Oct 242012

October 22nd Installment: Sinkhole 52,000 gallons mystery crude oil collected

Bayou Corne sinkhole disaster area flammable crude killing swampland, threatening lives Credits: Assumption Parish La. Police Jury

From Deborah Dupre:

The Assumption Parish Homeland Security and Emergency Service director has indicated mounting concerns that Bayou Corne’s sinkhole might have other voids or gaps underground and that more area sinkholes might be forming, topics to be discussed at a resident briefing (see below) Tuesday night and another blow to human ecology since a state-contracted expert has advised that the sinkhole is irreparable if fractured.

“Until we figure out what is going on below the surface, it would be very negligent on our part to ask these people to come back into their homes,” said Assumption Parish Sheriff Mike Waguespack about the Bayou Corne sinkhole disaster, according to the Advocate. (and see the installment for 10/22)

The sinkhole is now the size of five football fields and the ground is breaking up in nearby areas. It continues threatening to become another Lake Peigneur catastrophe.

* See: Site video 10/20

Full article

Sinkhole Flyover & Resident Briefing (10/23/12 )


10/23/12 Resident Briefing:

Listen to Dutch’s new show: Louisiana explosions, Bayou Corne sinkhole


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