Oct 282012

I dare anyone contemplating voting for obama to watch this and THEN tell me you can still vote for him AFTER watching it. Conservatives, Patriots get this to your liberal family and friends ASAP!

h/t @KOSMOSNET and @BarrieNJ!

You will be livid for the first four minutes. Then you will cry. Then you will thank God you are a conservative and have Pride in that…


  9 Responses to “Video of the Day and Beyond: Still Thinking About Voting for Obama?”

  1. Dear JP,

    Thanks. Sent to everyone on my list. Also, I like the ending where it reminds us all that there are 530,000 elected offices in our country. We are responsible to be informed and to vote for anyone who represents us. This video articulated Conservatism so well. Thanks again and God Bless.


    • I thank you Gayle for your loyalty…for me this election in all I’ve voted for since Nixon, has got me all riled up ~ JP #Readyforchange

      • I recently sent you a video via e-mail, facebook, and twitter. Did you get it? Post it here if you did…..thanks Bar.

        This election is so very important that these things must be brought up.

        While watching The Five tonight, they ran an interview of a reporter asking questions regarding the attack in Libya. As of course, the response, was inadequate and not to mention uninformative at best.

  2. I also shared this on Twitter and Facebook too. My e-mail would not post to this site, so I hope you see the video that this woman, a Democrat, sent as to why she is voting for Romney/Ryan.


  3. Very powerful video…Keep praying everyone! PS: Pass it on! https://www.youtube.com/embed/eILPwSOtXxI

  4. Moderation… oh joy. I’m sure my comment will be not approved because it doesn’t jive with what the Republicans want you to believe.

    • If you were not promoting a 3rd party spoiler, it sure would have been approved. We do not want to hand this election to obama and your candidate cannot win. He can only spoil. And no friends, its not RP

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