Oct 152012

Originally posted here at JUST Piper but:

Originally posted and then taken down….apparently its back, but its too good to let it disappear. So here it is, originally posted by Buckrush. A message to the Democrats in power. You are on notice. We are coming for your jobs now. Start packin, you’re fired.

2-9-2010 —A tad bit more information… Buckrush was the poster who originally posted this. It was taken down after a few hours. I contacted him and he sent me a new link to the video, which I then immediately downloaded and re-posted in order to help keep it up on the web.

Anyone who has been paying any sort of attention at all knows that a large number of things have been removed and “scrubbed ” from the internet. So if you can. when you find something good like this video Buckrush posted, download it and save it.

Robert H Patrick posted on your timeline

“This was posted by Shannon JoLeen Carpenter; the date is not important; the damage to our country, citizens, freedoms are important; please share this on Just Piper and yes use my name; blessings Samantha!”

Thank you to my sweet Robert and kuds Shannon for posting this on FB!


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