Oct 102012

Also See:Rep. Jordan Schools State Dept. Oafs ~ Calls them on THEY have Never Been to Libya

Part 2 – The Security Failures of Benghazi:

FULL Part I of The Security Failures of Benghazi Hearing:


Note all these docs are from the State Dept.

* Never before seen photos of Benghazi Attack

* Memo from 3/28 Request for DS TDY & FTE security support. Drafted by Nordstrom. Cleared by Jennifer Larson. Approved by Joan Polaschick. Release by Carol Johnson.

* Memo from 7/9 Request for extension of TDY security personal. Drafted by Nordstrom. Cleared by David McFarland. Approved by John Stevens. Released by Nordstrom.

* Memo from 8/2 Request to add Ambassador protective detail bodyguard. Drafted by Jairo Saravia. Cleared by by John Stevens. Approved by John Martinec. Released by Jairo Saravia.

* Memo from 8/20 Benghazi Weekly Report. Special Eid al-Fitr Edition. Drafted by Eric Gaudiosi. Cleared by Hanna Draper. Approved by Gregory Hicks. Released by Hannah Draper. Also check out the info at the bottom.

* Memo from 9/11 Benghazi Weekly Report. Drafted by David McFarland. Cleared by Gregory Hicks. Approved by John Stevens. Released by Amber Pickens. Check out interesting info at the very bottom.

Pay attention to those names because they will be thrown under the bus.


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