Oct 222012

President John F. Kennedy addresses the nation on the evening of Monday, October 22, 1962, as the threat of Soviet missiles in Cuba nears its peak.

This version of President Kennedy’s Cuban Missile Crisis speech is somewhat rare, because it is complete and unedited. Usually only small bits and pieces of the speech are presented on television and in documentaries. But this is the entire 18-minute address from start to finish.

Where were you if alive then, and what do you remember? I was in 5th grade at Parochial school. Many times my parents would make us go down in the basement when our air aid siren went off in Chicago. Including Err raid sirens in 1959 when the White Sox were headed to the World Series, City Hall put Chicago on high alert. In perspective in 1959 Fidel Castro becomes prime minister of Cuba. I tried to get ‘sick’ on Tuesdays because I did not like ‘Duck and Cover’.

The classic U.S. Federal Civil Defense Administration video Duck and Cover, shown to millions of school children in the 1950s. Protect yourself from atomic bombs by getting under your desk! My childhood…

So it was a jumpy time for a few years and very unsettling to hear:

Even right now as I post this my cats are going bonkers!

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