Oct 072012

Muhammad was the most intolerant religious leader in history. Yet his followers demand that we give him a level of respect that Islam has never given to anyone else. In this video, I not only Eastwood Muhammad, but Wayne’s World him as well. Free Speech Forever.

* Promotes Wife Beating

* Kills Critics

* Beheaded hundreds of Jews

* Kills Apostates

* Muhammad a Total Hypocrite

* Hate Monger

* Savage

* Muhammad IS NO PROPHET!

You kiss your child bride with that mouth? @ 8:15

Want more? Islam in Muhammad’s Own Words

* 5 Qur’ans

* al-Tabari

Want more? Islam in Muhammad’s Own Words

~ For Gov. Bentley!

– source: Answering muslims

Also SEE: As soon as Muhammad died, countless Muslims abandoned their faith in him. Abu Bakr had to fight wars to bring them back to Islam. Oddly enough, many Muslims today are convinced that no one ever leaves Islam! Yet we find that people are continuing to abandon Islam. In this video, we discuss why two Muslims, Farhan Qureshi and C.L. Edwards, decided that Islam wasn’t for them.

Why Are Muslims Leaving Islam?


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