Oct 192012

Okay, anyone who votes for Ellison is as much of a moron who casts their vote for 0 bama…

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) on Thursday called his Republican opponent a “lowlife scumbag” and a “gutter dweller” during a radio debate that devolved into an invective-filled fight over each of their divorces.

About 37 minutes into the debate on KFAI-FM radio, Republican candidate Chris Fields accused Ellison of paying a firm $240,000 to dig up information on Fields’s divorce. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported it was recently discovered that Fields’s ex-wife sought a restraining order against him in 2006.

Ellison’s campaign released this statement after the debate:

“Today during a radio broadcast debate, my opponent made false statements about an intensely personal family matter. My teenage daughter was present in the next room listening to the debate.

In response to my opponent’s false statement, I made an uncivil reference to him. I should not have done so. I acted beneath my personal standard as a public official, and I apologize.

In the course of this campaign, we have been focused on creating economic prosperity for working families, protecting our constitutional right to vote, and making sure that everybody counts and everybody matters–and yet, my opponent has repeatedly and personally attacked me.

His untrue reference to the terms of my divorce was over the line, but my comment to him was over the line too. His tactics are no excuse for my departure from civility.

I will not allow this to happen again, and I regret my action.”

Fields offered his own statement:

“At a time when we need civility and leadership from Washington politicians Congressman Ellison has proved that he cannot deliver and as a result we all suffer.

Since Ellison has been in office he has pursued a senseless foreign policy agenda, failed domestic policies and pointless legislation such as reparations for slavery. Our campaign has been centered on providing credible and workable solutions for the people of our district.

We have focused on two areas; closing the achievement gap and unemployment gap between blacks and whites. These gaps affect everyone in our district and pose a very real threat to Americans nationwide.

In addition, we are also focused on protecting the most vulnerable among us; our seniors, veterans, the middle class and single parents.” Fields said in a statement released following the debate.

The Ellison campaign has been engaged in name-calling and various other political games designed to detract attention from Congressman Ellison’s record of failure. This month alone Fields has been attacked as a “liar” dozens of times without provocation or factual justification.

“While I cannot apologize for Congressman Ellison’s violent outbursts, I do believe the voters of the Fifth Congressional District are entitled to a Representative who more accurately reflects their values of people working together regardless of their background or political beliefs. If I elected I will work to continue to build bridges with all communities and provide the focused attention needed to move us forward.

Full audio Debate HERE

The Hill

He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, where he served for over 21 years, including two combat tours in Iraq. Now tell me WHO has Ellison served by allah?

You have a true choice her, a Vet Marine for over two decades or Ellison…

Ellison converted from Catholicism to Islam, later giving the following explanation: “I can’t claim that I was the most observant Catholic at the time [of my conversion]. I had begun to really look around and ask myself about the social circumstances of the country, issues of justice, issues of change. When I looked at my spiritual life, and I looked at what might inform social change, justice in society… I found Islam.”

Keith Ellison, a Democrat and a Muslim from Minnesota, was elected to the House, and Representative Virgil Goode and other Republicans complained vociferously that Ellison should not be allowed to swear himself in with the Koran in his hands. Immediately after the election, Goode sounded the alarm:

The Muslim Representative [Keith Ellison] from Minnesota was elected by the voters of that district and if American citizens don’t wake up and adopt the Virgil Goode position on immigration, there will likely be many more Muslims elected to office and demanding the use of the Koran.

If you live in this district I urge you that you have no idea of the infiltration of islam. Ellison does NOT derve your vote! Vote Fields For Congress and show your support by a follow at Twitter. JUST Piper can ONLY support Chris and thus we endorse him. ~ JP

Chris Fields Official website


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