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FOX headline: Obama wasted no time making hay of it — but is number really just a ‘statistical fluke?’

The news source I trust most on these issues, FOX Business and Lou Dobbs. In this one report, this guy questions how we could drop so much when we added a mere 114k jobs (mostly government jobs, not private sector)! Euler Hermes chief economist Dan North says that is WAY below what we need to see for true economic growth. The household survey I’ve been mad tweeting all morning of 873k household cold calls, BUT the business survey said they added 103k private sector jobs. Do the Math libtards. Nothing changed magically since the debate but the admin snowing you!

Economists look at the more in depth survey allying themselves with the 103-114k jobs added. So friends, WHO are these so-called households? Can the admin back it up? Surely not.

My tweets began about 2 hours ago:

* Words to watch: unexpectedly sharp drop, 114,000 jobs added by private companies, manufacturing lost 16,000, Government jobs +10,000

* Truth Obama will ‘tout’ 873,000 job gains but wouldn’t you say your self-employed as opposed to unemployed?

So it begins: Obama: After losing about 800,000 jobs a month when I took office, businesses added 5.2 million new jobs over past 2.5 years

Other’s are agreeing about false reports:


Morning, Twitter! What the hell is with these jobs numbers? biggest 1 month increase in 30 yrs after 42 months of nada? I dont buy it.

The debate precipitated this and I believe this played into it also:

i @JoeTrippi

20 minutes into debate GOP online voter registration doubled above normal & still at that pace – Dem. source who monitors online.


Unbelievable jobs numbers..these Chicago guys will do anything..can’t debate so change numbers

FOX News contributor Monica Crowley weighs in on September’s jobs report:

My tweets in Truth that say it all:

* The Fed has a new policy aimed primarily at creating jobs. Unfortunately these numbers won’t be revised until AFTER Nov. 6th

* It’s a ‘bambi’ kinda day: DJ Average at its highest intraday level since December of 2007 because of false reporting on jobs numbers.

From Cain TV, which breaks it down for us:

This morning’s jobs report is giving Obama’s media backers a chance to change the narrative, and you’ll be hearing throughout the day how this is “good news for the president”

This will be accompanied by their celebratory announcement of a statistic you’ve probably never even heard before, that of an increase of 873,000 in employment from the “household survey.”

None of this represents anything good, but you have to understand what the numbers mean in order to recognize that. So let’s go through it:

– The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that only 114,000 new jobs were added in September. That is slighly better than the 96,000 that were originally reported in August (later oddly revised to more than 140,000), but it is still terrible, and still well below what you need to even keep up with population growth.

– The household survey includes people who took part-time jobs, which is why it says there are 456,000 fewer “unemployed” people, because you are not unemployed if you work at McDonald’s. They are still undermployed, however, for purposes of being counted in the U6 unemployment number, which is why that figure remains unchnaged at 14.7 percent.

– The fact that 7.8 percent is the lowest we’ve seen U4 in 44 months only demonstrates how horrible the past 44 months have been. During the Bush Administration, U4 stayed around 5 percent from the end of his first-term recession until the financial market meltdown in 2008. The recession has been over since 2009 but unemployment has remained at or above 8 percent ever since. A slight drop now to 7.8 percent is mere statistical noise, especially with U6 remaining unchanged.

What is going to happen over the course of the next several days, however, is a competition of narratives over what these new numbers mean. You’ll hear a lot about 7.8 percent, and you’ll hear a lot about the household survey number of 873,000. You won’t get much explanation to put them in context, except in a political context. But you should know what these numbers really mean, and now you do.

Cain TV

Also, keep in mind Romney has changed the scenario with numbers changed in Swing States. According to Rasmussen:

* Virginia: Romney 49%, Obama 48%

* Ohio: Obama 50%, Romney 49%

* Florida: Romney 49%, Obama 47%

* North Carolina: Romney 51%, Obama 47%

Darn Skippy obama HAD to create/deflect and LIE! Romney has pulled ahead in some Swing States and all other’s are running neck/neck!

And of course the lib media (SOROS) was paving the way to once again portray the right as conspiracy nutz:


Watch the media run with right-wing conspiracy theory that job numbers were faked

‘My’ response to TP:


@thinkprogress What is wrong with ‘actual truth’?

And now we have the markets overreacting to false data. WHO runs Wall Street?!

Friends, Patriots, it only took me a few hours of following this to see one only needs to do their research The left spins until WE are dizzy. I leave you with the ‘white board’ and Karl Rove:

See: * Varney on Positive New Jobs Report: There is ‘Widespread Mistrust’ in These Numbers

* The Odd September Unemployment Rate: When Good Surveys Produce False Results

* Anemic Job Growth Continues

* Obama, Romney clash on September jobs report

* Fact Check: Labor Secretary Solis Misleads on Jobs Revisions

Remember this important P.S. They cannot lie if we Expose them. We can shoot them down every single time. So as much as they will be lying today, let us tweet the truth. Let us share this everywhere. They will NOT take away our glory that Mitt has outted obama and vetted him. Finally! ~ JP


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