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Louisiana’s giant sinkhole in Assumption Parish expanded 500 square feet Tuesday morning, according to officials. Earlier Tuesday, amid debating whether earthquakes caused the nearby breached salt cavern to fail, extra seismic activity was recorded, according to USGS monitors observed by this reporter, also noting that in 2010, experts foretold a methane crisis, one saying a methane-caused sinkhole could result from BP’s oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico.

“A 10′ x 50′ foot slough in of (sic) the sinkhole on the SW side (towards the pipeline right-of-way, the 50′ is along the embankment of the hole),” Assumption Parish officials reported Tuesday, Oct. 9.

If you have been following this series here, on September 25th you will see officials blamed the exact opposite:

In this complex involvement, the USGS Senior Adviser for Earthquake and Geologic Hazards William Leith stated that USGS consensus is that the seismic activity detected in the area is a consequence of the cavern collapse, not the cause of the collapse and sinkhole.

So the story from USGS is falling apart, which IMO shows cover-up. Another government entity that decided something early on or lied and used the ‘muslim video’ theory intentionally.

Here is the Flyover from Today:

Vent wells, on the Dugas & LeBlanc Property…

Vent wells, Triche property:

The next two fare flyovers of the Sinkhole itself, it is JUST growing and growing:

USGS LA 09 seismic monitor around 7:00 a.m, 9.10.12 before 500 sq. ft. swallowed into Bayou Corne, La. sinkhole Credit: USGS/University of Memphis

Bayou Corne methane, quake sinkhole disaster, increasingly appears linked to 2010 BP-wrecked Macondo well methane. Flaring to begin, releasing more toxins.

What Deborah reported today:

* Five trees along with more land were lost

* Sharp increase of seismic activity began in the sinkhole area near Hwy. La. 70 in Belle Rose, Louisiana just before 7:00 a.m. Tuesday

* One monitor showing extra seismic activity, LA03, is south of the sinkhole. The other monitor, LA09, is due west of the sinkhole, as designated on the USGS Helicorder Map

* Last week, mysterious tremors were experienced and reported 45 miles south of the sinkhole.

I have referenced the seismic activity. Dutch did. We all believe ‘fracking’ is playing a role in this and companies continue to frack causing the seismic activity.

PF said: “Yes TX brine may be culpable. BP may be culpable. But it could be as simple as Mother Nature and we do not see that being discussed.

See Part 3 of our Investigation: Uranium and Thorium on Surface of Sinkhole

* The most alarming data from Deborah today is the Sinkhole, methane catastrophe was predicted in 2010. Smith has said that he believed the BP “capped” well was breached, as documented in the film, The Big Fix.

PF made the BP connection the minute the Sinkhole came into the news.

Gary Byerly, Professor of Geology at Louisiana State University, said methane and oil leak into the Gulf naturally – explaining that the weight of rock on the seabed usually restricts leaks to a very slow rate.

“I could see something like this causing a sinkhole to form,” Byerly said.

Full Examiner article today

Making them sick:

Health Symptoms

Headaches 68%
Sore Throat 53%
Nose Irritation 21%
Burning and Watery Eyes 21%
Fatigue 16%
Mood Changes 11%
Coughing 5%
Nose Bleed 5%
Skin Irritation 5%
Sleep Disorder 5%
Lightheadedness 5%
Behavioral Upset 5%
Fatigue 5%

According to the environmental group, Louisiana Environmental Action Network, (LEAN), there is an odor emanating from the Bayou Corne sink hole area and people have complained of various health ailments.

Sinkhole gas flaring to begin, number of people suffering poisoning mounts

Expert links gas, sinkhole Geologist: Connection seen in info

Note this from Smiley Anders of The Advocate:

In the dark of night, when all secretive cover up happens…

Like all residents of that area, Tony Falterman, of Napoleonville, is worried about the sinkhole in the Bayou Corne area of Assumption Parish. Tony also has a sinking feeling about one of the people dealing with the situation.

He says, “A friend of mine told me of the boats that bring the different agency representatives into Bayou Corne near the sinkhole to look at the bubbles and monitors.

“It seems that along the bayou there are signs that read NO WAKE ZONE in the yards of the homes. “One DEQ employee asked a boat driver if all of these people worked at night!”

More tomorrow…

featured image is Sinkhole from yesterday


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