Oct 192012

Yesterday’s Installment: (Gov. Jindal Declared Emergency) Bubbling bayous smell of Oil Mafia

More on Camp Minden Explosion ~ Lingering questions loom over officials head. Initially reported as a ‘ Bunker Explosion’

Late Monday night ≈ 11.30PM, Oct 15, an explosion occurred at Camp Minden LA, an underground storage bunker. There were no injuries reported. This is NO WHERE NEAR Bayou Corne. No word as to what caused the explosion but read below.

EXPLO SYSTEMS, INC owns the bunker in Camp Minden.
*Explo Systems is in the business of explosive recovery.
*Explo Systems had this happen in 2006 which caused hundreds to evacuate.
*Explo Systems has not made any comment, nor revealed the type of explosives or chemicals.

Camp Minden is located 28 miles East of Shreveport, LA in the NW portion of LA. Bayou Corne is located in the SE portion of LA. The distance from Shreveport to Bayou Corne is ≈ 270 – 300 miles dependent upon route. Camp Minden is the site of a former Army ammunition plant. Louisiana took the site over from the federal government in 2005. Now, it is a Louisiana National Guard training site and an industrial complex. Bunkers are all over Camp Minden and are used to store explosives.

(The plume of ashes and gases emitted into the atmosphere during the blast reportedly reached 7000′ altitude.)

See: Video Report

JUST In Today:

At least ten powerful explosions Monday night at Camp Minden after a meteor shower have raised many questions, including whether Louisiana’s sinkhole area aquifer explosive-level methane could have traveled north where hit by a meteorite causing the blasts, a possibility according to a physicist and an astrophysicist interviewed by Deborah Dupré Friday.

Heavier meteor showers are predicted this weekend.

“If there is enough methane in the air, just about anything (like a rock hitting another rock, causing a spark) could ignite explosions,” physicist Steve Knudsen said in an email Friday.

Please read on…. This is a necessary complicated read. But it could affect many, it is vital!

Flyover, 10/19/2012 Sinkhole is HUGE…


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