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When Obama rails against the 99% with Warren Buffett at his side crying that the wealthy should “pay their fair share,” oddly the name Susan Rice doesn’t come up. It’s odd because Rice is the wealthiest staff member in the Executive Department, amassing in the neighborhood of forty million dollars.

Where do these millions of dollars pour in from?

You should take a look at her financial disclosure form. It’s like reading War and Peace. She has an endless number of investments in companies throughout the world. But one of her soft spots is companies that do investments with Iranian companies, especially those that buy Iran’s billions of barrels in crude oil.

So the next time Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad vows to annihilate Israel with a nuclear bomb, you can thank Susan Rice.

From the Washington Beacon:

The portfolio of embattled United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice includes investments of hundreds of thousands of dollars in several energy companies known for doing business with Iran

Rice has the highest net worth of executive branch members, with a fortune estimated between $24 to $44 million, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. A Free Beacon analysis of Rice’s portfolio shows thousands of dollars invested in at least three separate companies cited by lawmakers on Capitol Hill for doing business in Iran’s oil and gas sector.

The revelation of these investments could pose a problem for Rice if she is tapped by President Barack Obama to replace Clinton. Among the responsibilities of the next secretary of state will be a showdown with Iran over its nuclear enrichment program.

“That Susan Rice invested in companies doing business in Iran shows either the Obama administration’s lack of seriousness regarding Iran or Rice’s own immorality,” said Michael Rubin, a former Pentagon adviser on Iran and Iraq. “Either way, her actions undercut her ability to demand our allies unity on Iran.”

The companies in question appear to have conducted business with Tehran well after Western governments began to urge divestment from the rogue nation, which has continued to enrich uranium near levels needed to build a nuclear bomb.

Financial disclosures reveal that Rice has had $50,001-$100,000 in Royal Dutch Shell, a longtime purchaser of Iranian crude oil.

* Royal Dutch Shell currently owes Iran nearly $1 billion in back payments for crude oil that it purchased before Western economic sanctions crippled Tehran’s ability to process oil payments, Reuters reported.

“A debt of that size would equate to roughly four large tanker loads of Iranian crude or about 8 million barrels,” according to the report.


Rice has additional investments in Norsk Hydro ASA, a Norwegian aluminum firm, and BHP Billiton PLC, an Australian-based natural resources company, financial disclosure show.

Norway’s Norsk Hydro was awarded in 2006 a $107 million exploration and development contract for Iran’s Khorramabad oil block, according to the Wall Street Journal. Rice’s portfolio includes an investment of up to $15,000 in the company.

Norsk acknowledged at the time that it was working in Iran against the wishes of the U.S. government.

* Rice has up to $50,000 invested with another Iranian partner, BHP Billiton, which was probed by the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2010 for its dealings with Cuba and Iran, according to reports.

The company, which had leased office space in Tehran, admitted to making more than $360 million from the Iranians, according to The Australian.

The House of Representatives passed a bill in 2007 that took aim at these companies and other that had done business with Iran. The bill enabled state and local governments to divest from these companies due to their dealings with Iran.

Then-senator Obama proposed and supported a similar bill at the time. Mr. OBAMA (for himself and Mr. BROWNBACK) introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs

It is unclear how White House press secretary Jay Carney will respond to the latest revelations about Rice. Previous questions from the media about Rice’s investment in the company building the controversial Keystone XL pipeline were dismissed by Carney as information from “Republican opposition researchers.”

From the DU: Susan Rice and hubby Own $300,000 in TransCanada Stock (Keystone XL Developer)valued at between 300k to 600k.

As you will see viewing Major Garret’s question to Opie Carney…At 18 sec. watch Opie’s pissed off look as he hems and stutters and haws. What a difference a day makes. This presser was but ‘ Yesterday’! Until then obama was all about Sec. Susan. He then gets all snarky about insulting Republican Researchers using up ‘intellectual bandwith’. PUNK. We precisely have done that & this post is what was found!

He insinuates we cannot research financial disclosures. What a tool he is! He goes onto blather that NONE of this has ‘anything’ to do with the tragedy in Benghazi.

Carney: This is about Politics, and thats a shame. Stock dodge. He goes onto infuriate. Opie? Clue Election is freakin’ ovah punk! At 2:15 of the video Major is riled, who wouldn’t be?! He said: ‘The question wasn’t about Benghazi at all’ sound thoroughly exasperated with Opie. He tells him to Explain the conflict. Boo Frickin’ Hoo, assault on Rice blah blah.

Now this is where ‘I’ am seeing RED, when Opie calls her 5 appearances on Sunday Shows ‘A NON- Event’!!! Susan is ‘imminently qualified’ for any number of high level FP positions! Smack me with a ruler for what I’m thinking right now!

Well, Listen and See for yourself…

SEE: Video of Major Garrett Blows Up Carney for Dodging Rice Keystone Question and read article

Also See Sweet Little Susie’s investments in bank defrauded by Madoff, in Irish pharmaceuticals, in firm located in Bermuda.

All ‘I’ can say is she best NOT be confirmed for any position. She has a major conflict of interest with this portfolio IMO to kick her out of D.C. all together, combined with all her other crimes and misdemeanors! ~ JP

Free Beacon

Thanks once again to Kris Zane!


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