Street Journal featured an article by former US AG Michael Mukasey until Holder came in by design. He wrote of believing obama would in fact free the Blind Sheik. Remember that buzz?

Mukasey questioned the wisdom of releasing this “poisonously influential Islamic Cleric” Omar Abdel Rahman back to his homeland. Upon Rahman’s release to Egypt, Judge Mukasey concluded the sheik would incite additional domestic and international acts of terror against Americans.

Judge Mukasey, who presided over Abdel Rahman’s trial in 1995, had sentenced the sheik to life in prison upon his conviction for the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing, numerous plots to destroy other landmarks in New York City, and conspiring to assassinate Hosni Mubarak, the President of Egypt.

You can read this in it’s entirety at the above link.


Now, currently, the Brown’s have found it’s even worse than we previously thought and they say, Some will say that Admiral Lyons’ accusation is not a smoking gun. We agree; that’s exactly why Congress must investigate Benghazi-gate.

They firmly believe the problem with Admiral Lyons’ assertion is that he is only scratching the surface; the full and complete truth may be much, much worse.

Benghazi-gate is not about a bogus YouTube video series of lies. It’s not about the Obama Administration’s foreign policy ineptitude. We are dealing with something much more sinister… something potentially treasonous… and the following questions, posed in an article in The New American, go to the heart of the matter:

These are JUST a few things the Browns give you for thinking:

– Was Ambassador Stevens recruiting and arming Jihadists and terrorists (as we have contended from the beginning) to wage war on the Syrian regime after what Obama called the “success” in Libya, as a growing body of credible evidence suggests?

– Was the lack of security at the compound a political ploy to conceal the extent of the lawlessness and utter chaos left in the wake of Obama’s unconstitutional “regime change” war on Libya, as even members of Congress have alleged?”

It’s clear. Benghazi-Gate is only a small piece of a much larger operation, an attempt to conceal what The New American calls “the Obama administration’s full role in helping violent Jihadists and self-styled al Qaeda terrorists.”

Republican Senators John Barrasso, James Inhofe, and Bob Corker, who all sit on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, “all agree that the supercharged atmosphere around the story — prudence dictates that these hearings be postponed until” after the election.

Well, the election has come and gone. Congress now has no excuse. The American people needed the truth before the election; but now that Obama is back in the White House, real conservatives must demand answers.

The American people deserve to have those questions answered; and moreover, the American people deserve justice.

- source

But even knowing all of this. Knowing Benghazi was a setup for the worse possible reasons by the administration, WHO is going to do WHAT about it?! ~ JP


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  1. Obama urged to stand ground against renewed call for ‘Blind Sheikh’ release

    The head of the House Homeland Security Committee is urging President Obama not to cave in to renewed pleas by Egypt’s president to release the “Blind Sheikh” – a convicted terrorist who “has American blood on his hands.”

    Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, asked Obama to stand firm on the issue and warned that releasing Omar Abdel Rahman would be “seen as a major sign of weakness throughout the Muslim extremist world.”

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/01/13/egypt-president-renews-call-to-free-blind-sheikh/#ixzz2HuqkvFgg

  2. Denial Denial Denial:

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