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Note: it has a lengthy incubation period of FOUR weeks…


The number of deaths rose by one to eight, with another fatality in Tennessee.

The list of nine states with reported cases stayed the same. Tennessee, Michigan, Virginia, Indiana, Florida, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina and Ohio previously reported cases.

Florida (FL) 4
Indiana (IN) 11
Maryland (MD) 5 1
Michigan (MI) 21 2
Minnesota (MN) 3
North Carolina (NC) 2
Ohio (OH) 1
Tennessee (TN) 35 4
Virginia (VA) 23 1
TOTALS 105 8

on left are cases, numbers on right are deaths


One woman’s suffering:

“They didn’t really tell us it was a fungal meningitis until the CDC told them,” he said.

The suburban Nashville woman is hospitalized in intensive care, can only say a few words and has trouble keeping down even water. She suffered a brain hemorrhage last week, family said.

~ So the stroke symptoms are real, apparently this injection causes it! And why are they not using the word ‘Contaminated’?! WHO contaminated these injections? Was it terrorism? Who knows?!

- source

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The one thing the CDC has not been responsible in getting out there are the symptoms:

Symptoms of fungal meningitis are similar to symptoms of other forms of meningitis, however they often appear more gradually and can be very mild at first. In addition to typical meningitis symptoms, like headache, fever, nausea, and stiffness of the neck, people with fungal meningitis may also experience confusion, dizziness, and discomfort from bright lights. Patients might just have one or two of these symptoms.

Meningitis is an inflammation of the membranes that surround the brain or the spinal cord and is potentially life-threatening. Symptoms of fungal meningitis have become evident in one to four weeks following the injection.

- source

How do you know if you have been infected? Dr. Samadi explained, “If you got any kind of steroid injections, epidurals, between July of this year and September 28th, you need to be aware of this and talk to your doctor.”

So in other words, if you are having ‘stroke’ symptoms, you may not realize it is the injection. You may think you simply have the flu. You may ‘think’ it could be so many things, especially if you have been taught not to complain or it will pass. My brother lost his life to hanta-virus because of this. Friends, if you have been treated at all with a steroid injection, PLEASE attribute any symptoms to it and seek immediate medical attention! My niece has been treated with steroids and they alone play havoc. DO NOT Assume! Get HELP!


Status: Ongoing Investigation

Infection: Fungal Meningitis

Facility Type: Outpatient Setting

Case Count: 91

States: 9

Deaths: 7

The bulk of the cases are in Michigan, Virginia and Tennessee:

Sunday an additional 27 cases in a fungal meningitis outbreak linked to steroid injections that has killed seven people and now affected 91 in nine states.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported a total of 91 cases in an update on its website, up from 64 on Saturday. Reuters had reported 65 cases on Saturday, including one additional case after the CDC published its total. The steroids injections were given as painkillers.


Multi-State Meningitis Outbreak – Current Case Count

Watch this thread for Updates…


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