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Yesterday’s installment of our continuing series

* Physicists say La. Sinkhole methane possibly caused Minden explosions Comes with a (Warning…)

I want to say up front and stress the only journalist reporting daily on this is @DeborahDupre. She has been diligent and not waivered and if anyone deserves a journalistic award for this reporting on the Sinkhole, Deborah has it hands down. I would be lost without her. ~ JP

And her lovely tweet to me:


@justpipertoo Don’t know if methane can be fingerprinted – but wanted to thank YOU for your readership and support. Makes a huge difference.

JUST look at the breadth and destruction: Before the Sinkhole became apparent it was as the surrounding area with trees and dirt and more. They claim today that it is cleaner. I still see oil, debris. What did they remove?

Site Video, 10/20/12…

The blog set up by Assumption La. updates:

9:00 a.m. Update:

Clean up continues today at the sinkhole site.

We’ve received many inquiries regarding the flyover videos posted on yesterday – specific to the growth towards the pipeline right of way. This appearance of growth is due to hydrocarbon contaminated vegetative debris being removed and wasn’t caused by a sinking or slough-in of the hole. Floating grass that can be seen all along the pipeline right of way was removed (on the direct perimeter of the sinkhole) during clean up efforts.

* Governor Jindal’s Situation Summary Doc for 10/19/2012

From Deborah:

Emergency leaders in Assumption Parish said they saw improvements at the Bayou Corne sinkhole site Friday afternoon in terms of crude-soaked vegetation, but admit there is still no solution or cause of the disaster.

Assumption Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness Director John Boudreaux told WAFB TV News reporter Friday that is clear Texas Brine is making progress with its breached salt dome cavern, but it is unknown how long the company will take to report a cause and a solution to the Bayou Corne sinkhole disaster remains to be seen.

Please read Deborah’s reporting: No Louisiana sinkhole solution

Sinkhole size 5 football fields 10.15.12 Credits: Assumption Parish Police Jury

Also See: Sinkhole size 5 football fields, ground breaking far from it

And another interesting connection is what happened at Camp Minden also being reported by Deborah:

Louisiana National Guard has issued a statement Friday on Camp Minden’s Monday night explosions and 7000 feet mushroom cloud, but Hazardous Materials Unit in Baton Rouge and others investigating could take months before determining the cause, officials said Friday about the area that will remain off-limits until after completing cleanup.

Below is a statement released Friday by the Louisiana National Guard about the explosion at Camp Minden just before midnight Monday:

On Monday night the Camp Minden post security heard a loud sound which could have been a possible explosion. Subsequently, the post security physically surveyed the camp in accordance with established protocols and conferred with contractor tenants who stated that they were not able to confirm the origination of the sound.

Upon daylight on Tuesday morning, a Camp Minden tenant organization, Explo Inc., discovered that one of their storage areas had exploded and reported the incident to the Louisiana National Guard. Following this report, the Louisiana National Guard notified local authorities and the Louisiana State Police of the explosion in accordance with standard protocol.

The substance that exploded was a smokeless powder and does not pose a threat outside of Camp Minden. Explo is currently conducting clean-up operations of the site. The incident is under investigation by the LSP. The incident area is a restricted area and will remain off limits to anyone other than authorized individuals due to normal operational security and safety requirements.

Continue the read: Camp Minden off-limits

Meanwhile Business is sinking in Bayou Corne:

WAFB 9 News Baton Rouge, Louisiana News, Weather, Sports

* There have been NO DNR News Releases since October 11th. Why?!

* Everything LEAN has is posted at JUST Piper


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